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New - We are your #1 top unbiased journalists who PRESS and motivate WE THE PEOPLE to take DIRECT ACTION to resolve ANY issue includes how to eliminate any and all violators of OUR Constitutions worldwide. Never been done before by REPLACING all man made laws with ONE singular

   We also have simple YOUR solutions of OnePress.Foundation to rid our world of all Lucifer Broadcast News Media forever by chop chop decentralization of all news media worldwide back to ONLY PBS, NBR, and only community Newspapers and Magazines. Current USA 5 Corporations OWN and Broadcast propaganda control 90% of all TV, Father GOD procreated each of you in the FIRST place. NONE of YOU can correctly answer WHAT is YOUR TRUE PURPOSE of LIFE and WHERE will you SOUL reside once you die of old age, being murdered, persecuted, and even false accused of CRIMES caused by your persecutors? Only Keith has all the answers from GOD himself.

  Includes WE decentralize all control and OUR assets by NO MORE STOCK MARKETS on MotherEarth forever.

OneNews.Foundation is NewsONE.Foundation of GOD + Keiths These are the total decentralization by YOUR direct action of all news media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, books, etc) back to only National Public Radio (NPR), Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS), and Community Newspapers worldwide. Once humans created our different technology broadcasts, a few First Family criminal ruling elite used our distribution of information to brainwash the 'havenots' to be their information age slave traded lowest level minions.  Then Sex and Drugs has always been used to make stupid people who commit stupid acts of vice, sin, crime against each other that always enriches the top echelon of oligarch controllers and manipulators. Freedom of Press and Speech has been devils advocate manipulation of all of GODs original dialogues.  Includes the Non-Gender No Identity controversies on who was born X-Male and Y-Female.  Ever notice that all other lifeforms are NEVER gay homosexuals or lesbians. My own Father GOD never procreated humans to take advantage over anyone else since the beginning of collective civilized man.
   2022Dec24 is GODs landmark milestone time-lined as the ultimate turning point from Devils Advocate syndrome of ME ME ME greedy EACH of YOU, back to GODs advocate system of WE all work together collective, collaborate, caring, and cooperatively acting with FEARLESS CONFIDENCE AUTHORITY to protect all rights, lives, and assets of all others forever.

OnePress.FOUNDATION,, OnePress.Space, includes

4Peace.FOUNDATION, Liberates ALL!


  Procreated Dec 13, 2022 after delivering most impactful motivating all top Crime Evidence to Governor Kemps Office and the Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice at GA Capital and Nathan Deal Judicial Center Atlanta GA.

#1 also most critical criminal issue is WHO controls our national and local news media. Answer was always the First Families who steal our information, manipulate all poltics of PAC and lobbyists and use our assets to Pre-Select the few law makers (POLYTicks) (Co-Pirates) to steal our assets again by claiming supreme rule over us while embezzling our assets as underground secret brokered deals, Stock Options, Corpirate Executive Golden HandCuff Perks, list is all writeoffs on OUR corporate General ledger trading journals.


  GOD has told Keith B. Duncan (1-19580815-1) directly that only by YOUR immediate ACTIONS of peacemaking revolution overthrow of these same insane demonic souls will humanity actually ECOLOGY based prosper and thrive. WW3-5 already surrounds us all at various multi level true conspiracies of graft, blackmail, con-artist MLM ponzi Scheme pryamids, legalized any vice, sin, and crimes against self humanity.

  My father GOD pro Creator has been refusing to intervene any more since mortals so bent on rape, pillage, plunder, piracy, and murder each and every time GOD sent a key to the universal Messianic Messenger.

  Basic common sense of KEITH and the few of us SENT by GOD indicates.

1. Everyone who works for living deserves to be paid first by controlling all expenses versus income = profits.

2. Everyone MUST act with fearless authority to protect the rights and assets of all others before thinking of oneself.

3. Everyone MUST hold everyone else accountable for misdeeds of violating the civil rights of any other.

4. Everyone MUST protect the life of Keith brent DUNCAN as we alone have the keys to universe already gifted ot each of you to determine your very own car and driver rally reality and near term destiny fate.

5. Each of you will DIE soon or one day since non of you were ever procreated as immortal. YOU decide to be immoral by taking advantage of all others.

6. Raise your families with the most utmost simple moral values to ensure each child is totally self sufficient and relies on all others for their self sustainability economic ecology progression to be ALL of our world top leaders of

7. Rest of most definitiive simple clear reasoning and decision making authority has always been turned over to each of you so no more MEEK and MILD impoverished people will exist anywhere on face of GODs earth.

8. YOU complete this now as KEITH soon returns to Hevon unable to find the first honest soul who actually cares about any other buty themsevels.


9.  NINE lives.     Keith Duncan was GOD sent, clearly and literally alone to unify +8 billion PEOPLE forever. is also GODs original solution to prevent Criminal Ruling Elite from controlling ALL our information and internet free will exchange of GODs wisdom and knowledge once and forever.

### World Press Re-Release Broadcast to everyone. (c)(tm)(r) Patents gifted to all.

Keith Brent Duncan IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%) author of even

2022Dec08 is use of GODs FOIA.ONE is the only pathway of true righteousness and social justice for all +8 billion left behind mortals. best motivational broadcast in Gods world history thanksgiving cold Turkey day 2022Nov24 at now as all broadcasters are only free will public broadcasting reporters of Gods truth and reality. Includes immediate deployment of and to fast path use to reverse ALL criminal spider networks concentric focused on current WW3-5.

Positive forward deliverables by anyone?  So far nothing but ...  use your own most correct word analysis. Most people say nothing.  Most people including YOU use Devils Advocate Worshipping of false idols. Matthew 23.


  I asked my dog what is 2 minus 2.  He answered correctly when he said NOTHING...  His name was golden retriever Sam Odd how my dog was smarter and more unconditional loving than most mortals...

  Please immediately call USA top author broadcaster keith duncan 770-377-2106 on mass publicity of worlds last complete total perfected economic replacement free will society of always driven by we Gods people use of heritage legacy and 125 other perfected all digital engineer gifted systems at whois125.pdf top left below of and focusing everyone on peacemaking simple systems demonstrated and keyword BuiltByKeith

Denial of all civil rights by the criminal ruling elite past 75 years has resulted in mad man made laws and impoverishment slave trading even war genocide caused by Wall Street and stock market option day trading BROKERS.  Monopoly dynasties control everyone and all trade exchanges started 5550 MLM ponzi years ago.

All free will authors can now own and run as only public broadcasting systems free of all ad revenue generators of original

Who do you know to contact debrief us today. $40 billion NGO overseer enterprises now regulate over all governments and all corporate executives using original freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom to redress any grievance petition against any individual.

Suing any government entity is always a lost war cause.  Keith duncan.

### is direct ACTION by WE GODS people to 'chop chop chop' up all national news media at TV, Radio, Newspapers, even magazines WE now OWN and fully control as AD-FREE mass open public media.    This is common sense use of EVOTE.ONE as entire world has been brainwashed to believe WE HAVE NO CONTROL or AUTHORITY over GODs natural resources or even an ounce of control over OUR hard earned Assets including all aspects of WE OWN OUR LAND, our water, our Food, Our Markets, our air and all the interlinked resources that GOD alone has gifted all earthlings.

ODD how 99.9% of humans have been brainwashed to be walking dead zombies post year 1949 when UNITED NATIONS was finally procreated and even State of Israel was sanctioned to co-exist with hated enemies of OUR STATE the Palestinians.

WHO DO YOU KNOW is the most powerful formal request we have EVER LEARNED from Berny Dohrmann who we most actively CONTACTED SEPTEMBER Dohrman even today. All our office lines are DISCONNECTED indicating ever our most favored re EDUCATION FORUM of all history is now bankrupt DEAD. just like the rest of YOU remaining mortals.

Keith Duncan. Dec 7, 2022 is 9th anniversary of murder of Brian Walker in Gwinnett County clearly showcased at as another criminal who succeeded in terrorist attacks against WE GODS PEOPLE tied to super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE, still roaming freely like millions of other criminal ruling elite.

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