top of page NOW ! All World Presidents meet all CEOs + keith required Town Hall Forum Summits to achieve Total World Peace.
  Agenda cross referenced
  No one has option NOT to attend and fund support our mediate Crusaders. No refusals to escort + host the authors of all new world Economy driven by our Technology solution methods. All who fail to attend will be sanction eliminated from world affairs by Integrity World Leaders + WE the People who now own and control the most critical infrastructure flow of information and databases of our world. We are the honest WHITE HATS billionaire scientist Inventors that FEW have ever called to advise on THEIR destiny.
    Deliver all our Videos + PDF files to Presidents, Press, CEO's to host this most powerful FINAL Peace Summit when all War Lords and Crime Lords are commanded to surrender by signed peace treaty contracts.
  Our new 100% direct decision based eDemocracy is to restore all assets to our people.
    WE the PEOPLE are now Free Citizens who own + control everything by Direct voting decision making self authority Evote.ONE  FOIA.ONE The Unification methods posted top clearinghouse.
    All Universities host Pre Peace WorkShops now to notify Press + CEOs worldwide. We direct fund simple  WorldSchoolFund to replace all corrupt persons.  Consult Keith to find out why this is required. Everyone can see that base "LOVE your Enemies' is the Prime key to global social equality peace created by God. Only by elimination of ALL persons who violate laws (corrupt) can we all prosper in total peace + equality justice. + all others procreate Crime free Utopia of GODs Everything perfected and left behind to reverse current always caused by Criminal Ruling Elite most call NWO one world government and one world controlling religion New direct Marketing call line is Tamara Mock 828-501-6450.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW as of 2024 June 29 to command go BACK on national news with top world leaders in attendance to actually HOST town hall forums so EACH of YOU becomes world leader decision makers use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE peer full equality perfected

   Currently I am back in Asheville NC, sometimes Atlanta, then driving back to Wash the sin out of WASHINGTON in person host mediated MASS PEACE PROTEST rallies required to command DOJ DOD executive leaders actually USE our most simple economic replacement methodologies TODAY !

  Always required was mass publicity of $500 MUSD seed fund restitution turned back to each YOU. is the ultimate GOD + humanity perfected solution. God + perfected new world no crime utopia is 100% resource economy based, NEVER again will CrimeLords , WarLords, and corrupt Dinosaur Leaders have total control over our banking, Trade, and all other aspects of OUR Peace-Making, Promise Keeper, PROBLEM SOLVING our direct efforts.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect my life and yours RIGHT NOW.   Updated 2024 March 26 Black Tuesday.

   No one ever allowed to go into any DEBT, no Bank-sters, or manipulator perversion of OUR assets at any level once ALL banks returned to ONLY local we own controlled Credit Unions. NO more Public Traded Corporate Stocks, only all privately Held Corporations worldwide as only producers. Never again massive family dynasty controlled Holding Corporations.

   Includes no more LLP of Accountant and Lawyer firms. WE GODS people are NOW only all MIDDLE CLASS with everyone positive net worth. NO PRIVATE CORPORATE FAMILY wealth allowed by orders of WE GODS PEOPLE use of total perfected financial, legal, spiritual stabilization simple methods procreated by only Keith Brent Duncan. No one else has ever succeeded in producing a perfected interlinked cascading decision tree methodology use of GODs methodology of NO BLOODSHED or cyber Criminal attacks ever again.


  Updated 2023 Nov 9 as my mega Billionaire Team soon arrive back in Asheville NC to speak directly with Mayor Esther Manheimer + our City Council members at:


  Everyone request a meeting with YOUR mayor(s) TODAY to host and actually SOLVE our local issues now.  Asheville City Manager’s Office is Allison James, Business Services Coordinator,

   One year ago Keith Sept and Oct 2022 a few of us actually visited over 50 top Asheville Business leaders and TV station No one actually invited us to show them ANYTHING that benefits them as well as collectively 8 billion WE GODS children forever.  Always the lame blame excuse of TOO BUSY, or Good Luck with WHAT?, or THEY would never agree to anything that benefits WE THE PEOPLE that was always the definition of ANY Government since dawn of mankind.  End result is/was current demise of humankind published

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keith and your lives and actually command we go BACK on National News today? is keiths greatest GIFTED accomplishment as we are worlds Top Architect of No Crime UTOPIA once each of YOU decide next best project for OUR=YOUR community, then YOU collectively choose WHO are each of OUR leaders.  Following compilation are the lastest on 3D printing of Concrete based Homes and businesses.  I already have personally and corporate wide copyrighted all aspects of most efficient highest value construction methods using all my worldly top Expertise masters of all trades. Few Exceptions.

SolutionHousing. org. 2023 Nov 9, 4d concrete printing others..  Prefab log homes
premix concrete near print head eliminates the batch plant and lump pumping wet mixture to extruder head nozzle. Would make common civil engineering sense to optionally smooth outside wall while wet to provide flatter bonding area. is +1 7703772106 world rebuilding based worldwide.

Continuous improvement is Gods generator best on video paper perfected methods includes reversal of any addictions host mediated by each of YOU, as atomHaag  continuous to deny I was sent by God. Sane as rest of you known as walk g dead unconscious objector zombies.

Mud block compression technology. I did this Birmingham AL riverchase UMChurch Hoover year 1994.
Even cooked for entire church by myself Sunday spegetti lunch and same for yourth weeklong camp retreat Pensacola Fla year 1995

4D concrete printing.
  includes internal poured concrete columns to meet all engineering structural code requirements
  embedded horizontal rebar for reinforcement

4d printing concrete homes and business. Notice the two wall structural design for insulation and running of infrastructure wires, plumbing HVAC security.   This is my methodology from back year 1976

Everyone DOES violate the rights of all others with few exceptions

Ambivert is clearly most rare neutral unbiased free listener. I procreated keithDuncanLibrary,org to finally stabilize 8 billion we the people forever. Curious on the state of your town economy. Better or worst post year 2008?  Are most people joyful and known as happy campers?  
  I grew up high point nc and currently moving all resource assets of keith2022,org fortuneOne,org back to Asheville nc area then back overseas since few atlanta people actually care about any other. This has become typical world wide pandemic of self isolation greed ego over wealth accumulation in most polite politic terms as I am a registered minister and DrKeith,org as well as most humble top inventor scientist frontliner philanthropist leader as worlds last economic ecologist above ground total unification of 8 billion we the people use of my peacemaking perfected methods procreated 1976 NCS Yes I search for high confident new equality first mate wife past 14 years after surviving and prospering from civil criminal events that no one actually enforces GodsConstitution,org or builds self sustainable peacemaking  communities by knowing who is who and who owns what of Foia,one.  Pls call here on fb or direct 7703772106 when you feel confident and safe.  Keithduncan,org

2023 Sept 29 criminals already run earth as Lucifer worshiping terrorists from 6660 years ago MLM Ponzi portal pyramid schemes of just TRUST THEM most violent mafia of all time

Who do you know to actually protect my life today so I can finally go alone back on national news press conferences today to stun the malaises masses to be only peacemaker promise keepers who actually love God and all others. John chapter 10. SaintKeith,org

Click HOW-TO-ALL to learn how to actually BE free WILL world GODs Citizens forever.  Homesteading by PAY as you GO so no Banksters or Brokers can make us deprived of our most basic needs of Housing, Food,, electricity, free Communication, and community neighbors who actually LOVE to share their extras and intermingling common sense shared mutual advice. 

Updated 2023 Oct 14

  Current mortals are all enslaved by brainwashing of the Criminal Ruling Elite and cyber scam terrorists who claim JUST TRUST THEM with everything while they wage WARS to eliminate their perceived competition formerly known as Capitalism. all personally know WHO WAS as most my people deny GOD ever existed despite being elder leaders and pastors of OUR sanctuary constructed churches and spiritual centers of and

  HELP be YOUR own payback required JUSTICE and full scale restitution.   Always REQUIRED is investigations, subpoenas, COURT appearances, NEWS Press Coverage, and fast path CONVICTIONS using Keith + GODs all driven by EVOTE.ONE and forever. 


Being 100% honest, trustworthy, integrity, moral family valued focused is clearly a civil criminal liability once super criminal terrorists like Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Duncan Clan file 4 TPOs to prevent ANY investigation into their life time careers of con artist scamming defrauding, robbing, and murdering their very own long list of victims. Most are right here in Atlanta GA at 22-1-3042-68 that is constantly being DENIED by our very own existing FBI, IRS, POLICE, AG, lawyers and most OUR Judges that went extreme Jan 15, 2008 when ROBERT DEE ROSE decided to murder Keith and his family + lawyers over return of most basic Summary Judgment Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 when extorting each USA GOV agent at IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, then JUDGES to make HIM disappear as valued over $1.2 billion terrorist organizations tied to LUCIFER and ANTIChrists worldwide. HOW-TO


Click HOME page to see full plan of Our + Gods self salvation for each of you, my most beloved 8 billion children. (c)(tm)(r)Patent All world PeaceMakers + Promise Keepers forever.

Our entire GOD sent method complete economic replacement systems benefit +8 Billion WE the PEOPLE as only positive net worth of and ONLY middle class worldwide. No more warlords means no more mass poverty, homelessness, horrible addictions ( or any other human malady human conditions caused by apex predator greedy individuals who all use Devils Advocate as Lucifer worshipers.

Our very own religious leaders are now re educated to be ONLY spiritual Peace Making leaders use of, and led by each of you and

  Absolutely #1 priority for all mankind is to host town hall forums of using to totally decentralize all of GOD and our wealth and authority back to each of OUR CommUNITYs.  All to use to restore Moral Family Values.  CLICK Endorsements subpage here.

  Updated Thursday 2023 July 27 at Brunswick and St Simons Island in search of Clint Day of Days inn.

  Clearly we are the unknown world famous celebrity $40 Billion USD most humble of all time ProCreators who showcase everyone now as ONLY NGO non government organizations. We all HATE poverty, Taxes, and inability to petition any government or Corporate Entity what WE NEED at infrastructure any level, including state of the art free lifetime education use of gifted and showcased at whois 154 list.pdf above.

  How Biblical odd that most people have no CLUE who procreated each of you to be mortal Care Givers and Care Takers with a few of us as the Overseers known as problem solving educators and project managers from the Computer science perfected world of doing everything RIGHT the first time.  So many people object to the single word GOD, Christ, Allah, Church, Sin, Vice, Crime, Sex, Drugs, Murder, the list is endless starting with the simple worlds of TRUST, Integrity, Ethics, MORAL FAMILY VALUES, and ability for everyone to be debt FREE by using GOd + Keiths most simple profound 'disruptive' complete economic replacement system of all time

  Most people turn away when they understand that is how criminal ruling elite always control the flow of OUR assets and information by claiming they are the ONLY decision makers now reversed by Keiths patented EVOTE.ONE.  Updated 2023 April 28.  Read on and TAKE Immediate ACTION NOW.

  End result is NO MORE bankruptcies Foreclosures, no ability of WE THE PEOPLE to be scammed by anyone including the millions of BANKsters, Brokers, and worst criminals of all times the Wealth Managers of the Stick Stock Markets who always claim 'OH just TRUST US' with our nest egg life savings and work efforts.

    Most Real Estate Agents of Change are the most connected well liked respected for they know everyone in our community and most truly are family business owners who want peace and harmony by helping everyone connect with best local leaders and community organized outreach ministries of OUR churches and civic organizations. is direct ACTION by WE GODS people to pull all our assets OUT of all banks and ALL public traded stock markets including infamy false promises reversals by Keiths most simple patent method of one new world credit debit method of ancient  WE MOVE all our assets to ONLY our local credit unions like Norcross GA Associated Credit Union PeachTreeCorners, and only invest in privately held corporations so WE are the advisors of OUR corporate executives at all levels. WE control their compensation and benefits to ensure NO SLACKERS or criminals like ROSE can cyber embezzle GODs resources.

  We alone were sent BY GOD FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity +100%) forever as the wealthiest Patent holder and Computer science methodology inventor of all time we have resurrected past 12 years BECAUSE of 4 people who almost had us murdered remotely showcased at perfected turnover of value +$500 Million USD based on only 4 TPOs and all THEIR evidence we have been recovering and showcasing as prime example model of how YOU can hold everyone accountable once they violate and total replacement tort reform of all laws use of and use of

  Above Updated final perfected time of 2023march07-2:15pm in Atlanta GA and Asheville NC headquarters.

   To date, no one actually serves and protects OUR best interests, as most people too busy worshiping Lucifer of WHAT IS IN THIS FOR ME = YOU, and never WE = US. No one is using GODs common sense or enforcing any of or existing statutory laws. Always the criminals pay off our officials to look away (blinded greed, hypocrites, cynics, criminal broad of viper serpents that include all the bigots and racists who claim they are the GODs above all Kings of all Kings). Reference Matthew Chapter 23. Re

  Forever reversed by FOIA.ONE once each of you host mediate peacefully town hall forums of we personally procreated as worlds greatest humanitarian gift sharing inventor scientist front liner gifting angel guardian messianic messenger re-Educator of all time.

  March 1, 2023  Most of us hate any Politics, all wars, all mass poverty always caused by top world NWO corporate Co-Pirate Executives most at Banker, Stock Market, eCommerce, trading OUR markets includes all communication networks, transportation, energy, water, land, food production and all distribution networks were always under full command authority control of 'THEM'  non equality always named breathing mortals. This MLM ponzi scheme scams fully started back in Egypt 5550 years ago on GODs timeline. Reversed forever by YOUR use

   Current reality of shows end of life as we use to all know it. Reality is WHO causes all mass poverty, all bankruptcies, foreclosures, all wars by claiming THEY have all authority and rights to steal GODs assets by enslaving 8 billion of WE GODS PEOPLE from 5550 years ago.  Worst cyber crime attacks are underground crime networks and BROKERS of the Real Estate, Bankster, and Stick Stock Market arenas of financial warfare when JUST TRUST US and BE 100% Fully Compliant, PAY all your taxes, BE SILENT, NEVER question the top world elite NWO leaders on their original source of funds, assets and command authority.

   Send all mortals HERE to almost free world ONLY middle class we own society. Costa Rico example. Most relative relevant truth is My Methods will re expatriate over 5 billion WE the PEOPLE back to be homesteaders on OUR GOD gifted land and actually own, control all of GODs natural resources of unlimited Water, unlimited TerraWatts of Electricity of all 100% green ECO mined use of Keiths patent pending to reverse any and ALL warlords of by simple mass viral social media of EVOTE.ONE completing of NGOs overturn of all Lucifer worshippers forever. Kbd. 2023March01 #1194 Builtbykeith series on +1 770-377-2106

    Call protect us today ! Demand be honored now. PUT US on National NEWS NOW ! used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders. is the ONLY method of everyone now homesteading by owning OUR land and real estate holdings now eliminating the named persons who FALSE think THEY own our bank assets and Stock Market holdings. is most recent world press re-Broadcast describing current state of Earth and WHY finally stabilizes OUR economy free of Mega Banksters, Free of totally manipulated Stock markets and even OUR real estate of


Interview Keith +1 770-377-2106, 725-200-7683 Today! All Call Sally Q Yates 404-572-2723 Atlanta on National TV Press Conferences to debrief all our World Leaders and to fill stadiums full of our +8 Billion People ! !  Mr. Stobhard 678-358-6912 even called us today asking us NEVER to return. WOW.

  Most recent turn-away was from famous (404) 231-1720 managed by Ainsworth-Noah & Associates, Inc. · 518 · 404-231-8787 ; Baker | McGuire · 206 · 404-266-0501

  Someone (vendor??) complained we were asked to visit to prepare them for massive NEW business contracts from our mega billionaires of and Someone even claimed we had a concealed gun despite reality we are engineer investor inventors of world NO CRIME and all other dignified respectful ways to eliminate ALL crime networks worldwide by use of and all other perfected GODs ways to decentralize ALL authority and wealth back to each of OUR communities. CLICK here for original HOME page puts +120 named criminals and terrorists in PRISON and DEATH ROW NOW by YOUR direct action right now ! is GODs perfect system.

  Everyone in GODs world now is paid FIRST by performing required production of all services and products to advance our very own human race using GOD + Duncans perfected complete comprehensive replacement economic system that finally destroys all criminal ruling elite who false think THEY own our banks, stock markets, real estate title holdings worldwide. Worst criminals are the cyber terrorists and underground named Cabal Criminals inside our megaBillionaire valued Board of Director secret meeting rooms like JP Morgan of infamy who blackmailed our USAGOV to create Federal reserve HOLDING system, FDIC, then Securities and Exchange Commissions that are all legalized and illegal embezzlement of OUR taxes and all of our Work Efforts labored assets.

  This one website full scale legalized common sense peace making offensive assault of all Criminal evidence is broadcast freely to all mortals as the most horrific paper chase public scandal in USA world history for the damages caused to YOUR new world crime free society GODs  

    As of Oct 1, 2022 not a single person has confessed their crimes against most humble cofounder of no more violators of OUR rights to be free will sovereign citizens traveling freely on freeBUS.US now powered by ONLY fossil free GODs technology to advance our very own human race as PEACEMAKERS using monthly and on demand Town Hall FORUMS host mediated by each of you our most   prestigious problem solvers who have joined and to actually share everything of GODs resources back to greatest places of your mortal needs. 

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE shows how each of you now build and manage your very own home while serving and protecting all your community equality neighbors forever.  We were sent by GOD alone IID 1-195808-1 as are the #1 architect consultant engineer civil rights procreators of your new world no crime society to benefit everyone by sharing collectively, cooperatively, and collabaratively by everyone deciding NEXT best project and WHO is each of our project manager leaders. EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE is worlds last single direct 100% eDemocracy voting system so each of you decide your own reality.  No more poverty, rentals, no more bank loans, no more taxes or wars, no stock options or public traded stocks or CoPirate Corporate executive perks, once everyone is de-programmed to be sovereign independent free will citizens who know Who is Who, Who owns what, Who trades barter exchange with everyone else forever. No more any secret hidden deal since privacy was always the Pandoras box of who controls your entire false reality world. Intl Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 staffed by each of you as Board of Trustee Directors forever.

  Most humble Keith brent duncan is worlds first mega billionaire (yes Trillionaire) sent by GOD to provide all the direct funds and technology with your manpower to build thousands of new state of the art communities now owned by the workers of GODs fields and natural resources. First requirement is to convert all the abandoned churches and office buildings into homeless / impoverished temporary shelters. Each community including all churches provide the food, clothes, and basic living supplies so our people now have full access to GODs assets.

  As of June 24, 2022 not a single human soul has contacted Keith and asked us anything about HOW to destroy the Lucifer criminals, cyber terrorists, and others who violate OUR rights to be free will independent GODs most sovereign citizens of ASK everyone to command we each be the authorities by using Evote.ONE. was always GOD + most humble Duncan's simple method of EARN as you GO, Build your own reality, Pay no one except for labor and materials by free will barter exchange trading what you produce. Your new world free will Leader was always Keith Brent Duncan of Norcross GA USA at +1 (770) 377-2106 sent BY GODs procreator of FOIA.ONE at IID 1-19580815-1 to master teach perfection solutions and methodology to each of you once and forever.  Since no one protects Keiths life, NO ONE protects YOUR life, assets or future. Everyone now USE to decentralize all authority + wealth back to your place of greatest needs. Includes redistribution of GODs pirated wealth back to third world nations start at Manila.


  Absolutely everyone deserves to build and manage own control their entire infrastructure of our communities at tribal village clan level. Birds of same feather do flock together includes criminal flocks of terrorist predators of Robert DEE ROSE, Berry Victor Reynolds, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, Judge Raymont A Jackson Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracies to murder Keith based on all certified evidence at also puts each of you on National News Media (yes TV) as world famous wealthy celebrities.


  Last world rebroadcast is #1189 BuiltByKeith GODs video series from June 12, 2022 showing WHY a few most ruthless elite Corporate Executives have been conspiring with underground criminals and terrorists past 25 years who are already depopulating GODs world by claiming only they can wage any war based on your refusals to ACT with Fearless Authority to destroy those who want to destroy entire cultural nations on basis of their greed.

   Watch to the end of any of the following reality showcases and TAKE ACTION by demanding Keith and you be put on NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA TV NOW.  Who DO you know to protect Keith and provide full recovery of GODs assets.

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