is the ONLY 100% green fast path ECO system to create new world energy transportation systems worldwide pure GODs engineering of fastPath Consulting Project Management of MountainPower.ORG powered by that is 100% fully scalable cluster networked communications one degree of separation advance of human race using GODs procreated technology published by Keith Brent Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%) known as  Everyone KNOWS someone who KNOWS top Corporate Executives and GOV leaders who are the NWO decision makers at the top of the MLM Bernie Madoff Ponzi pyramid system of 5500 years ago.  CONTACT and use Duncan angel guardian Investor Clearinghouse Services and products as we have nothing left to GIFT back to all humanity since we are the founding fathers of both and

  Both These GOD delivered by most humble #1 mastermind Keith systems interlink to provide almost FREE nuclear Energy and total ECO green mining once and forever.

  Why DOES no-one actually USE GODS resources in most efficient fast path free energy systems?

Clearly GREED of Corporate Executives known as Criminal Ruling ELITE is God's only definitive answer to prevent reverse all energy and stock market energy wars once and forever. Once we own and convert all nuclear material and robotic factories of UNIOCRACY as Open Public NO GOV, NO Military free market barter exchange farmers market world, no one can complain about anything.  Keeping key persons SO SO BUSY creating new Gods infrastructure eliminates all the stupid people who gamble, get drunk, do drugs, commit crimes against others by violating basic civil liberty rights, and other crimes against self Humanity.  

  Keith alone has showcased how to use GODs emerging technology to solve all of human mankind GREED issues known as Vice, Sin, Crime once and forever. Keith and his followers, mentors, leaders, and literally everyone MUST protect keiths life while learning educating all others how to create our worlds last crime free enterprises modeled by most humble broadcaster frontline of all dignified expertises shown at

  Aug 14, 2021. WE GODs people now use to recycle all existing nuclear war material and war Machines to frontliner humanitarian use. NO MORE nuclear bombs and Weapons of Mass Destruction used by Named Criminal Ruling Elite to wage wars on Gods peole. Why does no one use common sense that WE GODs people are fully empowered to decide everything locally. 

  Those who claim OH, requires an Act of CONGRESS, an ACT of GOD, an ACT by local lawmakers (mayors, city councils), Governmors, Legisltative represents are living in the LUCIFER AGENDA false reality of CHAIN of COMMAND, Centralized Decision making authority, and other CON-FIDENCE artists who claim only they can decide anything.  Keith remains totally impoverished based on ROBERT DEE ROSE cyber crime terrorist attaacks agains all he encounters. ROSE is in Las Vegas buying polo horses until Wed, Aug 18. With $200 Million USD standing bounty on his head past 7 years, anyone can seize him and any other criminal or suspect using Keiths systems of  

Protect KEITH today as we have almost ZERO confidence each of you will survive the current final World War FIVE.

  Aug 13, 2021 God sent us to Cumberland Mall area. The large lady at institute of Nuclear Power refused us entry or even to pass anything to our Corporate Executives at these three Nuclear institutions claiming our business card was unprofessional. WOW. She then called security thinking we were ANTI-NUC protestors or something. Even refused to hold a conversation with us to see WE were indeed sent by GOD as Gave her the most famous diagram of showing all Leaders worldwide are now only treated as highly paid consultant Project managers and nothing more or less..  We gave key revolution information to the 6'3' nice black male guard. Seen at end of video below. Notice our summation summits we have been showcase command demanding for now 15 very long manyears in the ultimate ministries showing GODs best interests.  All my people benefit.

Contact Press, all world leaders, literally everyone of Gods people today. Keith is the personal author  of your new world all free electric, education, land, NON-ANY GOVERNMENT systems of and MUST be protected from Criminals of Robert Dee ROSE, Douglas Duncan, and his very own Lawyers who all told KEITHs pastors, DOJ, Judges, I was delusional I had been physically ROBBED and threaten by the SAME NWO LUCIFER groups of DUNCAN clan, Murdered brian walker, list has been LUCIFER conspiracy endless. is powered by over 100 TerraWatts of free electricity from stored mega Metric cubic meters of water stored at highest elevations in remote high valleys and then INSIDE the largest mountain ranges. Once point to point transit communications, water, energy tunnels of scalable size are laser removed and mined, we easily robotic mine for required natural resources to build steel mills and other basic raw materials designated for local production of everything we need using Farmers market barter free market exchange system.

  With unlimited fresh "GODs" water, we now re forest all world jungles and create new agricultural farming at higher elevations so NO flooding caused by STUPID Executives will ever occur again. FOr past 1000 years, wars have been financed with YOUR assets by the worst criminals in world history known as MOBSTER BANKERS = Banksters who always profit from waging mass genocide. Once KEITHS systems are used as universal stabilizing systems, all war machines are decommissioned and used as humanitarian relief and new world technology transport and infrastructure devices owned and maintained be WE GODs people.

 The huge caverns created are now replacement DUMPS for landfills of toxic materials now buried miles underground for next 5000 years. Nuclear reactors can now be build deep underground with all cooling water from same massive water tanks overhead.  If meltdown, never an issue since the core just burns a hole into Gods mantle and is recycled.

  WIND and SOLAR are most horrible investment MLM scams since once electricity is produced is must always be consumed in milliseconds unless used to charge batteries or pump more water uphead for future conversion back to electricity or even old Gristmills mechanical of pure turbine design. 

  All the other SYSTEMS God Sent Keith to deliver to unify mankind as 100% sovereign citizens are clearly published on and BuiltByKeith and cross referenced with all other top research scientist summaries. Sameuni

This solution set transforms all infrastructure of Gods world back to full control, ownership, and mortal caretaker oversight into your hands, souls, and minds.  Just like everything else gifted from on behalf of my FatherGod in heaven who has components interlinked at  Updated April 30, 2021 in Charlotte NC giving sacrificial plasma 7th time to pay for redemption of all mankind.


call George Fomichev Naples Florida USA +1 (239) 302-00-53  at /


   Lasers now used to tunnel and build caverns is reality. Old scripture of Faith Moves Mountains is now reality.

   This one simple answer method moves Humanity 100% Forward by ECO cutting all new infrastructure inside GODs mountains

  April 25, 2021. Keith:  I quick reviewed your laser cutting CNC. Nice layout. I am world famous UNKNOWN master inventor author humanitarian of ALL time. #1 application for lasers is Tesla Boring Company style CUT into mountains for massive infrastructure of   

    Old technology of blasting through ROCK is so expensive.  I saw some firms have used vibration shock waves to displace rock. Method of CIRCLE CUTTING like a hole saw is the TRUE answer for minimum energy to create thousands of miles of any size tunnels and even internal MINING of mountains like the SALT caves used for oil and now WATER and other storage including GASES and other commodities.

    We now call all mining companies those 'DAM Mining Companies' since they use the excavated dirt and rock to build DAMS of

  No more CHINA Three Gorges Dams.  Oh. We now can harness all rivers such as my #1 favorite site of Linville Gorge North Carolina USA with 100% focus on and Blue Ridge Lake TVA abandoned by criminal energy magnet named individuals.


    OH magnets. Easy to use magnets and systems related to VELCRO to hold anything of huge value and weight using thermodynamics and the 'STICKY PRINCIPLE' of friction.

   WE are worlds LAST ECO GREEN everything scientists.

   Call Keith 770-377-2106 as we DO required reverse massive crowd Funding to empower our teams to COMPLETE since NO ONE ELSE gives a BLASTED DAMN who were always were.  Working FOR GOD and HUMANITY worldwide at the same time with EVOTE.ONE  GO get website of BlastLaser.ONE  and other related ones. I will post this on today. 


Everyone:  GO join


TELL Literally EVERYONE to GO PUBLIC on that is truly GODS only answer of ONE CONSTITUTION of WE GODS people who decide everything about how to GUARD and CARETAKE each other by going ALL ECO GREEN on everything for everyone



OR have I already DONE THIS with EVOTE.ONE old tribal system of WHO controls the leaders at all levels.