SolutionHousing reverses all World Poverty with total Global Peace once all nations are intermingled with our young adults of Click Endorsements to use our prime supporters and Service/Product Providers who all benefit by coordinating how to build thousands of mixed use villages. We invite Millions of expats to migrate here part + full time as honest dual citizens who Direct Fund new eDemocracy (no taxes) and on best next project that benefits their secure safe CCWguard communities. This is the only divined gifted system that forever eradicates all Poverty and Hunger world wide.  Almost Free building material + labor for new infrastructure with eVOTE.  All Gov land is now transferred to us to build new all Digital Creative Cities to unload all slums.   FOIA.ONE is the direct funding transfer Trillions of $$$ seized crime assets. +100 million new Small Biz Owners earn 50K to 200,000 Peso/month, more in other nations. Your CALL to ACTION is to support Keith Duncan teams today !  GO to all Intl Press and TOP GOV leaders NOW. These methods all PREVENT world Poverty.  Contact our top endorsed engineering architecture construction investment banker sponsoring partners.

These are all the perfected Principals of Integrity to Create total World Global Peace.

   CLICK: Endorsements for the ultimate world surprise !

 TurnOffLights.SPACE is the only answer to provide all free electric power and water resources owned and run by humanity = Total World Global free Peace. = Only Way.  Act with the Authority of Fearless People to protect the rights of all others. This is the prime universal commandment from our mutual Creator + FatherKeith Only requirement is to protect Keith + all others to prevent reality Apocalypse caused by the 'Criminal Ruling Elite', family dynasties, corporate monopolies, and Gov.

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The true merit benefits is that Keith has invited +1 million expats to MOVE here as foreign Spenders who pledge 30% of cost of any construction to be used to build hospitals, roads, schools/Univ, energy, water, communications WE the PEOPLE now own and control.

  Simple Civil Engineer math from MOSES era:  New Dual Uniocracy Expats x $1 Million USD each family.

Each Construction Expense, 30% is held for local use to build all new supporting infrastructure = NO taxes.

If    1,000 expats like Keith, spend $1 Billion USD. 30% is 300 Million USD = 15 Billion Pesos local LGU use.

If  10,000 expats, each spend $1,000,000 = $10 Billion USD.  30% is $3 Billion USD = 150 BP local structure.

If 100,000 spend 100 Billion $ USD =  5 Trillion Pesos  30% = 1.50 Trillion Pesos.

If 1 Million expats = 1 Trillion $USD = 50 Trillion Peso, 30% = 15 Trillion Pesos direct funds Local everything.

   Only four requirements to be used by WE the UNIocracy keiths people.

1. Expat families must sign legally binding agreement to spend $1 Million USD in a 2 year period. Upon moving here at anytime, they are granted Dual Citizenship and eVoting rights. They own max of 5 hectares.

2. They are not permitted to sell their property for 10 year period. They can sub-rent/lease out at any time.

3. If the title owner violates and convicted by eVote of Felony laws of SolutionManifesto, entire  family is exiled and our local NGO LGU people now transfer + own their titled property as communal.

4. If the local voting district WE the PEOPLE vote 80% negative trust integrity rating, they are exiled away.

     No issue since we want NO criminals or those who have history of violating laws. Keith solved the NBI Interpol Borderless Justice issue 40 years ago with direct lines of communication of WHO is WHO, etc...

   This applies to ANY nation, not just Philippines but CHINA, N. Korea, India, Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia.

  Benefit is massive reduction in ALL taxes, all National Debts paid off, and our world now becomes Free Will Free Barter exchange system of FinalStockMarket using kBitCoins at

If we COULD have hosted Press Conferences back in Summer 2010 we already DID, no one attended because our world leaders (decision Makers) are so blinded by greed that NO one really cares, much less sees or TAKES ACTION to empower OUR people to own and control everything. If anyone OBJECTS to our common sense logical ordained methods, they are hereby required to provide a BETTER = Best Solution set using / 5 Steps. Otherwise they are openly shunned as hypocrites per Matthew 23.

  Our unique system is the open process method to prevent all Poverty by sharing resources using the most abundant resources GOD has grant loaned our humanity. UNIocracy.ORG is the only true form of NON-Political Society as each community decides how to utilize its own local workforce and assets to build new all digital electric free infrastructure communities. Free of all taxes and crime is always the key.
    The direct funding comes from 3 prime sources we have shown everyone on our broadcasts to world focusing
Immediate world requirement is to CALL Keith Duncan and our extensive network of partners (over 5,000 in USA and everywhere we travel). I remain in Manila waiting for required calls from USA GOV and you, so my world R&D total market consulting teams can travel to your greatest places of needs. This is our mission to teach world leaders and humanity how to use simple technology to prevent all fraud and violations of laws with our new replacement law enforcement, judicial, financial, and stock market systems. These all are the ONLY complete perfected economic legal systems to unify mankind as WE the PEOPLE control and own everything of our new UNIocracy.ORG free trade, travel, education direct marketing economic system. Updated March 5, 2020 5pm by only most humble walking saint Keith Duncan.
     Everyone now uses to solve any micro to Gods view issue.
Total World peace is migration of billions of people to higher elevations who bring their wealth and spent it to build all digital electric driven societies as everyone benefits.  TurnOffLights.Space is the free energy water systems built and owned by each community. The value is over $25 Trillion USD in economic transfer back to WE the PEOPLE in 3rd nations as well as USA + Brazil to re Jungle all forests. Once our world leaders contact Keith and escort us to testify, all is well in GOD's world. CreatorKeith.SPACE + Trump + USA supply the first +2 real Trillion USD $$ to seed fund Once thousands of our young people occupy all nations, no rogue President or Congress group can wage any war that violate rules of engagement of Criminal investigators run by independent
Above series are legacy heritage 1-19580815-1 to July 4, 2020 so keith can finally return to Heaven now for his FatherGOD to pass judgment on humanity for their crimes against humanity for refusing to obey my fathers basic 10 commandments.


  Act with Authority for the Benefits of all others in name of our one Creator. 1 Cor 13:13 the Prime Golden Rule for all. Everyone benefits from unification of mankind using UNIocracy + seen on clearinghouse broadcast to world on as ordained to Save Our World. Read below and TAKE ACTION. Click OTHER Historical VIDEO

  This ONE GOD gifted system will save our world from all tragedies of GREED, SIN, VICE as no other deity idol will survive God wrath.

Keith's Messages

Join our Endorsements Page and Direct Buy-IN our common share stock worth BILLIONS of real $$$ while helping us sell of Trillions of real $$$ in intellectual Property linked as TurnOffLights.SPACE, one new world voting system EVOTE.ONE, one world, One International SolutionManifesto.Com Constitution, and other comprehensive systems that bring us all into total Global Peace.

  SolutionHousing.Org Prevents all World Poverty forever. Prime requirement is always for our World Presidents and CEOS to call Keith and escort him to debrief them. NO one else in world history has ever attained the highest level of IQ AI by persisting in being your New World Leader consultant...  The most logical common sense transfer of direct trillions of USD/Euro funding comes from migrating wealthy business family 'spenders' combined with all crime assets seized by eVote.ONE recorded in FOIA.ONE. Wealthy new free world citizens now direct fund new roads, schools, hospitals, energy, water, marketplaces, parks, as ~ 30% reserve of the purchase cost of their homes and small businesses. 

We have been reaching out and contacting ALL Mega Corporate Executives, Bankers, Real Estate Developers, and top Investors in Philippines, AAsia, and USA Europe for years. Our entire Banking and real estate system changes based on the most dramatic economic market system we have openly published for use by mankind. Shared Resources is the only answer.
Everyone benefits with open free trade barter exchange system. The New World system will limit the ability for any Corporate Executive or secret Board of Directors/influences from  controlling the Banking deposits, loan outs, construction companies, the fixed bids, ability to hide profits by not reporting all aspects of their financial statements, and other individual violations of SEC and related government and corporate by-laws.
The most dramatic requirement is world use of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE, KbitCoins and found at
  We ask for Local DMCI, Ayalaland, SMHoldings, SMDC, Robinsons, even TRUMP and other international mega developer CEO and executives CALL US immediately and fly us to meet with you to discuss how everyone benefits with our new world market system.


Continuation of BENEFITS for all HUMANITY from above.

     New wealthy residents sign legally binding contracts with each duel citizenship nation to spend this reserve in 1 to 2 year graduated period. The locals no longer pay any taxes and start small businesses earning more than 10 to 20 times their current monthly income.

    In Philippines, most earn 300 to 500pesos daily that is so far below poverty rate. Now they can easily earn 50K to 200,000Peso monthly controlling their very own marketplaces and infrastructure. This applies to every single 3rd world nation including preventing all poverty in USA. This creates 100,000's of all new 100% digital creative sustainable communities.

This also achieves total world peace for simple reason of using integrity + wisdom. True reality.

    Therefore no taxes needed as the community small businesses now own and controls all our free barter exchange markets collectively using ProfitShareHolders.SPACE. This is your new evolved revolutionary world system when everyone OWNS their own single family home, land, infrastructure + assets. No more Dynasties can exist as political crime reduced to zero.

Last update March 1, 2020 as we wait for Special Forces Military escort from Sept 25 2011 to now.


Jan 6, 2020 Broadcast to world again::::

  I have personally perfected new world economic system. No one else has. if they HAD, our world would be 100% peace loving citizens who share everything. I do feel 100% like a time traveler, always moving forward in time. SO Fast sometimes, I see the rest of humanity are the laggards who just want to ..  I really do not know WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE WANT.  Usually self centered ego arrogance is the root problem most people experience and re-enforce. I am on verge AGAIN of changing the course of history by publishing HOW to unify mankind. I am unsure HOW long this will take since the course of humanity is so bizzare, few see the root cause of anything. Wrote history again real time with and updated the last few broadcasts showing SHARED RESOURCES is the only way to achieve total world peace. ROOT is ProfitShareHolders.SPACE as Stock OPTIONS are the biggest pirate con-artist scams of all time. Read, see, believe, then pick up the phone and call keith.  ### start of new world

   The real value of our world is real estate and natural resources. Our people now rise up and command be quickly ratified by majority vote of local nations, then all humanity. Now all construction and other corporations use ProfitShareHolders.SPACE to focus only on their prime expertise. By constitutional laws, no corporate executives or moguls (family dynasties) can control any cross market of banks, land title, malls, stock markets, or other systems that drain GOD's wealth away from our +7.37Billion people. Anyone who refuses to use our 'near' Perfected systems is required by law to provide a better=best simple solution answer.  BOOK our crusader teams to explain how to be all small business communities who own and control all their own infrastructure.  Buy-In to our new world market common stock that entitles our shareholders to lifetime of free education and growth upward of the new modeled stock values that truly does stabilize all other stock market intrinsic values.  All these bypass replacement systems are connected ordained URL links.

   The required research and development feasibility studies are the millions of white papers and forums that occur worldwide the past 43 years.   Our personal expertise is beyond comprehension of 99% of humanity because of our laser focus as the top Human Rights Advocates who work on behalf of all Humanity and our mutual creator(generically named so as not to offend the zealots and hypocrites). We are the ones who pioneer all state of the art inventions and intellectual property that are the Next Generation Messaging systems fo all free internet communication system between each eDevice and each person in the world. this is the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence that WE control and deploy through world saving FOIA.ONE open public source domain database.

    The cost of constructing and maintaining required luxury homes and businesses in third world nations is the most profitable business in the world as everyone benefits including the corporate executives who are now controlled BY the shareholders and eVote public.  With the elimination of ability to commit crimes, everyone benefits including the transition of convicted crooks and criminals to now be productive contributing members of our new free world  

   I built a 1 Million PESO home near Tugugerago City in North Cagayan Valley Region 2 in the Spring 2016 that is $20,000 USD. It is 54 square meters, has full internet, A/C, refrig, water, marketplaces, and even Intl airport.  There are few private planes and only about 2 helicopters in this area. We will pay for new airports, commuter aircraft, and helicopter fleets as soon as USA GOV finds us and pays us back for the criminals who truly want us GHOSTS and Dead.  Our safest area of all is any other nation including Manila and the NEXT greatest places of needs we travel once the Most Honorable people contact us.    Our dear friends in Philippines are some of the top Philippine Officials who protect our crusader teams because the few of us are sent / dispatched from GOD.

   The simple math of 5 million expats committing to spend just $1 Million USD over next 5 years is 5,000,000,000,000 = 5 Trillion USD minimum.  If anyone (native or expat) become combative, commit violations of local law, they can be vote exiled out of any nation and their assets legally seized and turned over as community owned hotels and businesses.  All benefit again. Therefore all world criminals hereby are legally notified they can never HIDE or ESCAPE the justice they deserve for refusing to confess their crimes, pay back restitution,

  Updated Nov 19, 2019 two days after Sister Paige Collins birthday as EVERYTHING is connected in GODs world, including YOU, my most beloved people. Perhaps I will be evoted a Living saint one day. One can never tell, with self-genocide on the minds of the ruling elite.



100% related are these broadcasts that directly link criminal acts to WHY keith and many others are selectively persecuted by very powerful USA gov officials linked to specifical named Corporate executives who violate basic Human rights and black list isolate us so we can NEVER just turn over the criminals evidence to anyone.  This started back in Jan 2008.   We ask all  World Leaders to FIND and Protect Keith's teams since we are being persecuted by Robert Dee Rose and the worst corrupt politicians and DOJ officials in world history.

   Oct 13, 2019 Our Apostle Crusaders are the unknown group of billionaire R&D Scientists Keynote Speaker Human Rights Activists who have been severely persecuted by the Anti Christ and the most corrupt individuals in USA history all because we have mapped out how to archive achieve total world global peace.  Fast Path to World  is kTrade.Space,  We are the #1 Computer Science Psychology experts of all time engaged with all other top angel philanthropists. They too are hard to contact since our $500 Million USD of Intellectual Property and most extensive database of top CEO's and criminals was taken by force over 900 days of illegal detainment and drug induced comas that have yet to EVER be investigated.  We are all experts in Inventions, Architecture, Engineering + Project Management + Keynote Speaking (the ultimate Consultants) of new All Digital Creative Communities, Government and Corporate replacement systems, Water reManagement cycle power systems, Banking and financial replacement systems, Voting simplicity systems, Hydro Generation Powerhouse systems, Free Education and Communication Systems, and variety of the most prolific new world economy systems that empower humanity to control and manage all their own assets. We have GOD himself plus a few Silent Partners who are key Beneficiaries.


 The true one way direct transfer of Trillions of real $$$ assets is from Millions of expats who now move part / full time to other nations as free dual citizens who invest their wealth and knowledge by Direct Funding eDemocracy (= no taxes) This alone is how to stabilize mankind using on best next project that benefits their secure safe community.  Everyone now travels freely on ONE single International ID of FOIA.ONE so no passports or visas will ever be used to restrict and slave trade our people. Expats now allowed to own up to just 1 Hectare.  All developers who build new communities over 5 hectares in remote locations are now required to set aside central space for parks, town center, schools, hospitals as part of their land use impact. Once completed construction, they get paid and LEAVE for next project. They no longer are allowed to own the BANKS and Real Estate as they have already made their profits and have NO business capitalizing on our people for decades. Everyone who constructs new homes and businesses is required to set aside 5 to 10% of their construction costs to be used to construct the supporting infrastructure. This is the NEW age DEAL that benefits all of humanity formally known as UTOPIA Peace + Justice..

       Click: Endorsements then call our top Partners and JOIN now.

   We Broadcast CALL on all top World Bankers, Industrialists, Capitalists, Mega Developers, Investors, Angel Philanthropists like Keith, Human Right Activists, All Religion Leaders, with focus on top ranked Architects, Engineers, Construction Owners, Technical Experts, Technologists, Small Business Owners, Agricultural farming communities, other Philanthropists, and other World Leaders to immediately communicate with our Top World Leaders as the most powerful massive direct funding for building clean creative all digital communities occurs once our 7.7 Billion People collectively command our decision makers to use each and every BuiltByKeith Solution showcased in the MATRIX middle of prime broadcast website. Replacement Stock Market, One World Currency and total ShareHolder control are showcased 3 sub sites.

The most massive Transfer of Crime Wealth FUNDS construction of all digital creative internet driven Communities worldwide. describes how the direct funding builds state of the art schools and universities with free education and technology at all levels kindergarten to PHD.  We now own all infrastructure of schools, roads, hospitals, water, energy, communications, banks, market places, transportation systems, fire Control, and other engineered cooperatively run systems.  This ONLY method answer is required for my people to obtain immediate benefits of World Broadcast Evangelist Crusader Ministries of top leader team consultant services.  We are the ultimate world Business Merchant Exchange Brokers who teach our world how to eliminate the unneeded brokers.

  Our Phil Merchant Inc and NGO are angel Philanthropist infrastructure gift Investors. We bring over $500 Million USD to ASIA to pay for schools, hospitals, roads, energy production/distribution, clean unlimited water conservation supplies, roads, railroads, and other base services to virtually eliminate the need for any GOVERNMENT or Mega Corporations in our world.

   We offer any qualified 'vetted' company advertising rights Endorsements to cross promote their integrity based founded businesses.

Use CEOSPACE.NET and to command our world actually eliminate all crime networks at one time with new world law enforcement bounty system. These REPLACE all other forms of governments and corporations by eliminating all Corruption and crimes.

Use 3 simple solutions to replace all stock markets and creation of a single one new world currency and trade system.

The most prolific heritage legacy new world system is show cased on these sites.  Our #1 top advocacy is direct fund construction of all new infrastructure and all free digital communications now owned by our communities. Then everyone controls and manages their own villages and issues without need for governments, taxes, and mega corporations.

 All POSITIVE new world solutions that empower our people to RISE UP and eliminate crime networks at all levels internationally. Then we all have FREE TRADE, Travel, education, banking, eCommerce, and other base RIGHTS of our ownership to command our leaders act as only HIGHLY PAID consultant Advisor administrators.  

  This is the first = last alpha=omega system to replace all known forms of governments and corporations with simple systems that our world all collectively agrees are the new age Single Constitution known worldwide as   Driven by law enforcement, no one can ever deny your rights of freedom and liberty again. 

Join by direct funding our teams and being the first new world members of FOIA.ONE single open public database when NO SECRETS = Utopia of our one mutual Creator SolutionGod.

SolutionHousing.ORG Prevents all World Poverty Forever.

Solved forever with 100% Direct eDemocracy

All +7.7 Billion of my people BENEFIT as owners of their very own single family homes located outside of the mega city (slums) and at higher elevations away from flood-able river and coastal deltas. Entire new communities are financed with crime assets seized by public reporting of criminals. Entire new economy model is we all become middle class small business owners.  eVOTE.ONE is the most powerful UNIFICATION methods to empower humanity to control, own, and manage all wealth-assets Information using the only answer methods to unify mankind once and forever.  Directly fund our worldwide Unification teams to command World Leaders respond ! !

  The Tipping point to close the chasm of crime is demonstrated video: CLICK HERE.

  FOIA.ONE = single standard Open Public Database of all world knowledge + Wisdom.

   Everyone in world deserves to own single family homes and their own land at extremely low actual local building cost value without the crime manipulating bankers, stock brokers, and real estate moguls controlling the price that only benefits the few Criminal Ruling elite. using is the ONLY biblical financial method system to restore full ownership of GOD and humanity resources back to all our 7.6 Billion People. Immediately support and protect Keith Duncan fore founding father teams of your new world society today. I have been victimized and severely persecuted by USA based criminals since Nov 2007 Even the FBI AG and most of USA and other governments and mega corporations will collapse once YOU MY PEOPLE RISE UP to overthrow all crime networks with FOIA.ONE  eVOTE.ONE by full scale electronic voting decision based eDemocracy system.

   Millions of new DUAL citizen residents will soon arrive to build 10,000's of new all digital creative communities in the most rich natural resource region in the world. Expats will be pre-qualified to 100% own their new single family homes and small business properties.  The mega slum cities of all nations are quickly vacated creating right of way for all free transportation subways, high speed trains, free bus service, and new water and energy corridors including simple use of and provides free world Internet and phone service + free education any level High School and University to ensure our young people become our new world society leaders.

   All crime is eliminated and prevented by FOIA.ONE one open public database knowledge storehouse of WHO is WHO and WHO owns WHAT.  All legal contracts, bids, laws, and legal agreements are stored in this public repository so that no crime can go undetected and unpunished once the answer is used to investigate all political and underground networked crime groups. Organized crime only thrives by extortion and embedding themselves inside our government agencies and databases. With auto face recognition of original =, no one can EVER criminally cyber crime assume the identity of anyone else.  Anti-fraud groups + departments are eliminated as prevention stops the crimes at time of commission. Photo/Video conference call confirmation will be a requirement for authorization approval of any key business transaction so NO one can defraud anyone and hide from immediate prosecution. These authenticate/authorization transactions are stored in write once, read only public database of FOIA.ONE

     By default, all existing government and corporate structures are replaced by UNIocracy.ORG and Profit Share Holders found at with one new world currency

     Millions of self-entitlement laws, contracts, legal agreements are quickly nullified as invalid and non-binding. This is part of that enforces total integrity of all lawyers and judicial officials worldwide.

     Welcome to your eDirect eDemocracy New World 'crime free' society ordained+divined by Gods Messianic Messenger(s). We have risen many times from severely persecuted almost long lost dead infamies of Crime.

  The three biggest money crime enterprises are 1. War 2. Political Corruption 3. Cyber crime terrorism.  With these new universal single standards, trillions of $$$ of crime assets are legally seized, then 100% visibly transferred and used to create all new infrastructure owned for, of, and by our people in form of Credit Union Banks, Clean Water, Reforest of our deserts and new jungles, new Agriculture of SolutionSafeWater.ORG, Cooperative Energy groups, and the ultimate elimination of all super powered governments and corporations who only see profiteering as how to enrich a very select few known collectively as Criminal ruling Elite.  Solved forever with single new standard

     Millions of new communities are now built with assets seized from any criminal by eVOTE.ONE legal orders of WHO is collectively identified with FOIA.ONE as unrepentant criminals. Starts with Robert Dee Rose.

  We call on all engineers, honest persons, architects, and world leaders to ensure everyone can now own their very own land and single family homes. This destroys the mega slums and congested large cities with use of SolutionSafeWater.ORG and free internet.

    The Ultimate REFORMATION UNIFICATION Call to Action is EVOTE.ONE using  Everyone deserves to OWN their own land and homes and have free schools, free hi-speed WiFi, free medical, own their energy, water, marketplaces, roads and infrastructure. For 11 years now, I have dedicated tens of thousands of man-hours to UNIFY mankind with eVOTE.ONE and  MY PEOPLE MUST RISE UP TO protect MY LIFE and RIGHTS now or you shall suffer the self genocide already in place by the Criminal Ruling Elite of crime networks such as Robert Dee Rose whose only focus is chaos mayhem murder and the pursuit of billions of real wealth been stealing from his  crime cyber base of seen on The USA GOV personally owes keith over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages caused by Norfolk 4:11cr112 conspiracies.

    CONTENTS of EVOTE.ONE basic 4 bypass New Constitutional laws.
No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.   All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action.
    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database  =
     These simple 4 By Pass Constitutional Laws create your new history.

     No one can ever deny your rights again.
1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE

2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is retro active punishment for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent. Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.
3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by evote. Direct eDemocracy is Direct Funding of assets to build NEXT best project so no government official can scam or steal our assets. No more appointed officials who criminally prostitute with others. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.

4. All leaders consultant  pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.

        Keiths life remains in eminent danger from all cyber criminals and the most corrupt of USA GOV agencies.
    CONTACT ALL WORLD LEADERS and Top PRESS MEDIA now!  This is the most peaceful revolution in world history. Focus on TOP Senators, Congressmen, Human rights Activists, Presidents, Religious Leaders, and news broadcasters.
father Keith Duncan, Manila cell (63)9173354300 skype: builtByKeith2

    EVERYONE knows SOMEONE who has authority. This entire system is designed to be the most powerful viral social media campaign in world history with YOUR personal help to notify all world leaders and corporations NOW.  Modeled after Habitat for Humanity, sweat equity is used to create all new villages of digital insight owned BY our people.

    This includes building self sufficient hospitals, education centers, roads, marketplaces, public free transportation, and other infrastructure owned FOR, BY, and OF our collective +7.66 Billion People. Contact Keith's teams to learn all.

     Yes, Millions of our-my people will migrate back to GOD's paradises of E.D.E.N. = FOIA.ONE by unloading the mega-slums that were capitalistic built with slave traded labor by 'Criminal Ruling Elite'. Our entire world + Philippines will soon rise as New World 1st class society who OWNS their own infrastructure and teaches rest of world HOW to prevent all crime networks.

     We call on all ENGINEERS, Architects, World Leaders and Top Executives to CONTACT Keith Duncan Evolutionary Teams of to UNIFY our world with base   Otherwise, prepare to face massive World War 4 as WW3 is the cyber crime terrorism of Political and underground mass crime networks. Trillions of $$$ USD new small businesses generated by + SolutionSafeWater.ORG and all other answers

   Our NGO's have already pledged $500 Million USD direct funding and 95% of the 1% of all crime assets seized with these unification single standard methods.  Ask all world leaders to USE these answers and protect the one fore-founding author Evangelist Keynote Speaker keith duncan right now.. This is the lasting + only Acts of Wisdom Plans of Salvation to teach our world how to Love and Care for each other. Refusals to protect most humble-holy master consultant + all Others results in final WW4 Holocaust caused by ROSE + the demonic Criminal Ruling Elite. Full scale mass publicity with Press Conferences is the only way to peacefully transition to UNIocracy by eliminating all crime factors forever. is the ONLY new 10 commandment Mandate Charter Manifesto required by all of humanity to ensure total Peace, harmony, and the final pursuit of universe space exploration.

Click video Series:

Concerning Philippines General Tinio New World Society. I will travel back to revisit the Governors, mayors and others July 25 2018 on the Last Missions of total Mercy and Grace since NO ONE ELSE does anything but object to everything.

4537-5677-2024-5291  (Bank of Philippines) is my BPI DEBIT Card account anyone can FUND support NOW, just like 7 years ago when ROSE ordered my murder by these reality easy paper chase conspiracies to DESTROY HIS massive crime sprees shown to world with $2 Million USD bounty on his head. MORE on heads of all other criminals YOU report with FOIA.ONE

    July 27, 2018  I am GONE for 2 weeks on final world mission UNIocracy.ORG.  DUTERTE on TV-RADIO today describing exactly what UNIocracy.ORG does. UNIFICATION. My own BROTHER DOUG DUNCAN is a criminal (most would use word terrorist) for what HE did to me Feb 2012 RIGHT before I was to be DUMPED on street then.  Norfolk VA4:11cr112 signed by AG Sally Yates (criminal) started NEXT kidnapping conspiracies by Atlanta GA JUDGE who decided based on my own SON KYLE + DOUG to kidnap me AGAIN for 2 years based on fact my HOME was ROBBED and I already REPORTED and COMMANDED USA GOV arrest ROSE and Ms. BASHAMA (Tammy Fay Auston). Basis is Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 as NO stalking violation COULD have occurred since NO firearm was involved THEN, or NOW  ..    WHERE IS my demonstration, antique 12 gauge shotgun taken by FORCE by ATF William Banks. I already commanded HE BE arrested years ago for convincing Grand Jury Foreman that I did ??  WHAT...   At on the highest mission of ANTI CRIME missions of all time by a SINGLE true MAN of GOD, keith brent duncan..  You MAY not hear from me again for reasons I have already shown world.  WHY?  why not.....

   When my world uses these answers, millions of USA + others abandon their sin vice crime ridden nations and move here as part time visa free residents. I even work directly with Duterte, Immigration Commissioner (Jamie Morente), NBI, Military, Interpol, actually entire on #1 most powerful viral social media campaign to SAVE our world from all crime networks starting with ROSE.  Now +8 million new small business owners are created in Philippines and more in all nations to construct +10 Million new primary homes, 2nd vacation homes, retirement resorts, food, hospitals, schools, business centers, factories owned by my 7.5 Billion people. ONLY REQUIREMENT is to personally SEND this one website to PRESS, top GOV officials, Banks, Corporate Executives, Churches, NGO-Charity and PUBLIC to DEMAND Press Conferences sweep our world of all vice-sin-crime.

  APRIL 18, 2018. Main offices visited again today with HOW to rebuild all housing for +7B people. Lily is their executive Director. office (632) 846-2177 for all to call. Easy once mass publicity UNIFIES and reforms all society with the ONLY answer methods.  We ask all to contact the OTHER major Philanthropists including Microsoft Bill Gates, Facebook Mark Zuckerburg, all World Leaders, all WallStreet bankers, Warren Buffet, and others who see these are the ONLY answers to ensure total Social Peace and Justice as elimination of all crime networks has been the end result of +59 years of anti crime GOD's ministries.

     In past ~3 years I have personally met many of the Billionaires who control the dynasty monopolies of super malls, condo/Resident mammoth developments, business parks, utilities, private schools to DEBRIEF them to work with our teams to redirect their massive expertise so they do NOT go down in INFAMY as tied to all these corrupted politicians and underground terrorist groups.

     Now they will be permitted BY eVOTE.ONE prime 4 bypass laws to ONLY construct new projects. They no longer can OWN what they build or use their massive bank networks to mortgage the HELL out of my people.  Divide and conquer of all oligarchy networks will result in seizure of any/all crime assets that can not be publicly shown as legally acquired and all back taxes paid up. This will also complete the rest of these UNIONIST final revelation day ministries. Evil is now repaid by reparation and restitution of GOD's gifted assets BACK to my impoverished slave traded communities

    Billions, then Trillions of USD/EURO/etc flow back to Philippines + all other impoverished nations as everyone sees these are the only TRUTHS of why criminals prosper and thrive by infiltrating all private/secret databases and extorting others into cabals. These are the only answers to forever solve the greed tyranny dynasties.  Book today to send our teams direct to you.

  Using original now =, my people solve all their prime issues.

Jan 9, 2018. Bong Bong Marcus was just debriefed at his Press Conference on eVOTE.ONE and to transform rebuild all of Philippines with these only methods. is #1036 to finally UNIFY all mankind in GOD's Holy Name.

   VIDEO being broadcast at: Profound TRUE how to UNIFY all of mankind.  #1031 is on Top to Master Teach All my people.

Dec 4, 2017 Today I attended Manila Hotel 2017 1st ASEAN Land Governance Summit and asked PRIME question to audience. Why/When will ONE central International Database be established to record ALL Land Parcels and Ownership rights to empower our people to OWN tenure of GOD's gifted resources. Panel (audience 500) responded: 'Hard' because of privacy rights and so much red tape paper chase conspiracies that prevent ownership from being established from titles, deeds, wills, and other instruments of legal tender. SOLVED forever by  eVote.One

Nov 26, 2017 All developers of any malls and real estate will be FORBIDDEN by citizen eVote law to OWN what they build or to finance through their own banks. They get paid for bid contracts then LEAVE the construction to be owned BY my local people. They will be outraged they no longer control the WallMarts, SM MegaMalls, power plants, water, telecom monopolies and other trade commerce that enslaves my people. Too bad, as ALL prosper in the name of My Holy Father GOD who owns ALL assets, not you on borrowed time and lives. GodLess Society is your current condition.   Now, All live as middle class and earn their livings without ability to 'crime', extort, bribe, etc.. or fear and intimidation others into slave submission. (the true definition of Terrorism).

   No more super wealthy criminal ruling elite dynasties who control all prime info databases equates to ZERO Poverty as everyone now owns their own inherited land with almost free building materials to create their own new Green Digital (Free Wifi and almost free utilities) Creative Communities as our world governments and monopoly corporations collapse since they are NO longer empowered to control and dominate by manipulating our taxes and GODS resources for their own personal crime profiteering.  All these broadcast only solution answers are copyrighted and worth trillions in Intellectual Property as they are GIFTED to humanity in exchange for MASS PUBLICITY to transform our entire world into homogeneously (means blended) cultures who have zero boundaries and restrictions on free trade, travel, worship, and communication with one degree of separation using eDevice data communication technology I personally helped deploy internationally starting year 1976.

   The 1st requirement for world has always been to BOOK Keith Duncan + his growing teams to come to YOUR greatest places of needs. This includes direct interviews and Press Conferences with all World leaders and corporate executives so public finally sees and understands that keith is here to UNIFY and REFORM all of mankind in GOD's personal Holy Name.  Objectors will be banished if they refuse to provide their own solution answers.

  The most immediate need is DIRECT minor funding for my teams to go on INTERNATIONAL TV/News so our world will finally be educated to remove the most extreme brain washing cult mentality that is destroying our world.  All done in GODS name as anyone can clearly SEE, BELIEVE, and ACT with WISDOM to protect the life and intellectual genius of the new generation of sage visionaries who I have been recruiting since 2007.

Nov 19, 2017 All middle class with zero crime ruling elite means zero Poverty / homeless / genocide / orphans / civil wars, or other crimes against humanity that finally ends the current WW3 cyber crime terrorism destroying GOD's world. This is the UTOPIA that my God Father promised all along. It only occurs when all 7.5 billion of my people (followers, disciples, partners, world leaders) unite together with the only answers to save our humanity !  No one can ever again DENY YOUR RIGHTS to use God's resources by fearlessly protecting the Rights of All Others. No one can object these are the only solutions to UNIFY mankind by cross foreign exchange of all cultures, therefore no nationality cults can ever create oligarchy crime dynasties again. Surely I have taught our entire world exactly WHO I AM and WHO YOU ARE destined to be as Loving and Caring for all each other.  Years ago, I discovered GOD called me to be one of his prime messianic messengers. I answered HIS call and have been severely persecuted by Satan and unbelievers this entire time. Therefore, I finally surrender everything I have gifted humanity to YOU, my people, in the format of the New Tree of LIFE called using EVOTE.ONE to teach our collective world how to enforce ethics and bring criminals to Justice with these truly fundamental BY-PASS laws and New World commandments which ensures our humanity prospers, thrives, and expands as Children of our one mutual Creator. 

   July 8, 2017.  GO PUBLIC with EVOTE.ONE to all to destroy all politics, and cripple/identify all other crime networks.  Use as top World leader/Gov/Corp consultant. Then Military, accountable religious groups, United Nations, and NGOs oversee the seizure of trillions of super crime $$$ to be used to buy construction materials and pay for basic labor to construct new self reliant communities who deal with all their own issues using Trillions of $$$ in irrefutable assets are transferred from the true criminals to YOU my people. This has never occurred. It happens with the Merit System of Integrity of your new World Society (This is the backup as the original destroyed by AntiChrist so my world would be destroyed). Therefore no government and corporate monopolies can EVER deny your rights once and forever. 

     Use to consult with WORLD leaders and officials who see the absolute TRUTHS of and the other world saving solutions. I attended Manila World Trade Center May 3-5 to showcase how this occurs to public + top leaders who will interview me soon as I ask everyone to contact top world leaders so they can actually USE what I have gifted all of humanity worth Quad-Trillions in economic unify reform. No one is left behind as criminals are banished and imprisoned by 100% action of all citizens following Keith directives.  Thousands of civil engineers are needed for to build thousands of new world self regulated communities free of crime, corruption, and poverty.  This is easy with these step by step Plans of Salvation and Acts of Wisdom.

  MegaDevelopers and Governments at almost all levels have been contacted for +6 years by Keith Duncan and groups asking for their direct interview city planning expertise to UNIFY all communities once and for all. This includes AT&T ( Henry Sy Jr(SMDC group), Tycoon Luke Roxas, Robinsons, Mega World, and all others who Keith has personally visited and hand gifted this one website.  Refusals for simple follow-up callbacks are actually a crime when everyone sees these are the ONLY answers to end poverty once and forever.  No crime act will go unpunished once our people use OCTV, free WIFI, wearable eDevices, and eVote.ONE to be the first and only needed first line of offense/defense against any unrepentant criminal starting with

  Keith has legally and spiritually claimed 1% of all crime assets  to fund, your very own New World Society.  He returns to USA and to your nations as an International HERO and prime consultant to all world leaders with the help and crowd funding of you, my 7.5 Billion people. The value of his 75,000 shares of INC NGO business services and products will soon exceed $1 Billion with your help of publicity.

    Support-Use world evangelist crusader teams today. This is the 7th biblical scroll revelations opened of: FollowKeith BuiltByKeith BidOnKeith CreatorKeith SaviorKeith + email: daily world broacasts are at DROPBOX,  CLICK BELOW:
  All scripture Revelations from all denominations are now full filled when my people RISE UP to PRESS MEDIA with:

1. EVOTE.ONE destroys all political corruption by 4 By-Pass laws that empower all my 7.5 Billion people to treat all Gov and Corporate leaders as highly paid consultants using Integrity Principals as you now own all of Gods resources.
2. is single International unhackable open public database. Criminals FLEE since they have no one to bribe or threaten as OCTV auto face recognition (FaceSee -Facebook -Microsoft -Cisco -Acer -Interpol) kill 666 Mark of the beast.
3. Join -Community Action Groups use the Trillions of $$$ crime assets that are seized by Military and all eDevice Whistleblowers as 10% goes to 1st crime reporter, 1% goes to evangelist Crusaders.
4. SolutionHousing.ORG used to build thousands of new Green fully Digital Creative Cities worldwide to unload the slums created by 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'. is the ultimate how to start-run your own new life business.
5. now is GOD's Heavenly Paradise here on my Earth as everyone lives in one degree of face separation on who is honest, who is unknown, and who are the true unrepentant-unsaved criminals starting with #1 world terrorist Robert Dee Rose.

   Every honest citizen and child now report criminal's actions. This enables auto identification of all other crime conspirators who are now banished with eVOTE.ONE and Open OCTV and (gifted to Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011 10pm).  Everyone now becomes anti-crime whistle blowers who claim 10% of any crime assets seized.  Keith and his supporting partner world traveling teams use 1% of all crime assets to build new SolutionHousing.ORG green digital creative free trade-travel communities. provides free education and technology to all 7.5 billion of my people.  No secrets in the new open world public society of UNIocracy prevents almost all crimes in the first place.  Keith is the #1 top anti crime expert guru in our world.

    When public ACTS with the AUTHORITY I have taught today, direct funding of TRILLIONS of $$$ in assets and cash now flow back to my 7.5 billion people in form of monitored purchase of raw building materials and labor costs to build free-safe villages world wide. This eliminates the tycoon monopolies and unloads the poverty stricken slums. This totally eliminates all indigenous communities by connecting everyone with one degree of telecom off shelf technology connections using the free world internet standards pioneered by the ONE savior Evangelist Crusader Broadcast Broker Merchant free trade and travel expert who teaches our world how to build new communities that are totally self reliant.

   This is = architect consultant of new world communities.  Then very little taxes are needed and most governments and monopoly corporations collapse with workers now empowered by  Everyone now controls expenses and management by voting rights. This kills all stock market insider trading and cyber crime along with single authentication method.

     These bible based ethic solutions are from Godson Keith Duncan who has been denied all his rights to share GOD's rights and assets to his 7.5 billion people. No one has truly funded, supported, or protected any of Keith's rights. Therefore these indicate that Anti Christs and satanic demons are working systematically to exterminate honest persons and whistle blowers who threaten them with JUST their own criminal evidence as the ultimate promises of GOD of total Justice, Equality, and peace.     Refusals by my people to acknowledge and support Keith's growing team just ensures the Criminal Ruling Elite succeed in the self genocide campaign run by Satan and his demonic angel forces.  The most POSITIVE best broadcast news is that Keith is still alive, broadcasting to world and even asking GOD to bring him back home to HEAVEN or to your greatest places of needs. This focuses on all World Leaders who have never been able to lead our nations without compromising the integrity of our honest people. For criminal profiteering is a way of life for those who enslave my people by control of their digital information databases. I even engaged +1 years ago to each United Nations to teach them how to actually enforce human and civil rights.


  The USA Gov clearly is responsible this entire time to PROTECT FatherKeith and to fund Keiths return to USA now for the Press Conference series that will truly revolutionize HOW the public is enable to control and manage all their leaders at Gov and Corporate levels once and forever. This includes the destruction of all stock market insider trading with and kill of cybercrime with I clearly already work full time for GOD, humanity, all world leaders, churches, and corporations teaching our world how to actually LOVE and CARE for each other.

  This was basis for original World Consultant services and products of that existed prior to famous Sept 25, 2011 AFBase debrief.

  May 6, 2017 I am booking sponsored travel to  ZamsTees in Mindanao for May 11 to broadcast to world about how to destroy poverty. Help us fund these world saving solutions that have been 100% public for now +9 biblical years of extreme trials and tribulation caused by political corruption.  CEO is Ronald Ian Bilang cell (63)977-741-3040 as the PRESS and Public + gov Officials need to contact him.

  Contact: Their Zam Tees production facility is in Zamboanga City, Philippines. Southwest of famous CEBU.

May 7, 2017 I spoke (again) directly with Sr Pastor Christopher and asked him to CONTACT Zamboanga to sponsor the most critical mission teaching trip to resolve all the rebel/drug/poverty issues on the one island where President Duterte lived. Everyone can contact Victory Zamboanga.  Pastor Ritchie Llanto, 3rd Floor Unichan Building,  Veteran's Avenue Ext  Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur 7000.  Philippines, Asia
Phone  +63 62-992-0458

   Jan 16, 2017 GO PUBLIC to Press + Public + all top officials + churches to demand be used to destroy all crime networks starting with Corrupt Politicians and Corporation Executives using  Then everyone uses eVote.ONE to seize all criminal wealth for use to fund rebuild of new self regulated communities overseen by all religions and Military under your New World Society free of almost all corruption / crime.  These are the only solutions to prevent almost all crimes.

     + $500 Million USD in seed capital funding is from USA Gov for Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 massive cyber crime conspiracies coverup and destruction of public FOIA documents convicting fired AG Sally Yates, specific county/state/federal Judges tied to ROSE.  $8 Million USD from IRS Whistle Blower Feb 2009,658 is used to put +100 USA Gov officials in prison. + $350,000 USD seized from #1 Terrorist cyber criminal Robert Dee Rose and Alexander Cyclone Covey used to host Press Conferences and stadium rallies with CEOspace.NET Berny Dohrmann is worlds last Constitutional Mandate Commandments to unify all humanity forever.

     No one's rights will EVER be denied again once these simple world saving solutions are used by all.

  Crowd Fund and use prime consultant services to send his teams to the greatest places of needs. This includes consult with Presidents and world leaders with United Nations with direct use of Foundational members..

  Nov 1, 2016 All Saints Day. Everyone Contact your Pastor-Aman-Priests-Ministers to fund and send mission teams to Amulung, Cagayan Valley, Philippines 3505 after Cat5 Typhoon Lawin caused Billions Pesos damage to all communities, churches, crops, and families of faith and grace. Call at cell (63) 917-335-4300 to host all churches and humanity Re-Build efforts to  Once mission teams arrive, they call back to USA and their native countries to send MILLIONS of $$$ to directly purchase building supplies and personally deliver to each devastated village to oversee the DOLLAR for DOLLAR direct funding with ZERO overhead and ZERO political Corruption back-pocketing and relief delays.

      Click:   Read-Only Safe Google-Drive Database of Typhoon Lawin world Ministries.

Read to fund all schools + students and GO PUBLIC. The steps are simple.
1. Everyone, invite the mega churches to SEND mission teams immediately to Philippines and to the other world Places of Greatest Needs.
2. On arrival, 500 hotel rooms are in TUG. The mission teams visit villages and call back to USA/other to raise mega-Millions USD.
3. They purchase gravel, concrete, roofing, re-bar, tools, windows/doors, electrical on bid and deliver TO their sponsored village to OVERSEE construction. One DOLLAR in, one dollar material, one dollar planted in the ground. ZERO waste, no overhead, and NO political back pocketing.  DIRECT FUNDING is #1 World Solution.
4. Priority.  Mission teams OVERSEE. The free laborers are the Villagers and local construction carpenters.
  a) Schools first. Also add wifi-internet, Apple TV, ipad/smart phones as all students/teachers now have portal to our entire Keith-GOD's world.
  b). Churches. Most will repair their own denomination first.  This is + =
  c). Common areas of town halls, gyms, meeting areas, local government service offices, Fire, Police, etc.
  d). Replace all bamboo and mud huts with concrete on higher ground.  Even poured concrete walls are FASTER with a powered mixer or Concrete truck delivery.  This prevents the re-occurrence of bad weather wiping out entire hut communities in flood plain areas.
  e).  Regrade roads and pour concrete slabs in common village areas. Relocate homes and villages on higher ground.
    In the ultimate MEANTIME, HUGE Press coverage shows these 3 top world problems are so easy to solve and prevent the most critical Terrorist Attacks and Crime Enterprises funded BY seized criminal Assets.


1. eVOTE.ONE + removes all political criminals by empowering all citizens to control and manage their own leadership with eVoting before, during, and post election with free government wifi-internet in every village. This overturns and nullifies well over 80% of man-made loophole laws that enrich only the leaders.

2. Interpol is single world normalized standard referential Integrity Database that banishes all unrepentant criminals.  This sent again to Interpol and NBI, IM, HLS, FBI, all others just last night Nov 15, 2016.  Everyone can do the SAME to create One Degree of Separation between all of Keith's 7.46 Billion Supporters.

3.  removes the addict demand of drugs and alcohol. This kills the black market supply and demand of billions $$ of illicit drugs and vice. All Press, PNPolice Chief Bata Dela Rosa, and President Duterte will be overjoyed to meet with us ( Duncan) to discuss fast path implementation and deployment.

4. to Dept of Energy, Meralco, CagelCO, and all world manufactures with the ONLY solution of standard replacement smart circuit Breaker and Smart Smoke Detector to reduce total world energy use by 50%.

5. broadcast everything ELSE as CROSS marketed in GOD's name to all of humanity. These all UNIFY mankind with


USA-Others are gun-shy of contributing anything because of the massive Negative Press publicity on the red-tape conspiracies conducted by almost all government relief worldwide. Keith testifies to United Nations with  The crimes against Humanity ENDS forever as our +7.48 BILLION people RISE UP to seize the criminal assets with use of Military and Interpol direct identification of all unsaved criminals. Travel and seed rebuild funding is easy when everyone Citizen Arrests each Criminal and Government official shown at


     Contact all Mega Churches, Pastor Andy Stanley at Northpoint Community Church, Alpharetta GA USA +1(678)892-5635, Dr Bill Ross, Marietta GA USA (770)424-8326, Pastor Jay Hackett PeachtreeCorners Baptist Church, Norcross GA USA (770)-448-1313,  + All OTHER Mega-Churches including Roman Catholics (Pope Francis), , Mormons,, + all CHURCHES.  Contact Charlie Paparelli at (770)648-3875 USA

  ACS Amulung Supply is Jap Sia at (63) 917-535-0352. Double Eight Amulung Supply is Arnias Delacruz at (63)-0906-888-1041 along with other hollow Block, Concrete, rebar, building material suppliers for direct resale and delivery to your oversee job sites while your mission teams ensure dollar for direct dollar construct use to rebuild 1. Public Schools, 2. Town Halls, 3. Community centers. 4. Replace Bamboo homes with Concrete homes.

   Dindo Mallillan, Architect Cagayan Valley cell +(63)  917-565-5581

   When all these broadcast ultimate truth solutions go public VIRAL, everyone will have title to their own land and almost free building supplies to construct their own homes, farms, businesses, and self-regulated communities with faith and grace.  Other contractors who have benefited from Keith's 600,000 Peso new home are being prepared to be millionaires as you and other foreigners contact them to construct their new 2nd homes and business communities.  Everyone benefits as major world power governments and corporations collapse from their own predatory greed and control of the Criminal ruling elite. has posted below and YEARS of world saving, world changing only solutions to all of mankind.

Keith Duncan requires IMMEDIATE Crowd-Funding and DEMANDS search and seizure of all BILLIONS of Criminal assets starting with #1 World Terrorist super criminal Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) seen on and All other criminals in USA GOV have been duly contacted and ordered to turn themselves in to FBI James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch starting with criminal DAG and Federal Judge Thurman Jackson of Norfolk VA per kidnapping conspiracies of Court Document 4:11cr112 tied to Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 BEFORE No violation occurred at Langley AFB VA on Sept 25, 2011 and subsequent kidnap on Oct 3, 2011 that has NEVER been resolved to put well over 100 USA Gov officials and criminals in Prison for signature cabal  ties to ROSE.

     Over $500 Million USD is due to Keith for real and actual damages to be paid BY each criminal to immediately. This is YOUR crowd-funding source as Bounty Rewards are so easy to collect with what Keith has showcased to all of humanity.

     Start with $8 Million USD IRSWhistleBlowerFeb 2009, 658 held by  then $27,500 USD by Canton Liar-Lawyer criminal Ross Grisham and Norcross GA Jimmy Deal (770)263-7200 lawyer who all refuse to RUN to FBI to confess their criminal crime sprees.

    Everyone use and Habitat For Humanity coupled with the worlds largest transfer of Trillions $$$/USD/Euro/Peso criminal wealth back to the communities under sage vision supervision of all + all other religions. Then everyone has their own affordable safe housing for all +7.4 Billion of my people as reality of owning their own titled land. For concrete and even kiln fired mud brick construction prevent natural disasters like fire, typhoons, earthquakes, bio-financial wars from decimating mankind by greed.  Riots, mayhem, and cult wars are also prevented.

    The Philippines, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, + Caribbean are perfect examples of tropical paradises. They join Federated World (starting with New America) as new commerce world communities with their expansive beaches, mountains, farmland, hard working ethical people, abundant natural resources, and history of standing on their own Integrity. This occurs when my 7.4 Billion people eliminate corrupt government leaders and criminal enterprises with with the world saving solutions broadcast on and Clearinghouses that teaches all of mankind how to actually LOVE and CARE for others. saves 10 to 50% of world energy usage and kills the Energy Wars conducted by the Criminal Ruling Elite. They soon control all energy markets to shut down all free trade commerce and communication networks by imposing martial law while decimating + destroying all opposition like Hitler did during WW2. For the WW3 is the cyber crime terrorism conducted by so many of your government and corporation leadership.

     When Nobel Peace Prize worthy is used by every single home and business, then total energy conservation occurs as well as ability for firemen, police, and leaders to turn off or light up blocks in distress from fire, robbery, riots, and give full power to everyone in the community to monitor their streets and homes with open streaming webcams and tethered balloon observation drones and balloons.  No criminal activity can easily occur as the technology and EYES of the neighbor are the ultimate safeguards rather than armed guards, controlled access points, and gated streets.

   Ask N.C.S.U. Computer Engineering Dean and Chancellor Offices, Raleigh NC., about the design patent Standard Smoke-Detector wi-fi/BT networked neighborhood fire protection alert system and the $20 Million USD Pledged Trust Fund from May 2014 personal visit. Why has no one with intellect first responded, like Dr. McAllister or Dept of Energy, or Duke Energy President David Fountain (Keith Duncans own first cousin lawyer).


      CALL everyone to ask their help with mass publicity to Churches, Press, + Public for this #1 most powerful reformation series of New World Solutions as Citizens control and manage their own lives, communities, and leadership.  After 40 years of prime consulting for our entire world, is there anyone more qualified to teach our entire world how to 1 Cor 13:13 Love and Care for All Others?  Notify the Associated Press, all local news broadcast stations as I have been doing now. Use services now

    These world class scalable solutions easily create +4 million new jobs in Philippines alone. The #1 assets are the beaches, mountains, farmland, business free trade zones, historical landmarks, church history, and great weather. New retirement complexes, resort communities, rest homes, and world corporate centers all generate jobs funded by replacement of no more political corruption-graft. Foreign investments will sky rocket as Philippines and other developing countries use and and with managed by Interpol prevents almost all crimes in the first place when citizens use gifted solutions to manage and control their own self-regulated and governed communities of honest integrity focused citizens. God-Creator-Holy Spirit has provided all the borrowed natural resources to ensure adequate safe homes where criminals are shunned by face recognition and their own criminal evidence that is in full public view. The answers have always been 1. Common Sense 2. Biblical principals of enforceable integrity - virtue. 3. Use of off shelf last frontier technology and renewed simplified Constitutional laws and mandates that ensure everyone actually takes care of children, women, families, communities, business, and other world saving issues. This are comprehensively published to our mutual world by the one Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Messianic Messenger who works for GOD and all of humanity. It is always easy to see WHO YOU ARE and WHO Keith represents his entire life. Join below to change your own world as time has always been the essence of GOD and Humanity relationship re-management.

Sept 25, 2011, 9:00 PM

Keith debriefs USA Military on cyberattacks against governments.

Oct 3, 2011 10:00 AM

Keith kidnapped in Las Vega Nevada by orders of #1 Terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Released Jan 28, 2014 a destituted and threatened man who smuggled all evidence  out of hell-jail to his churches and USA government agencies + Press.

April -MAY 2014,

Historical broadcast tour to Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C. and actually debrief FBI-AG-Congress.

Feb 11, 2011 to April 16 2015

Historical trips to China, Emmaus, JerUSAlem, Rome Italy Vatican to retrace the steps of and contact all governments, Press, Public, and Churches the entire time since Nov 4, 2007 start of Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 and IRS WhilstleBlower Feb2009 658

All other world changing gifted solutions on and world database repository.


Nov 26, 2015

Historical Thanksgiving Day republish to world by EIN Press Release on the worlds first anti-crime methods and procedures for citizens to actually deal with their own issues and international conflicts at all levels of society.

Your Date with Destiny,

Massive rallies and peaceful marches to command all governments endorse and pass demonstrated and other world saving solutions.

Your Date, 11:00 AM

"Let's walk with our neighbors" Community meetings go viral around the world.

Your Free Will Choice Date

Kickoff of new World Government by each Nation to UNIFY our world by replacing all Corrupt individuals.

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