is worlds last 100% free passenger and freight system that also eliminates Fossil Fuel energy wars caused by Corprate Executives and Banksters worldwide who CONTROL the laws (lawmakers) of all governments agencies.  WHY DO my PEOPLE not deal (attack) the root issues of WHO are the criminals and terrorists who roam freely?  Simple; Most have no clue so KEITH provided all the solution Methods of GODs to arrive at each final conclusion always driven by MASS PUBLICITY by YOU GODS people.


about Richard Branson bilking the British taxpayers by controlling all aspects of the primary railroad systems. Keiths system reverses these crimes.

Shows how mega Billionaires are BILKing the taxpayers because THEY pre-select buy the Politicians with campaign contributions and lobbyists to pay off back the same Corporates of the HIGH C-Corporate who never pay their fair share. Why would they? they control all flow of information. NOW PREVENTED by decentralizing all the most wealthy with and exiling any idiot leader who refuses to pen up their general ledger books and safety deposit accounts to SHOW they legally acquired and paid taxes and reported everything. Most of GOds wealth adn assets have been pirated past 5500 years MLM style. 

Now all new high speed passenger, freight, and even small self contained electric tugs are Powered by + unlimited 100 TerraWatts of Free Electricity from thousands of easy to construct Water H20 based turbines using the massive new grid pattern of that builds thousands of huge internal Mountain water tanks of   The new tunnels are under our cities with focus on cutting direct point to point transmission tunnels through any mountain range.  Continental divides now are not a barrier for moving massive water from one side to the other. Free fiber optic cables, Communications, electrical conduits, and huge underground caverns are now used to bury unwanted waste and transfer of toxic landfills since most Mountains are like STONE MOUNTAIN GA solid rock that also contains huge amounts of iron ore and other command and rare elements required to direct build and all free mixed used communities funded by the 70%-80% of retired Corporate Executives use of was clearly SENT by GOD some 63 man years ago to arrive at today July 9, 2021

We gave pledged signed gift of $400,000 USD to President Mrs. Suzie at Duluth GA Historical Train museum Association this morning.

 We are now at Gwinnett County Clerk office Magistrate judges filing the first SIX of hundreds of lawsuits tied to since no honest lawyer, judge, FBi, POLICE, IRS, AG, MILITARY, or others have EVER been found to do the same.  RECOVER KEITH's stolen fortune and command Press Conferences be held of using

This is the briefest broadcast to each of you( Humanity) we have ever made.

Keith Duncan