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PartnerShip ENDORSEMENTS. Contact them today.

Everyone on this page earns Stock.

Anyone can Buy-In Stock at FOIA.ONE IID

Others can buy ad-Space for their businesses.

These all create a new world society benefiting all.

Thousands in Asia + Atlanta, soon all +7.8 Billion people will be re-educated to USE these ordained divined ONLY answers to create your new WORLD UTOPIA as prophesied by almost all major theology groups.  All Duncan

We have clearly already broadcast contacted thousands of Government leaders, Corporate Executives, Industrialists, Philanthropists, World leaders full time over past 11 years, actually 43 years of top Crusader Evangelist Engineered Broadcasts


Top List of recent supports and clients. Many have not booked our consulting services and asked for our list of mega billionaires connected clients.  Seems most have no clue we are the worlds last=first Trillionaires.

Dusit Thani EDSA at Makati Glorietta Mall, Forbes Park area is our current meeting area for mega millionaires

as of Oct 25, 2020. Everything below is the ONLY HOW way to unify mankind with EVOTE.ONE = SolutionPeace.

Use Aloha Hotel and restaurant on Roxas Blvd next to Manila Marina. Ask for waiter Hero, Jen, and Jet.

Same as the famous harbor restaurant BayView in back of USA Embassy Manila. Ask for GM Allan.  at new S Maison Conrad Hotel, Pasay City, at Mall of Asia at end of Ocean front row. Call Angeline Torres at (+632) 551-3086 Robert Lane.  744 General Luna St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila  Phone: (02) 8527 3841

DMCI Henry Sy Development Corporation, Robertsons,  Villar All day group, Ayalaland, Abolitz, all others.   Chase Manhattan, all call centers, Fortune 1000

BPI Bank, HCBC, Wells Fargo, Metrobank, World bank, Asian Development Bank, Development Bank Philippines, others.

Microsoft, Accenture, Tesla to bring KEITHS known as kCar to Asia.  All other world answers on NGO webcast.
    Our top Endorsements have been our favorite Real Estate INC, Banks, Corporate Executives, Top Gov Officials, CELEBRITIES worldwide,  Art Galleries, Developers, Restaurants, and clients who have used our extensive marketing all digital mass publicity services.
      Includes 30 of the largest Real Estate Development Corporations here in Philippines these past 5 historical legacy years.  See below for WHO to contact directly to VISIT as a tourist family first. We even have direct connections with Asia Air taxi Helicopter and Charter Aircraft services at Manila And Clark Airports.  Book us as both Advertisers and Clients of INC and newly formed PMKG-ConstructionSupply formed Oct 15, 2020. Partner is Pedro Dixon, son of famous Gambling magnet Stanley Ho of Macau who passed away April 2020.  Many of our patrons are elderly very wealthy expert CEOs. Soon Millions of famous people will migrate here.
  Led by world Enterprise New World Fore-founding Father NGO Trust Foundation, your investments and visits to GODs Paradise will be fully protected and guarded by our 100 Million integrity driven persons who use our New World system to ensure your investments and safety accountability are always protected at all levels.  We are requesting top Mega Millionaires form the Corporate, Scientist, Educational and Medical industries to CONTACT US immediately to learn the benefits of bringing your families here into safe CCWGuard.SPACE gated communities that will soon be full scale service Medical State of the Art Free HOSPITALS and extended stay nursing and retirement communities.  ALL benefit in GODs name and purpose for WHY GOD sent KEITH here Aug 6, 2015 to Manila. We have extensive database connections to over 4,000 top leaders..
This one ordained legacy solution Reverses all world Poverty. The direct funding comes from migrating millions of millionaires to higher elevations in 3rd world nations and unloading the worlds mega slum invested coastal cities where the real financial crimes are committed by the named Lucifer(s) who deceive everyone by buying off our few honest politicians to make Law-Breaking rules, regulations, contracts, and laws that benefit only their family dynasties first.  We have ordered all criminals (those who violate our basic SolutionManifesto New World Covenant Laws to surrender or be man hunted down by the will of majority of WE the Keiths People who always own and control GODs loaned assets and now work collectively cooperatively with UNIocracy to be 100% honest self governing society worldwide.
    No more political parties or hidden secret agencies or Lucifer agendas once the General Ledgers, accounting books, all transaction trades at all levels are open for read-only public view. 0 secrets = no crimes.
     We have been reaching out and contacting ALL World Presidents, corporate Executives, Press, Bankers, and Mega Developers in Philippines, Asia, and USA Europe for years. We are the top scientists in the world worth Trillions of USD/Euro/Other Intellectual Property that is the greatest gifted value benefit in world history. Few contact us for most of the true decision makers are 'too busy' false thinking PROFIT at any cost is the only way they remain as executives since return of profits to our investor people is their lowest priority after expenses and capitalist transfer of our Intrinsic value is used by Board of Directors and the economic advisors and bankers to spin off inefficient operations and put our cash into the next economic valued emerging technology of products and service. Most of these actions are done without the knowledge since the General ledger books and contracts are closely held private secrets. This prevented with simple use of FOIA.ONE that shows all transactions to shareholders and even vendors + public.
     Free trade market barter exchange is the true answer of Collective Cooperative Capitalism that is reverse of industrial military industrial complex methods of stealing our profits. This is the piracy of our dividends and also why cyber crime theft is the #1 cause of mass poverty of our people.
   Our entire Banking and real estate system changes based on the most dramatic economic market system we have openly published for use by mankind. Click, search for ClearHouse section and take ACTION.
Everyone benefits with open free trade barter exchange system. The New World system will limit the ability for any Corporate Executive or secret Board of Directors/influences from own controlling the Banking deposits, loan outs, construction companies, the fixed bids, ability to hide profits by not reporting all aspects of their financial statements, and other individual violations of SEC and related government and corporate by-laws.
The most dramatic requirement is world use of, KbitCoins and found at
  We ask for Trump, literally all Real Estate mega corporations to contact us directly. Includes local George Cy, DMCI, Ayalaland, SMHoldings, SMDC, Robinsons, even and other international mega developer CEO and executives CALL US immediately and fly us to meet with you to discuss how everyone benefits with our new world market system.
Thousands in Atlanta GA USA, then Washington DC, Trump, soon all +7.8 Billion people have been re-educated to USE these ordained divined ONLY answers to create your new WORLD UTOPIA as prophesied by almost all major economic groups, world observers, and some religious groups. 
   All Duncan World Saving Ministries as highest IQ person and group to teach world leaders and humanity how to restore all economy assets back to our people.
  Enlist the help of, HighTechMinistries.ORG to and all our Inventor groups come to your nations to teach our world all about Cooperative Capitalism that benefits all mankind.
   Book us BidOnKeith + NGO Trust Fund ministries to teach all world leaders (gov and corp) how to actually LEAD, Serve and Protect that is their only purpose as highly paid consultant advisors who no longer criminally profit from controlling our information and assets. No one group now makes and controls any laws. Everything now run by that is the required historical legacy system of GOD = our mutual Creator(Deity) himself. No more dynasty Pharaohs can rule and dominate over anyone.

Sept 2, 2020 I visited GM Antonio Boy Blue Ocampo of Eagle Ridge Golf Country Club (046) 419 2841 today debriefing. 02-650-8674 / 997-9965.  Their great GM is Mr. Ocampo at cell 63- (0)943-912-1265. I have openly broadcast how millions of expats soon move here part and full time.  He will be thrilled to talk directly with the CEO owners ( This is Metro South owned by Sta Lucia group).

  Same as I have done past 12 years showing humanity how to achieve total Equality Wealth and health by migrating the super wealthy and educated to places of greatest needs. Our old top list of supporters nd endorsers are on Click: ENDORSEMENT Page   I have personally been to offices of DMCI, Henry SY, Robinsons, Ayala, Century Properties, Trump Tower, literally hundreds of CEO offices last 6 years asking for direct face to face with Top world Corporate Executives. Sometimes because I often travel alone,  I am turned away since they have no clue I am a billionaire who has never hidden anything.  Sad most USA executives and maybe some here all expect suitcases full of millions of USD as enticement or ?bribes? to simple talk about how they benefit in extreme ways using our system . Same as MMMLaw John Yates back Atl Financial Center BuckHead Club back in 2010 era, again in spring 2014 re-visit to My clubs.

Total World peace is migration of billions of people to higher elevations who bring their wealth and spent it to build all digital electric driven societies as everyone benefits.  TurnOffLights.Space is the free energy water systems built and owned by each community. The value is over $25 Trillion USD in economic transfer back to WE the PEOPLE in 3rd nations as well as USA + Brazil to re Jungle all forests. Once our world leaders contact Keith and escort us to testify, all is well in GOD's world. CreatorKeith.SPACE + Trump + USA supply the first +2 real Trillion USD $$ to seed fund Once thousands of our young people occupy all nations, no rogue President or Congress group can wage any war that violate rules of engagement of Criminal investigators run by independent
Aloha Hotel on 2150 Roxas Blvd, Manila bay front located next to Manila Zoo.
Malate Manila. tel (632) 8526-8088  fax 8521-5328  Rates are competitive 4,000 Peso/night = $80 USD.
Discount when you use Evote.ONE to book your rooms and travel plans.
Century Properties owned by Antonia Family as well as 10 prime real estate developments in Tagatay south of Manila 1.5 hours by expressway.
The first billion USD valued new developments is surrounding the new mega billion USD developments architected by Keith Duncan and Eric Negapatan in Rizal Rodriquez near Mesa Lake at 63 (local 0) 950-499-4913.
Subsequent major Housing and mixed use developments will be in Cavite near Eagle Ridge next to GateWay Business Park  General Trias Keith spent 2 months research.
Biggest development of all time is the North Luzon Mountain Range from General Tino Fort Magasaysay extending all the way to Appari end of Cagayan River Valley.  Keith has legacy home Amulung and has debriefed ten thousand people past 5 years.
Refer and CONTACT our primary Supporters and followers below.
USA Government World Leaders. Presidents, Congress, Military, Corporations, all Human Right Activists.

Pre Sept 25, 2011 Safe Haven debrief Langley AirForceBase Langley, Our Human Rights Activist teams have worked fearlessly for ALL governments, Law Enforcement, Corporations, Humanity.  They would have all ENDORSED these replacement bypass systems if a single World Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE had been seized Oct 2011. Versus that was designed for MILITARY to SEIZE top Terrorists and to be only CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS to take any Political Corrupt Individual to COURT so they can not buy their way out of PRISON or Death Row. This was the original Reason GOD sent me to Langley AirForceBase long ago.

    Each of our systems is unstoppable, irrevocable, irrefutable, completely comprehensible by the common man, woman and child.   ONLY when WORLD LEADERS at all levels RISE UP to ratify, endorse, and deploy use, will HUMANITY actually PROSPER and THRIVE in our mutual Creators original purpose for our existence.  We have already asked our FATHER to return us to heaven since so few honest persons who have ANY decision  making authority.  Nothing left to solve as all our world issues already addressed... 

Resistance is FUTILE as the collective resistance is HOW to fearlessly protect the rights of all others with the ultimate Final Solution of our mutual Creator linked to all of humanity, Mother Earth, and all creatures here and below.

Our Top Clients are also mega Millionaires and Billionaires. Use their direct services and CALL them for required Follow-up Action on and other related new world economy models as everyone benefits.
They all know Keith and his mega-billion Intellectual Property is worth excess of $50 Trillion USD in economic benefits to entire world. Call Keith anytime to BidOnKeith
Free Space for next Endorser top client.
We have asked for Elon Musk of Telsa and other top Billionaires to contact Keith for years. So hard to find the top world leaders being isolated in Asia for now 5 years because of ONE super criminal ROSE and the resulting stream of crimes committed to prevent our GIFTING of everything back to all humanity.  This includes TurnOffLights.SPACE And assortment of  All the result of +43 years of the most extensive R&D solution methodology ever published deployed by one super mastermind sage visionary.
Who will attend most famous Peace summit now legacy Aug 15, 2020 as all world Presidents and CEOs finally mutually mediate agree WHO are the real criminals and how do we all collectively hold everyone accountable using FOIA.ONE Office (630) 46-431-6263 0929-312-8458
Direct sales organization High end Furniture build-out

Top Philippine and world Direct marketing enterprise owned by Jason C. Gaurana CEO.

Office + CNC automated factory is at Unit F1D, Molave Industrial Estate, Brgy. Paliparan 2, Dasmarinas, Cavite,. (1 hour south of Manila Airport.

Call the office above.  Call CEO brokers Keith Duncan 0917-335-4300 to be guest invited.

Broker Engineer Gloria Reyes. Call Globe (632) 0917-173-4755

We have the Philippines first fully automated modular furniture factor and fabrication for Cabinetry, movable furniture,  custom Closets, bathrooms, outdoor, and high end office build outs.

   Jason has fully operational Canada office factory for past 15 years and is the highest integrity owner who ensures his sales contractors, brokers, and clients all receive total satisfaction in the bidding through close-out installations.  Note: Keith's worldwide economy system is how to provide immediate cash flow from anyone shopping on their cross marketed vendor supplier network. The benefits are immediate using their state of the art services and products including the most rapid expansion of thousands of ad-free mobile applications all using FOIA.ONE central database.

  InfyIndustrial host weekly training forums. Please call for days, and Arrive on time.  Founder and supporter Jason  are one of Keith's famous endorsers.

CEO Dr. Ing. Armando Cazzola
Foundation-Specialists   General Build Engineering (AAA)

Top Philippine and world Concrete foundations and vertical construction INC,

(632) 817-6826, fax 816-3491.

   Legaspi towers 200, 107 Paseo De Roxas , 1226 Makati City, M.M,  Philippines.

    Dr. Cazzola provides the most extensive expertise in all levels of concrete construction technology for Ports, vertical structures, roads, bridges, and other required infrastructures. He personally knows both Keith and Gloria. His originals in ITALY are focused on building huge new all digital communities with the other endorsed partnerships found on this page and by calling Keith directly.

Lui Daya-Garcia -CEO Architect. GreenAP    Click: right VIDEO ---- >>>>

(632) 710-1073,  Globe (63)x920-924-7696

Please call Lui ASAP to engage her firm(s) to help us all create the all digital electric driven communities the result of our other GOD purpose ministries.

  Lui's firm is one of the top Green sustainable architectural firms. We met and interviewed her May 20, 2019 at the Philippine Energy Power Show when she was the featured forum speaker . We highly recommend you contract with her firm as she has many outstanding awards from UAP, ASEAN Arch, Intl Assoc AIA, CBP, GreenAP, ASSURE, PIArb.  Her firm is also part of our famous cross endorsed joint partnership teams to revolutionize Direct-self funded by millions of expats who escape our mega cities, pollution, crime invested cities worldwide. Everyone benefits as our Mutual Creator's wealth and assets are evenly re distributed back to all middle class small business owners.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian -Chair of Energy

Philippines Senate -From April 24, 2019 Press Conference + hearings (63)-x917-560-6963.

   We personally delivered #1 most formal request for face to face meetings with him, Senate, president Duterte many time with followup emails. is revolutionary 50 to 75% total electricity energy for all Philippines. My NGO will seed fund the first few 1,000's of projects as gift to my Filippo people. tied to Conrado M Bacoy below.

Conrado M. Bacoy Jr.  CMB PCBC   Water Power Corp.

Top Philippine Hydro Generation Expert  -Power Consultant and Development Corporation.  (632) 728-9979, Globe 0917-808-7437, Sun 0942-435-1691

(63)x935-984-8938 Ding is our Prime Engineer Executive with Conrado.

   3Flr, Phase 1, Northridge Plaza, #12 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City Philippines.

    Conrado for 40 years has been the key engineer performing the feasibility engineering studies, the government regulations filing, designing and constructing run of the river and DAM based Hydro Generation projects.  His expertise is amazing as we are cross promoting his engineering firm as the prime keynote speakers and consultants for private and public corporations as well as world wide governments who want to get out of the Family dynasty run Energy monopolies that are plaguing our world with control and manipulation of mining, oil production, shipping of fuels, and other stock market and banker manipulations. These all create a new world society benefiting all.

Zamil Steel  Modular Fast Buildings
  Joint Partners with Mitsui & Co. of Japan + BBK

Top manufacturer in Asia of All Steel Pre Fabricated Buildings shipped by sea container for rapid construction by your Contractors or our expert assembly teams.  

Contact:  Benjamin Andres -Sales Support Eng

    Ernesto Aloria Nofuente Jr. Sales Support

   Unit 706, 7th Flr, Antel 2000 Corporate Center, 121 Valero St, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Manila, Philippines.  Office: (632) 816-0267,  Fax 818-5231

    Zamil Steel established in 1977 has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 75,000 Buildings worldwide. We are ranked as the top All Steel Manufacturing pre fabricator in Asia.

   Your new buildings arrive by container Sea Freight for rapid construction by crane based crews.

Download the PDF files below and call our offices to book your construction projects. Our Joint Venture Partners will assist brokering Foreign and Local Investors who want fast Return on Investments with the methodology we have engineered with fast build typically 2-3 months for very large steel structures. We also have extensive line of electrical Transmission Towers and Cell Tower capacity for famous and URL linked TurnOffLights smart grid gigawatts of scalable Hydro Water Power Generation systems of #1 Consultant firm and our other groups of AAA Rated Construction and engineering firms seen on this viral social media Endorsements page.

Green Solar Farms (floating) + Construction Firm. CEO Eduardo Javier, Lawyer Anne Fernandez
Office (632) 632-7404, Cell (63) 0927-456-7631.
Corporate Mobile (63) x917-816-5590
G/F RGC Bldg. 219 Apo St., Bgy. Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City
1550 Metro Manila, Philippines

    Ed's groups are top level AAA Construction firm, business, and land broker developers,  STP = Sewage Treatment Plant Contractor, and import/expert merchant who contracts with top clients on variety of Philippine projects.  We most highly recommend his corporation to all our contacts, governments, and investors.  We created his famous website.

They offer Magic Dock Floating system for any style of water based walkways, docks, floating solar panel farm systems.  They are exceptional in all aspects of construction deal making, project management, and sub-contracting out to other qualified corporations.

PGT-SalesBrochure_30Aug'18.04.jpg  The Miracles of Stem Cell.
Alona Diaz. (63) x956-447-1784 Top Distributor Member.
Call Alona and Keith regarding the state of the art Supplement from New Zealand that focuses on health restoration use of Stem Cells. Our 6th generation supplement has amazing results based on personal testimony of tens of thousands of clients. Over 11 million uses to date. We have personally witnessed clients who testify the most amazing restoration of their basic body ailments including cancer, wounds, Digestive issues, and near death experiences.  The Basis for ANY health suppliment is threefold. 1. Remove Toxins from our body. 2. Provide the best minerals, vitamins, protein. 3. Exercise to restore body muscles and internal functions.  For the true issue for our world has always been Fast-food, poor exercise, air conditioned Homes/cars/offices, and other capitialistic 'evil' ways of convincing our people to VICE RESPONSIBLY and pay the price LATER..  Apostle Keith Duncan. Aug 13, 2019
Lino Diamante -CEO Founder

Founder of TechnoSalesForce, Modern Piping, others.  (63)-x927-493-8080,  Smart 0945-508-5997.

  Lino has personally witnessed the genius unification solutions of Keith and teams. He has been asked to JOIN our crusaders as a master teacher as he is dead tired of trying to motivate staff and employees to host and manage training events.  Call him to encourage his soul as he has extreme contacts with Billionaire Mark Villar and his Congressman Wife Camila and many other top Philippine officials such as Dept of Mines, PSME Mechanical Engineers, STP,, others. is revolutionary 50 to 75% total electricity energy for all Philippines. My NGO will seed fund the first few 1,000's of projects as gift to my Filippo people. tied to Conrado Bacoy below.

IMG_6543.JPG Office (632)491-7720 
Direct sales organization  Shopping Network.

Top Philippine and world Direct marketing enterprise. 

EVENT Hugert Frield is here Oct 31, 2019 for major Sales Event in Evening.

Call the office above or Keith Duncan 0917-335-4300 to be guest invited.

   10th floor of Pacific Star bld. same as Century-Properties below. Makati City, M.M,  Philippines.

   This worldwide system is how to provide immediate cash flow from anyone shopping on their cross marketed vendor supplier network. The benefits are immediate using their state of the art mobile applications.

  They host weekly training forums on Wed 8-9pm,  Saturday 10am to 1 pm. Arrive on time.

Monday has 9pm online webinar.  Founder and supporter is world famous marketer Eric Worre as even Tony Robbins and Arnold Schnenagar(sp) are famous endorsers.

Jun Catan.
Top Philippine Inventor + Pest Control + Green Products Manufacturer

Head Office:  2459 Arellano Ave., Malate, Manila City, Philippines 1002

JUN cell +(63) x920 915 7828.

TL +632 525-0434 loc.122,   Rose at Sun 0945-605-3311

Gloria and I work on contract to put Jun's Green Charcoal Hydrogen Generator Reactor into Manila Hotel and other large enterprises to boil hot water with massive reduction of need for dirty #6 Furnace Fuel Oil.

  This one system is patent protected and recycles bio waste of coconut and other organic material. Jun has other solutions to save our world from the greed of mega corporations using these ordained methods.

Jose Pepito Canan is coconut Jungle advocate

  Jun built from scratch in 1961. Not only are they the leading pest control system in Philippines with +50 branch offices, Jun has also built and patented a wide variety of 'GREEN' totally organic products for the agricultural industry. He has 40 patents granted and 9 pending.  Keith and Gloria are actively marketing Jun's patented Hydrogen Generation system fueled by Green Charcoal patented recycle of organic leftover farming by-products. Splitting water into burnable hydrogen is almost free by near zero waste high temp burning of green charcoal.  We market to big hotels, hospitals, Governments, corporations, and new developments who want fast path Return on Investments. Call JUN today and ask him how to Franchise expand his businesses.

    Call his office for direct discussions on manufacturing his products under license agreement and royalty.  Jun also hosts one of the premier Inventors Associations at his office for the past many years. Keith even went with Jun to personally see his manufacturing operations south of Manila 1 year ago. He has the largest Coconut shell/husk converter into Green Charcoal I have ever witnessed.  Jun is also a devout Christian with his American born wife Nancy. They are active participants of BPCP that is another Philippines historical story of Truth and Justice.

   Call his office today for his pest control services as well as business discussions on the many inventions he represents.   His Grandson is running a state of the art pre construction  at foundation level Pest control piping system that allows green non-harmful repellents to be pumped on annual basis.  Much more effective than bait and trap techniques.

    From his website: "We are able to propagate millions of worms that can produce fairly stable and consistent quality of organic fertilizer. This has never been done before and it is made possible by another of Mr. Catan’s patented invention, the ”Vermilog”. The vermilog is a method of preparing the worms’ food by grinding, mixing and extruding at certain moisture content, organic wastes (from garbage and industrial solid wastes), leaf vegetables, and other biomass in predetermined proportions."

BBK20190713-Mapacon-JunCatan-KeithHeadsh  Endorsement from David Storrs

-Chief Executive Officer at Hearthstone Restaurant Group Inc. Aug 14, 2011. SouthPort Conn. USA


“I cannot say enough about Keith Duncan! This is an extraordinary talent and inventor with a driven attitude and well-developed business acumen. I have watched Keith come up with extraordinary ideas right before my very eyes. He is truly one of the brightest minds in his industry. Keith is inspiring to network with and to work with … This is a one of a kind asset for hyper growth ideas! I recommend everyone work with Keith Duncan!”


Ermeka Don Bonsco  CEO Artist of Manila 

(63) 0967-263-3524 globe, Smart 0919-326-2170.

Ermeka is a top Nigerian artist who completes his Masters in Clark area above Manila. . July 18, 2019. We JUST asked him also to contact Jose Antonio to see and sell human rights and cultural oil on canvas artwork. Perfect for large mixed used developments, university campuses, corporate executive centers.

We ask you support him along with all other persons and corporations on this page.

We designed and published his website in 15 hours of focused effort. We can do the same for ANY large Corporation, Small business owner, and even Government agencies worldwide.

BBK-Emeka-AnambraNewsCast-Feb 12-2019cro
Jose and Robbie Antonio  Holding Real Estate INC of: (63)x917-383-9900, USA +1(808)205-7081 Viper.

Century Properties Trunkline: (632) 793-5500 Purchase interest: (+63) 917 555 5274

We have visited Robbie's office twice to research his company regarding his direct connections to world leading artists and architects. They appear to be struggling like everyone else for lack of new wealthy customers who want secure state of the art homes and mixed use development. We offer our extremely effective mass marketing campaign services to his group tied to his father jose Antonio, founder of who constructed the new Manila Makati Trump tower and many other iconic buildings in Philippines.

From Robbie's profile above:  Robbie is son of Billionaire developer Jose Antonio. with projects in 27 nations.  He has 82 million square feet worth of developed, in-progress, and managed properties under his belt, being the Founder and President of Antonio Development in New York, Managing Director of Century Properties based in Asia, and now the Founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted. To date, he has worked with 13 Pritzker Prize Architects/firms such as Zaha Hadid, Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie, Rem Koolhaas, Jean Nouvel, I.M. Pei, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and Christian de Portzamparc, as well as designers such as Ron Arad, Campana Brothers, Tom Dixon, Philippe Starck, and Marcel Wanders. He has worked with over 103 notable brands in various fields—including fashion, Hollywood, luxury, design, and art. He has established the largest number of luxury branded real estate developments across the globe, by working with Giorgio Armani for Armani Casa, Forbes Media, Versace, Missoni Home, Paris Hilton, Lenny Kravitz and Wallpaper* Magazine.

He is one of the youngest and most prolific collectors of international modern and post-war contemporary art in the world.  Click above to read more and then CONTACT our teams.

ChristDomain.ORG  All Spiritual Groups worldwide.

Atlanta, Hong Kong, Manila based NGO Foundation and Corporation.

Lead by CEO Keith Duncan and growing Evangelist Crusader Teams.

We have offered $1 Million USD each to any of first 50 churches or religious groups to GO PUBLIC to World Leaders, Press, and Governments. For our religious groups now unify all mankind by cooperative ministries while retaining their centuries of theology. This includes Muslims with and These ordained divined methods also eliminate all the Mathew Chapter 23 Hypocrites and false teachers and prophets by will of majority of their congregations. All to obtain the single world constitution of  This is the legacy heritage I leave to world by working full time for our Mutual Creator I call Father.

Vgents.ORG  Vgents.Com

Manila based Foundation and Corporation.

Lead by CEO Felicismo Gorospe and Pastor Balistica at (63) 0938-876-3515,

Office (632)297-6325,,  This group located 1 block West of USA Embassy back of Barangay 666, Captain Felix Macapagal, cousin of ex-President now House of Reps:  Gloria Macapagal Arroyo), they provide business services for foreigners such as business and family registration, tours and tourist services ,development sales of Micronesia ROTA Island, and other charity foundations. We created his websites and help market sell ROTA located north of GUAM, USA Territory that SHOULD be a USA State..

GTReyes.Space   old IntlMerchants.Space
World Leader Consulting Firm. CEO Keith Duncan
Office-cell (63) 0917-335-4300 Manila

President Gloria Reyes  (63) 0917-173-4755

Marketing Marisa Cordero (63) 0916-502-9395

  Cross Reference original USA-World Consulting firm

    Keith's group is the most powerful master consulting group in world. We are virtually unknown as of May 2019 because of the most massive cyber crime terrorist attacks and political crimes committed by groups we have already identified and targeted to the FBI, NBI, AG, Interpol, using FOIA.ONE  EVOTE.ONE and other auto-face recognition methods using FREE WORLD Internet communications (InterLink) provided by our seed funding of and

ASAP 888 Enterprises  
Real Estate Business Broker, Import/Export
CEO Founder Vivian Yapp
Manila (63)(02) 475-1150. Cell (63) 0916-210-7828
8888 Enterprises Office: Unit 4 Lacosta Shop  2/Floor UNIVERSITY MALL, 2507 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila (Right beside LRT Vito Cruz)

    Vivian's group are top level Real Estate Brokers and Business Matchers.  They directly negotiate with Banks, Investors, Real Estate Developers, Construction firms, business and land broker developer. They also manage all aspects  import/export legal requriement process with top clients on variety of Philippine projects.  We most highly recommend his corporation to all our contacts, governments, and investors.  We created their website that will soon be ASAP8888 Enterprises.

BBK20190526-eVoteOne-DirectDemocracy-Ban Israel Security Consultants.

We even directly contacted this top Security system company for them to USE our state of the art SIMPLE technology.  We will complete this task ASAP post right now Aug 11, 2019 3:33pm. Keith.  Yes, Israel have perfected optic system used on guided missles and other satellite surveillance systems and are world reknown technologists who fight Terrorism at all levels on a daily basis. This is what we have done for 43 years post NCSU Raleigh NC USA graduate BS ComputerScience 1981 in Mainframe operating systems applied at micro electronics 8 bit microprocessor level per resume on and Company PROFILES that ARE these +28 most critical world reform websites and YOUTUBE. Search for BuiltBykeith versus "RObert Dee Rose' who always has had $2 Million USD bounty reward on his head post Oct 3, 2011.

Philippine Prime Real Estate Offers
Mrs. Carpio.  Mrs. Mavic.  Dilliman Quezon City.
Call Keith and Gloria for direct listings on Prime Real Estate that is tax and title free ready for mixed use development of retirement communities, agricultural nursery/fish farms, resorts, Business centers, all new 100% digital creative communities showcased by #1 top Crusader partner network teams.  Who joins us today...
Our network of highly qualified (and vetted) lawyers and bankers will ensure that all transactions are fast pathed and completed without any legal complications.  We LOVE escrow accounts that ensure all parties obligations terms and conditions are adequately and legally full filled.   Sig Mosley in Atlanta GA

Technology based Foundation and Corporation. No CLUE his Office/Cell #'s.

  Lead by CEO Sig Mosley, he is really hard to reach because of his immense wealth and connections.  He personally knows Keith Duncan from and multiple venture investor conferences and meetings from year 2008 forward.  We just sent him investor proposal for equity stake in $608 million USD of Hydro Power Generation and Energy saving TurnOffLights  Billions in real $$$ are soon invested in each of these world revolution systems by the most massive legal transfer of criminal wealth back to build all new digital creative communities that are now owned and controlled by our +7.7 Billion people of true Grace and Integrity..

  We also contacted John Imlay Foundation in Atlanta Georgia July 2, 2019 requesting they also GO PUBLIC to world leaders through their extensive angel philanthropist network. My own thousands of network connections were destroyed by ONE super criminal terrorist Robert Dee Rose Oct 3, 2011 forward. ROSE is truly  with over $2 Million USD bounty on his head for now +7 years to PAY the USA GOV and to track him down and SEIZE my assets I have claimed for now 11 years per Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010 after years of litigation Pierce the Corp Veil. IRS Whistle Blower Feb 2009, 658 worth over $8 Million USD in rewards to my company through and  More legal bounties on heads of each criminal worldwide as collective victims now publicly show all evidence on FOIA.ONE.

    Mobile applications will now run our world from our smartphones. Bypass replacement of all banks, mega corporations, and all corruption occurs shown on  All

BBK2019405-JerUSAlem-BuiltBykeith-Headsh    CEO Nick McCulloch 
3695 Burnette Park Dr ste 5, Suwanee, GA USA 30024
Office +1(770)209-0086

    Nick is an old friend who I worked with (for Free) back in 2007. He is fully aware of cyber crime Terrorist Robert Dee Rose ( ) and ability to infiltrate your own clients through these very sophisticated and expensive home/business automation systems. We just asked him to Contact our Asian partners to bring high automation products and services to Philippines and other third world nations once THIS and other websites finally become the new International standards for total world peace and prosperity.

  The top brands are AMX and Crestron that can be used as 'TROJAN Horse' cyber tools to steal billions of $$$ of assets and blackmail extort their very own clients. Prevented once Open Circuit TV and other solutions eliminate the ability for underground terrorists to invade our privacy and corporations. Tied Cyber crime terrorist is Alexander Cyclone Covey who works WITH ROSE to steal billions of $$$ of legal corporate evidence under false premise of automation of Court Documents and discovery.

NEVER LET your Installer be your Security Alarm Monitoring Company like ROSE does.

ConSec4u Automation Services. Automation firm Edward Pineda, CEO and Business Development Manager   Manila (63) x945-299-5948



We've already proven ourselves with residential and small medium Business clients. Now, I'm looking into expand my Company to be introduced with Hotels, Resorts and Office Building projects. If anyone here that are interested to help me educate filipino business owners that Automation can serve Convenience and Security in any sectors, kindly PM me so that we can discuss.

Richard Calingayan  CEO Artist of UpsideDown Tree Art.   Tagatay  (63) x0926-638-1432

Richard is a top artist who takes huge tree root systems and sculpts them into beautiful works of art. July 18, 2019. We JUST asked him today to contact Jose Antonio to see and sell his over 1 Million Peso valued yard art. Perfect for large mixed used developments, playgrounds, university campuses, corporate executive centers.  He lives in Bayanbong area and works out of famous Tagatay resort area yearround. He has new 1 year old daughter and wife. He currently is searching for top world leaders and development executives to invest in his art.

We ask you support him along with all other persons and corporations on this page.

Ex President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -cousin of our dear friend Captain Felix Macapagal of Luneta Park Barangay 666 (63)-x921-606-4422  417 UN Ave, Ermita Manila Philippines 1000 located 1 block east of USA Embassy on Roxas Blvd.

We personally delivered #1 most formal request for face to face meetings with him, Senate, president Duterte many time with followup emails. We have offered to FUND rebuild of his 300 Hectares DENR leased land located 1 hour north east of General Tinio. We have many video productions on seach for Solutionhousing.   Paving of Roads and installation of 10,000 new small holding lake ponds creates free electricity, free unlimited safe water, and power to create 100,000 new small all digital communities in the most wonderful GOD"s E.D.E.N. of paradise, the most extensive mountain ranges of 7107 islands in Philippines. 

Automation firm 7th Floor, Park Avenue Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakista.  Office  +92 333 3794877

Keith met their representative Matthias May 21, 2019 in Manila. We asked them to supply us with  Matthias was distracted by our world reform advocacy and walked away, then later refused to connect us with their CEO Founder. THEIR Loss as we need massive quantities of Internet driven Programmable Logic Control management systems communicating OVER the internet and high speed Fiber Optic Networks running as clustered networks SMART GRID generation and transmission lines.


Keith is the leading world expert on home and business automation and security at all levels. I started PLcontrols in 1976 b.s. computer science and micro electronics NCSU, Raleigh NC USA BS degree 1981. is worth billions in auto control from power plants all the way down to smart circuit breakers, universal driven by standard communication protocol. Expertise is listed on sublink bidOnKeith.


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