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 2023 Oct 8.  WW4 is the most current destruction of MotherEarth and all life forms by the 'first family' dynasty oil based Oligarchy Lucifer Worshiping Anti Christs who claim only THEY can decide our reality near term destiny fate by making all mad-man made laws to ensure only they survive as Slave trading masters from 6660 years ago.
  The Missile attacks from Mamas (Islamic Palestinian) Todays quote: "Palestinian militants fired at least 2,200 rockets toward Israel, the IDF said. Meanwhile, Hamas claimed at least 5,000 rockets were fired, all landing in southern and central Israel. Air raid sirens began sounding in Jerusalem at 8:15 a.m. local time warning citizens of the attack."

  All warlords MUST be legally isolated, exiled, and literally DESTROYED by actions of YOU MY PEOPLE use of Omni Present Real time eDemocracy of Keiths sold off EVOTE.ONE once WE remove all authority from any VIOLATOR of GOD and your rights as showcased on 1976 procreated resurrected that deals with all WMD crimes against self humanity.

  Worst crime in human history was always WMD of HEARSAY. He said, She Said attacks against all victims.

  CONTACT Keith Brent Duncan on emergency basis NOW and actually protect our lives by host mediating us on BEST top news media network press conferences today. For the unconscious Objectors Racists, WW3 was cold war 1949-2008.

  Back in year 1972 we personally experienced WARLORDs at all levels. Born FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 clearly we were sent BY GOD ALONE to witness and testify as worlds last messianic messenger to warn now +8 BILLION WE GODs Children WHO causes all wars and mass poverty that went extreme exactly Jan 15, 2008 refer
value exceeds $500 MILLION USD and required Press Conferences hosted by each of YOU.
  The sequence of self destruction genocide was always easy by anyone destroying our most basic necessities of electricity, water, food, housing, transportation, trade, and re-distribution of OUR wealth assets and souls to be totally CONTROLLED by NWO Criminal Ruling Elite and cyber Terrorists.

   Medieval Dark Ages is exactly what occurs when crime terrorists shut down electricity production, stop all banking and marketing trades by declaring martial law and WARS to decimate the false competition of honest ethical other villages and communities. No exceptions. For the NWO ELITE false believe their own LIES they can hide in underground mountain and remote island bunkers while rest of YOU are fried as crispy critters while the left overs are THEIR human protein source as THEY go back to primal human sacrificial cannibalism like Eric Rodolph and Hitler types.

  Total reversal of the existing LUCIFER Worshiping devils advocate agenda was always easy use of GOD + Keith Brent Duncan's and town hall problem solving forum conclaves.  NO MORE MLM ponzi scheme political parties can destroy our free will NO crime UTOPIA of ever again.
  Beyond criminally insane incompetent is the mindset of 99.5% of all remaining humans who are brainwashed past 6660 years by the same INSANE Elite to believe the LIES they media report of JUST TRUST THEM.

  Therefore FEW PEOPLE have any trust in any others including our elders, spouses, business associates, BANKSTERs, BROKERs, and other slave trading enterprises whose ONLY FOCUS is total control authority and mass accumulation of GOD and your wealth, souls, assets, and all property includes total control over all of GODs natural resouces.

ONCE EVERYONE directly contact, protects, and WORKS with Keith Brent DUNCAN, each of you will be PAID to run your very own NGO (non government organization) small business as only PRODUCERS of original products and services.  This alone is total decentralization and privatization of all supply chain perfected distribution using only KEITHS free will legally binding contract barter exchange system.  Means NO MORE governments, Taxes, Liability insurance, or any other form of anyone con-artist defrauding WE GODS PEOPLE every again.
  This is the crime free utopia of GODS of no more Stock markets or publically traded paper statements every again. 
DO EVERYTHING you can RIGHT NOW by learning to be an elder PeaceMaker and Promisekeeper forever.

  Since Keith was sent by GOD, no one has any right to continously persecute KEITH or any of you ever again.


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