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To book Keith Duncan, use  or learn more about booking him, please contact: 

Philippines Cell Aug 7 - ??

Tel: (63)-0917-335-4300

Wechat: BuiltByKeith

Skype: BuiltByKeith2

Hong Kong (852)9146-8620

China (86)1343-220-0749 dead.

Political Corruption is #1 root cause of most world problems and wars. Click above safe PDF files for recent Oct 2015 broadcasts to Congress, FBI-AG, churches, and all public that clearly focus on HOW to prevent almost all crimes in the first place.


If you are a member of the media, a government head leader representative, USA State Department, FBI-IRS-AG, a military leader, or other high ranking person including Church Leader,  and would like to request an interview with Keith Duncan, please just CALL directly , fill in the form or contact us via e-mail: .

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