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Search creates forever. reverses all mass poverty once everyone uses EVOTE.ONE to decide WHO migrates to 3rd world mountain retreats. #1145 SaintKeith legacy One Degree of Separation FOIA.ONE using EVOTE.ONE prevent reverses all LUCIFER agendas forever. Who do you know to protect keiths life while World Presidents we mediate solve all Political wars once and forever. No one protects victims of $$ wars since taking first profits is how they kill PROPHETs who are top scientist Sage Duncan. #1 Engineer Front Humanitarian Saviors. Protect Keiths life and IP gifted everything by contacting USA and everyone else.

We Keiths People FORM a new Crime Free Society by overthrowing all violators of our laws. Deadly serious Citizens Arrests are authorized by Duncan Fore-founder Angel Guardian Trust NGO Peace Making Foundation. SEND everyone to FB.ME/BuiltByKeith and COMMAND everyone TAKE ACTION to create final NEW world complete economic Judicial Cultural SHARED system Starts with world use of EVOTE.ONE #3 FOIA.ONE and Mass PUBLICITY as NOTHING left to DO but GATHER MILLIONS of MY FatherGODs people to ENACT each of our systems today. Oct 3, 2011 when ANTI CHRIST theFINALTerrorist ROSE succeeded in almost murdering Keith again those 5 times = 900 DAYS of kidnapping conspiracies. Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 worth excess record $500 Million USD real and punitive damages payable by seizure and open public trial OCTV of 125 named persons WHO all follow the NEW LUCIFER agenda to depopulate MY = YOUR WORLD owned by GOD.

Keith and peer follower wealthy leaders are Gods Guardian Angel Mediator World Affairs Overseer soon based in Lyons France Interpol, Milan Italy, Geneva/Zurich, Bejing, Moscow, Hong Kong, NYC and even N. Korea because of that prevents ALL wars forever. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once becomes new reality for 7.8 Billion my people.

“He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.” Matthew 28:6 ESV

Most famous Legacy Trillionaire has been broadcasting to all of humanity how to unify the entire human race. Never been done before because a small percentage of elites control all aspects of Gods world. God and Christ along with 7.8 billion people refuse to take action in process of mediating equality world peace of UNIocracy. How can this be 100% true? Simple exposure that greed is the root of self genocide of humanity from the dawn of man to current ages. JOIN UNIocracy .org and save the human race from the demonic Lucifer Agenda of named terrorists who roam freely since No-One but SaintKeith has shown all how to prevent all issues at root problem level with SolutionPeace,com/5steps. located

Title: #1132 BuiltByKeith prevents all crime forever. DELIVER THIS to world Press + Trump, Duterte, WhiteHouse, DOD DOJ and directly to CNN and PRESS. I PERSONALLY did this summer of 2011. I SHOULD have back gone to Washington D.C. on my way back from NYC Sept 25, 2011 and almost DID. I had successfully turned over ROSE massive Terrorist attack sequence against MY USA GOV and ALL evidence on HOW to achieve total world peace to Langley AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011. Back then as #1 worlds most famous whistleblower IRSFeb2009, 658, I also went back by IRS offices Spoke in person with and all others.

I DID visit = Sally Q Yates at Atlanta Federal Courthouse Sept 19, 2011 asking to ENTER Federal Witness Protection Program (same as at Langley AirForceBase), and went to CEOSPACE.NET Sept 27 to Oct 3, 2011 and was packed to go to IRS, FBI, Military in California on EXACT SAME PURPOSE at 10am morning. I was carrying well over 500 Billion USD value Intellectual Property on my computers off my Atlanta GA 50 years of 166,000 man-hours of working full Time for god. If i had NOT been criminally kidnapped, YOUR entire world would be FREE of all crime and pandemics in few short months. Same as today.

CONTACT all TOP WORLD PRESIDENTS and Corp Executives NOW! ! !. Ask them all to COMMAND be ratified DEPLOYED to destroy all crime networks once and forever.

Public now are the vision and ears of all streets and even public enclosed areas. All police and military combine into one world peace keeping 100% criminal investigators. Prevention of almost all crimes is the most powerful ministries that massive reduces all social justice systems with related Call + protect Keith Duncan cell (63)9173355300 back in Manila., skype BuiltByKeith2. Every0ne use +1 (478)821-2898 voicemail/txt/call.

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