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Use + to liberate yourselves from the slave trading bondage of Pirates of the high C - Corporate World called billionaire Mega Brokers and so many hidden foreign investors.  So many named persons are top elite scam con-artists now reversed by =  All  Investments now controlled by WE GODS people Shareholders of SolutionBank.US local credit unions so NO mega bankster can ever manipulate embezzle OUR assets and dividend growth gains ever again.  Basics is PREVENT crimes reverses course of our own Legacy heritage history.

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Free Consultant by MegaBillionaire Keiths Board of Directors all seasoned mega millionaire Instructor Coaches

  All on how to FAST PATH Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

SolutionBusiness shows the Greatest SCAM LIES of the ancient 5555 year old Ponzi LUCIFER Agenda of WHO controls GOD and Your assets. All caused by Predatory Greed Criminal Ruling Elite (NWO, terrorists, etc) who use mass media propoganda to create abject Apathy (Ignorance), abject poverty homelessness, cause DRUG, SEX, Gambling, Vice, Genocide, known as sin and crimes to convince you are only valuable as slave traded workers who have no rights to decide anything about your own reality and near term destiny fate.

  EVOTE.ONE now replaces all known forms of voting and decision making systems worldwide.

    LOVE ALL OTHERS is also a LUCIFER Agenda scam lie when anyone tells you to just FORGIVE and FORGET who controls the politicians and general managers.  All the Stimulus programs, false Politican Promises, and man made loophole laws are also the greatest scams of all time.  Decentralization is when YOU GODs people RISE UP and TAKE ACTION to fast path identify WHO are the conFIdence con-artists and put them all in isolation (exile), in refugee camps, on work farms, in Prison, and even Death Row using EVOTE.ONE with full focus on FOIA.ONE and


   Keith Duncan is also #1 world expert on Supply Chain economic modeling fundament broadcasts as his most humble NCSU Raleigh NC 1976-1981 focused on interlinking Human Psychology with perfected computer science systems at both hardware, software, and digital communications interlinks that were truly perfected summer of 2011 when super Terrorrist Robert Dee ROSE had been cyber tracking destroying same GODs gifted technology engineering systems that GOD had personally asked #1 most competent Angel Guardian to deliver to all 7,9 billion of GODs most impoverished slave traded human trafficed imprisoned NON-Soverign citizens.

Presented by Keith Duncan,
Founder & CEO

Clearly Keith was personally sent by GOD 63 years ago to master teach world leaders and you how to actually SHARE collectively and cooperatively ALL of GODs loaned assets.  We are key members of CEOSPACE.NET, and fully have commanded OUR assets be returned to DUNCAN Board of Directors NOW to ensure all criminals like Robert DEE ROSE and other cyber terrorist at all levels are quickly put to death and forced into your concentration camps known as refugee camps as punishment for their crimes against Gods humans.

In this webinar or In Person, we will custom solve Your greatest needs.

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