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"Works in Progress is what Keith Duncan is all about."

Keith's Benefactor, MODERN ARTS , 2015-August-20

Will it not be 'STELLAR', when the USA Government, MIlitary, and real WORLD reviews what Keith Duncan has personally done by creating and publishing the most comprehensive solutions that solve the majority of mankind's prime issues, conflicts, and even international wars.   The USA government not only owes Keith a public apology, they are 100% held accountable by themselves, Constitutional RIghts, and the outrage of all Citizens to restore Keith's stolen assets, the value of his Intellectual RIghts, and provide him protection from the same CRIMINALS who signed their own grand jury indictiments in form of False Witness to actively prevent all investigations and convictions of over 100 USA governnment officials and related terrorists and criminals in the biggest roundup tied to Robert Dee Rose.

"The last review is GOD's Judgment on his people.  Ask Keith who HE represents."

JKeith's Benefactor, The World of Reality , 2015-August-20

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