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Join  Host town Forum Mass PEACE Rallies today. is GODs system of total world equality peace.

Sept 25, 2011 -  2022 as World Presidents now achieve total Global World Peace with our ProphetKeith. guardians Details obtained from keith's Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Rangers. drives our new Free Market Economic system as WE GOD = the People decide everything benefits us.

Use: to obtain Total World Peace. worlds first Trillionaire NGO Trust Foundation Guardian Angel Intellectual Property. Duncan clearly sent by GOD to UNIFY all.


   Our GOD focus is 100% direct open eDemocracy using shared cellphones and all of GODs resources through one Intl  Database  FOIA.ONE as everyone now dynamically tells any and all Corporate Executives and/or Government officials (advisor consultants) the NEXT best project. Now "THEY" act as only highly paid in cash Consultants.

   This alone saves humanity from the most ruthless pandemic Criminals who plague our world by taking OUR first Profits and killing our top Prophets who are #1 scientist Humanitarian Angel Investor Philanthropists led by Keith.  We are never hidden and always request Full Protection while we host mediated Press Conferences with World Presidents and Leaders + PRESS to unleash the true reason Humanity exists.  Call us today, NOT tomorrow as we return to advise GOD on his level of wrath because of humanity GREED sin, vice, and crime. USA Gov rogue named criminals owe Keith + you, over $500 Million USD + Press Conferences, publicly televised apologies by each person..


   Date Nov 8, 2022 based on ALL evidence of WHO is WHO, and WHO I always was.

We are the ONLY pioneers of all state of art expertise in everything.  We built the backbone of all data communications internet, banking, stock market systems, manufacturing, and all aspects of the technology used worldwide from 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC forward.

   Free Wifi kNet is one degree of separation 7.9B my people.  Keith returns to HEAVEN soon, as worlds angel Guardian who is the only PROPHET walking saint who has taught entire world how to SAVE itself from the named LUCIFER cyber criminal terrorists who depopulate My FATHERGODS world.  Therefore, we leave forever soon, Always to REIGN from HEAVEN to just watch and let my people destroy themselves out of pure predatory sicking disease of GREED.  GREEDY, GREEDY GREEDY, is what most people think internationally. ALWAYS ABOUT WHAT THEY GET, never protecting others as I have done my entire life. As author of I may PULL the life support system plug soon since EVERYONE persecutes and defrauds me to FORESAKE and threaten turnover of my work and OVERTURN their world, SO BE IT. Always the fault of criminals who violate your rights.


  keith updated April 1, 2021 heading to NGA/NC mountains to show how is the most massive transfer of GODs wealth once is deployed complete.

Just called BETH at Gwinnett DA office 770-822-8400 on these Crimes against Humanity.


   Keiths #1 top World Leader destiny is always to lead humanity into UNIocracy.ORG to fill up Stadiums of our people for mass education based on THEIR needs, not ours. Keith is #1 world leader Mediator consultant Scientist true Man of GOD of all expertise who uses here + all ways + to deploy new world society system free of almost all crimes + vice. We are routinely murdered by named Criminals for our divined work is completed years ago for humanity to eliminate all crime networks as required by all laws.

No one has any Option but to contact us NOW as everyone must escort Keith + teams and JOIN us to eliminate all the worst crime networks all at one time using + FOIA.ONE = with the other solution (c)(tm) Intellectual Property. I never expected to survive post Oct 3, 2011 kidnap murder for hire conspiracies that started back Jan 15, 2008 by ROSE alone.  We are always fully prepared to create New International Accords designed as all FREE WILL free citizens 100% direct free will Open eDemocracy of Escort us now before our lives are all terminated by terrorists and the Criminal Ruling Elite who have already taken control over our lives. We all now share everything as Communally shared Resources owned by all.

Compare now to Sept 25, 2011 when I announced Anti Christ ROSE + others  were stalking me and wanted me dead seen in 2 prime broadcast videos below. Ended up being 100% true as shown by ALL evidence that has been sealed and destroyed by ROSE and named USA = other GOV + corporate named officials to prevent their prison at 1 time. was destroyed by so many named criminals starting with ROSE. These simple replacement ratified laws now voids all  client-attorney secret privileges and puts ANYONE on trial by public interested in case using world famous Last system that is 100% direct eDemocracy for all...   I have over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages easy to recover once you my people FIND a top Law Firm and even call Sally Q Yates NOW Atlanta GA for her to stand trial with Congressional and Military + Interpol Investigations on Murder for Hire tied to Illuminati Terrorists who pirate steal our Data, Intellectual Property, Profits, Bank Interest, Dividends, and assets. We prevented ALL cyber crime published era 1976 to now. The 100% evidence is here, gifted to all...
With our new world system, ANYONE who violates laws is eVOTE brought to total Justice in 3 - 10 days Speedy trial Total Tort Reform system that NULL and VOIDS almost all man made laws forever.

  Violations of basic human rights was legalized by wealthy criminals decade/centuries ago by named persons who pass laws and become law breakers known as 'deep dark web state' = New World Order...

Read that was just sent directly to Sally Q. Yates and hereby world. Denial of rights to FACE false accusers and right to put anyone in prison is key to our new simple reformed system of total social justice seen below.  No one else in world except keith is using the proper words and actions to command our leaders face reality and empower us.   People disappear when they hear a single word they object to believe is their own true reality.

Our (c)(tm)(r)Patent unique gifted systems eliminate ability for anyone to violate YOUR rights to speak freely and obtain restitution and social peace equality in just a few hours, maximum of 10 days.  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact our very top World Leaders to testify on WHO is KEITH and WHO is 'Robert Dee Rose'.

   Now our entire world uses just our cell phones to conduct all transactions as FREE will citizens who share all assets communally. No more crimes, government leaders, or mega corporate executives can violate basic human rights ever again. World now uses common sense, Technology, and enforced integrity legally binding covenant contracts to conduct all business and personal interactions. Everyone now 'fearlessly protects the rights of all others to ensure no one commit vice, sin, crimes and walks free. Wealthy criminals never are brought to justice because they use our profits and prophets to prostitute our laws and systems.

  Now Everyone runs their own reality and future destiny. Clearly Keith is worlds first Trillionaire yet impoverished because of all reasons stated and broadcast for now 61 years. Most humble walking alive saint

Keith Duncan is first entry into Database with  IID is 1-19580815-1 (integrity +101%)  =
is the only method set to empower humanity to control and own all assets worldwide. WE the PEOPLE work for everything, BUT (HUGE BUTT) a few thousand Billionaire Executives control all our ASSets (hear the word ASS SETS as we are Slave traded, all of us.) markets since early 1900's using basic (executive) Stock Options to control all the profits we earn and they take as first profits. These are Named Illuminati. is the ONLY legal method to ELIMINATE all Computer Insider Traders who speculate on OUR ASSETS and Bank Deposits by replacing existing By-Laws of all Corporations. Many Executives violate SEC laws as they use OUR  information to profit on Up/Downs of Markets. Everyone BENEFITS with our (c)(tm) Patent once the General Ledger and Business Deals are OPEN for accounting scrutiny by any shareholder or legal group.  Entire computer trading industry and fiat Currency Exchange Forex systems are bypassed and eventually eliminated. All based on pure data modeling observations on the true cause and effect of true poverty. Now passing judgment on all others is Constitutionally legal once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with WHO + (GPS when/where) provides all Free World Internet WIFI and all FREE education for all K to PHD levels at ANY public school. All Private schools will quickly convert over to all free schools as the teacher/Master/Professor salaries will be 3 to 5 times more than present levels.
We the People now own and mutually control all aspects of all Communications infrastructure including direct read only access to all military satellite and communications to PREVENT rough military command.
Only by the Will of Majority of Free Will Citizens eVOTE will humanity eliminate all crime networks at one time. This is the true basis of world reformation unification using FOIA.ONE single Open public database. migrates millions, then BILLIONS of families to higher revelation Elevations taking trillions of real $$ assets with them to build new all digital electric homes
using and TurnOffLights.Space worth true 500 Billion USD actually more in the worlds last system of free energy and Free water for all of humanity. Anyone can use our gifted methods.

Jan 28, 2014 Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 #1 Criminal murder for hire conspiracy was dismissed, sealed, and then destroyed by Berry Vic Reynolds, Judge Jackson Norfolk VA, and each named lawyer, DA, Police, IRS, FBI, AG USMarshall involved in denial of Free Press, due process of Law that anyone can face their accuser, freedom to Rally HONEST people. No one upholds Constitutional laws any more so We have our entire life.  I, keith duncan, continue to legally testify from summer 2005 to present to entire world I have hereby gifted EVERYTHING back to humanity to ensure all these answers sent by GOD survive to the end of time. The #1 Prime requirement has always been for USA GOV or anyone to contact me and escort my Mediator Scientist experts to debrief everyone over Live TV using the same technology we pioneered 1976 forward that is the true singular technology common sense GOD delivered answer set for WHY I remain alive despite so many dire threats to my life by criminals in Atlanta, Raleigh NC, Norfolk VA, and even in Washington D.C.  They refuse to surrender because no one has CALLED them to command they give themselves up...  this is #1 most critical requirement as we have offered to transform all law enforcement groups + all military to SHARE all criminal information of WHO is WHO and to use internet with auto face recognition for public to prevent crimes from being transacted  in the first place.  No one has an option to NOT use our URL linked systems consolidated

Feb 11, 2020. 11:11am Legacy heritage: Today is son Kyle Duncans DOB 1-19910211-1 (integrity rating 05%) since he committed crimes against his very own father by covering up all the crimes of others that remain in the hands of my +8 lawyers and thousands of others  Call him in USA at (770)655-5546 and command he surrender to FBI AG Police for the crimes he committed long ago Nov 2011 when he testified his father was a DRUG ADDICT, an impossibility based on any witness evidence.

Todays Scipture is: "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."  2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV

My PERSONAL RIGHTS have been most cruelly DENIED and ABUSED based on even International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Part 1 (Article 1) recognizes the right of all peoples to self-determination, including the right to "freely determine their political status",[12] pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and manage and dispose of their own resources. It recognizes a negative right of a people not to be deprived of its means of subsistence,[13] and imposes an obligation on those parties still responsible for non-self governing and trust territories (colonies) to encourage and respect their self-determination.[14]

Part 2 (Articles 2 – 5) obliges parties to legislate where necessary to give effect to the rights recognized in the Covenant, and to provide an effective legal remedy for any violation of those rights.[15] It also requires the rights be recognized "without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status,"[16] and to ensure that they are enjoyed equally by women.[17] The rights can only be limited "in time of public emergency which threatens the life of the nation,"[18] and even then no derogation is permitted from the rights to life, freedom from torture and slavery, the freedom from retrospective law, the right to personhood, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.[19]

Part 3 (Articles 6 – 27) lists the rights themselves. These include rights to:

  • physical integrity, in the form of the right to life and freedom from torture and slavery (Articles 6, 7, and 8);

  • liberty and security of the person, in the form of freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention and the right to habeas corpus (Articles 9 – 11);

  • procedural fairness in law, in the form of rights to due process, a fair and impartial trial, the presumption of innocence, and recognition as a person before the law (Articles 14, 15, and 16);

  • individual liberty, in the form of the freedoms of movement, thought, conscience and religion, speech, association and assembly, family rights, the right to a nationality, and the right to privacy (Articles 12, 13, 17 – 24);

  • prohibition of any propaganda for war as well as any advocacy of national or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence by law (Article 20);

  • political participation, including the right to the right to vote (Article 25);

  • Non-discrimination, minority rights and equality before the law (Articles 26 and 27).

Many of these rights include specific actions which must be undertaken to realise them.

   Today I have $1 USD left, 3 apple devices: Macbook AIr, 5 year old iPhone 5S, and IpadPro left, along with original IseeStand PhoneCradle 4th generation CreatorKeith.Space Universal Stabilizing system that would have generated over $500 Million USD in profits by year 2014.   No one in world has asked about WHO I AM or booked the required Press Conferences with World leaders and Presidents to obtain total world global peace. Reason...  Most of humanity is blinded by self entitlement greed and is run + controlled by about 5,000 millionaires and criminal enterprises who control all aspects of our economy.  Few see, fewer care that our top scientists are murdered to prevent technology and common sense from evolve revolutionizing how humanity communally share all resources and prevents crimes in the first place starring with CCWGuard at and COMPLETING with

     The destiny of mankind is only two choices: 1. Either mankind rises up to overthrow all crime networks at one time or 2. Our Human race perishes based on any combination of Weapons of Mass Destruction that also includes a single signature or order by any wealthy terrorist or just a plain old stupid person who decides to attack a major population center when they are driven criminally insane because their rights have been denied once they have been persecuted and then prosecuted by named persons in our USA GOV and Corporate world. These named persons FOIA.ONE IID, always criminally profiteer on any event driven by news media sales revenue. 

    How ODD, that only a few news casts have covered WHO I AM and what I have done my entire life to fearlessly protect the rights of both humanity and GOD.  For reality is that few people protect the basic rights of GOD, therefore GOD has apparently forsaken and abandoned earth to be left to its own devices of self-destruction.   Our system totally reverses, replaces, and by-passes the current world human conditions of GREED, Arrogance, lying, heresay, and ability for individuals to commit crimes and walk free once their victims and eye witnesses are murdered and discredited using all those secret court documents that are sealed and destroyed from public sight.

  I write this to PROTECT YOUR rights as is indeed the FINAL solution answer for all mankind.


Feb 1, 2020. Repost of the original crimes committed by ROSE and why Keith is the only person alive to TESTIFY to World Presidents and to our own law enforcement system officals on HOW to eliminate all crime networks with our (c)(tm) Patent new law enforcement communal shared system Database of new world FOIA.ONE that is Singular AI last world open public repository.

Only requirement is for 1 person to debrief keiths crusader teams and command ROSE be seized along with every single person who was criminally incompetent to engage with ROSE and other terrorists to prevent Keiths crusaders from debriefing all world leaders on their new (c)(tm) patent replacement justice law enforcement system that deals directly with all crime networks at all levels at one time. All with the direct commands of our World Presidents and top Executives at all Corporate and Government levels who actually have decision making authority to dispatch Military to escort keith to testify. USA GOV owes keith over $500 Million USD for real and punitive damages to be paid out from the seized assets of every single person tied to ROSE. This includes any law firm who have been hired and tied to ROSEs criminal organizations since back in 1995 era when ROSE started infiltrating corporations and then governments that finally converted over to and other terrorist crime cells run by ROSE and Atlanta GA attorney terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey.

    Clearly I am the ONLY person with FULL CONFIDENCE that ALL of USA and other government officlals will be OVERJOYED to actually just have a debriefing session so our group can turnover ALL new world society solutions at one time so that our world will not collapse from the NEXT terrorist attack or disaster of any magnitude. It is happening RIGHT now with the China Novel CornoaVirus that is named the Snake FLU which ties to Chinese Year of the RAT=Rose.  With our system, NO plague can wipe us out once SolutionHousing migrates billions of people to higher elevations in the charted mountain and open plain areas of Earth.

    We can always explain to WORLD leaders the true cause of ALL mass poverty and $$$ warefare.

We have LEGALLY claimed 1% of all crime assets seized that makes our Crusader teams who own stock all millionaires, and KEITH worlds first trillionaire. Just do the math of how many mega trillions of real USD $$ assets are controlled by named individuals who engage in criminal enterprises.

  Critical for everyone to know that most people are indeed honest. Only takes a few cabal elite to conduct billions of real $$$ crime enterprises like Berny Madoff + others.

Jan 29, 2020 broadcast.
    I have 120p left, no other $ in sight despite .... nothing left to broadcast. few if anyone cares about anyone... the intellectual property I personally engineered and spent well over $300,000 USD 2005 to 2011 is worth billions, actually mega trillions USD.... No one cares.... SO I gifted everything to humanity so I can die in peace and return to Heaven to take care of Gods business from above. tens of thousands of persons personally know what I have done. all but a few are dead silent only thinking about "What is in this for them....." shows world over 25 other perfected solutions to EMPOWER mankind to OWN and CONTROL everything. Most of these were gifted to Humanity Summer of 2010 forward.
  The seed Direct funding is from the most obvious direct sources..
1. CRIMINAL WEALTH seized using our unique (c)(tm)Patent methodology seen here and for past +11.11 years in the most extreme broadcast mass media campaign in world history.
  Data analysis of criminal wealth exceeds $50 Trillion USD, actually more held in Swiss bank accounts and invested in money laundering gambling human trafficking worldwide. This is returned BY to our PEOPLE by simple use of EVOTE decision direct democracy system we have personally gift broadcast.
2.  Migration of at least 10,000 Millionaire families to Asia and 3rd world nations as free will voting citizens who pledge 30% of any construction costs go directly to build required all free Medical, Schools, roads, energy, water, communications, parks, Eco green land jungles, factories, shopping markets all owned and built by the local impoverished citizens who are OUR PEOPLE.
3.  Return of the billions, even TRILLIONS USD of our assets held criminally by named billioaires who use OUR profits to reign over us. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE. is ONLY method by-laws to eliminate anyone who criminally profiteers on us since WE own the banks and stock markets, not the criminal ruling elite known as The New World Order = oligarchy dynasties.
4. Protect and Direct FUND Keith Brent duncan as I truly have no idea how many days I will remain on Earth for variety of reasons NO ONE has ever asked WHY I am HERE. so I explained it extreme detail my exact purpose sent by GOD to unify mankind with what you see HERE to motivate humanity to TAKE ACTION with REQUIRED FOLLOWUP to GO PUBLIC.
   Over 500 Trillion USD worth of GOD's assets are always at Stake to be pirated away by named individuals anyone can MANHUNT down using EVOTE by placing bounty rewards on their heads.
NO ONE an ESCAPE, NO ONE can HIDE using our auto face recognition SYSTEM.
My own fortune I hereby again PLEDGE to use 100% to fund each of these GOD ministries.
1. + $500 MILLION USD the USA Gov owes Keith Duncan for the 900 Days of HELL Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 20, 2019 true Murder for Hire Conspiracies to prevent humanity and Governments to coordinate WITH Corporations to use our new social equality system.
Includes the Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 Judgment Oct 2010 worth over $300,000 USD.
Includes the original $1.2 Million USD stolen/robbed by Ms. Bashama, Rose, Duncan Clan period Aug 4, 2010 to present.  Includes the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 worth over $8 Million USD in reward on ROSE's head for massive money laundering tax evasion SEC violations.
Seizure of ALL of Roses assets worth over $1 BILLION USD goes direct to KEITH and payable out to ROSE's other mega millionaire victims once ROSE confesses WHO are his long list of victims.
Of course IRS will not tax us on Real and Punitive damages since THIS was our original Property and cash. We will be WORLD FAMOUS as first top world leader to actually SHOWCASE how to UNIFY.
  See Robert Dee Rose is being PAID by billionaires to infiltrate USA Gov and corporate databases worth TRILLIONS of real $$$ in data trades, stock market history, corporate IP secrets using from year 2010 forward.
2. 1% of all crime assets SEIZED using methodology shows we are TRILLIONAIRES from 10 years ago. This is also the reason we are the NEW world leaders who pledge to OWN NOTHING, since we turn over ALL our assets to direct fund UNiocracy.ORG and all new infrastructure.
3. All Consulting and Product Services profits go to CreatorKeith.SPACE along with all other income from above sources.  Our Stock is modeled after Warren Buffets stock, never to be split and dividends paid out by stockholders request for payouts using ProfitShareHolders.SPACE legally binding by-laws..
### 100% related of new world market system we gift engineered 44.4 years ago, actually 19580815 to present.

Jan 19, 2020 Required WORLD Rebroadcast. is total new world economic revolution is driven by ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that prevents ALL stock market crashes by stabilizing the price of any common stock to it's true INTRINSIC VALUE. This has never been done before by EMPOWERING all stock holders to vote on WHO are our corporate executives and HOW much pay benefits they receive for representing OUR best interests, not theirs first. The DELAY agreed upon by all stock holders prevents ALL computer trading and insider manipulation that are illegal by SEC laws when one has private information about the potential up and down price of any stock. NEVER BEFORE has our entire economy of over $500 TRILLION USD world value been changed by ONE man Duncan.

   Our world is legacy heritage that is the most powerful GOD driven ministries in world history because of our ability to UNITE as ONE=WE the PEOPLE of UNIocracy.ORG that provides 100% free education, free communications at all levels, and WE the PEOPLE own and control everything. NO LONGER can any banker or corporate executive become billionaires or millionaires using OUR hard work earned profits. Our lawyers and Judges now focus on legally binding contracts and immediate punishment of 3-10 day speedy trial universal law of SolutionJudge. Everyone MUST SEND to our World Presidents, PRESS, and literally world of foresaken people to PREVENT the final war world FOUR. As WW3 started back in 1957 era when stupid people started using technology to SPY on us by seizing our information of the internet and claiming they represented OUR best interests. Keith Duncan is owed well over $500 MILLION USD from USA GOV and criminals who attempted to MURDER him 2011 forward by robbing his homes and then claiming he was WORKING DIRECTLY with POLICE, Lawyers, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, and MILITARY to bring each criminal tied to ROSE to justice.

   THIS is 100% confirmed TRUE that Keith alone has created a new replacement law enforcement system FOIA .ONE that is worlds last OpenPublic kDatabase of WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades what with WHOM and GPS WHEN and WHERE. This is the worlds last free market barter trade system that eliminates all bitcoins and speculation price fixing that drains OUR profits into the accounts of true PIRATES who think they are the resurrected JESUS and / or Egyptian GOD deity. Everyone knows these class of ruthless people and falsely believe nothing can be done to CHANGE our markets. Keith at globe (63) 09173354300 in Manila. ready to testify TO and With all world presidents on jan 20, 2020 or as soon as YOU our people RISE UP to change your own world economy that you now OWN and CONTROL.  EVERYONE must call World leaders and escort Keith to TESTIFY known as SAFE Haven Refugee so Keith can turn over trillions of USD worth of intellectual property to our world to prevent holocaust
genocide that is occurring right now.

Most humble walking living saint Apostle apologist Keith Duncan Jan 19, 2019 ready for escort NOW, not later as required by all existing laws to lift the burden of all governments and corportions off the shoulders of the ONE man who has is forefounding father of our new world Society.


JAN 15, 2020. I remain shocked I am still alive. My worst fears are reality that ROSE is #1 super criminal I accidentally discovered. = the ANTI Christ New World Order who is ruling over all. Almost ALL my 200 websites GONE/DESTROYED that ARE the true GOD delivered solutions to UNIFY all mankind. The sites above have most expired. I have $10 USD left as we go on relief mission far south Manila soon. CERTAINLY MY PEOPLE will INTERVENE by now since my very own Father GOD has forsaken EVERYONE including myself long ago.  All because these stupid people in USA violate almost all laws and I am clearly the one sent by GOD 1-195808-01 (integrity +101%) to redeem reform teach all World Leaders + PRESS (conclusively) how to communally OWN and CONTROL everything. 
  I have ZERO assurance from ANYONE that ANYONE has ever investigated ANYONE for ANY crime....
   WHO DO YOU KNOW to dispatch MILITARY and TRUMP special force teams to COME FIND ME. as I have my cell phone on most of the time and carry the knowledge and wisdom of my people as the #1 most humble walking saint prophet Man of GOD this entire time. NO ONE else has shown full confident in our people to lead them away from the most satanic GODs of commerce enterprise who prey on our people as Slave Traded food supplies including eating flesh of our 'FARMED for FOOD" people once holocaust finally occurs.
The LOST FORTUNE (Think King Solomon's Gold) is real since everyone focuses on the stolen fortunes of others.  We have the only economic computer map system that shows humanity WHERE is the true CASH, GOLD, ASSETS, Water, Energy, Land resources that have been most brutally taken from us from 5000 years ago Egyptian Pharaohs to present. They have named faces of WHO is WHO on most famous  FOIA.ONE IID Database.  Those named persons who violate laws including SEC insider trading and tax evasion are money laundering by taking OUR vast profits in form of Stock Options and hiding all transactions like the Devils of ALIBABA,com den of thieves = Bankers, Corporate Executives, named terrorists. With our simple methods, Who are You and what do you own are instant answered by automatic back ground checks using our proprietary (c)(tm) Copyright system that also replaces FACEBOOK and GOOGLE as the database search engine used by all humanity.
The ONE person who has most of the crime details is Sally Q Yates, GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds and Tom Hagg at 702-349-9337 Las Vegas. CALL Sally and Berry to surrender to FBI AG since no one else has EVERY Made ANY direct call or done ANY investigations of +125 persons tied to ROSE.
REPORT everyone on TO top FBI AG directors and PRESS NOW, never later. AG Atlanta GA Chris Carr at 404581-6000, 404-656-3300, Washington AG 202-727-3400, as we have DONE so many times we lost count after tens of thousands of contacts to ACCOMPLISH required Press Conferences with all TOP LEADERS. If we do not survive, ALL new world society plans are cross referenced in GOD's purpose here and all over GOD's domain of kInternet.
Most positive is that worlds GODs wealth is intrinsic. It does not change in value except vaporized by wars. Every single up/down rapid stock price change, a few computer/insider traders crime profiteer and dump the losers out of each market. Many go bankrupt for they buy stock on loan debits. With our world change ProfitShareHolders.SPACE each company value becomes the true INTRINSIC value as any speculation trading is prevented once the existing ShareHolders Majority vote anytime on the DELAY period between Buy/Sell GPS timestamp/WHO, wait the delay period, then committed to complete the trade. No more will insiders literally force Stock Market values to rise and crash for obvious reasons they control the flow of database information and WHO is in the market.  These are the terrorists now IIDed by our open trading platform (ad free) FOIA.ONE that creates ONE all free will barter exchange market of true intrinsic value   kStockMarket at
  Even GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet, (ALL BITCOINS and FOREX) are speculation billionaires based on use of OUR data and greed of shopping. They take OUR business and skim off as much as possible, all while claiming YOU DESERVE to BE RICH, Borrow more of your own money, Pay insurance, taxes, and all those utilities including pay through the nose for any education and seduction forums to GET RICH QUICK. All at our expense of our workers. WARS are the most profiteering industry financed by OUR profits controlled by the named family dynasties. Use whatever label name you want. We call them terrorists at the highest level.
  The WMD = weapons of mass destruction are Signatures no one sees and Stock Option Futures.
EXECUTIVE STOCK OPTIONS are how ruthless people use OUR assets to be BILLIONAIRES.
  Keith is the author of all expertise who lives in abject poverty because of ROSE and above reality of YOUR WORLD. 85% world poverty is self-genocide holocaust to depopulate my EARTH. For I am the top world expert on PREVENTING all crimes in first place. CyberCrime terrorist is Weapons of Mass Destruction signatures by stupid coward Presidents and Congress + underground terrorists who always PROFIT by staging riots and attacking other cultural different tribes, all to pirate GODS assets any ways and means.  Updated Jan 7, 2020 on my way back to VISIT Senators this afternoon. All to talk DIRECTLY with World Presidents and CEOs as few have any confidence at all to BE WORLD LEADERS.
  They use our dividends and interest payouts to shield their crime enterprises with lawyers who attack our scientists, data statistic modelers, creators,  This is the root cause of wars and poverty including terrorist attacks, oil-OPEC energy wars, genocide, and crimes against humanity. All because a few named thousands of Elites hide the transactions since they have the total control access of our Data on each and every linked Database. With our EVOTE(tm)(C) universal simple single voting direct eDemocracy system, We the PEOPLE now tell corporate and government officials the NEXT best project that benefits our communities and world. We are empowered to majority vote anyone into Prison. We the PEOPLE now control and own all infrastructure and unite as one world UNIocracy.ORG
  We are the top World Leaders who are engineer drivers of 4d Virtual Super Education of
We are the root scientists who invented all aspects of technology + psychology. Here we are, still alive.
FIRST REQUIREMENT is ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that peacefully empowers all bank depositors and stock Holders to decide WHO are their executives/pay and to delay/control all stock buy/sell orders.
We (lead by Keith himself) are the worlds top Economic Model consultant advisor creators of your new world system owned and controlled BY WE the PEOPLE. We created worlds last replacement law enforcement system of Who is Who, Who Owns What, Who trades What with WHO, so no scammer or cyber criminal can ever steal your assets and murder key live eyewitnesses of our SolutionPeace founders of free market trade, education, communications when WE eVOTE control everything. We are the first most humble trillionaires of Intellectual Property gifted BACK to all humanity. Only by protecting our lives and direct face to face hosted meetings with all WORLD Presidents and CEO leaders will our world actually UNIFY as 100% peace loving free will citizens who decide the NEXT best projects that benefit others as well as themselves. Keith is in Manila asking since Sept 25, 2011 for Military escort.
  Watch THIS video about Military WMD Cybercrime:

  Starts with  then rest of  ClearingHouse.
BuiltByKeith is the worlds last common sense methods to obtain Sustained Global World Peace.
Only by ACTION follow-up by all of humanity will the root evil of Corporate Executives who violate base human rights and commit crimes against humanity be eliminated with simple use of EVOTE.ONE
I, Keith Duncan are the LONE Designated Survivor threaten by so many because I started career of moving Mainframe OS theory to MicroElectronics all levels to Create Free World Society all electric digital sustainable ECO world. Crime Networks are easy to see with FOIA.ONE the new world AD-FREE database of human knowledge.  NO-ONE to date has asked WHY I am the walking most humble Saint sent by GOD to teach humanity how to eliminate the root evils of Corporate Executives who want us all DEAD. I truly MUST be ESCORTED to Testify with Safe haven protection so our techno cultural system will now be the worlds last Universal Stabilizing System.
Jan 7, 2020 recorded history real time as the covenants we have published are the REAL answer. is also total World Peace by remoing ability for ANYONE to tell a lie, defraud another, and commit perjury including any Judge or Lawyer.

Jan 11, 2020 11:11am Heritage Legacy Broadcast to world again:::: Keith Brent Duncan in Manila since Aug 6, 2015.

  USA GOV owes Keith 1. Personal Broadcast Apology. 2. Seizure of ROSE +125 other criminals tied to ROSE. 3. Escort Keith to safe haven to debrief Interpol, TRUMP/All World Presidents, DOD, DOJ, PUBLIC  3. Establish UNIocracy.oRG as the new world standard NON-GOVERNMENT NON-POLITICAL system to empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. 

All details on cross Linked

  NOT A SINGLE PERSON since Jan 15, 2008 has ever REPRESENTED ANY of my rights to recover $1.2 Million USD of MY assets taken by force by ROSE, Ms. Bashama, murdered Brian Walker and DUNCAN CLAN, since ROSE already had infiltrated Police, IRS, FBI, AG< USMarshals, Military databases PRIOR to most famous debrief in world history, Sept 25, 2011 midnight at Gate of Langley AirForce Base VA. site of NSA, CIA who MUST contact KEITH then as now and escort to INTERPOL and safe haven.

We are the ONLY GROUP to legally claim 1% of all crime assets using our (c)(tm) Patent methods to provide trillions of real $$ to direct fund the replacement of all known government and corporate systems, bylaws, and eliminate well over 90% of all man made laws. Our new based lawyers will be VERY busy working with accountants to find out WHO is controlling our assets and profits.

  #1 REQUIREMENT is to CALL KEITH and his teams and send us support survival funds so we can FINALLY host Press Conferences with MILITARY and World Presidents in attendance WITH our top world Executives.

  We remain in Manila as of historical Legacy day is TODAY also. 9 days away from Final Peace Summit required to STOP and PREVENT all wars from now until forever....  Call Keith. here I am, #1 walking R&D scientist saint.

  I have personally perfected this new world economic system. No one else has. If they HAD, our world would be 100% peace loving citizens who share everything. I do feel 100% like a time traveler, always moving forward in time. So Fast sometimes, I see the rest of humanity are the laggards who just want to...  I really do not know .... WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE WANT?  Usually self centered ego arrogance is the root problem most people experience and re-enforce. We are on verge AGAIN of changing the course of history by publishing HOW to unify mankind. We are unsure HOW long this will take since the course of humanity is so bizarre, few see the root cause of anything. Wrote history again real time with and updated the last few broadcasts showing SHARED RESOURCES is  only way to achieve total world peace. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE prevents all POVERTY as Stock OPTIONS are the biggest pirate con-artist scams of all time. 

I=Keith is the worlds first trillionaire who has already gifted everything BACK to Humanity to direct fund the build out of all new free Wifi, Schools, Hospital/Med Clinics, water, Energy, land redistribution, elimination of all War Machines, identification by world of EVERYONE who violates basic and Constitutional Laws.

Read, see, believe, then pick up the phone and call keith.  ### start of new world

World Mission Statement: "Teach our world with Fearlessly Authority to Protect the Rights of All Others" by using these simple step by step ordained commandments.

Aug 15, 2019 In true reality, I, keith duncan, have never expected to survive this most bizarre persecution by so many identified criminals. If/When I die Natural or Martyred, my fellow Apostles, disciples, followers have been instructed to continue to complete each and every one of these world saving solutions found in the Cross Matrix below.

We are the TRILLIONAIRE fore founders of YOUR new world ECONOMY of KTrade.Space + others below.

Our world now joins by simple USE of the following and providing Protection to each other who are Universal members of Free Barter Market Exchange system of:

  ProfitShareHolders.Space  kbitCoins + others below.

The only world solution is =

I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA), + my teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of you claim the same.