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MEET Keith Duncan

Command PRESS and All World Leaders USE these ONLY Cascading Answer solution Methods

These are our young adults using was as provides Free world internet and Education. to see reality.

Each of the world changing-saving solutions are cross referenced on


Click: to contact Marites to book her for your seminars, conferences, and even to fill your stadiums full of people hungry for total Justice and Equality. My wife abandoned our family and home spring 2017 claiming she had no FUTURE except as a slave traded Overseas Filipino Worker for next 10 years. Claiming this was only way to support her unwed son, Ezekiel who is literally imprisoned by Marites by her Aunt and Uncle in Tugeragareo City. My home I paid 800,000 Pesos fully is locked up at Babayuan, south of Amulung. Marites thinks she duped me into marriage so she could reap 50% of my mega million USD fortune. I had her sign prenupital marriage binding contract so she could never claim my assets. I have every right to BULL DOZE the house as the land title is in her name. Should I? As she has poisoned all her relatives with false gossip on my true purpose in life serving GOD and all humanity.


 The April 1 date is Robert Dee Rose's April Fools Birth date of 1971 as ROSE is the true Satanic Anti-Christ that churches will love to 'which witch' hunt down to confirm he has no soul or remorse for all the capital and felony crimes he commits against his own clients and our governments.

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