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About CreatorKeith Duncan


With above reproach credentials his entire life, Keith Duncan was born Aug 15, 1958. He was conceived and made consciense free will choice to serve all of mankind by modeling his education and teachings after Christ Jesus and all other fore-founders who dedicated their lives to solving the most difficult relationship issues of their times. As a #1 prolific and consummate author, inventor, video documentary professional, #1 anti-crime/anti-corruption/anti-Terrorism/anti-Political Corruption activist of all time, just why has the entire USA government been dead silent about Keith's ultimate mission to literally with comprehensive solutions that teach our world how to solve their own issues, conflicts, problems, and even prevent world self-genocide.   Only Keith and his creator know the answers to these most simple questions.   Since Keith has always been the most humble and somber person working on behalf of all of mankind as the #1 civilian Computer Science Prime Architect, just why has not a single 'Blasted' soul ever represented his Constitutional or spiritual rights.  All he has ever requested, demanded, and then commanded, was for Law Enforcement, Churches, the Press, and the Public to remove all criminals from society with the Very End solutions broadcast to the world over the domain of Creator-God's internet dominion of Sovereign ownership of HIS own creations known as the Universe and mankind.     To the right is Keith on historical July 5, 2015 at rally with +8,000 Philippine domestic workers who are considered slaves by many of their contracted employers such as Matthew and Shirley of Hong Kong who violated the Immigation Departments signed agreements on pay and working hours for the past 4 years.   This was the same day that was established at the Hong Kong Unification Monument to UNIFY all commUNITYs of faith and grace into self-regulating and self-governed neighborhoods of peace loving husbands, wifes, children, and business partners who all benefit by working on behalf of all others.  

Click on to see the comprehensive Prime Consulting Services that Keith Duncan offers to all governments, all corporations, all churches, and of course, the public.  This is the ultimate gift of Acts of Wisdom that is both secular and non-secular in all ways and means.

For soon, the USA government will finally realize the criminals who work inside their own agencies and open their court documents and law making enterprises for full disclosure using the vison of and that is worth literally BILLIONS USD.   The USA government criminals also owe Keith full real and punitive damages exceeding $500 MILLION USD based on IRS Feb-2009 case 658,  Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345, direct threats to his life by USA government  Judges, Lawyers, PA, DAs, and even USDOJ  Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates based on her signature on criminal conspiracy and coverups tied to 4:11cr112 that directly show Robert Dee Rose is the #1 Terrorist supercriminal in Atlanta, USA, and even World history when ROSE's assets are seized and re-distributed back to his hundreds of victims of and his other R.I.C.O. criminal enterprises.    Clearly I was born to be the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary of all time by my own free will choice to serve all of mankind and represent Creator-God's best sovereign ownership interests.   Refer to Marietta Georgia USA P.D. Larceny Report 1.11.2506.99, Cobb County Temp Restraining Orders 11.1.1171.99 and 11.1.7683.99 to see that ROSE will be manhunted by the world, including all churches. For ROSE has been accurately documented as the Anti-Christ for simple reason, no one else has ever been able to put the Devil himself back in HELL where he truly belongs so the rest of us can live in Peace and Harmony here on Heaven Planet Earth.

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