JOYDRIVE is the answer for all electric shared transportation systems forever.

High speed bullet trains, subways, buses, all free paid for BY NGO foundation. Who's profits are used to build everything? YOURS of course, as you are all my most BeLOVED people as I do work full time for ONE God Mutual Deity I call Father. that was + solutionGOD and SolutionIslam as the PEOPLE work 100% outreach ministries to prevent crimes by earning a living and helping all others DO THE SAME.  We state the most obvious tht our Mutual Creator is 100% responsible for providing the required incentives for our scientists to build the current domain realms that will soon propel us into SPACE with and


Keeping everyone focused on SPACE travel is prime way to save all resources in case ETs decide to terminate Earth based on our extreme H20 Ocean = Oxygen and Hydrogen ready as space fuel. and to POWER space lasers (RedDot) and rail guns to destroy enemy pirate ships run by rouge human Pirates led by ROSE and others who live at and have submarines, planes, even mega Yachts named 'Dixie Rose' that are floating telecomm crime terrorist systems that link back to hijacked spy satellites (reference Sputnik Oct 1957). Those who control OUR internet, control everything.

  I was born 9 months later FOIA IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rating returned +101%)

What sounds like science fiction is Science reality of using technology to propel our way to other galaxies once we finally harness the realm of space time continuum...

This will never be permitted by the controlling remote forces (Call them what you want) who do not want humans to jeopardize their domains in other dimensions that are discussed in detail by leading world scientists in past 20 years.

Once saves 50% of all world electricity use, and provides up to 80% of worlds energy ON DEMAND at point of generation to local use.

   Joydrive is the term for crooks and teenagers stealing cars, running high speed police chases, and trashing your car and running away. With GPS auto tracking and Open Circuit TV everyone can access anywhere with, everyone knows WHO is WHO. Even run instant back ground check on a hitch hiker, see they are KEITH most famous DRIVER ENGINEER of all, say HI KEITH, jump on board, where can we take you. PLEASE ask how we can PROTECT and serve you as THAT is they keywords I USE every day to SERVE and PROTECT all humanity

WE laugh and to the SING ALONGs of joy, We count the auto identified FOOLS who must WALK to our factories and TOLL away as our servants to PAY us back for the profits they stole. This includes the CLINTONS, Robert Dee ROSe, the billionaires who pay themselves FIRST, then their lawyers and accountants who HIDE the most critical evidence, the GENERAL LEDGER books that show WHO traded WHAT with WHOM. Solved and prevented forever with FOIA.ONE that puts ANYONE on trial for violation basic human rights.

    Is it not 100% clear that All criminals and Terrorists USE OUR profits to escape death row and factory labor.

Same as my very own BROTHER DOUGLAS VERNON DUNCAN who used EMAIL to threaten to kill me.

Same as Berry Vic Reynolds said on VOICE RECORD APril 2014, If I EVER SEE YOU on Marretta street, I will KILL you, in front of 6 deputy sherrifs then told me. GO see CID Officer Hensen about WHY you were robbed and kidnapped. Same person who PREVENTED arests of Ms bashama and ROSE.

We use shared electric skateboards,  eBikes, EMotorBikes, ETriCycles, eCars, EVans, eBuses, ETrains, Esubways, even EPlanes.

Can we use the first letter k.  as kBike, kCars, kTrain as Keith is My first name as worlds first trillionaire who gifts EVERYTHING back to hmaity

Design of JOYDRIVE is simplest solution of all.

1 Steering wheel, 1 gas pedal/brake combo.

ONE iPAD or central BIG cellphone or panel,

ONE Joystick controller on right or left hand.

All voice activated 2-way control. 

Cell phone/webcam mounted on visor IseeStand PHoneCradle original invested Universal Stabilizer of ElectronicNapkin, now the worlds ONLY required universal standard for automated transportation systems.

This ONE UNIVERSAL STABILIZING COMMUNAL SOLUTION alone is worth TRILLIONS in economic markets for most obvious reasons.  Anyone can drive any vehicle without havig to memorize where are the controls.  Even Handicapped persons can use joy stick as speed controller and brake.  And reverse.

   COMMUNAL SHARED RESOURCES INCLUDES our homes, our offices, all marketplaces,  NO MORE BANKS needed once central KBitCoins is all electronic digital currency free market barter exchange system. 


100% Related: PLEASE DRAW the line at sharing Spouses since free will sex is really a horrible vice = sin leading to all levels of CRIME.  Last sourced report from Tom Haag said Robert Dee ROSE and wife AMY host sex parties. Great way to video secretly and then blackmail our most wealthy millionaires and billionaires in all those hosted rented Luxury Condos at  SINCE even appears to be deathly afraid of ROSE since HE alone is behind worst cyber crime attacks against our very top leaders.

  I did a series of 7 key videos in 2010 about RE Man A date. How to Remanage a Date as clearly I am also TOP WORLDS expert on Relationship Management. Another extreme expertise.

We include the (tm)(c) patent (original) design of 'Joy Drive"  This is a ~75% reduction in auto/truck wiring, drive/control everything by center Joy Stick that eliminates 80% long term maintenance repair extending life of car +20 years.

Elon Musk + any others will LOVE to talk to us and buy our technology that is (c)(tm) Patented since 2012 product of 1976 research forward as top scientists of our world.

Even going down freeway (note FREE word), street lights only turn on before you approach.  Exit sign billboards say, WELCOME KEITH, turn RIGHT HERE to go to Grandma Duncans rebuild Home Siler City NC on Baily Duncan road. All other FROGLEFT and FixHOA and Other solutions were gifted to WORLD almost complete back in 2010....


Drive by fiber optic signal to the motor controllers for seats, mirrors, anything requireing CONTROL. Our best solution is use of universal MODBOS communication protocal. THis system is also WHY Keith is the worlds first trillionaire currently in Manila Dec 30, 2019 on famous Jose Rizal Assassination Day.

Car is GPS icloud enabled including webcams mounted on roof for 360 view of everything.

Anyone can walk up to KTransport, swipe their cell phone GPS  QR CODE. Granted permission as shared Resource owner, off we go from point A to B.  NO traffic jams anywhere.  Just park anywhere, go shop, vacation, work, anywhere free will citizens want to go.

Share our homes, food, schools, community centers, oceans, water energy, literally EVERYTHING as a shared resource.

Keith Updated last 20191228 as standard entries of record we learned SORTABLE SEARCHABLE CSC 411 Dr. Tharp NCSU.

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