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EVote.ONE drives Jan 18, 2021 Peace Conclave we mediate with all world presidents and Corp Leaders as the worlds last Open Public Direct Decision based society.
This would have occurred as soon as cellphones were deployed. Now everyone carries a free smart phone with Free Wifi kNET fiber Optic driven by that redistributes all crime and normal wealth back to all impoverished areas to migrate all mega slum cities to higher Elevations.
The first priority is elimination of all criminals and free open digital public education at no cost to anyone. Keith provides the trillions of real $$$ through his intellectual Patents and seizures of crime $$.
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  • Twitter Basic Square  Dec 19, 2020. We Gods People solve all basic issues once and forever real-time automatic ways and means self balancing system. Eliminates the NWO Central Authority from 3400 years MOSES time ago.

   eVote.One drives 100% Direct eDemocracy forever for All Our Nations. is the ONLY singular method system to unify mankind with simple task of true Empowerment of humanity occurs as WE now own all land, homes, small businesses, and absolutely ALL infrastructure !

   These 8 step Universal Constitutional replacement Laws are simple direct eDemocracy method system replaces all election and appointment systems known to man. This election system applies to ALL corporate executives of any publicly traded company. Due process of law ensures that anyone who tells a lie, slander, libel, or defrauds another person or group, will be quickly put on trial using the same will of majority system. Protect Keiths life and your destiny by contacting us directly.

NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again!   eVote.ONE is our Utopia free of crime.

  No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
  All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and Total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database  = SolutionPeace.ORG

     These simple 8 ByPass Laws create your new history.  No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE

2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent. Our WorldSchoolFund people become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by evote. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can scam or steal our assets. No more appointed officials who criminally conspire with others. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists.

4. All leaders consultant  pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.


5.  Anyone can run for any office in any nation if FOIA.ONE IID +90 Integrity ranked on FOIA.ONE world database.

ALL of these 5 By-Pass Constitutional laws are irrevocable and irrefutable base of

6. Proxy assignment of decisions by any individual.  Now the lowest class are at the top of the tree structure with the leaders at the bottom of the decision funnel.  Any person can assign their voting rights to another person or group. The Proxy is linked by each International IID of   If the proxy votes contrary to the original persons choice, the person or group can over-ride and recast their eVote at any real time.

7. Public can eVOTE and assume title ownership to any mall or equal public built structure even if the entire corporation is privately owned. Boycott, selling off your stock, change jobs (recruit and work for us), pulling your cash out of our banks, and commanding to see OUR General Ledger books and trade deal history are always the key ways to eliminate any Corporate Executives who always take 30 to 75% of all our First Profits.

8. This is retroactive justice against ANYONE who previously violated our rights to be free will citizens.

  Our work was completed 10,44 years ago stating the exact same New World System ...

    eVote.ONE is 100% Direct decision based eDemocracy as the ONLY answer required by GOD and humanity to eliminate any person who violates our basic Human right LAWS of due Process to put any offender violator away with all enforced by WE Keiths People using Evote and Crime Investigators. WE the PEOPLE now own and control everything in our Gods world. is the unification final Peace SUMMIT celebration Sept 26, 2020. 
  Total World Peace is accomplished with just One world eVoting system + One Open Public Database so everyone knows Who is Who, Who owns What, Who trades What with Who and the store forward of all human knowledge A.I. The old NWO Pyramid central authority 4000 year old system is vertically collapsed with all mega wealthy families now on the bottom who redistribute 90% of their wealth to the most impoverished to create entire new world of all middle class small business owners who freely travel and trade worldwide.
This is the ONLY GODs way method system to unify mankind once and forever.
    We CONTROL and command all Corporate Executives once and forever.
     Contact + escort us today to Testify Mediate to all world presidents + Executives before Self-Genocide..


     CONTACT ALL WORLD LEADERS and Top PRESS MEDIA now!  We are the top 100% neutral expert observers of world economy Human Conditions. We are the billionaire R&D scientists who are isolated by criminal networks including very powerful Corporate Executives like ROSE who pay off Judges, Lawyers, police, literally anyone who exposes their massive crime enterprises. All by observing their data and signatures on legally binding documents and court certified evidence. This is basis for open forum Speedy trial convict law using kOCTV keiths Open Court TV stream.

  Few forensic investigators, special prosecutors, lawyers, or judges can be found who actually uphold existing laws. With our FOIA.ONE tracking system, all crime evidence is easy for public to see on how is innocent and who are convicted by their very own evidence using

It is always easy for terrorist criminals to block any whistle blower by robbing their homes, threaten their families, and even murdering them or forcing them into Hell Jail unable to testify once someone in AG office declares they must be DRUGGED to make them incompetent and dead.

Everything broadcast for just last +11.11 years is TRUE on how a few Pharaohs control our world.


   This system would have been completed post Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForce Base debrief seen on  if a single person had ever upheld existing laws of Keith.

   This is the most peaceful revolution in world history because these engineered technical solutions auto prevent wars, financial market collapses, prevents transfer of hidden and criminal assets to family dynasties, and all other forms of crime are effectively eliminated. Crime can only exist when crime individuals work within a network including crime rogue agents working INSIDE our law enforcement and corporations. Only by eliminating all corruption/crime at one time will be your new reality.

   We are the rare breed of mega billionaires who are teaching public and all world leaders exact same evolutionary tech methods 2005(1976) played forward.   The cost benefits are trillions of No election fraud, No political parties or campaign contributions, no kickbacks or lobbyist groups who pay for passage of self entitlement funds and secret loophole laws. No more any one person or group control taxes or corrupt enterprises anywhere on earth. Call us today.
We have offered to SELL this system to all world Governments and Corporations for obvious reasons.
We require our top Law firms of including AG Sally Q Yates + others to manage the required legal binding contracts. They must be 100%  directly involved in Congressional Investigations of Robert Dee Rose.
One single Constitutional Mandate Commandments unify all mankind eliminating all corruption and crime at one time. Your New World society is UNIocracy.ORG that prevents all political corruption and identifies all crime networks BY, FOR, and OF our people with one single open public un-hackable database FOIA.ONEeVOTE.ONE are 5 By-Pass Constitutional Laws that unify mankind by returning full control, ownership, and communication of all assets and knowledge bases back to +7.7 Billion my people. Command our world leaders protect our people + Keith's evolutionary education Consultants now!
View the PDF file upper left corner to see reality of trillions of real $$$ assets transferred legally back to our people.

  Focus direct contacts to TOP Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Human rights Activists, Religious Leaders, + news broadcasters.

Call Atlanta GA Sally Q Yates to contact Manila USA ambassador Sung Kim as we have done for now years...

Gloria Reyes +(63)917-173-3744  Executive CFO  Send support funds to our teams including Bob De Lara. (63)926-747-0975 to PROTECT our teams with the most revolutionary new world system that unify reforms all mankind by peaceful replacement of all known forms of governments and corporations.   Call Kevin Riley through, Top world News desks including CNN, NBC, ABC, BBS, even Atlanta's Condance Pressley 404-897-7500, and Presidents along with CONGRESS both House and Senate. This  STOPS all political wars and fateful self genocide caused by Criminal Ruling elite who most often work underground by buying off politicians. Focus on prime cyber criminals and Congressional Investigations to rid our world of all crime.

No longer will any politician, corporate executive, underground criminal be able to network and commit any crime. These simple by-pass replacement laws are key foundation laws of your new world single constitution that are your new reality of competent sanity of common sense, use of existing technology, principles of enforced integrity, and legally bind contracts showcased to world.

  Our entire world is now driven by open free internet communication we own and control No secrets means no one can commit any crime and hide any evidence.  Even secret assets in Safe Deposit boxes are showcased to public over OCTV recorded to FOIA.ONE.  Anyone not claiming and showing legal acquired documents loses that asset that is now direct contributed 1% to NGO, then to any victims who show connections to the 'suspect = criminal', the rest is used to pay for construction material, open bidded construction contracts, and oversight by our people to build new infrastructure in areas of indigenous higher elevation areas using  Entire world benefits except for the criminals who do not surrender based on open court testimony using are dispatched to find all offenders.

  These are all the reasons why we debriefed USA Military, NSA, CIA Sept 25, 2011 Langley AFBase to seize terrorist Robert Dee Rose.

     Whoever JOINS and supports our bypass Crusader teams is recognized by public listing and gets payback of percentage of new world barter system Profit share holder Voting stock of the 1% seized by world reform saving

     These are the only solutions to rid our world of all criminal networks forever.  An Act of Congress or GOD is never required once eVOTE.ONE drives new world direct eDemocracy using FOIA.ONE single Open Public owned database.

     Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity. 100% Decision Based FOIA.ONE system by all humanity decides your reality. All citizens vote Direct Funding of all projects thereby eliminating ALL POLITICS and ALL crime Taxation.

  The original 'What's in this for me?' syndrome empowers mankind to rebuild, own + control their new Utopia.

 +7.7 Billion of our people live in new Open Public Society as you make 100% all decisions to control + manage your very own destiny with Yes, YOUR new world society is now free of all crime and vice sins.
    Key World Broadcasts are  Click: "BuiltByKeith #431"  +  "BuiltByKeith #1045"

     #1 Critical 5 By-Pass laws above create your new human history.  No more taxes, campaign contributions, post election criminal accusations, fraud, or any crime influence as my +7.7 billion collective followers + partners now 100% control all decisions to create your new world society!  Elimination of ALL political party crime domination eliminates all underground crime entities who buy off these campaign pirates. voids 50 to 85% of all man made loophole laws as elections and decisions are based on will of majority of all my citizens affected.  No more election fraud or crime ever. 


   Unrepentant criminals are man-hunted with automatic face recognition with OCTV (Open Circuit TV + any eDevice) using original + SolutionRedDot = #1 WE THE PEOPLE, OWN and control the contents of FOIA.ONE Criminal Investigation Database that is the WHO is WHO, and WHO owns WHAT primary reference repository.

   Anyone can freely trade and travel worldwide and be an elected leader of any government, corporation, civic or religious order by Will of Majority of our people. Fearlessly protecting the rights of all others is the PRIME requirement for all of Keith's people.

     Most critical is the seizure of Robert Dee Rose + hosted Press Conferences by World Leaders and Head of FBI AG. For all these replacement systems are common sense and fulfill predictive Chaos string meta-Physics theory to create your own predictable new world utopia free of almost all crimes and major world traumas  by empowerment of our people to collectively choose best life styles.

    All +7.7 Billion God's people benefit except the named Criminals and politicians who refuse to confess their crimes and WHO are hiding behind criminally granted 'privacy laws' of our very own law enforcement agencies including DOJ, FBI, AG, Interpol, IRS.

   UNIFICATION by UNIocracy.ORG occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below. Protect Keith now !

Electronic Voting on all corporate and government leadership enables all citizens to control and manage all the prime decisions of their rights and taxpayer assets to forever change the course of human history by full EMPOWERMENT of all  +7.7 Billion fearless People.

   No more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials OR Judges. No more Passport-Visas needed with FOIA.ONE = Free Trade, Travel, Trust, Education is the UNIocracy.ORG final result.  Elimination of all Political Corruption +
Majority rule of any Party control are the only answers to transform all society. No more crime networks, ID theft, embezzlement, elite family dynasties, fraud, Congressional Hearings,  Impeachments, or waste of mega billions man hours of time to remove those who our citizens identified as criminally profiteering.  Immediate prosecution of crimes occurs with universal eVOTE.ONE only answer.

       Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society of  UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity as your God is here. 100% Decision Based by all humanity decides your reality.  All citizens vote to Direct Fund all projects = no Taxes. This eliminates all Politics and almost all Government agencies worldwide. Protect and serve our crusader teams with + now.

     Nov 15, 2010 to Oct 5, 2018.   From Oct 5 FBI-Atl headquarters debrief, crime Investigator LYNN ?who? at 3-5 pm refuses to protect Keith re 2 hour interview and forces Keith into GA Region Hospital Atl on false charge of ?incompetent dellusional for 5.5 weeks BECAUSE she and key others are extorted by ROSE and powerful officials to destroy each and all certified irrevocable evidence of publically shown court docs. Each of those involved are protecting by deleting all crime investigations. I went to CNN-ATL, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal offices and sat in brief Legislative session Nov 14, 2018 on 100% Direct democracy UNIOCRACY.ORG just updated. 

       Contact DOJ, DOD, Trump, Congress + Keith's son Kyle Duncan (770)655-5546 IID 1-19870211-1 (integrity Neg 50%) + USA Marine Staff Seargant Matthew Vernon Duncan (770)826-4632 IID 1-19870303-1 (integrity Neg 50%) for them to explain all.

   Reach World Evangelist on Landline  +(1) 770 998-5644 U HOPE CDC.ORG transitional housing for homeless Atlanta GA men re Keith


  Contact FBI Washington and Congressional Investigations to finally identify WHO works for ROSE using FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE.   Oct 4-5, 2018 #1 Historical Legendary day. I arrive back in Atlanta to GO Direct TO FBI + AG + PRESS + all churches to proclaim all crime networks are eliminated with + = SolutionGOD.ORG teach our world how to live in perfect social peace and total harmony.  This is the #1 UNIFICATION REFORM result in World History.  Your New Society is free of crime One Intl ID Open Public Database FOIA.ONE  100% Your Decision Based Society Repository to benefit all my people.

eVOTE.ONE  Simple By-Pass Laws create new total 100% Social Peace + Justice.

   The true reality of above is that anyone who demands privacy and refuses to yield full disclosure is automatically identified as a criminal by order eVOTE of their own citizens. This is the New World Society of UNIocracy.ORG. No more paper fraud elections or ID thefts ever again!  No more poverty, war, genocide, hunger, and crimes against humanity.  Everyone in world uses their unique Intl ID in block chain Open Public Database FOIA.ONE of WHO is WHO, Who owns What(all assets listed), all elections, decisions of our people, all legal agreements, contracts, bids, Criminal Investigations, and rating system of WHO is 'saved' honest versus unrepentant criminals who are now man hunted by OCTV + eDevices over Free Wifi with auto-face recognition gifted to Interpol + World back on Jan 14, 2015. Interpol + all others still REFUSE to respond, which is another true evidence of massive cyber crime infiltrations and the predatory greed of  "I don't CARE" brainwashed mentality.

    Now anyone can run for any leadership position in any nation independent of birth origin. No Primaries, No billion $$$ campaigns of taxpayer assets, no Media war chests that only profit secret mogul propagandist cabal family dynasties, No political party election manipulation, and No criminal buy-in campaign contributions using Corporate or secret assets + Promises.

   Now our entire world becomes one middle class of all small business owners SolutionHousing.ORG that selectively eliminates all 'Criminal Ruling Elite' and prevents all homeless, poverty, hunger, orphans, abuse of children/Seniors/Women/disadvantaged/handicapped/disabled as we all FEARLESSLY Act with AUTHORITY of RIGHTEOUSNESS to Protect the Rights of All Others.

Total world empowerment OF, FOR, and BY all humanity is Single New World Constitution Charter Laws.

With EVOTE.ONE, will of majority of our people PUT true criminals into Hell-JAIL immediately using that is the ultimate New World Society Judge and Jury system as our people collectively decide WHO are the true unrepentant criminals. Massive reductions in all litigation now that we have enforced integrity by using and showcasing binding contracts to public to prevent con-artists, scammers, and illegal criminal business owners from conducting crime secret enterprises.

   NO current system is back traceable to match the REAL person with their actual vote decision. NONE of them. Because each current system demands PRIVATE voting, therefore NO track ability or accountability is possible. At ANY stage of ballot counting and reporting, cyber crime alters the counts. Worse is the political campaign contributions to outspend others. Works every time with smear campaigns that everyone PUKES when they are forced to endure for 3 to 12 months. Profits are the Media moguls who love these rooster COCK-FIGHTS on who has the biggest profit head.... evote.ONE eliminates all ELECTION laws and other loop-hole fraud and follow-on crime situations. Politicians go in wealthy, and come out filthy rich, never on the meager salary they seldom earn. These are SOLVED forever with these most simple profound simple 4 ByLaws that create your new World Society history timelines.  Our world is now all middle class small business owners who control and manage all aspects of their own merit based Free world Free travel + trade society with + kBitCoins.ORG

   Direct eDemocracy is one person = one vote 100% eDecision Based Society.

    No more waiting for days-weeks-months-years for basic services + benefits that are 'wait-listed' DENIED by the worst red paper tape conspiracies that only benefit those who control the criminal processes signed by terrorists (formally known as politicians = public serpents, seldom public servants). All voting of leaders and majority law of number decisions are made with free world-wide WiFi using any eDevice with one degree of separation between all of my +7.6 billion people.  Contact all Presidents + Pres. to build new world high speed fiber optic network owned BY, FOR, and OF our people.  

     Any refusals by any nation leader or corporate executive or Churches to fearlessly protect the rights of all others shall cause the WW4 demise of our world as I (keith brent duncan) has predicted as your #1 key world prophesier educator who fills Evangelist Crusader stadiums with these answers using as root method of

  Our entire world society is now run over free MaxWiFi funded by my NGOs, now owned by you, our collective all small business owners of run by community decision based meetings.

   We become 100% decision based eVOTE.ONE driven society based on Will of Majority of all our people. This is the ONE universal Constitution Charter that unifies + EMPOWERS all mankind forever.

    June 15, 2018  Our New world society is now perfected Augmented Reality. I am final broadcasting to world on Augmented Reality that is FOIA.ONE UNIocracy.ORG all digital society forecast predicted by + myself.  Privacy versus Public information is cyber crime (cons)Piracy of Crimes against Humanity.  Once our world is connected with one degree of separation, all human knowledge is cross URL linked to quickly eliminate all crime networks by process of exception handling elimination.  No secrets ensures no crimes will be committed in secrecy. Collective intelligence cluster networking with Block Chain and other common sense principals of enforced integrity empowers humanity to be all middle class small business owner problem solving collaborative cooperative ministries of UNIocracy.ORG.  Using the simple Solution5sTeps.COM methods, any individual and group 'bootstraps' new laws, regulations, process control systems, and other new paradigm answers into standardized mainstream Rules of New World Society Order.  The most primal basic law of God's nature is the Rule of Majority of Large numbers.  Now +7.6 Billion People own all infrastructure as well as design their very own reality destiny by fast path elimination of all crime, vice, sin, acts of terrorism, etc by teaching our entire world how to  'ACT with Authority to Fearlessly Protect the Rights Of All Others.'  This concludes WHY I am Here, and WHO I AM. kbd.

   Latest reference on ALL digital New World society forefounded by BuiltByKeith Duncan is Title: High Tech Hackers Documentary - Modern Day Hacking Today 2017 - Cyber Crime Biography

      PRESS CONFERENCES are required since Nov 2010 visits to Press, Police, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, public  for all World Leaders to DEBRIEF each other on the ONLY answer solution methods that resolve and prevent all of mankind's most horrific holocaust crimes against humanity as cyber crime is #1 plague of all time that self-genocides humanity because of your greed-sin-vice. The Criminal Ruling Elite want my people enslaved and dead so they conquer GOD's world with demonic New World Order criminal terrorist rulers.

      All corrupt Corporate Executives are forever eliminated with  THESE FOUR simple by-pass laws change world history because they are unbreakable along with famous + UNITYURL + and all other systematic LOVE OTHERs answers.   Our world must STOP using single word excuses to PREVENT these world class saving answers from becoming THEIR unification single standards THEY into existence. If they decide to legalize crime, they suffer the consequences. Since the capitalistic branding says 'Drink Responsibly, Gamble responsibly. Have SEX Responsibly.' Soon it will be 'Commit Crimes Responsibly.' Even 'Murder responsibly, just don't leave any evidence behind....''

   All these world saving solution methods empower our people to forever control our very own new world society communities that are now free trade/travel and ability to conduct integrity business anywhere in our world using below.

  This one world changing answer drives the worlds first and last total unification reform God's Rights activist grassroots movement to forever rid humanity of each predator greed vice, crime, and unlawful acts of criminals who want you DEAD. Simply put...

  #1 Most critical as the above do NOT require any ACT of Congress or GOD because these are self-evident to world. Anyone objecting to these final perfected checks and balances automatically identifies themselves as criminally profiteering.  Massive reduction of all laws and government-corporate dynasties occurs in record time based on required immediate mass publicity and Press Conferences.

   I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of   You legally claim % of all crime assets as you face recognize criminals w/ free WiFi as these 4 bypass laws change all world history !

  Take Action by going Public to all News Media, Government, Military, religions, and communities today with the fearless authority granted to all +7.5 Billion my people by the one Fore-Founding who is the most humble master educator technologist crime-resolver architect consultant of all time.

    Use today.  No more crime investigations needed as my-our people pass evidence judgment on the true criminals and terrorists in single open public 'Most Wanted' database. Our world now becomes 100% citizen decision driven by EVOTE.ONE 4 bypass laws that eliminate almost all crime investigations, destroy all dynasties, and empower humanity to control and manage all their worldly assets owned by them. This destroys forever the criminal ruling elite and prevents all poverty with SolutionHousing.ORG and perfected in GOD's name to unify reform all humanity one last testament time.  Each + every Blinded fool who refuses to unify faces their own Judgment day now with URLiDent.


Feb 11-17, 2018  Today, I went BACK to PIA and personally gave their news director EVOTE.ONE to give to Secretary Martin Andanar who does all of President Duterte News releases. Harry Roque is also Key person to be Internationally FAMOUS for going LIVE with PRESS Conferences and FINDING me to be on INTL broadcasts. Same has also applied to ALL WORLD LEADERS as I have already been in direct contact with tens of thousands for now +10 years of PURE HELL because of ROSE and because I am indeed, God's Son of Humanity.    I directly broadcast to Charles Feeny as well as Bill Gates / Warren Buffet + world at the GivingPledge.ORG.  Even Richard Branson and all other prime world entrepreneur Philanthropists will form our new The Elders group with Jimmy Carter and Andrew J Young + other integrity driven world leaders to create Final ERA3 New World Society that is our last paperless Open Digital Public Database forum.  NO secrets means no crimes or resulting mass poverty, wars, energy shortages, and even no more Mass Genocide orchestrated and planned for decades by the unknown Criminal Elite. This was always my true destiny in life.

   I return to USA + travel to your nation as your Intl Hero Sovereign Ambassador, once everyone crowd funds our growing International teams using section BELOW or clicking upper RIGHT FUND button.  Everyone now must manhunt + seize all world criminals and their crime assets.   Watch:

  Here is EXACTLY what will happen as of Jan 9, 2018.  This would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 Langley VA, Air Force Base.
1. ROSE, Ms. Bashama, + all others tied to ROSE by their very own evidence/signatures are immediately SEIZED and their assets turned over to keith brent duncan.
2.  USA GOV hosts PRESS Conferences and goes WITH Keith's teams to eradicate all other crime networks using these most effective and only common sense use of Integrity based CopyRight Intellectual Property methodology.
3.  Public decides the Real and Punitive damages the USA GOV and each criminal pays back to Keith as restitution for Real and Punitive damages.  Over $500 Million USD is easy to seize to repay back to Keith for the list of felony crimes committed since NO honest person has yet to be found who enforces existing Constitutional or local laws.  No criminal or terrorist will survive these manhunts after they refuse to surrender themselves and identify each of there Other Victims.
4.  World leaders convene on emergency Round Table Summit basis to merge all nations into one UNIocracy new world society by engaging the top level intellectual minds to roadmap the fast path transition to our new UNIONISM humanity using the original Commandments + 10 other migration commands of  Anyone objecting must provide a best answer solution or they are banished from participation using these New Rules of Duncan's Order.
The USA Gov has never had any excuse to NOT put +100 criminals based on only their own signed confession evidence.   The Next Ground Zero is the next terrorist cyber attack or man made disaster used to cover up the crimes against humanity of ROSE and other criminal ruling elite. Doomsday WW4 occurs by refusals to use these solutions in GODs own name ! is the only answer-solution to forever remove all black market criminal terrorists, 'satanic dynasty' corrupt politicians and corporate executives, and command all leaders to fearlessly protect the rights of all others with the authority granted to each of my 7.5 billion people using free WiFi = Internet, eDevices, OCTV=Open Circuit-Court TV, and systematic extermination of all secrets.   ALL criminal wealth will be seized by, and overseen by all NGO, non- profits, and religious denominations. has been the most severely persecuted son of humanity since he represents the Sovereign Rights of all mankind and our One Mutual Creator who resides as part of your communities of faith, grace, love, and caring for each other.
  Simple required minor funding to, name: Keith Duncan, city: Amulung Philippines.  Send confirm # by calling Keith or email to:    Each funder/church will get certified stock worth Millions once USA Gov +  others use any of these answers and You are now our recruited new teams.
     TAKE ACTION today to overthrow all criminal lunatics forever.  Any refusal identifies who are the true profiteering criminals.  Support FatherKeith and his growing International teams of by GOING PUBLIC to COMMAND ACTION by all others. Our world collapses for their failures to TAKE ACTION by using these Solution Final answer methods in common international dialogue language of
   I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of   You legally claim % of all crime assets as you face recognize criminals w/ free WiFi as these 4 bypass laws change all world history ! = SolutionGovernment INTL translations are at this safe PDF link:
  Everyone: Act with Fearless Authority for the Benefits of all Others. This will result in the total Unification of our entire world with one degree of separation between all of humanity. Command government leaders deploy or be shunned by society as self-entitling criminal kingdom builders. This is easy to accomplish when everyone unites with and forms their own community cooperative non profit ministries chapters of
IID of FOIA.ONE  is our One Universal Intl ID of 19 numerical digits.

This represents every single person including all our Children + Elderly + dead.

   The format is: CCC YEARmmDY nnnnnnnn, (+/- NNN Integrity Rating)  The 1st three groups of numbers are sort enabled unique to showcase all known persons in our world: living, dead = heaven or hell. All newborns are metric entered and updated by their families and friends to destroy the infamous Cyber Tracking of Mark of 666 Beast that is Cell #s, Credit Cards, banks, etc. No one can break-infiltrate-hack this one published perfect design referential Integrity Repository of all prime human knowledge and wisdom.

1. The first three numbers are your originating birth country identifier. CCC  The world Population Websites shows China as 001, India 002, USA 003, Indonesia 004, etc.  Best 1st group is the 3 digit telephone country code as everyone knows + uses their Intl phone #.

2. The next 8 digits are your registered birth:  Year, Month, Day.  Format: YEAR mm DY

3. The last 8 digits is a unique sequential number that represents the order of each person registering their birth country and their own birth date. This makes each international Identifier unique. Face Recognition scan matching and video linked transactions eliminates all ID theft duplicates + criminal forgeries. Includes original

4. Above IID accesses + retrieves your Integrity rating as reported by those URL linked to you. +100 is perfect trust, 0=ghost not to be trusted, -99 is Death Row since 0 people trust them.

  All Issues of Privacy versus Public have already been addressed since pre 2005 and 1976 era.

   All citizens now use one universal public database International over free-Wifi for auto-match of Face Recognition, weight, height, and video recorded transactions including travel, banking, contracts, and all legally binding agreements. NO CRIMINAL can freely travel, trade, or conduct any business or crime. All our honest citizens use wearable OCTV + = SolutionRedDot to claim 'bounty' reward on anyone identified as a criminal with eVOTE.ONE. This final new world society is controlled, managed FOR, BY, and OF all humanity with NO government, corporation, or 'secret' entity having any crime profiteering influence over your data and lives. This destroys all cyber crime terrorism forever. This finally creates the 100% merit based UNIocracy utopia of Peace and Harmony to fulfill fore-founder prophecies of stopping all violence, crimes, wars, and self-genocide.  Use to protect his teams and send them to YOUR greatest places of needs today. This starts with Conclaves with all World Leaders + filling Stadiums full of people modeled by Evangelist Billy Graham, John Baptist, Christ, Mohammad, Moses, Abraham, Martin Luther, and all other great fore-founding authors of Unification reform.

   No more corruption, crime, civil-wars, poverty, genocide, nuclear holocausts will ever occur again.


   RIOTS, MARTIAL LAW, and Collapse of society will  begin if Public, officials + Press do NOT respond and debrief Keiths growing prime Intl Consultant teams. Thousands/millions/billions will understand exactly WHO I AM as the #1 top Anti-Crime Evangelist Broadcast Author-Inventor Crusader of all time. Use to ratify and verify your own organizations integrity driven mandates. (63)2-294-9994 is part of the divined methods to EMPOWER all our people.

     EVOTE.ONE is updated with this FINAL world broadcast Evangelist history changing descriptions of HOW this works.
 1.  With OCTV (Open Circuit TV), all 7.5 billion people can use their free wifi eDevices to cable TV style selector OBSERVE and LISTEN to any criminal proceeding, ANY Corporate Board Meeting, ANY law maker session, ANY town hall meeting, ANY church or other OPEN PUBLIC meeting.  Every important transaction is safe vaulted in to prevent secrets from being held hostge.
 2. If the online voters (or even later replay voters)  feel they are affected or want to PASS JUDGMENT (the most common human condition), they all use eVOTE.ONE to identify exactly WHO they are (including recorded use on and and they VOTE. 

    A. Pass the law-bill-issue / Let them go registered by your vote shown to public.

    B. Delay -need more information, proceed with testimony/arguments. VOTERS-CITIZENS can even post Questions and arguments. 

    C. Throw the bill OUT / CONVICT THEM by your registered vote shown to public.

The most specific New World Society Checks and Balance design is on other world broadcast viral social media that requires our re-emerging teams to explain how our entire world benefits by using these new manifesto charters of ultimate World Peace Keepers.

  With (defunct) and Interpol standardized international unified referential integrity normalized database, no criminal can survive the face recognition and bio-metrics tracking conducted by all citizens.  Very little government agencies and officials will ever be needed because OCTV (Open Circuit TeleVision) is live streamed to all eDevices worn by all citizens worldwide. ( All citizens now eVote judgment on all others using bio-metrics of themselves and those who are guilty versus innocent eliminating almost all Liar-Lawyers who conduct criminal terrorist cyber attacks.

Everyone CONTACT AG ,FBI, IRS, law enforcement, Press, Churches with focus on all Presidents, Military, FBI Andrew McCabe and AG Jeff Sessions with Military/CIA/HLS/NSA + all world leaders and law enforcement  contacting Keith today. Everyone CONTACT INTERPOL and DEMAND they actually do FOLLOW-UP as they have been criminally infiltrated also. Find the honest persons to call Keith Duncan to be world partners in your new world Society = Paradise of Gods Heaven.

  Contact Duncan today.   These are the most profound and powerful solutions to UNIFY all mankind. EVOTE.ONE below teaches all how to forever remove all criminal profiteering starting with treating all leaders as Highly Paid Consultants who are eVote told top priorities with 100% visibility of all taxes, bids, contracts, infrastructure plans, money transfers, and who profits at all levels by SERVING and PROTECTING all my 7.5 billion people.  When my people 'RISE UP', trillions of $$$ will be legally seized from criminals by military + whistle blowers / victims and used to finance building new self reliant communities using and    Contact Keith + Noel Nobel (63) 975-025-3500 for National TV Press Conferences, interviews, and resulting world wide summit/ Press Conferences / conclaves / meetings with top world leaders at gov, corporations, law enforcement, Military,  churches, and community levels to UNIFY mankind using the prime and only arbitration solution of in every village worldwide.  This restores GOD's paradise of Heaven back here on Earth once all mankind fearlessly protects the rights of all others by banishing crime networks. This is with use of = to the Glory of GOD and all Humanity.


Send world Evangelist Crusader Public support today with:

  1. Contract  directly by legally binding enforced contract, OR

  2., name: Keith Duncan, city: Amulung Philippines.  Send confirm # by calling Keith or email to:

  3. BitCoins  COINS.PH  to 639173354300 

  4.  BPI ATM prepaid Account 4537 5675 0003 2281. On BPI express machine, select Bill Payment, Other Merchants, then above account # with your support.

  5. Philippines can use GCASH sent directly to Keith's cell 639173354300.

  6. to unify all of mankind with your kind help and direct support of your New World Society.  Refusals allow these crime networks to flourish and destroy us since AntiChrists exist to enslave your world.

       No one else has ever accepted this GODly designated Sovereign Ambassador Position in recent times.  Taking ACTION by recontacting the most powerful Gov, Press, Churches, Corporations is the only way to Empower all Keith's people to destroy all crime networks as this is what all great fore-founders have done since the dawn of man.  The following steps are  the ONLY way to prevent humanity from self-genocide by hands of Satanic forces like ROSE. Refusals to use these absolute is a crime, plain and simple. UNIFICATION of ALL MANKIND occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below.

  Friday, July 19. General Padilla PNP 'FAKE' cell (63)926-077-9448 called Keith inviting him to meet President Duterte ASEAN Aug 8 as his guest and that PNP would fund Keith's growing PEACE MAKER groups. No response since then, which is the #1 most common result of these world changing solutions going DIRECT to all world leaders, Congress, Law enforcement, Corporations, Public, and well over 300 top church leaders world wide. Call Keith to find out why. EVERYONE in WORLD can see that Keith is the top anti-crime God's rights activist since birth Aug 15, 1958.

  Wed May 31, 2017 Key Comlecs and Duterte top officials were directly contacted and visited to request they become national heroes for simple interviews and Press Conferences to educate our world on these ONLY solution answer cascading methods that free our world of all corruption and black market crime enterprises.


When $400 $800 USD reached, I fly BACK to USA to personally raise armies of THOUSANDS to REPLACE our existing corrupt systems at all levels.  My Church lead crusaders will easily arrest 75 to 100 super criminals + terrorists with Press, FBI, AG, Military alongside my thousands of persons who clearly SEE I am fore founding father of their very own New World Society   I have less than $2 USD left to my access after being brutally vindictive persecuted by ROSE and criminals INSIDE USA Gov since Nov 4, 2007 per IRSWBFeb2009,658 and Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 terrorist attacks of and AG fired Sally Yates per Forsyth County GA USA judgment 08SC-1345 held for now +9 years. Contacting the #1 top anti-crime/politic God's rights activists is required.

 All by will of the majority of MY people on line over FREE INTERNET.  This is the ultimate Checks and balances. Anyone making a 'BAD or GOOD' decision is now shown to the world in the write ONCE and READ public database.  Anyone submitting false evidence or just STUPID arguments (cynics, fools, hypocrites), is NOW shown to world for libel, slander, or even CRIMES of FALSE WITNESS.  

  Our entire world now has ONE degree of Separation where EVERYONE knows the TRUST rating of every other person on earth.
This one database is now the ultimate lookup open public un-hackable search engine that allows anyone to identify and even search for others who can provide them services and goods.   It is also now the ultimate FREE TRADE MARKET, FREE TRAVEL authentication.    

This completes the ANSWERS to our entire world as being UNBREAKABLE as NO one can HACK this ONE Database and GO UNDETECTED.  If they TRY, the open source software immediately IDENTIFIES the INTRUSION, back tracks the IP source, shows the authentication sequence of the INTRUDER, and notifies the WORLD,  HERE IS THE CROOK.   No more cyber crime terrorists will ever exist since I have just Bannished all criminals to HELL-JAIL,  DEATH ROW, or forced them to live in OCTV monitored SLUMS they helped create.   

NO escape from these true MOMENTS of REVELATION JUSTICE that are exactly WHAT CHRIST and GOD did all alone and ALL ALONG.

Repost this since I truly am so, so, so tired of repeating the ONLY answers to almost ALL of HUMANITIES problems......

This is why I, keith duncan,  have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of   You legally claim % of all crime assets  you identify as you are world based citizen whistleblowers. Therefore very little Police or military are needed. Almost all Liar-Lawyers are put out to pasture as dinosar relics as we wash the sin out of Washington and all other government and corporate entities. All that has ever been required is FULL SCALE ASSAULT publicity.  All 'saved' criminals who testify will destroy all other criminal networks to save their skins from DEATH ROW and Prisons that are unloaded by original Not a 'DAMN' soul or my very own churches have ever lifted a single finger to help the single Man of True GOD  This includes NAMB.NET and thousands of Pastors, Priests, Imans, Sheiks, Ministers I have personally met and ministered the True Words of GOD and mankind to LOVE and CARE for each OTHER.

Tom is the young, now 34? man who rode with me in a steel prison subcontractor van for 5 straight Days Oct 25-30, 2011 back and forth across USA about 5,000 miles 24x7 no rest, no sleep, 110 degrees inside with 8 men shackled hand and feet. the start of the most extreme demonic crime sprees the world has ever seen. SKY Darmos is in China.   The other TWO TOMS I emailed are also KEY to world UNIFICATION. Tom Grundy is owner of Hong Kong Free Press and told me 2 years ago to GET LOST , as HE was too busy teaching CHINA and world HOW to do the following. He too SHOULD BE ASHAMED that he was so blinded by GREED and self-entitlement that he did not even sit down with me to HEAR anything about ANYTHING at all. He thinks he also, KNOWS it ALL......


    Top Criminal Terrorists are Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01),  Cobb County GA USA DA Berry Vic Reynolds TPO 11.1.1171.99, fired DOJ AG Sally Yates per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112, Judge Thurman Jackson, AUSAG, and all others shown to world on,,,, etc. as ROSE has $2 Million USD Bounty from IRSWBFeb2009,658. Ms. Bashama $10K USD bounty, and all others have 10% bounty from their criminal lifetime assets seized by our people. Our entire world conducts public surveillance of everyone else using wearable eDevices and style technology.


  Keith has legally claimed 100% of criminal assets of all tied to ROSE by their own signatures and 1% of all world criminal assets seized by our people to be used to self fund your new world society This is the only world solution to unify mankind with one degree of separation when all citizens control and manage all decisions and the actions of their highly paid consultant leadership representatives.  NO SECRETS = NO CRIMES = Total World Peace and Harmony.


  75,000 shares of INC common stock are available for qualified and vetted investors through who receives 90% of first $1 Billion USD profits with their Saved City Las Vegas shown on final last testimony World Magna Charter architects the planned new government campus for our new World Congress that also uses to forever rid our world of all political wars and holocaust conditions.

    Borders and trade restrictions as well as Politics in all forms will cease to exist because all crime black market enterprises and plans for any overthrow of our people will be forever demolished and obliterated by direct visibility of the majority of the will of all people using these prime eVoting DB.

   This is the world citizen controlled artificial intelligence of the 'HIVE' principle that is the basic foundation genesis of how any species grows and thrives.  Since humanity is the only species who commit self-genocide and foster psychopath sociopath criminals like Robert Dee Rose, this has always been the true alpha and omega outcome of the world ministries of the one humble fore-founding father author of cross referenced on

    Indeed, no one person in the history of mankind has ever architect a near perfect system of self-correcting checks and balances that total ensures the cooperative ministries of all of mankind actually working TOGETHER to achieve the NEXT level of human evolution, the explore of space.

    This is clearly the most powerful set of solution answers that solve the myriad of humanity problems and world conflicts at a basic human psychology level.   Contact to help teach anyone how to solve any issue in record time in order to literally save yourselves the grief of being slave traded by the truly insane 'Criminal Ruling Elite.'  Warranty bidding starts at $10,000 USD for each initial engagement anywhere in the world to any Military, Government, Corporation, Church, NGO, non-profit, or wealthy individuals who strive to unify our entire world as partners with

​Keith Duncan, the one humble servant of all of mankind who teaches all how to LOVE and CARE

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