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eVote.ONE is our New World Society Control.

  CLICK ABOVE or HERE to go to LAST TESTAMENT  Below is the original backup in case I am martryed by ROSE or ?? was GODs simple method Keiths published showcased method to destroy the LUCIFERS who run our banks and stock market trade industries. PULL all your bank deposits OUT of all publically traded banks and deposit into your local Creidt Union,  SELL OFF all your publically traded stocks, bitcoins, even cash out your pension funds and any commodity traded financial insturment. Deposit your cashout into local privately owned corporations using CEOSPACE.NET vetting and methods to ensure your deposit investments and growth dividends are fully protected since you have a right to see all the LEDGER books and you use as the prime simple proxy system to decide the next best project, product and services forever.

  Since the wealthy ELITE always profit first on any news events because THEY control all JUDGES and LAW-Makers use of our Campaign contributions, and almost NONE of THEM have any care about your most imoverished conditions always caused by the same THEM, we have no empathy for any billionaire or mega millionaire who refuse to gift 75% of their family recorded net worth to greatest places of needs. BOYCOTTING and mass protest rallies are always GODs methods to overthrow any family dynasties known as oliarchs including the Queen of ENGLAND banksters and R.C. Bank of ROME including open disclosure of any and all safety deposit boxes and warehouse with focus on Zurich Switzerland and Isle of Mann according to ROBERT DEE ROSE super criminal terrorist most recently rediscovered evidence from Tom Haag.

   Dec 1, 2016  Electronic Voting on all corporate and government leadership enables all citizens to control and manage all the prime decisions of their rights and taxpayer assets to 'FEARLESSLY PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS.

  With and Interpol standardized international unified referential integrity normalized database, no criminal can survive the face recognition and bio-metrics tracking conducted by all citizens.  Very little government agencies and officials will ever be needed because OCTV (Open Circuit Television) is live streamed to all eDevices held by all citizens worldwide.

  Borders and trade restrictions as well as Politics in all forms will cease to exist because all crime black market enterprises and plans for any overthrow of our people will be forever demolished and obliterated by direct visibility of the majority of the will of all people.

   This is the world citizen controlled artificial intelligence of the 'HIVE' principle that is the basic foundation genesis of how any species grows and thrives.  Since humanity is the only species who commit self-genocide and foster psychopath sociopath criminals like Robert Dee Rose, this has always been the true alpha and omega outcome of the world ministries of the one humble fore-foundinge father author of 

  Indeed, no one person in the history of mankind has ever architect a near perfect system of self-correcting checks and balances that total ensures the cooperative ministries of all of mankind actually working TOGETHER to achieve the NEXT level of human evolution.

    This is clearly the most powerful set of solution answers that solve the myriad of humanity problems and world conflicts at a basic human psychology level.   Contact to help teach yourself how to solve any issue in record time in order to literally save yourselves the grief of being slave traded by the truly insane criminal ruling Elite. 

Keith Duncan

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