Contact Press, all world leaders, literally everyone of Gods people today.

This solution set transforms all infrastructure of Gods world back to full control, ownership, and mortal caretaker oversight into your hands, souls, and minds.  Just like everything else gifted from on behalf of my FatherGod in heaven who has components interlinked at  Updated April 30, 2021 in Charlotte NC giving sacrificial plasma 7th time to pay for redemption of all mankind.


call George Fomichev Naples Florida USA +1 (239) 302-00-53  at /


   Lasers now used to tunnel and build caverns is reality. Old scripture of Faith Moves Mountains is now reality.

   This one simple answer method moves Humanity 100% Forward by ECO cutting all new infrastructure inside GODs mountains

  April 25, 2021. Keith:  I quick reviewed your laser cutting CNC. Nice layout. I am world famous UNKNOWN master inventor author humanitarian of ALL time. #1 application for lasers is Tesla Boring Company style CUT into mountains for massive infrastructure of   

    Old technology of blasting through ROCK is so expensive.  I saw some firms have used vibration shock waves to displace rock. Method of CIRCLE CUTTING like a hole saw is the TRUE answer for minimum energy to create thousands of miles of any size tunnels and even internal MINING of mountains like the SALT caves used for oil and now WATER and other storage including GASES and other commodities.

    We now call all mining companies those 'DAM Mining Companies' since they use the excavated dirt and rock to build DAMS of

  No more CHINA Three Gorges Dams.  Oh. We now can harness all rivers such as my #1 favorite site of Linville Gorge North Carolina USA with 100% focus on and Blue Ridge Lake TVA abandoned by criminal energy magnet named individuals.


    OH magnets. Easy to use magnets and systems related to VELCRO to hold anything of huge value and weight using thermodynamics and the 'STICKY PRINCIPLE' of friction.

   WE are worlds LAST ECO GREEN everything scientists.

   Call Keith 770-377-2106 as we DO required reverse massive crowd Funding to empower our teams to COMPLETE since NO ONE ELSE gives a BLASTED DAMN who were always were.  Working FOR GOD and HUMANITY worldwide at the same time with EVOTE.ONE  GO get website of BlastLaser.ONE  and other related ones. I will post this on today. 


Everyone:  GO join


TELL Literally EVERYONE to GO PUBLIC on that is truly GODS only answer of ONE CONSTITUTION of WE GODS people who decide everything about how to GUARD and CARETAKE each other by going ALL ECO GREEN on everything for everyone



OR have I already DONE THIS with EVOTE.ONE old tribal system of WHO controls the leaders at all levels.