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Authored by procreator Duncan at +1 770-377-2106, current news showcases death to all Earthlings based on the Predator greed of top Corporate Executive MegaBilKanaires and millions of MegaMilkAnaires whose only focus is total power, control, arrogance, and ownership of GODs resources of our banks, stock markets, real estate, and all of GODs natural resouces of oil, coal, NG, water, land, basic building blocks of Earth. Worst damage is WMD of heresay, He Said, SHE said, all false witness of claims of STRIKE FIRST, make a killing in the open market, everyone deserves to be a millionaire, just TRUST THEM (US), just wait for next vaccine, next social security program, next tax law, next handout. NEVER ever think outside the box or you (WE) will be killed and sex human traffic traded as human guiness rat pigs. Same as Eqyptian Pharoahs did 5500 years ago. Moses only focus was liberating GODs people by destroying these same insane criminally incompetent king of all king dictators known as NWO new world order. ONE world religion was always a misdemenor of one person or group was only ones empowered to talk to MY FATHER GOD and MOTHER EARTH.

WHO Do you know to actually serve and protect each other immediate use of EVOTE.ONE and along with the other solutions at

We have no other offerings, gifts, or solutions to share with all +7.9 BILLION GODs children, since criminals robbed our homes in Atlanta GA and succeeded in destroying all of GODs solutions procreated by GODs most humble Keith Brent duncan from Nor-CROSS Georgia USA.

We leave to return to Heaven, soon, maybe on Sunday April 18, 2022 since not a single DAMN DAMN SOUL has ever asked keith, WHO ARE YOU?


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