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Click on the image above and read how one super-crimial Robert Dee Rose escapes USA Military and world manhunt because of his extreme wealth, treason, espionage, murder, and perfect clear collar crimes against our own governments, corporations, and public. Duncan has always been #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary for all of humanity. Threatened with death because he went to USA Military to debrief them to investigate all of the USA Government, what will the public and press have to say with this 'The Very End' series of Political crimes that rape, pillage, plunder, and castrate humanity.

The left photo is another Final Solution summary that clearly shows the reality of Political corruption at all levels of society. Over the course of humankind, Politics have ruined societies when the criminal ruling elite dominate with tryanny and oliarchy in order to control and manipulate their own people with slave trading institutes built on the ignorance of the masses. This includes many if not most religious denominations preverting and twisting Creator GOD's original 10 Universal commandments to justify invading and overthrowing weaker nations that started with the Tower of Babylon. Click on the as the first divine and ordained method to teach all my people to love and care for each other.  This is all that has ever been required to ensure Justice and Equality is enforced amoung all people to ensure criminals are isolated by society with the only solution of

Click on image above for free eBook on how you can be 100% independent of families, governments, and world by running your own business. Then you are trained to be our new leaders when all criminals throughout society are put in the slums with gifted to Interpol Jan 7, 2015 on are the eBooks of Life gifted to mankind.
   These are the new standards for our World to bring us all into conformity with each other in Peace and Harmony using the prime methods delivered to the world + USA Military on Sept 25, 2011 per 4:11cr112 conspiracies and coverups by most of USA government agencies regarding R.D.Rose.
Click the following final broadcasts to see and act on reality of and
1.  PCTerror-1  Aug 19, 2015 Broadcast to the world.
2. + final answers to the actual prime question of WHO I AM and WHO YOU Are
3.  All the others shown on Clearinghouse BuiltByKeith.
The history of our world is at Library of CreatorKeith Congress. is the absolute prime video repository database of the cause and effects of Predatory Greed and the solutions that prevent world self-genocide and annihilation.

The ultimate gift to humanity. Click on Link Above. This is the standard model for all commUNITY leaders and citizens to meet on regular basis to discuss the best and worse of their own realm of influence. If anyone presents a problem or issue, they are required to present the corrective solution for general discussion. The group reserves all rights to shun and ban anyone who complains or is seen by majority as self-serving cynic, bigot, hypocrite, blinded fool, or identified by anyone as a criminal by their own testimony shown on the 'BOOK of LIFE' database that is the first and only virtual government database that is uncorruptable using the methods Keith delivered to USA Military and the world on historical Sept 25, 2011 at Langley Airforce West Gate per 4:11cr112 conspiracy kidnapping by #1 SuperCriminal Robert Dee Rose.

Funding Schools directly at local throughWorld Wide levels is an answer to prevent Political Crimes using

The world will never stop talking about you !  Either you are honest and trust-worthy or you are to be shunned by society with under + using


    Thank you for reading this entire page. and tell  Education has always been the prime key to create self-regulating and self-contained communities of  where the needs of the children are placed above all other priorities.  Without strong self reliant youth, mankind becomes dependent on the corrupt elected/appointed/promoted government agents who skim tax dollars while building their own kingdoms of tryannry and gluttony at citizens expense. provides immediate self directed training to teach everyone how to build foundational small businesses with ethical based contracts to ensure fullly enforceable compliance by agreements between parties. The most clear cut solutions are on, viewed on and documented by Library of World Congress using 1. Common sense, 2. Integrity(spiritual) principals, 3. Off-shelf technology. 4. Innovated and gifted world class solutions from World Trading Partner Enterprises INC (Reno Nevada USA). 

Wechat: BuiltByKeith,  Philippines cell +(63)0917-335-4300.   NEVER BY SHY AGAIN.

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