top of page was GODs only method of total unification of +8 billion OUR PEOPLE forever. Each of these simple perfected systems were generated by GODs Once each of YOU see LUCIFER devils advocate MLM ponzi schemes are the Criminal Ruling ELITE, then YOU TAKE fearless action to protect the rights of all others using everything GODs only remaining messianic messenger named KEITH brent duncan has published perfected left behind. 2023 March 19 by order of Father GOD and Duncan.

  As of today, not a single mortal has asked KEITH WHY they=you were procreated by GOD in his/her First Place. we have provided these simple answers at top of in YELLOW. CLICK HERE. was GOD and your only system of total decentralization of all wealth and authority to each of you forever. Worst issue since dawn of man is ENVY, EGO, ARROGANCE, GREED, WEALTH ELITE. Always wanting what others have. The Criminal Ruling Elite command all authority over all of you since they have no morals, ethics, honesty, integrity at any level.  Basic definition is 'Will of We THE People collectively decide NEXT best Project and WHO are each of the best problem solving Project Managers'. Leaders are defined as anyone who serves and protects the lives, assets, and rights of the same group who controls all cooperating collaborating decisions to benefit ourselves using Gods Generator Downstream cascading recursive Free Will Open Public Choices decide our reality and near term destiny fate once everyone uses most humble Keith Duncan perfected Solution Method sets.

  We are new members of in Marietta GA where most of these extreme crimes occurred year 2011.

Founder Sri Harold Kemp.

   Updated Tuesday Feb 7, 2023 perfected use of unifies all +8 Billion mortals forever.

GodsPeople.ONLINE -New World crime free society single Non-Governments Overseers from host mediators of by for CreatorKeith.comThis is GOD + YOUR Only Truth 100% real-time Direct Liberate yourself by eliminating all Lucifer criminals forever.GodsList Now Live Free or DIE cruel death of current World War Five.

  CLICK HERE to see Master Home Page GODs reality. is Keith Duncan +1 770 377 2106.  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous $40 Mega Billion USD valued multiNational enterprises of funded GOD's basic simple direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Unifies all redistributed earthly mortals forever.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods Duncan

Keith. 770 377 2106  $40 Billion USD is now located and hiring top problem solving megaMillionaires (and you) in Asheville NC USA as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding +200 new EDUCATION Technology Foundations owned + staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices co-located Biltmore Estate + the BG Cove. Manufacturing, Medical, Education, Science, Technology NGO Charities are the only life stream focus since Dawn of GODs civilization who procreate human advance of We GODs people.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of Duncan was always GODs perfected omnipresent operational world plan when each of you (mortals) decide NEXT Best Project and actively choose who are the highly paid in only cash Project Managers of 200 licensed scientist engineer educators under your total control. Includes ALL Government and Corporate leaders worldwide forever. Contact book protect KEITH any yourselves right now. +1 770-377-2106 Asheville NC USA.

Liberate ALL of yourselves by host mediating GODs today. was GODs original simple system of destruction of any and all criminal terrorists and cyber attackers by WILL of WE GODs people use of EVOTE.ONE. Only definition of a 'leader' is that someone or group actually supports their position. Best method is staged COUP Most reality common sense use of KEITHs simplified methods are:

1. INVEST in yourself by educating you and everyone on how to be financially literate and stand on your own TWO feet brain heads !

2. PULL out all our money from all banks and deposit directly into local Credit Unions like Norcross Association Credit Union at Corporate +1 770.448.8200Routing 261171338,  Account 11010007719624 is megaBillionaire Corporate Account everyone must support until actually is YOUR new crime free UTOPIA of your self protected communities now led by only highest form of government, Mayor and Police chief both elected use of EVOTE.ONE.

3. Sell off ALL our public traded stocks from ALL our stock markets while commanding all corporate Executives HOLD their stock options for 3 month delay and NEVER selling or buying off OUR stock until KEITHS angel guardian investor teams audit OUR general ledgers to consolidate WHO has been pulling our assets out of our accounts known as criminal and legalized embezzlement write-offs.

4. Invest ALL your excess cash and titled assets of collateral into OUR locally owned and control managed Small Business Corporations using as the accounting, education, and legal basis of all enforced legally binding contracts after all products and services have been successfully delivered to client customers on time and at agreed transaction payouts closed.

5. STAGE the most powerful PROTEST RALLIES of all time to command identification of WHO are the worst criminals and terrorists using OUR Dept of Social Justice replacement law and judicial systems manned by Keiths people = YOU.

  Literally, anyone who violates YOUR rights to be free will sovereign independant citizens will scream PRIVACY and soon disappear claiming they are being stalked by OUR citizens, Military, and Police forces we hired back in 2005 ERA of

6. The REST of GODs methods all digital no paper society now liberates all of you world wide as members of and forever.  This is GODs omnipresence, omnipotent, omnipotent use of forever.

  All those who claim GOD, Christ, Mohammad, or ?? will arrive to save you souls are ALL hypocrits, cynics, blinded fools, and crimial brood of serpent vipers as exposed Matthew Chapter 23, 1-2-3 punch.  Reversed forever use of Roman Chapter 12. Body of GOD.

7. Everyone now HOST MEDIATE Town hall monthyly forums on Demand. Everyone now are members of Board of Director Trustees of and New world NonGov Systems  Basic 100% free education now provided by membership in, + where Keith is #1 leader host mediator of all Gods timme

Click: Worlds most famous celebrity PeaceMaker peer WHO is WHO forever. was Will of WE the Majority of GODs people decide NEXT best Project to benefit ourselves, thne WE decide WHO is the most highly qualified in cash paid PROJECT manager at all Government + Corporate Levels.

  Nothing else is more self evident of Gods + most humble keith servant GivingPledge.SPACE mega Bilkanaire caregiver angel guardian philantrophists. Each of you are now PAID FIRST for all your work efforts and investments in yourself.  Each of you are now fully protected, held accountable for everything you do FOR each loving other.


Everything you personally experience here was GODs simple system to liberate all of you from the NWO.

  This was always GODs alpha omega final economic financial political system to empower each of you 7.9 Billion GODs children to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate use of EVOTE.ONE  Below is the rest of how to overthrow all criminal and terrorists conspiracy spider networks at one time use of

  You are now fully empowered to host mediate required Town Hall Forums each day.

  • YouTube
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  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page was always GODs plan when each of you (mortals) decide NEXT Best Project and actively choose who are the highly paid in cash Project Managers. Includes ALL Government and Corporate leaders worldwide forever.


  Any nation MUST have all their under total local civilian YOUR control. This alone is staged coups to destroy the criminal Corporate Executive empires who control OUR assets, banks, stock markets, all communications and database, all trade supply chain laws, regulation, and paper chase conspiracies designed to create one NEW WORLD ORDER single government run by ancient Oliarches.

  EVOTE.ONE was GODs single 4 Constitutional replacement laws that empowers each of you to decide NEXT best project and choose who is the best highly paid in cash Project Manager. is our command for all billionaires to gift 75% of their family corporate wealth to charity TODAY, not after their death when they change their minds and wills like President BIDENs book 'Promises to Keep'.


  WE GODS People were always empowered to command our leaders at all levels. 99% of you are being scammed, lied to, guilty of vice sin crimes and all refuse to USE GOD + Keiths perfected replacement due process of OUR laws to overthrow all violators at top to bottom caste level of +7.9 Billion Gods children.

eVOTE.ONE database is New Free Will Gods Sovereign Society caused only by Self Salvation by WE Gods People as ONLY answer set.

Command All Attend: each Sunday weekly

Click Video Calls 7:00 pm EST nightly.  Share all Keith's Guardian Angels TV NewsCasts today !  Meeting ID: 726 8227 1006 Passcode: 7ZXz7z.

Click:  Gods List of Self Salvation Engineering Broadcast Methods

  SHAME SHAME SHAME on all of you who refuse to surrender to correct Law Enforcement and Judicial officers of our existing courts. Those collectively known as unsavable LUCIFERS are now put in prison and death row using same WE Majority of People pass active justice on anyone who violates our rights to be free will Sovereign independent liberated citizens of  

  Any and all appointed Government officials are now elected using EVOTE.ONE will of Majority of GODs people worldwide.  This alone destroys the worst politician corrupted criminals of Putin, CCP, NKorea and all the banksters and stock market corporate executives using common sense redistribution of over $500 Trillion USD assets and criminally acquired pirated wealth from 500 years ago.

   All known forms of governments and Corporate Executive Board of Directors by-laws are hereby ABOLISHED   forever by using what most humble Brent Duncan has perfected once HE was sent by GOD alone to do the sane same leading all of you to true liberated freedom once and forever.

  Updated March 22, 2022 as Keith returns to heaven soon, unable to motivate any of you mortals to motivate unify all others of Gods Children as free will sovereign independent citizens of 

   DO bring Keith and his Board of Director Angel Guardian Protector Investors top world Scientist author human right founders to all of our top world leaders and youngest children, elders, disabled, and those who have the greatest needs today !!!

  This is fast path use of and open public town hall forums we procreated back in 1976-2011 era after being conceived Thanksgiving year 1957 after Russian Sputnik from the skynet system was used to spy on everyone. is Keiths 2 step system to preven infiltration theft of OUR data from any database now linked at top with FOIA.ONE

so we GODs people control the flow and ownership of all our data, lives, and assets forever.


   eVote.One   (c)(r)(tm)Patent 100% Gods Dynamic Direct eDemocracy Self Saves All Humans Forever.
  WE GODS People real time actively decide WHO are our world corporate and government leaders...... We collective cooperatively decide the NEXT best local project and the judgment fate over everyone else.
Four simple Constitutional universal laws replace ALL known vote make decision systems...
We Gods People command NEXT best project and investments and use of our bank and stock resources.
No more Stock Options, publically traded stock, taxes, no corrupt leader can exist use of our FOIA.ONE. Gods single New World crime free Utopia using one Universal Voting system when everyone decides everything about each other. Debrief Keith +1 770-377-2016 today !

GREED is now outlawed by action of WE GODs people taking action to overthrow ALL criminals.

Evote is real time 100% Direct eDemocracy now Pro-Creates Gods Utopia of Garden of Eden all peace using 
FOIA.ONE Singular A.I. Database Unification Broadcast Evangelist Crusader Teams.  We are the most powerful profitable (most humble) architects of New world replacement society UNIocracy. We command other megawealthy elite use God + Keiths GivingPledge.SPACE
   #1 issue is NO ONE ever shares information of WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, WHO Trades what + WHO.
We have shown worldwide how +7.9 billion of GODs children now unite reform themselves use of Gods technology of EVOTE.ONE and AI FOIA.ONE. INcludes and as prevention is the ONLY way to REVERSE mass poverty and genocides caused by energy driven financial wars.

   PLEASE contact us NOW as we have nothing left to gift to humans since we were illegally detained kidnapped on orders of super criminal terrorist Robert Dee ROSE back on Feb 23, 2011 as the series of irrefutable irrevocable court documents all show intent to MURDER KEITH brent DUNCAN based on the outright theft of ALL our assets that includes +100 single solution webcasts to self save each of you.  

   GREED is the primal free will choose root issue of all evil. is God + Keiths world's last open pubic single Constituional laws known as enforced commandments to forever stabilize the human race as equality social justice peer to peer partners who all fearlessly protect the rights of all others. and are the true answers of destruction of all criminal enterprises once and forever.   WHO DO YOU KNOW NOW to call and protect our lives as we reside back in Norross GA about to go to the Mayor Criag Newtons community council meeting. We have offered our $450 Million USD from and all future earnings back to mortal humans. Yet no one ofers to ask us anything about Cobb County Georgia TPO 11.1.11711 cancelled July 15, 2011 part of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 used to murder Keiths family and even each of you on NO evidence. is Gods total world economic replacement methods of NO more Governments, NO Taxes, No central authority, NO Mega Corp Executives who embezzle (legal and criminall) our hard earned assets. stabilizes each of you since YOU are the empowered decision makers who decide collectively and cooperately the NEXT best project you then own, control, caretake as servents of each other.  Includes reversal of all war making mortals and 100% free opne public education worldwide as foregign exchange student programs migrating mega Billions of our best engineer problem solvers worldwide b ack to greatest places of your human needs. These are the apostles and disciplined disciples who JOIN and liberate themselves from the most cruel slave masters and sociopath pychotic mortals who claim they are top Chain of all Commands.

  We ALL hate criminals and terrorists who refuse to now SURRENDER themselves and their conspirators, therefore these named violator crooks will be manhunted down one by all by citizens arrest while each of you collectively protect and support provide for Keith Brent Duncan.  Updated Jan 12, 2022 after delivering top GOD solutions to Norcross Mayor Craig Newton at Town Hall center.

  We have NEVER been more empowered to teach everyone how to host mediate any dispute use of to not only define defend your own rights, but to ACT WITH FEARLESS AUTHORITY to protect the lives, assets, and rights of all OTHERS. 1 Corr 13:13 is Romans Chapter 12 and the ending paragraphs of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John New Testament gospels now full-filled. Revelation also completed now.

  This is the most perfected, total most powerful PEACEMAKING REVOLUTION to destroy the Spiritual LUCIFER WarFARE being conducted by named Pirates of the high C-Corporate World, the most ruthless sociopath Cyber Attack Terrorists, and named Board of Directors who engage in ritual sacrificies of our Children, Women, Elderly, even animals claiming their LUCIFER AGENDA empowers them to decide your fate and near term destiny reality.     ONLY KEITH was SENT BY GOD as the most powerful Warrior to wipe the criminals from Gods earth.

  No one actually protects your lifes or assets past 15 years. Our very own DOJ includes FBI AG agents are too busy covering up their own internal criminal links to Robert Dee Rose and Douglas Vernon Duncan tied to Finders Occult of Eric Rodolph tied to Timothy McVeigh and +50 other Murphy NC based international super terrorists that has been turning over each time he learns who plans next domestic attack against WE GODS people.. Some linked to ISIS and Omar Bin Laden. The ultimate news media Surprise !

  The Greatest LIES ever told all brainwash each of you to think SOMEONE will actually intervene to UNIFY each of your communities. Who can name and activate our God sent Angel Guardian investor Philantropist mortal saints.

 What you experience here and across Gods has never been DONE before because Con-Artist LUCIFERS win each time by enslaving each of you as sex-drug traded objects of their pleasure and convenience using Stock Options, Corporate Executive insider commodity trading, and other vice sins of mass propaganda. use of EVOTE.ONE Viral social media network campaigns of MASS WORLD PROTEST RALLIES will certainly empower GODs 7.9 BILLION PEOPLE to finally idenitify WHO is WHO of FOIA.ONE IID.

  YOU are now completely and perfectly UNSTOPPABLE ! ! ! ! shows the Greatest SCAM LIES of the ancient 5555 year old Ponzi LUCIFER Agenda of WHO controls GOD and Your assets. All caused by Predatory Greed Criminal Ruling Elite (NWO, terrorists, etc) who use mass media propoganda to create abject Apathy (Ignorance), abject poverty homelessness, cause DRUG, SEX, Gambling, Vice, Genocide, known as sin and crimes to convince you are only valuable as slave traded workers who have no rights to decide anything about your own reality and near term destiny fate.

  Keith Duncan is also #1 world expert on Supply Chain economic modeling fundament broadcasts as his most humble NCSU Raleigh NC 1976-1981 focused on interlinking Human Psychology with perfected computer science systems at both hardware, software, and digital communications interlinks that were truly perfected summer of 2011 when super Terrorrist Robert Dee ROSE had been cyber tracking destroying same GODs gifted technology engineering systems that GOD had personally asked #1 most competent Angel Guardian to deliver to all 7,9 billion of GODs most impoverished slave traded human trafficed imprisoned NON-Soverign citizens.

  EVOTE.ONE now replaces all known forms of voting and decision making systems worldwide.

  LOVE ALL OTHERS is also a LUCIFER Agenda scam lie when anyone tells you to just FORGIVE and FORGET who controls the politicians and general managers.  All the Stimulus programs, false Politican Promises, and man made loophole laws are also the greatest scams of all time.  Decentralization is when YOU GODs people RISE UP and TAKE ACTION to fast path identify WHO are the conFIdence con-artists and put them all in isolation (exile), in refugee camps, on work farms, in Prison, and even Death Row using EVOTE.ONE SolutionLawenforcement with full focus on FOIA.ONE and

  Keith Duncan is also #1 world expert on Supply Chain economic modeling fundament broadcasts as his most humble NCSU Raleigh NC 1976-1981 focused on interlinking Human Psychology with perfected computer science systems at both hardware, software, and digital communications interlinks that were truly perfected summer of 2011 when super Terrorrist Robert Dee ROSE had been cyber tracking destroying same GODs gifted technology engineering systems that GOD had personally asked #1 most competent Angel Guardian to deliver to all 7,9 billion of GODs most impoverished slave traded human trafficed imprisoned NON-Soverign citizens.  Anyone who is willing to argue with and YOU and our mutual collective cooperative share Father GOD ProCreator by taking the side of LUCIFER as his advocate of Predatory GREED, vice, crime, and sin, PLEASE continue and see where each of you end up. This was always HELL on Earth as it was in the beginning, now the final conclusion of World War FIVE known worldwide as Self-Genocide HolyCost Holocaust Apocolypse. 

  All ISSUES solved, prevented, reversed by use of of host mediated to solve any local issues using KEITHs engineered services and products to produce KARDASKEV new free world society.


    First major next world terrorist targets are 1. Power Stations  2. Communication Transfer Exchanges. 3. Key bottleneck bridges, tunnels, interchanges. 4. Databases of our Stock Markets, Banks, Corporations, and Government information.

5. WMD destruction of over 90% of Gods 7.9 Billion Children by weaponizing an DNA virus, poisoning our water, air, food, minds.  Each of these events I have personally prophetsized as your reality.  Current Smash and Grap mass riots are always 1st indicators of martial law, then cutoff of OUR communications, OUR banks and free market exchange institutions.  

Current 100% LUCIFER devils advocate systems show WE never see WHO is WHO, WHO are criminal LUCIFER terrorists like Robert Dee Rose, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, GA GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds, Norfolk VA4:11cr112 Judge Raymond Jackson is

   As of Dec 2, 2021 all I see, hear, experience, and broadcast report is everyone 'BITCH SLAPPING' each other.

   Each of GODS engineered NON-Judgemental systems I have personally web broadcast from year 2005 to justify unify everyone, IseeStand are the key Gods video broadcast trilogy. is GODs generator of how to fast path deal with any issue by collectively cooperatively sharing all of GODs loaned assets to reverse the WW5 self genocide that really restarted back in year 2005.

  To Gods timeline date of 2021-Dec-02, No one is willing to host face to face Press Conferences or simply learn WHY each of you were procreated by GOD in the first place. This was always to solve your own internal, then community, then world issues by actually ACtiNG with Fearless authority to protect the civil rights of all others before thinking of ones own needs and wants. Called Lucifer GFred.

  How odd that any news event causes OUR Stock Market and free world trade markets to crash and rise caused by the Pirates of the HIGH C-Corporate World known as Bilkanaires and MilkAnaires who belong to GivingPledge.SPACE. Reversed forever by and use of all the systems GOD sent Keith Brent Duncan to personally deliver to each of you.

  WHEN do we actually MEET in person? Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 is your key to reverse all Mass poverty and crime forever.   I am about to be recalled to heaven to pass WRATH justified anger Judgement on each of you.

It was always 100% true reality that what happens to happens to each of you.

  Keith is currently impoverished, homeless, and stricken with extreme grief and maybe death all caused by LUCIFER predatory greed of each of you.  NO one actually protects victims of organized criminals or protects the rights of anyone else anymore. This was always YOUR reality of how LUCIFER ALIENS use humans as their survival food protein source.

  Exactly what happens we have have NO electricity?  all communication shuts down, martial law declared, and the big GUNS and nuclear bombs are now used to execute entire nations. decentralizes all supplies of clean fresh water and unlimited electricity to all mountains and piedmonts worldwide. 

  We now collectively FOCUS everyone (7.9Billion EMPOWERED) to create our own Kardashev World to reverse Mass Poverty once and forever with Keith Duncan being the #1 most humble forefounding host mediator Leader of YOUR NEW WORLD SOCIETY UNIocracy.

  This was always GODs original ProCreated PeaceMaking System that most of you abuse by your false sense of reality called Predatory Greed of WHAT is IN this for YOU=ME' few use the word WE as in to ensure everyone else benefit profits before them = you. As of EVE ThanksGiving 20211124 everyone I have debriefed and master trained has refused to ask me the most critical questions of all time. WHY were each of you PROCREATED by our Mutual Creator GOD and MotherEarth.  Always takes two to cause conspiracies of denial of rights, or TWO or more to enforce GODS original 11 commandments of  Today I am at SKorean Spa 4th night contemplating destroying these broadcast showcased GODs solutions and watching from remote heaven each of you killing each other over remaining food, water, air, and who controls GODs land.

 We were literally sent BY GOD FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 to learn from each of you the source of your prime relationship conflict issues and show each of you how to use initial and to destroy all criminal conspirators once and forever. Includes the MLM Charles Ponzi Schemers from 5500 Years ago known as Kings of all King Pharoahs who perverted GODs technology to enslave other races to be their cannon fodder and slave traded victims of deception.  Worst crimes against humanity were always WMD heresay, he said, she said gossip and false witness claims that others were lunatic sociopath pscyhopaths and must be killed or forced into Slave Labor using reverse

  EVERYONE contact direct visit BIDEN, PUTIN, PRESS, CONGRESS, Supreme Court Justices, Judges, Police, Pastors, literally evering in any order. Order the search and execution of Robert Dee ROSE and all tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 murder for hire multilevel conspiracies seen at   All Call Tom Haag at Sin City Lost Las Vegas Nevada at +1 (725) 248-1260 and command he testify about ROBERT DEE ROSE and WHO was KEITH long long ago.

Below are top 14 GODs translations of from June 12, 2015 after my ultimate travels to return from Walk to my EMMaUS and ROME vatican to command unification of each of you.  I have left everything behind how to fast path eliminate any criminal terrorist or corrupt violator anyone my entire life. \UpdatedJan 7, 2021 at Norross Public Library after hours. Duncan

UNIocracy GODs last open public NO-GOV, NO-Politics, No-MegaCorp Crime Free World Utopia WHO is WHO
   BOOK #1 forefounder Consultant for ALL mega corporations + humanity. Keith Angel Guardians. Escort us to Testify + Witness all about reversing mass poverty using GODs delivered common sense referential ethics enforced basic Technology.  Executive USA President Joe Biden + PUTIN + Elon Musk + you are now on our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. Video TeleConference with us Today: Skype:TeenMM
Join UNIocracy  to restore all of GODs pirated wealth back to greatest places of needs of WE our PEOPLE once and forever.

eVOTE.ONE New Sovereign Crime Free World Society of Who Owns What.

SolutionPeace.Org Only answer set Gods methods unifies all Mankind one final time Gods system expires Aug 15, 2022

CRIMINALS Definition is any one who violates the rights of others, then lies, hides, and recruits others to coverup.

  This GOD delivered system is the simple accountability method of elimination of all criminals and terrorists as the ONLY way for YOU=WE GODS people to become unified. Only INTEGRITY ETHICS focused communally sharing cooperative communities prosper and thrive once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO trades what, WHO owns what at all levels by literally everyone GPS tracking the actions of all others.

  Privacy is only declare commanded by those who have anything to hide concerning their crimes against named other souls.

  NO secrets is the ONLY GODs engineerined methods of prevent reversing all crime enterprises once and forever use of Today: COMMAND our existing Decision Maker Influencer World Leaders directly contact Keith Brent Duncan,

     Using Gods clean slate replacement visual system of, each of you decide your own reality and fate by benefitting yourself first to address the primal predatory greed question of 'WHAT is IN THIS for YOU = ME'.  If your solution does not benefit all others, you are all hereby labeled as a criminal. Self serving instant Gratification at expense of any other is always a LUCIFER sin, vice, and crime against others. is resurrected as the required ONLY solution answer methods to Unify all of mankind forever as one New World Society Free of all crimes. Only STUPID people do STUPID anything against MY PEOPLE. was always GODs original tribal clan system of empowerment when YOU Gods peoples decide NEXT best project by treating Mayor, Gov Leaders, and focus on Corporate Executives as ONLY highly paid in cash Project Managers, Engineers, Consultants who are required to show all progress and use of GOD's and your funds and resoures.  This is the most powerful profitable GODs paradigm Shift since only Keith Brent Duncan was sent alone by GOD to master educate everyone how to love PEACE each other. headquarters at +1 (770) 377-2106 nothing to hide from anyone. was always GODs original system of direct eDemocracy of decentralizing all wealth and authority back to our tribal clan communities of faith, grace, and hope of actually advancing our own human race using what most humble Keith Brent Duncan has personally been delivering his entire life of IID 1-19580815-1-. Motivating anyone to actually protect the rights of all others is the ONLY GODs method to eliminate all criminal netowrks at the top once and forever. Includes Robert Dee ROSE and others who deceive by claiming their victims deserve to be murdered and impoverished since 'THEY' control the laws, our corporate By-Laws, OUR banks, our basic infrastucture including our churches and malls.  

   Fore-founding Father CEO: Keith Brent Duncan. IID 1-19580815-1 (referential Integrity +100%) ss 243-86-0043.

Intl Headquarters office address: 8187 Colquitt Road, Unit B, Sandy Springs GA 30350 USA.

Prime Intl Headquarters +1 770-377-2106, Backup +1 725-200-7883. Soon located Biltmore Estates, Asheville NC.


  Ask ALL to most humble IMMEDIATE use and deploy every single system by JOIN and command direct eDemocracy single World Voting system store and forward through FOIA.ONE, now used for all decisions by of and FOR WE GOD PEOPLE.

   Top 2 GODs destroy the criminal ruling elite across GODs globe once and forever. Use above SPD-1150.PDF and TOL-1160.pdf diagram answers to fast path use GODs technology to focus everyone on solve prevent reverse ANY local village issue. Includes and as the PRIME education of free energy and water. Duncan.


  Only reason for any Company is to locally produce best service or product and sell it to integrity driven local people who knows WHO is WHO, Who trades what with WHO, Who Owns What. This is Gods artificial intelligence of FOIA.ONE use of that brings all decision making authority down to each of you.

  We now return back to ancient Farmers Market free barter exchange system to decentralize all elite wealth power.

  All profits and protecting of OUR investments of time and assets is now control, managed, caretaken by the original contributors known as workers of the field who collectively share everything communally.  No more private Corporate Wealth held by criminal ruling elite in forms of stock options, Corp Perks, corp Aircraft, full exclusive benefits like Golden Parachutes, Bonuses, all criminally controlled by the Board of Director/Trustees by perverting OUR Corporate By-Laws and General Ledger books including all the secret deep state voting databases.

  Eliminating of ALL monopoly Mega Holding Corporations is always the ONLY way to universally stabilize human kind as ONE cluster networked single world economy modeled by modeling of

 Most powerful Class Action Landmark Miscarraige of Justice was always versus all world crimnals and terrorists at one time use of GOD technology seen below and by contacting Keith Duncan above.

  The true Cross Reference library of HOW-TO is at and on Search BuiltByKeith.

Regardless of your religious denomination or political party affliction belief system, Each of you MUST act with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others using GODs original Human Rights laws once and forever.  Use of and completes why GOD sent Keith 63 years ago to master teach all communities how to be free will sovereign open market citizens.

   Nov 3, 2021.  Debrief KEITH today by calling +1-770-377-2106 as I alone have already published deployed all aspects of how to self liberate ourselves from the true bondage of these named Lucifers.

Four largest pools of untapped criminal Lucifer (terrorist) pirated wealth were:

1. Industrial Military War machines valued excess of $200 Trillion USD drain past 75 years.

2. Criminal pirated wealth from our Stock Markets and Banks by insider commodity day trading brokers who have legalized over $350 Trillion USD drain post 9/11 attacks. Reversed use of equalizer

3. Underground criminal terrorists who legalized CRIME PAYS $250 Trillion USD by foreign Investors, puppet government officials, gambling, drug, guns, human trafficing, counterfeiting, theft of Intellectual Property, and staging terrorist attacks against OUR infrastructure post WW2 and legalized embezzlement persecuting Keith+GOD.  Reversed forever use of GODs FOIA.ONE international IID system of WHO is WHO

4. All the GOD focused systems stolen, converted, destroyed of Keiths published same new world crime free economy data driven model system that equalizes 7.9 billion of Gods children as Peace Makers who actually share all of GODs resources once and forever use of and other +77 specific gravity fed focus on each of you decide actively your own reality and near term destiny fate.  

    WHO DO YOU know to Protect KEITH and your very own fate? Debrief us right NOW, not later... Nov 12, 2021. Today we personally file the most powerful profitable series of Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice lawsuits ever filed against thousands even millions of domestic and international terrorists, criminals, cyber criminals at all levels of our GOD focused  Cyber Terrorist Judge Raymond Jackson per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 faces Death ROW for issuing Supreme Court Precedent Ruling Law USAGOV versus Keith Brent Duncan that clearly states page 3, paragraph 3 that Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 was cancelled voided July 15, 2011. Result is anyone can now be illegally detained (kidnapped) and forced to be dead and criminally insane incompetent at time of NON-VIOLATION by a single DOJ official murder for hire conspiracy with ROBERT DEE ROSE or any other sociopath terrorist. 

  PAST +10 years now for YOU my most beloved GODs 7.9 Billion Children to STAGE MASS PROTEST RALLIES to command criminals at any level TURN THEMSELVES IN or be MANHUNTED DOWN by Keiths new world peace making posse for immediate prosecution by WE GODs PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE once and forever.  Prime focus issue was always only enforces Due Process of LAW, Constitutional Laws, and human bill of rights since almost ALL of YOU are so blinded by self serving predatory greed (sin, vice, crimes) that you truly believe it is legal to violate the rights of anyone else.  Odd how KEITH is worlds first and last trillionaire who runs on Independent non-ticket GODs tribal council who decides YOUR reality and near term destiny fate as my FATHER GOD Creator has been asking me to abandon forsake Earthlings past 10 years. I have asked WHY, since their may be final HOPE that SOMEONE will actually DEBRIEF direct with Keith to determine WHY all these certified timeline events have destroyed GODs world because of hate, bigotry, racism, other WMD crimes against humanity including HERSAY, He Said, She Said, all to LUCIFER deceive each other your world will ever get better.....

  This broadcast on Nov 15, 2021 as we are GODs maker of evertying you use and experience our entire professional life.


All because WE alone enforce existing Constitutional Laws and City, State, Federal Laws known as due process of Law. Current USA GOVERNMENT versus Keith Brent Duncan Supreme Court Precedent Law ruling empowers a single Judge, DA, AG, literally anyone to command any accused person (includes victims) to be forcablie medicated to render them competent to face the false accussations of known and named criminals who clearly extort, bribe, and cyber crime attack OUR Government agencies and each of you every single second of GODs timelined days.

   #1 TOP PRIORITY was always to contact debrief Keith Duncans frontliners and overthrow any criminal network worldwide RIGHT NOW use of EVOTE.ONE  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom and rights to peacefully assemble, Freedom to own, Freedom to address grievneis ancany named person who violates your rights was always WHY GOD sent KEITH personally to unify each of you as 7.9 Billion GODs children to decide your vern own NECT berst project that is YOUR reality and near term detiny fate.  Can never be boiled down to more KEEP IT Super SIMPLE " Love ALL OTHERS". most humble Duncan at OFFICE UNIOCRACY +1 770-377-2106 resurrected one final time after going to WALK to EMMAUS back in 1991, then in person Holy Week April 1-16 2015 direct ministires in JerUSAlem, Vatican, then Hong Kong, then Philippines, now back to testify everything and everyone Alpharetta GA USA>.

  Nov 8, 2021 Gods real timeline. Today Dr. CR and most humble Duncan 770-377-2106 redelivered this #2 most powerful GODs ministry to prevent and reverse all current World War FIVE end of times holycost Holacaust days of black hole infamy.  We debriefed and recruited 6 prime Dobbins AirForce Officers and Cobb County Police on how to take charge and decide their very own reality destiny fate. Same as the millions of persons who already know WHO Was Keith and why our GOD delivered commandment Holy Grail ministries are the ONLY original tribal clan systems that warrant total world global equality peace.

  Odd how no one actually accepts cyber terrorist information any more. I personally handed Marietta PD Internal Affairs Major King today same top criminal conspiracies for he (them) to contact FBI AG GBI and PRESS to obtain the required investigations resulting in over 125 named persons go straight to prison. 

  Restart will be immediate of Robert DEE ROSE down at to be extradited back into military custody while KEITH and #1 top world scientist philantrophists actually directlyh access OUR Military, Corporate, and law enforcement databases as we most formally requested Sept 25, 2011 and were illegally Detained( criminally kidnapped) those 900 days when each person criminally profiteered claiming anything we never did was a violation of their LUCIFER rights to order keith be murdered. This is the most clean clear competent summary as Keith returns to heaven soon unable to recruit ANY of his 7.9 billion GODs children who truly are starved for attention and ability to reconcile with each other and my FATHER GOD Creator who sent keith in the first place 1-195808-1.  Includes search and seizure of all of ROSEs assets, capture of international terrorist Douglas Vernon Duncan, and simple court order subpenoas to force all other criminals tied to ROSE show up in court to testify against themselves over National broadcast open public circuit TV known as kTV.

  On Tuesday, in Cobb County Magistrate Court at 9 am, Roger Nance must be arrested as we truly did invite everyone including FBI AG GBI PRESS to attend and hear for themselves WHO are the worst terrorists. Same as Keith has done each time My HOMES were robbed of same ANTI-ALL CRIME technology GOD sent me to deliver my entire life. Most are the extreme prolific use of GODs technology to ECO Procreate New world peace making engineered systems to ensure everyones civil rights are fully protected once and forever. was always GODs original easy system of Tribal Clan who decides everything about everyone.

EVOTE.ONE Protect Keiths life and your destiny by contacting us directly right now. Intl Headquarters is +1 770-377-2106. 

NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again! database is our Utopia free of all criminals.

  God = Humanity benefits are decentralization of everything and everyone. NO more political parties, no more campaign contributions or lobbists. Everyone acts with community level proxy authority to decide our own reality and destiny fate. No more wars, insider trader speculation commodity stock market broker dealers, no more stock options and executive perks. No more Mega Corporate Executive HOLDING corporations every again.

   Keith is only person in world history who has perfected all aspects of new world crime free society seen here.

  No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
  All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action. No one can ever assume your identity once eliminates all scammer Cyberists.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and Total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database  = SolutionPeace.ORG

     These simple 4-8 ByPass Laws create your new history. 

    No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Anyone can vote by assigning a proxy to vote for them. They can override. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE

2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent. Our WorldSchoolFund people become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by evote. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can scam or steal our assets. No more appointed officials who criminally conspire with others. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists.  ALL Corporate Executives worldwide are now treated ONLY as highly cash paid consultants with NO benefits at all. includes no more Stock Options, Corp jets, Bonuses, insider Day SEC trading, anything but cash.

4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.  CLICK eVOTE.ONE for rest of GODs methods.

DEFINE UNIocracy: Gods tribal system was always: 
    "Will of Majority of Collective use form of TelePATHy to arrive at the next Best Solution Decision to benefit local community of WE Gods People."
Easy to destroy all criminal networks once and forever use of both and to redistribute over $500 Trillion USD world Gods wealth to greatest places of human needs.  First targets must be Philippines + Africa + Asia.
  Only most humble Keith brent Duncan has deployed all of Gods answer methods.

Attend 2021 Sunday weekly 9 am, 7pm

UNIocracy was always GODs tribal system of PeaceMaking.


  eVOTE.ONE replaces ALL corrupt Politicians and Corporate Pirate Executives at ONE time WORLDWIDE. Debrief Protect Duncan 770-377-2106 and LIBERATE WE GODs people once and forever. is GODs original system town hall forums decide WHAT is NEXT best Project devoid of any delay politics WaWa war tactics, and back handed kickbacks called graft. 

  • graft, n. 1. The act of taking advantage of a position of trust to gain money or property dishonestly; esp., a public official’s fraudulent acquisition of public funds. 2. Money or property gained illegally or unfairly.  JP MORGAN legalized embezzlement 1893 with Federal Reserve System passed Dec 23, 1913. WW1 was the banksters rewards.


Protect, fund, contact Duncan +1 770-377-2106  24 x 7 x 365 right now to hear Gods Reality. 


   Four Largest pools of untapped worldwide criminal wealth were: Quote KBD.

1. Industrial Military War machines valued excess of $300 Trillion USD drain past 75 years.

2. Criminal pirated wealth from our Stock Markets and Banks by insider commodity day trading brokers who have legalized over $350 Trillion USD drain post 9/11 attacks.

3. Underground criminal terrorists who legalized CRIME PAYS $250 Trillion USD by foreign Investors, puppet government officials, gambling, drug, guns, human trafficing, counterfeiting, theft of Intellectual Property, and staging terrorist attacks against OUR infrastructure post WW2 and legalized embezzlement persecuting Keith+GOD

4. Most of you as you refuse to collectively coopertively share WHAT GOD has gifted each of you. Who is 100% guilty of greed?  Most of you..

Everyone who believes in GODs real situation, now HOST as required by everyone,

Topic: World Sharing weekly event. Focus is HOW to Fast Path solve prevent ANY local issue per GODs commandments. When local mayor, city council refuses to complete project, WE GODS people eVOTE them out.

 Time: 9am, 1pm, 7pm Your Time Zone on Gods Earth.

 Every week each Sunday until end of time infinity. Download + import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.



Join Meeting.  Host your own SOLVE ANY ISSUE right now forums KeithsRulesOfOrder.

Meeting ID: 726 8227 1006,  Passcode: 7ZXz7z July 4, 1776 -> Aug 15, 2022 now weekly every Sunday 9am, 1pm, 7pm, as we all host mediate required Town Hall Forums for all televised recorded live-streamed Executives, Presidents, Leaders, Pastors, + CEOs who meet to achieve Total Equality World Global systems. Those who refuse to attend are replace exiled by all our people until Next Leader complies use of using  Contact all world leaders + Press today. Call Keith Duncan today and command Keith be protected + escorted to Testify Witness in front of EVERYONE all at one time using Keiths original human Vision Stabilizing systems. Included is ratification of with

Protect Keiths life by direct contacting us TODAY. Book us SaintKeith. IID 1-19580815-1 (+100% refer integrity)

We GODs People now Own and Control Manage and CareTake everything by orders Of We his Keith's People.

WHY is most humble Keith the ONLY person who has NO FEAR of anyone or anything that causes Mass poverty and Self Genocide war. Few if anyone has any confidence to destroy the worst criminals who roam freely because of your aptahy and lame blame excuses for why you can never ever create peacemaking communities led by each of you.


  HE (= Keith) is GODs paradigm Shift sage mediator master teacher of all our young adults who now assume ALL leadership responsibility worldwide at Corporate Executive levels, at all Government Leader levels as ONLY highly paid consultant project administrator consultants.

  Keith is 100% victim of organized criminals led by Robert Dee ROSE, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, each Judge, DA, Police, IRS, FBI, AG, DOD, even named +125 criminal terrorists who all profited by ordered Keiths kidnappings and pending murders by forced drug injections 3 times over those 6 illegal detainments 900 days ordered by Sherry Duncan, then only ROSE and Douglas Vernon Duncan. The rest of these named criminals violated every Constitutional laws , almost all U.S.C. laws, and each of my FatherGods 11 commandments of This started on Oct 4, 2007 when ROSE attempted to blackmail recruit Keith to run his cyber criminal attack terrorist organizations of in Cumming GA. Rose hides out at his $150Million USD 81unit condos starting back in 2005 same year Keith was sent by GOD to clear out all criminals and terrorists by showing GODs reality.

  Example of Keith reporting direct WHO and WHY attacked Jan 5, 2021 Democratic Republican Convention headquarters direct to FBI. We have NEVER EVER gotten required call backs from anyone to focus on WHO are the worst terrorists inside our very own Law enforcement agencies. forces anyone to testify by showing ONLY the criminals evidence devoid of heresay and faslt testimony of insane criminals who claim immunity because they work for 'the government ' = who ARE WE GODs people. = is GODs original mediation engineering systems.

July 18, 2021, Keith was at WoodStock GA requesting EVERYONE protect keith and put him on National TV since EVERYONE knows someone at TOP who actually cares about fate of humanity, Prophet

Great recent example of GOD talking to my people.

  Most clearly, everyone at FBI AG Police, named Judges will stand trial for denying Keiths rights to face each and every false accuser in the most profitable public scandal in USA even world history based only on the most extreme finanical, spiritual, educational, community damage done by each of them to PREVENT GODs simple system from being each of your new world share society.

   Robert Dee ROSE was always a cyber crime attack terrorist behind overthrow of Corporate Executives and GOV officials since 1995 per his confession testimony Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683.99 Aug 23, 2011 when NO one protected keiths life OR his mega trillions of USD intellectual Property and GOD gifted RIGHTS to overthrow all crime enterprises use of EVOTE.ONE at one time. WHO DO you KNOW to command all aspects of be completed one final time once is GODs new world stabilizing town hall forums each SUNDAY in every world village.

The greatest crimes against HUMANITY are WMD of HereSay SPOOFING, Commodity market Lucifer trading options known as trust funds, bonds, short/long orders, taxes, investments in publicly traded Corporations, and claims of JUST TRUST US. Reality is the more 'BROKERS' involved, the more poverty and mass self genocide occurs since dawn of man.
Join -Receive Common Stock

You are now citizen



    Become a UNIFIED World UNIocracy member today!

These are the base requirements for ownership of stock

using new world bylaws so you control our actions.

#1 You must be committed to be 100% honest and ethical. Teach others to do same.

#2 You must always contribute to the benefit welfare of others before thinking of self.

#3 You must recruit everyone you meet to tell them about Keith and Pro-Creation.

#4 Other requirement is use to solve any other issue.

#5 Always: Love, Care, and Protect the rights and lives of everyone. 1 Cor 13:13

#6 Contribute your own assets, talents, and expertise for the well-fare advancement of everyone. 

   Keith in Atlanta now, maybe even heaven soon, same as the rest of you who join here. The balance of criminals go to Hell to be tormented by the exiled Named real people most call LUCIFERs lead by #1 Robert Dee Rose / Berry Vic Reynolds, each of the Liar-Lawyers-Judges tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and Marietta P.D. 1-11-2506 conspiracies to Murder Keith, maybe even Sally Q Yates, billions of others. Only GOD, Keith, and our crusaders pass judgment on everyone else using Passing Judgment on others was always legalized by GOD and each of you. All other sins were legalized by the central authority Lucifers who claim only they can decide the fate of WE Gods People...  Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey is probably in cabal conspiracy with Rose. UNIFIES Mankind using our simple technology of WHO is WHO worldwide.

BBK20180208-RobertRose-OneOceanBahamas-t was always GODs original engineered Direct eDemocracy technology solution to Unify mankind by each of you being the Decision Makers who decide your own reality and destiny fate.

  Keith Brent Duncan 1-195808-1 (referential integrity +100%) SS 243-86-0043 now in Atlanta GA was clearly sent by GOD himself to lead humanity to PeaceMaking town hall forums modeled after ancient tribal communities who hired Tribal Leaders to Serve, Protect, and build all infrastructure managed by everyone as free market barter exchange farmer markets of trade. Destruction of all LUCIFERs and their agendas of deception and greed was always the 100% focus of each of you who want to be free will Sovereign Citizens who decide everything using EVOTE.ONE to benefit themselves first, then expansion to regional, federal, and universal realms.

  Since world war FIVE is currently the most deadly Holy Cost Holocaust Apololypse of Cyber Criminals attacking our communities using OUR GOD emerging internet and technology, surely each of you know SOMEONE who has decision making authority to provide required safe haven protection while all criminals are rounded up by ACTION of each community turnover to existing DOJ DOD Interpol forces whose only purpose is to investigate and seize criminally acquired wealth and assets known as the Lucifer Agenda including those of GivingPledge.ORG who are now automatic members of

  We are all mortal Care-Takers and CareGivers and now function as the overseers of all our local community issues once and forever.  GOD and his prime Messianic Messengers led by most humble KEITH (#1 world technologist) are full of anger wrath over what each of you are doing to each other that is self genocide once final time caused solely BY your Stupid GREED.

  As of Aug 14, 2021 absolutely NO One has acknowledged ANY of the answer methods I have personally delivered from my=our FatherGOD in heaven that benefits all +7.9 billion of my people. WHY? How can this be your reality?

Must be everyone is so self-centered you refuse to see WHO are the worst criminals and terrorists at the top, mid, and bottom caste levels of Lucifer agenda society. Use of Keiths systems changes the course of your legacy history.

  Since GOD personally sent Keith Brent Duncan to teach humanity self-salvation, no one can EVER deny your rights again to be free will sovereign citizens ever again. Destruction, exile, death, elimination of LUCIFER criminals world wide is GODs answer to unify mankind one final time using GODs direct eDemocracy FOIA.ONE system.

Published Sunday, 20210711 headquarters +1 770-377-2106 is open 24x7x365 days.


 Membership is FREE for 7.9 Billion Gods People. $10/month for direct access to everything. $1,000/month for Board of Directors level. $1 Million USD/year for Patron membership Board of Trustees. $10 Million/Year to be Executive Director President/CEO of each of Gods Engineered systems seen below.

  All income (recovered +$500 Million USD real and punitive damages) already legally designated to flow through as worlds last single Free Market Barter Exchange Trading platform of FOIA.ONE for same exact focus of GOD and KEITH to decentralize the elite wealthy back to greatest places of human needs.

 My Father GOD and Keith have finally agreed to watch each of you DESTROY each other so we will be free of your criminal and terrorist mindsets of 'WHAT is IN THIS for ONLY YOU=ME). We are SO sadden over your complete lack of ACTION to deal with any of your root issues, we are about to decide to pull the plug on your life support systems known as Water, Air, Food, and dry land to be known as the last Keiths (NOAH) flood pandemic of your sins when you decide it is okay to push the nuclear buttons of self destruction out of desperation of survival.

  SO BE IT by your very own choices. Updated by Duncan Aug 14, 2021 in Roswell Chaplins Bar and Grill, Georgia USA, state of perfected by GOD commissioned builtByKeith.

  Elimination of ALL criminal enterprise named individuals at one time is GODs only answer to achieve UTOPIA.

We have been recruiting, Hiring, consulting with top Mega Billionaire/Millionaires past 15, even 45 manyears to join us to achieve total world God required Equality peace since this is the total purpose of our ordained life, to solve any and all of mankinds root issues of greed to advance our human race as crime free Sovereign Citizens.  Once everyone of true merit integrity sees WHO is KEITH, our entire world now focuses on Free Travel Trade Energy land systems that we architected since this is WHY my father GOD sent Keith personally to be New World #1 leader.

  All of ProphetKeiths systems protect the rights, lives, and assets of each of you. Destruction exile of all VIOLATORS of GOD and Human rights was always the prime focus of each of you + keith. Our personal legal entity rights have been violated so extremely, we ask everyone to JOIN UNIocracy Gods systems and Host right now July 1-4, 2021. No delay as identified "Lucifer Criminal Terrorists' worldwide are bent on WMD self-genocide of any opposing honest integrity groups past 6600 years. This is the current World War FIVE we predicted year 2007. All aspects of New World Society below MUST be completed 1-3 next years since the most ruthless criminal terrorists have been depopulating mankind full time past 16 years.

Direct call Duncan +1 770-377-2106 to learn all about WHY you were each pro-created.

 The multiple robberies of Keiths 3 homes is all evidence of WHO destroyed GODs systems from year 2008 forward. Our civil rights have been SO persecuted like Christs, we finally turned all CRIMINALS over to YOU, GODS people to decide the fate destiny of all who violate GODs original 11 commandments.

BOOK Keiths Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Philantrophist Civil Right Leaders today was GODs system of how to solve any issue using to always identify the Root Cause of any issue that generates the effects. Basic MetaPhysics as everything GOD has procreated is interlinked and related.  As of Aug 4, 2021 these are the answer subsystems to unify reform mankind by use of GODs emerging technology to eliminate named persons who refuse to surrender to the Will of Majority of GODs people.  If anyone makes an error, mistake, violates the rights of anyone, same person is now held 100% accountable to rectify their omission or harm by correcting their action, paying back 3 to 10x restitution if their victim asks them to show all evidence of why the violated the rights of others.  Forgiveness never means forgetting the actions of person. FOIA.ONE is the prime repository of human knowledge and wisdom to advance our own human race by recording all prime events so current and future generations of man can learn never to repeat the mistakes of their forefounders.  

 Most humble Keith is clearly forefounding father of guiding the original billionaires to teach them their only focus is now as SPENDERS and MENTORs, and nothing less.

  Each of these websites point to -subdomain--  and must be preserved by everyone including the contents of and to create your final legacy heritage.

  As of Aug 4, 2021, the dates shown are the expiration renewal of each Gods solution website Domain. Jul 31, 2022 Jul 31, 2022 Jul 31, 2022 Jul 28, 2022 Jul 28, 2022 Jul 25, 2022 Jul 22, 2022 Jul 22, 2022 Jul 15, 2022 Jul 15, 2022 Jul 8, 2022 Jun 27, 2022 Jun 16, 2022 Jun 16, 2022 Jun 16, 2022 Jun 14, 2022 Jun 6, 2022 May 29, 2022 May 29, 2022 May 25, 2022 May 21, 2022 May 8, 2022 May 3, 2022 May 3, 2022 Apr 29, 2022 Apr 29, 2022 Apr 27, 2022 Apr 21, 2022 Apr 21, 2022 Apr 15, 2022 Apr 13, 2022 Apr 12, 2022 Apr 8, 2022 Apr 2, 2022 Feb 14, 2022 Jan 9, 2022 Jan 11, 2022 Sep 27, 2021 Sep 27, 2021 Sep 26, 2021 Sep 26, 2021 Sep 13, 2021 Sep 13, 2021 Sep 13, 2021 Sep 13, 2021 Sep 12, 2021 Sep 12, 2021 Sep 4, 2021 Sep 4, 2021 Sep 4, 2021 Sep 1, 2021 Aug 29, 2021 Aug 21, 2021 Aug 19, 2021 Aug 19, 2021 Aug 19, 2021 Aug 16, 2022 Aug 9, 2022 Aug 9, 2021 Aug 8, 2022

### At extreme risk of being lost forever for lack of funds to renew 1 more year. Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021   Critical Community Crime Watch for each village. Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021 Aug 7, 2021  -Original webcam/cellphone human stabilizer patent system. Aug 7, 2021 -Original that was also target of Terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2022  -Most critical Free Water source and power for all humanity. Aug 6, 2022  -Details of new free barter market farmers market exchange. Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2022  -Original Model system of how to contract with anyone. Aug 6, 2022 -Prevent and reverses all mass poverty once and forever. Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2022  -Basis of everything of why GOD sent KEITH to unify everyone. Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2022 -New World ONE universal stabilizing Constitution for all. Aug 6, 2021 Aug 6, 2021

Contact forefounding father Duncan +1 770-377-2106 to appear on national TV Media today.  As of June 23, 2021. Keith returns to Heaven soon, unable to find a single soul who protects the lives, rights, or assets of any OTHER. Therefore mankind deserves self genocide justified as this has occurred hundreds of times since the dawn of civilized mankind.

  July 10, 2021 Reality is Keith (myself) have found only a few persons who live in Gods reality. Everyone else is so self absorbed in self interest instant gratification, 99% of humanity are LUCIFERIANS who fully believe 'GET IT NOW FOR THEM, or someone else will steal what is left over from the ELITE'. So many words are used to deny your rights to claim ownership of GODs assets that KEITH remains beyond shcoeck and stunned that super criminals, terrorists, ruthless pricks, murderers, rapists, drug/gun/gamblers, and others of total ill repute are running the top corporations and ARE so many of the Politicians who claim ONLY they can decide the fate of our world regardless of their ultimate sins of depravity that are always easy to see. NO one actually protects victims anymore. Gods original Due Process of LAW has been perverted to the point of being totally worthless. SO KEITH alone has re-written the fate of you his PEOPLE by showing all aspects of how to enforce ethics and integrity of self and all others with legally binding video based contracts that can never be hacked and used to persecute you or anyone others. The criminal sprees of Robert Dee ROSE, DUNCAN clan, and millions of other criminals is the reality that MUST be faced by each of you by holding them ALL accountable at one time using GODs systems that KEITH has been perfecting each and every day of his life.  ###  Domain Names of Product Expiry JULY 4, 2021.  UNIFIES mankind one final TIME. Expires Sep 27, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 New World Crime Free Society. Aug 6, 2021 Clearinghouse.  Expires end of eternity by GODs Command Orders. is WHO Keith always was serving GOD and HUMANITY his entire life. 2022

SOLUTIONPEACE.ORG Aug 6, 2021  Aug 6, 2021  Last one final infamy summary of how to UNIFY all humanity. -New World all Small Business Gods Systems.

RealityIs.Space -Summary of HOW GODs system is advance of HUMAN race through his Technology  May 21, 2022   -Electronic Aircraft literally all transportation systems now electric.  Reg May 14, 2022.  Crime Free HydroGen Blimps replace all shipping industries.  .  May 3, 2022   -Universal simple voice COmmand drive system for everyone. . May 3, 2022 -Basis for Relationship RE-MANAgement designed GOD . Apr 29, 2022  -Solves and prevents all gun violence once/forever. . Apr 27, 2022 -Simple almost free mining of Gods Earth crust forever. . Apr 21, 2022 . Apr 21, 2022 . Apr 15, 2022   -Solve Prevents ALL. . Apr 13, 2022 . Apr 12, 2022 . Apr 8, 2022 . Apr 2, 2022 . Feb 14, 2022 . Jan 9, 2022              creatorkeith.comBusiness EmailJul 11, 2021 . Sep 26, 2021       . Sep 26, 2021 . Sep 13, 2021   . Sep 13, 2021 . Sep 13, 2021  . Sep 13, 2021 . Sep 12, 2021    . Sep 12, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 1, 2021 . Aug 29, 2021                . Aug 21, 2021 . Aug 19, 2021      . Aug 19, 2021 . Aug 19, 2021 . Aug 16, 2021 . Aug 9, 2021                . Aug 9, 2021 . Aug 8, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021        . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021     . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021       . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021       . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021    . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 

GODs Headquarters Office +1 770-377-2106 contact 24x7 open lines.

DEFINE UNIocracy: Will of Majority of Collective eVOTErs use form of TelePATHy (computers) to arrive at the next Best Solution decision benefits local WE Gods people.. was always your most humble new world CEO Founding Leader of 7.9 Billion Gods people.
  UNIocracy was always GODs original free will choice tribal system of each Community deciding its own reality and destin fate.  Each group eVotes on who are the leaders and support them AFTER they fearlessly serve and protect as highly compensated consultant advisor leader project managers. If the leaders violate the rights of their tribe, they are put to death, exiled, or sent off to mediate peace and work projects with neighboring tribes to benefit everyone.
  July 2, 2021. Known as the 'ultimate meantime', on a very personal reality note, I am the most prolific inventor keynote speaker, most humble research developer engineer consultant architect of all time. I remain very lonely for a new wife equality partner to share the mega billions of real $$ wealth I always deserved to control and redistribute to all of mankind at the next greatest places of need. I search for high IQ lady who loves to meet thousands, even millions of new people helping me host arenas and stadiums full of deserving people to learn all about their new free will world society.
   Best type of person I have researched is mindset of people like Sandra Bullock, September Dohrmann(, and others who truly serve and protect all others.  This we record for all posterity same as our 62 manyears of working for GOD and all Humanity our entire lives. Certainly my world will now protect Keith and my teams of Evangelists.
 June 23, 2021 The Ultimate GODS MeanTime. NOW. Set up VIDEO CONFEReNCE CALL with our TOP people for 9 pm EST = 9 am Friday AM Manila time FOCUS MUST be top ASPECTS of how to fast path transfer over $300 TRILLION real USD back to places of greatest needs. Everything NOW driven by MASS PUBLICIty of that empowers all share holders and bank depositers to EVOTE. ONE decide WHO are the top Mega Billionaire and Mega Millionaire Executives worldwide. WE now decide their highly paid in cash consultant fees after they complete the required NEXT best project. APPLIES to all mayors worldwide. NO acts of CONGRESS or horrible cyber criminal terrorists can now ESCAPE and HIDE like by PAYING off our very own Police, DA, IRS, FBI, CIA, InterPOL to escape justice from the crimes against humanity they have been conducting post World War TWO. Only by WILL of Majority of EVOTE.ONE GODs sovereign Citizens will humanity achieve Total Global Peace. and will be the first world ministries financed DIRECTLY by members of and GLORIA REYES at +63 with Marisa Cordova 09165029395 Manila new office KEITHS old SIM GLOBE 09173354300 must be PUT BACK on LIVE for 100 million Filipinos to call directly...
   FOCUS on mass publicity of that reverses ALL climate change and fossil fuel worldwide. Another FIRST to build massive infrastructure INSIDE OUR mountains worldwide. WE GODs people control everything. Never again will Corporate Executives and Gov Officials be the ONLY decision makers to decide our reality and destiny fates.
  Current New World Order is total control by named and 'faceless' Corporate Executives and lunatic cybercriminal terrorists starting with Robert Dee ROSE. Keith was sent by GOD to teach total world reformation unification to return all 7.9 billion of God + Keiths most beloved people back into one tribal CreatorKeith modeled system.  This is reverse of New World Order Central Authority chain of command.  One the megaBillionaires MegaMillionaires are held fully accountable and no longer control the By-Laws of OUR corporations, UNIocracy is your new free world migrated society when all worst bigots, racists, murders, rapists, con-artists, literally any violator is fast path brought to justice by action of the victims and a few Dept of Social Justice officials who are tasked with protecting the rights, assets, and lives of any victim using
 in exact order:, ChildProtectCoalition, +, and all other aspects of the cross referenced list shown below.
Call SaintKeith Duncan today 770-377-2106 to protect his rights to testify witness everything back to our beloved GOD focused humanity ECO Green Free Will people since everyone benefits once our GODS assets re redistributed once and forever using all aspects of what Keith has personally pro-created, organized, cross referenced, and deployed.
  Keith has been most cruelly defrauded, robbed, stalked, and persecuted now 13 years by Super terrorist Robert Dee ROSE cabals who all roam freely because no one actually enforces GOD commandments or any other laws. is worlds last citizens arrest system to ensure victims are paid back 10x restitution.
  June 10, 2021 Peacesummit2020,com is GODs final answer to UNIFY mankind. Same as alpha dawn of man. is universal non-JUDGMENTAL one world voting system so tribal communities deal with THEIR own local issues. NO taxes, NO gov, NO mega Corporate Executives who think they RULE as KINGS of Hong Kong Kings. Slave Trading is the most horrific crimes against humanity including sacrificial torture killing of my Father GODs young children. author of part of and all other aspects of total world unification.


 June 7, 2021 Protect Keiths life right now. Call headquarters +1 770.377.2106 

God asked me to tell all of you this. If I am murdered, imprisoned, or threatened a single time more by anyone, GODs anger and 7.9 billion people wrath will rain down on all of you. Everyone seized by Citizens arrest using GOD + Keiths methods, turned over to any DOJ law enforcement officials will be rewarded with the seized assets. 1st percentage goes to first respondent, then next payout goes to all confirmed victims. 1% goes to Balance goes to local community for

   I have no fear of anyone since GOD has been recalling back to heaven back in Oct 3, 2011 when an arrestee in Henderson County Las Vegas NV jail told me I was a sovereign citizen free to prosecute anyone based on only the criminals evidence so no Heresay could ever be used again to imprison, torture, murder, and rape/pillage/plunder any of my most beloved GODS people. The prime issue past +1000 years is Lucifers dominate with fear and intimidation using any means and ways to recruit other Lucifers.  Keiths deployed systems eliminates all crime networks once and forever using GODs technology of Evote.ONE that was always GODs commandments of The Last Testament of:

  May 24, 2021 Back in Atlanta GA to Broadcast all about CRIMINALs and COMMAND FBI AG DOD actually PROTECT Keiths life as required by ALL Constitutional and Statue DUE Process of laws now enforced Going BACK to AG Richard B Russell Atl Federal Courthouse at 1:30 pm alone to file top criinal conspiracies based only on Criminal signed evidence from 2005 forward.

May 25, 2021. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  We are original first to market E-Learning any universal stabilizing system and valued over $500 Million USD year 2010-2012 period forward to AT&T Glenn_Lurie and and Ellen Valentine through catalog contract. is worlds last Human Stabilizing System deals with total eDemocracy decisions.


  We visit today. Contact Andrew J Young at as we personally debriefed him Oct 14, 2014 and videoed + all other aspects of New World Society past 45 man-years.  Contact Dean Sally Wallace,, 404-413-0021, 404-413-0141
  Immediate most formal request to Meet Mark Becker 404-526-8622 on driven by use of universal ONE direct eDemocracy voting system store and forwarded through worlds last open public source database of electronic everything FOIA.ONE.  Politics is a horrible excuse for how Top world ELITE mega Billionaires legally embezzle our assets and growth dividends profits back to their families since most buy the Politicians as law makers and lobbyists use of Stock Options, Insider Day trading, Executive Perks, list is endless.
    We are in Atlanta TODAY and Wed at Intl Headquarters remote office 770-377-2106. We have NO time left for the WAIT DELAY excuses of most we have gifted $500 Million usd, actually mega TRILLIONS in intellectual how to property.  Keith Duncan is 


May 12-31, 2021. is execute deployed left behind as the ONLY METHOD for Guardian Angel Trust Foundation Members to mediate round table with ALL World Executives and World Presidents that WE GODS people control everything to benefit our own communities, banks, eCommerce malls, stock markets, and infrastructure, once and forever for GODs purpose of unification.
  WE GODs people and decide NEXT best project use of and to detach all politics and self serving idiots from deciding what to do NEXT. empowers all stock holders to use proxy of who they know and trust to EVOTE.ONE who are the corporate executives and their pay in cash full taxable compensation. 20,000 corporate aircraft are now sold off to and used for humanitarian airlift and rented back to now retired +200,000 top mega millionaires who know serve as Professors in our high schools and free universities of as Foreign Exchange Student/Military/Professors redistributes both wealth and wisdom knowledge of my FatherGOD back to greatest places of needs starting with in Manila Philippines then the NGA mountains of BLUE RIDGE and ASHEVILLE to build Intl Headquarters of UNIocracy where everyone partners to be overseers of our=your new world eDemocracy known as GODs Paradise FOIA.ONE UNIocracy.
  Clearly most humble of all Gods Messengers is Keith Brent Duncan 1-1958-01-1 (IID) as worlds first last Trillionaire of who gift serves everything back of GODs back to all humanity. 
CONTACT and crowdfund us TODAY to go to YOUR greatest places of needs on Intl TV media when NO ads or billboards will be allowed in our communities of total equality shared collective cooperative shared resources.

 Define UNIocracy is Gods own collective cooperative new world replacement direct eDemocracy original society free of all Politicians and Mega Cor-Pirate Executives (banksters are the worse) who criminally think they own our GOD assets.
  This is GODs only method to restore HIS assets back to Keiths peoples greatest places of needs.

 Use of EVOTE.ONE reverse EXILES any Corporate Executive or Gov Official who REFUSE to complete NEXT best project commanded by will of Majority of GODs people. Use of is GODs generator to replace any root issue.

 Today, Crowd Fund Keiths growing members of to complete all aspects of UNIOCRACY that deal with all aspects of the original sin, vice, crimes against of humanity known as Predatory Greed, ego, Arrogance, sin, vice.
  Everyone who JOINS and Contributes is paid with Common Stock and transferred assets seized by and correct use of OUR DOJ DOD new Dept of Social Justice universal manpower systems. is worlds LAST open public single stabilizing Constitution composed of 1 EVOTE.ONE direct e Democracy, 2. Gods original 10 commandments in current Intl Dialog. 3. Human Intl Bill Of RIGHTS called HIBOR..
  This alone is GODs original tribal system to unify all mankind by decentralizing all decision making authorities who are now called SPENDERS of the gray hair age catagory who are now are top educator Mentors of
  Updated April 30, 2021 We are in Charlotte NC visiting everyone including Billy Graham Evangelist groups at 828-262-1980 on cross market support for that also achieves total world global equality peacemakers at all community levels. We were harassed by a few during our visits when they claimed we had no right to speak to Franklin and Will Graham directly. Same as thousands of C-Executives, Pastors, Public servant Officials, literally most we have met past 15 years.  So we did anyway, always broadcasting GODs truth to everyone we have met so Keith can finally return to heaven as he prophesied long long ago. Past 30 days we travel with Charles R, our fellow duel key eyewitness on contacting TOP DOJ officials FBI, AG, and others who are always commanded to protect our lives collectively.
  Defined: Ruled by a singularity of all human minds connected via technical or non-technical telepathy (computer systems and Mediated Town Hall Forums and Conclaves) acting as a form of super computer to make decisions based on shared patterned experiences to deliver fair and accurate decisions to problems as they arrive. (The NEXT Best Decision)
  Keiths Heritage Legacy simple data driven eVote.ONE system starts with One New World Constitution with 3 prime Sections of Evote Direct Decision 8 Step Laws, 11 Original Commandments of Be Honest, and One Human Bill of Gods Rights to ensure everyone acts with Fearless Authority to protect the rights of all others. Computer Science simple technology is now used to enforce integrity with legally binding video based contracts for all transcriptional exchanges.  Free Internet, Free Electricity + Water + Roads + Land + Malls with Free Education to any PHD level is the prime method of migrating Gods wealth back to the most impoverished nations by transfer of Mega Millionaires who are the top ECO engineer scientist doctors, lawyers, and educational experts in all expertise. First Requirement is Protecting our one fore Founding NGSystem Guardian Angel Mediators life and assets as required commanded back in fall 2010.
  Anyone who is a top Corporate Executive, a convicted felon, or top Government official anywhere in world is required to be RFID and cell phone tracked 24x7 as a condition of their legally binding contract with Gods People.  This is the reversal of the 'Mark of the 666 Beast' of our cellphones and data transactions, CCTV, and other methods criminals use to track GODs people. We TRACK 'them' as a condition of their obligations to serve and protect us.
Skip Eliminate ALL ads worldwide. All are scam propaganda to steal our aseets.
SaintKeith is GODs CityMaker Frontliner sent to UNIFY mankind using 100% integrity, common sense, and old technology to empower each community to SOLVE and PREVENT their very own local issues. As of May 1, 2021, not a single soul has ever execute deployed generated solutions to rid our world of all LUCIFERS at the top who ARE the BILKanaires, MILKanaires of the banking, real estate, stock market, transportation, energy, and other institutes who already are depopulating GODs earth by brainwashing propaganda of 'Just drink their poison COOL-AID' of promises.

List of World Commandment Directive Covenants.

   April 13, 2021 with renew dates. Duncan Guardian Angel Trust Foundation Philanthropists of  April 13, 2021 Gods method of solving ANY nano to Gods eye view universally.  April 10, 2021. Protects all Gods children from sexual predators and abusive anyone.

     Deals with Community Crime Watch Guardian Angels used worldwide. below. May 9, 2022  -Simple massive hydrogen Blimp system to capture Water energy to reverse pump through turbines down to inside Mountain Caverns for all electric Society run by generator Turbines.  May 9, 2022 -Lasers used like hole saws and cross hatch. Then rock/minerals mined out using massive vibrators powered by water turbine electric driven hydraulics. Harvesting GODS massive energy of Rainfall and hurricane energy deals with no FLOODing, no disasters, no more PIRATING like China Three Dams, Hoover Dam, TVA projects by mega bilKionaires who hide behind Laws passed by few GOV officials who always send first profits to first families.

JoyDrive.US May 1, 2022 Retrofit of 50% of all legacy autos powered by Golf cart style batteries and new rear suspension of 2 simple Tesla style eDrive Motors. Massive increase in lifespan of all transportation systems once everyone uses free high speed underground electric subways and overland electric rail. All cars commanded by cell pones. so no switches or controls can go bad as wiring repair is extremely expensive and is the PRIME revenue for all car repair and dealer shops. Sales profits to commission persons skyrockets, clients drive for JOY at virtually no expense and corporate Executives no longer use Corporate Cars as those costs are writeoffs on OUR stock holder books. Aug 6, 2021  Fullfillment of Old testament and prophecies of previous messengers., Sep 12, 2021  Eric Nagapatan small business example. Aug 6, 2021  #1 consultant Mediator of all time. Keith Duncan Sep 26, 2021 Original INC year 2009 master of all trade expertise. Aug 6, 2021  Dup backup. Aug 7, 2021    Manila Lively-hood system trainer educators. Aug 7, 2021  Community Crime Watch Guardians of our world. Sep 4, 2021   Spiritual Leaders UNITE to reform each community. Aug 7, 2021  dup same.  Business Email  Apr 11, 2021. expired. Aug 16, 2021  Clearing house of all world saving solutions.

EarthFirst.Space Aug 7, 2021  Concert of Peace Makers held worldwide. Aug 9, 2021  Single world eDemocracy voting central system Aug 9, 2021   Dup same. Aug 29, 2021   Worlds last stabilizing Open Public database of everything. Aug 6, 2021  Dup same Aug 6, 2021  year 2009 system of Broadcasting of Where is Keith. Sep 26, 2021  Gloria Reyes in Manila Consulting services, Sep 13, 2021  Philippines only Federalism system gifted 2019 Aug 7, 2021  Human Stabilizer system patented 2009 Sep 4, 2021   Worlds central emergency clearing open communication system. Aug 19, 2021  One new world currency system of kDebits and kCredits. Aug 19, 2021  Replaces Mark of Beast 666 with autotracking of named elite and violators. April 12, 2022 Original Network expansion system of pure integrity ethics. Aug 7, 2021  Citizens arrest of Borderless Justice using Bounty Reward system. Aug 7, 2021  decentralizing of ownership of ALL electricity production worldwide. Sep 27, 2021 Prime GODs focus to unify mankind at one time. May 1, 2021. Was Sept 2011.    Sep 27, 2021 Dup backup. Aug 7, 2021 Patent worth over $500 Million USD by year 2013. Aug 21, 2021. New world Corporate By-Law System as low investors get 1st profits. Sep 12, 2021  Name of Keith Duncan from Gods world viewpoint. Aug 6, 2021 backup duplication. Some use word CLONE. space April 12, 2022 Prime 2 methods to prevent ANY ID theft worldwide. Aug 6, 2021 Prime anti all drug education livelyhood training system. Aug 6, 2021  Transfer of over $500 Trillion USD of wealth to mountains. Aug 19, 2021  Total world Judicial TORT reform for all humanity. Aug 6, 2021  Single New world stabilizing Constitution once and forever. Aug 6, 2021 backup dup. Aug 8, 2021 All military families convert as ONLY world community Investigators. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup. Feb 14, 2022. For Philippines to be Sovereign Ambassador free citizens. Aug 6, 2021  Prime methods of achieving total world equality financial peace forever. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup. Aug 6, 2021 Conversion of all electricity production to all Hydro Turbine power.      Aug 7, 2021 small business education all systems. Aug 7, 2021  Reality of fast path elimination of all world criminal terrorists,. Sep 13, 2021  Summary final solution of GODs engineered plans of self salvation. Sep 1, 2021 Patent 2012 (1976) 50% conservation of all world electricity power. Aug 6, 2021  Will of Majority of each communities determines NEXT best project. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup. Sep 13, 2021  NEast of Manila major hydro Power project gigaWatts free energy. Sep 13, 2021 Same project of new mixed used development owned by Filipinos. Jan 9, 2022  Describes WHO is the son of Man. Sep 4, 2021  100% free technology, wifi, open free education exchange for mankind. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup.

### End of Master Keiths List. Updated Legacy April 13, 2021 at Blue Ridge Mayors City Council Meeting.


Here is the master list of Website broadcast Covenants of for world to see they are ONLY persons to deal with their own reality today. was why GOD pro-Created Keith Brent Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 to host required press conferences with all top world C Executives and World Presidents now deadly deadline of April 1, 2020. Original SAME press conclave conferences were Sept 14, 2011 when Keith went direct to WSB750AM Condance Pressley, and went to Sally Q Yates as GA Attorney General to request federal protection against ONLY Robert Dee ROSE the most ruthless cyber criminal terrorist from year 1995 by his very own Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 Aug 24, 2011 attempts to have KEITH arrested so ROSE could finally destroy everything that GOD gifted YOU = humanity. Keith at cell 725-200-7683. SKYPE: TeenMM.

March 30, 2021



Lyn  and world. CALL Duncan 725-200-7683. TRUE messianic messenger sent by GOD. Always thought others had same GODs focus on protecting the rights of all others and sharing WHAT our father has gift loaned us all, HIS earth and asset resources. 100% true we are serial victims of ROBERT DEE ROSE and so many other named persons who thought they could murder their victims while graft paying off the same DOJ officials of OUR Courts to be dead silent like occurred Jan 15, 2008 forward in Atlanta GA.  

 What we left behind is GODs legacy heritage engineered systems to enforce using three level trilogy of NO corrupt judges, full scale free world education, and ONE world GODs covenant constitution of homogenous unified GODs people who immediately hold anyone accountable for violating basic laws of Never Steal, never LIE, Never HIDE, never recruit others to do 1,2,3 the same.  

   The Lucifers of 8000 year old Egyptian Pharaoh false God zealots family dynasties have already controlled our databases and communications infrastructure. Simple use of Keiths pro-created technology of common sense enforcement of GODS commandments is now complete in all aspects as dignity and respect for all others is the FOCUS of why GOD procreated Keith Christmas 1957, born AI Database IID 1-19580815-1 to be #1 World Forefounding Mediator Consultant  

    Our Cell 725-200-7683 as we go back to NGA and NC mountains Thursday April 1, 2021, same day as we COMMANDED all World Executives and World Presidents round table decide THEY are only highly paid consultants who do the bidding of WE GODS people. No more violators of GODS covenants will ever go unpunished and forced to testify WHO are their victims and pay back three times required restitution. Keith owed over $500 Million USD based on all the damage caused by destruction of ALL the same Intellectual Property we were sent by GOD to deliver until successful.

 Keith Brent Duncan.  SKYPE: TeenMM

List Gods Solution Methods is the ONLY ordained divined education system to UNIFY our entire human race forever Orders of WE the People.

Updated March 14, 2021 Ides of Keith Duncan 2066 years after J.C. Brutally murdered March 15, 44 B.C. 

  We are at Epps Aviation today asking for Pat Epps to accept 10 corporate jets and turboprops for use by Angel flight as we offered back in 2011 and again summer 2014 airshow. We are the unknown SUPER star inventors, keynote speakers, and anti- all crime experts from year 1976 NCSU computer science extreme research and development.

 100% true that ROBERT DEE ROSE cyber tracked us, robbed our homes, forced into hell jail 4 times so he would not be exposed by FOIA.ONE and our other comprehensive reverse of all mass poverty.

  Currently we are still FORSAKEN by everyone who has no clue WHY GOD sent KEITH and a few others to RATIFY UNIFY Reform all of mankind. Our very own FBI, AG, USMarshals, SALLY Q YATES at have been direct contacted so many times, some insider group of criminals has criminally blocked our simple turnover of

  Please renew our Tmobile 725-200-7683 by Monday March 15, 2021 and actually ESCORT us to WSB750 Candance Pressley, CNN, AJC, TBN, other major even COX communications media broadcasters. We are war heros by this time surviving by SELLING off everything we ever owned to arrive at  CONCLAVE that creates in fast path record time using

 Last update Feb 27, 2021. We are crowdfunding to emergency return to Atlanta GA now. Requires only $200 USD now.

1. Testify TO WITH FBI AG in Atlanta and simple TURNOVER over of everything regarding ROBERT DEE ROSE, clearly enemy of STATE for infiltrating well over 300 Mega Millionaire Corporate Executive homes starting with UPS executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA and Atty ALexander Cyclone Covey of

2.  Host Press CONFERENCES with WORLD presidents and World Corporate Executives fully focused on NEW WORLD REALITY of that replaces all known forms of GOVERNMENTS and MEGA CORPORATE BY-LAWs so WE GODS people now control and manage all aspects of OUR local communities while redistributing over $400 TRILLION USD of Criminal assets to third and fourth world nations who have been impoverished BECAUSE of the NWO criminal ruling elite the past 500 years starting back in Martin Luther era 1493 caused by violators of HUMAN RIGHTS in the Roman Catholic Church system. 

 Keiths DIRECT CELL is now +1 725-200-7683.

 The entire UNIocracy GOD engineered system is about SELF SALVATION unification reform. ONLY by WE GODS people dealing with local issues with Town Forum mediated RESULTS will the power chain of command central authority be eliminated once and forever.  Easy to see WHO are the mega Wealth Elite who use OUR first profits to preselect the few elected GOV officials as puppet law breakers who seldom if ever serve and protect the civil rights of WE the workers of all expertise fields. 

  As of historical legacy Feb 20, 2021, Keith is your forefounding ProCreator of all solution methods that EACH of you own and control at all levels. We require CROWDFUNDING and direct calls to ALL top Corporate Executives and World Presidents to SOLVE OUR issues and stop embezzling and pirating GODs assets. We are all only mortal caretakers.  The answer is ALWAYs that all top leaders are treated as highly paid in cash Consultants who have no power or authority to be anything other than directed administrators of GODs wealth and assets. This is the final broadcast update required to MOTIVATE MY PEOPLE to TAKE ACTION by hosting peace Making Forum rallies in all churches, all parks, all hotels and public places right now.  Call us direct so we can finally OVERTURN everything of true merit back to WE same GODS people.   Kbd.  Cell USA +1 725-200-7683. Currently sleeping off street in cardboard box after TWO prodigal sons stranded their very own father the very final time. Call them Matthew V Duncan 770-826-4632, Kyle Smith Duncan 770-826-4632, and yes, Alexander Cyclone Covey Atty Atlanta GA and GBI Berry Vic Reynolds, and Sally Q yates to stand trial for the destruction of same UNIocracy GOD delivered systems they destroyed use of NO evidence NORFOLK VA 4:11cr112. That all points at super criminal terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE and anyone tied to organized crimes worldwide.  Kbd. 

  Feb 6, 2021. historical legacy day Just met Inl GOOGLE development manager white beard 64yold grad of Duke University NC in Anaheim Mex Restaurant who lives NEXT to Larry PAGE for FOIA.ONE to be GOOGLE world famous deployment of worlds last super do it all open public database. Surely all USA Corp Exec + USA GOV will rush to find me now at cell 725-200-7683 as THEY work for ALL OF US the voters, taxpayers, and SPENDENDER of all time members. On Target right now. Duncan. The most powerful self-evident Reform Unification Revolution DATABASE is here to Free our People of all crime networks.  Freedom Open Information Action = #1 World Database New Society all Driven by ACTION of you our most beloved peace keeping people. Our NEW society is driven by EVOTE.ONE

  We are Gods Prophets most astute Scientist Engineer R&D Professors of all expertise. We are here to Serve and Protect All. Constitutional Laws of empowers everyone to decide the fate of everyone + everything. Only by replacing all known forms of voting, government systems, and mega corporations at the TOP levels, will humanity understand WE GODs people always control and manager by CARETAKING all of GODs assets. This is Everything by Everyone system driven by EVOTE.ONE

  We Keiths People identify and rapidly testify turn over all evidence of who violates OUR Rights to be free will sovereign citizens.

  WE GODS people now real time EVOTE WHO are all Corporate Executives as WE command the Next Best Project that is fully tracked by Open public general ledgers, all bids, contracts, ALL Laws. Includes WE evote on what laws and rules to make and what to abolish.

 Keith has personally most formally requested to be debriefed by anyone and appointed as Peace Process Mediator Cabinet Member.

  Our members are all World Presidents, Corp Leaders led by most humble Keith Duncan.

  Keith flys back to USA anytime. Now on emergency basis to host with World Press + Presdients, CEOs since NO one else mortal has ever survived such cyber crime attacks against YOUR economy. CONTACT all Major Press and Tom Hag at 702-349-9337 as USMarine Son Matthew Vernon Duncan can also bring my commanders to protect my life on Jan 12, 1:40 pm arrival since key FBI AG named officials have been paid off by ROSE and GBI Dir Berry Vic Reynolds of Atlanta GA.

  Includes all members of GivingPledge.orgINTERPOL FoIA.ONE, Sally Q Yates of, Gloria Reyes Exec President 0929-172-3744, Exec Marketing Marisa Cordero 09165029395, Charles M. Link II (, Elon MUSK of (, Tom Haag +1 702-349-9337, GMA cousin Capt Felix Macapagal B666 09216064422, (big shares) Alona Diaz 09564471784, President Duterte, PACC 0927-4788538, Presidents Joint Chiefs of Staff Co-Presidents Trump/Biden, Russian Putin. Senator Manny Pacquaio through Atty Jose Malvar Villegas 09196116029 of, All Gov Leaders, all true Spiritual Leaders of of Andy Stanley of NorthPoint.ORG. Ronnie Pineda 09561287271, Jun Catan, Agnes Vinluan 09979119373, Butch Gelgica family, Eric Negapatan 09504994913, Interpol Jesse DelaCruz 09770703-7431, AFP Gen Restituto Padilla 0917-855-9369, NBIDir Ferdie Lavin 0929-901-0964, +1 770-410-6000, DILG Usec Martin Dino 09175335765, all members,,,, Jim Wilkerson Veritek +1 303-549-1401, Dick Bruso +1 303-841-5122, Henry Estipona, Justin Recla +1 502-508-5548, dr James Montoya 0917-8590063, Bishop Tony Marioghae 09272461522, Joel Solante 09567790154, Allan 09164620870 **, Vern Compas 0926-0763807, Tin Gonzaga 09275013488, DU30 Peace Process Juan Rana 09088912818, Rich M. Valles 09163086349,

   10 Shares gifted to ORIGINAL KEITHS board of Directors September Dohrmann(widow of Bernie +1 727-946-3523, Dr George +1 216-691-6686 x201, Ed Bogle +1 918-269-3449, Hugh Ballou +1 540-250-2593, Harry Lay +1 918-743-5800,, SEC Atty Steve Myers +1 858-9222006,  Dr Tom McPeak +1 770-757-3021, Bonnie Kanner +1 310-261-8671, Bob Circosta +1 727-572-8855, Hampton +1 562-259-7252, Focus on John-Leslie Brown +1 702-683-2530, Omia Mansi +1 514-663-0280, Albert Primo +1 203 637-0044

  Call Chris Morris +1 770-493-7578 Keiths BOD Finance manager year 2009 guilty of honoring Forged P.O.A. from Murdered Brian Walker Dead/cremated Dec 7, 2013 that has never been investigated.,

   Complete list on Keiths databases that were and are assassination targets of Terrorists showcased

  10 shares also issued to each of the persons listed on that transfers +50 Trillion USD migration.

   All have NGsystem Shared Stock registered with Aaron Young Law Inc + Scott Arden Laughlin Associates +1 800-648-0966 in Reno Nevada, USA 2014Dec23. This supercedes replaces original INC Atl GA USA year 2009.

Our list is over 5,000 named persons who personally know and LOVE=support keith brent duncan.  Updated Jan 7, 2020.

     We have delivered EVERYTHING to everyone tens of thousand of times including 50 times to INTERPOL and to Jesse DelaCruz at Malvar 63 918-610-4268, 0977703-7431 who still refuses like everyone else to PROTECT Keiths life while WE debrief world Leaders who are the current ONLY Decision Makers.

  We have most formally requested, commanded, demanded Diplomatic Sovereign Immunity since fall of 2011 so we can collectively witness, testify, mediate with World Presidents and top Corporate Executives to achieve Total Equality Peace using GODS engineered technology that advances our own human race. No one shares any evidence or information since absolute control over our data, assets, lives is the ancient NWO Lucifer agenda of hidden terrorists who control who lives and who are murdered by remote control of war machines driven by our young adults who have no clue they are committing mass self genocide. destroys these terrorists at the top of the human food chain.
  We arrived USA LAX Jan 12, 2021 and fully expect to be greeted and actually protected by MY Military, MY Press, MY people where I go next to the Greatest places of needs.  Feb 15, 2021 is the deadliest DEADLINE in world history as World War FIVE is about to finish the Lucifer agenda of holocaust apocalypse...

  as of Feb 6, 2021 we are totally stranded since NO ONE sees we work fulltime FOR all corporate meaga corporater executives FOR humanity and the very feew gov officials who actually PROTRECT our lives likew Sally Q Q Yates at in Atlanta GA re Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 true reality conspires of massive coverups and ewven serial murders..

  Rose told me Dec 2007 "Anyone can sue anyone for anything'. This is the LUCIFER way of forcibly intimidating your victims to submit to the will of the demonic satanic criminal. WMD always start with HE-Said, SHE said, hearsay heresy.

  Final Updated Jan 7, 2021. Here I am impoverished because of 4 GAG criminally granted Temp Protective Orders.


The use of FOIA.ONE single open public database is fast path Back Ground Check on anyone, even the criminals like ROSE.

Our=Keiths system exiles anyone based on their very own Referential Integrity rating of our new ONE International ID. IID.

  The worse Crimes against humanity are banksters leveraging OUR assets to GO TO WORLD WAR FIVE, buying top GOV officials (elected and appointed) to pay THEM our first profits and growth dividends. Protect KEITHs life by escorting his Guardian Angels to testify mediate WITH all world Presidents and World Executives today, as we have NOTHING left to gift back to Humanity.

  Identifying violators of GOD + old Laws is always required to redistribute Gods Wealth back to WE keiths People. Few understand we are all mortal earthbound caretakers who were all PRO-created to solve our own issues at all levels. Waging War is the cyber crime terrorist attacks we personally have prevented use of original automatic Identification system of WHO is WHO FOIA.ONE legally binding contract transactions so everyone knows who trades what with who, when, where, why, and how. No secrets = UTOPIA E.D.E.N.  All criminal conspirators worldwide will indeed, Scream OUT PRIVACY and HIDE from our DOSJ.

  If Keith is ever Murdered, disappeared, or FORCED into HELL mental JAIL, everyone will exercise their WRATH = Justified Anger of GOD and Keiths people to bring each criminal to JUSTICE and PREVENT all occurrences by HOLDING everyone accountable ! ! ! !  The #1 first crime was ROSE's own HWIgl.pdf showing massive CYBER CRIME attacks are your reality.....

 We are set to arrive USA Jan 12 from MNL to host massive Press Conferences to command our Leaders use our products and services. We have negative indications a single person has ever represented OUR rights to command Justice be served once and foever.

   CALL everyone and gather RALLY millions, billions of our people to overthrow all the NWO criminals at one time. Send manna survivor funds to KEITH DUNCAN in manila. Of COURSE do quick back ground check on us to ensure YOU are now members of Our System was delivered by GOD through WE his Guardian Angels back in 2010, even 1976 start, 1958 conception.

All cynics, hypocrites, bigots, racists are quickly identified and isolated use of as all objectors are always required to provide a better = best solution otherwise they are silenced as idiot stupid morons of no merit integrity.

    100% direct eDemocracy of EVOTE.ONE replaces all centralized authorities worldwide as NWO Lucifers have been running our FatherGods world for +3,400 years once humans evolved as tribal communities and Pro-Created technology solutions to advance our human race. The most profound system was engineered by GOD at dawn of man. Keith's work is GOD sent methods to achieve total world equality peace by master teaching fast path business relationship mediation to eliminate the 'pain points' of those who embezzle our assets and profits. This process is how to eliminate all Lucifer(s) who are collectively known as the New World Order, Criminal Ruling Elite,, and cyber crime terrorists starting with Anti Christ Robert Dee Rose.  We are the Guardian Angels sent by our Higher Spiritual Power to mediate all World Presidents and Leaders how to be free will caretakers of our FatherGODs resources. Failures to respond and protect our lives will result in death of millions, even billions of our Earthlings in a few months. We have commanded USA GOV, all GOV + ALL corporate executive groups PROTECT our lives so we can turnover everything as worlds last redistribution of all wealth now occurs.

Airport greeting Rally on Jan 12, 2021. Keith is back on emergency basis to MNL Seoul flight KE 35 arrive 9am with his Angel Crusaders to meet thousands of Press, Church Members, Top Gov Officials, and Corporate Executives. Our focus always was to fill stadium arenas full of GODs people and to COMMAND other top Washington and Atlanta based USA GOV officials host required press conferences. We truly need thousands of conscious reality UNIocracy citizens to meet us at Atlanta GA ATL airport Jan 12, 2021 to escort us to CNN, AJC, Gov Kemp FBI AG offices. Our top supporters are,,, All Law firms, Peachtree Corners Baptist Church 770-448-1313 Jay Hackett, Dr David Shaw, Harvey Sydner, Andy Stanley (and Charles) of Northpoint Community Church,, literally +10,000 persons who personally know and LOVE keith brent duncan. webcasts are the ONLY technology solution method sets of HOW to UNIFY 7.8 Billion WE Keiths People by decentralizing everyone and everything so NO LUCIFER bankers, stock Market Corp Executives cyber criminal terrorists can ever take FIRST PROFITS by killing our Scientist Prophets led by Saint Keith sent by GOD.
Only by ACTION of WE Keiths People will the worst Embezzlers at Banker and Stock Market Executive levels be shown as  the true LUCIFERS of under cyber criminal terrorist enterprises. overthrows all those WHO take our 1st profits. We were sent by GOD to unify mankind as Equality Profit Small business crime free barter Networks.
  Most CRITICAL final Press Conference PEACE SUMMIT deadly deadline was Sept 15, 2011 to achieve world peace.
  No honest persons have been found past 13 years to PROTECT keiths Angel Guardian life and extreme IP Property. Prevents ALL Pandemics + Crime at time EVOTE 100% decision based society. Duncan is Gods Guardian Angel Mediator World Affairs Overseer soon based in Lyons France Interpol, Milan Italy, Geneva/Zurich, Bejing, Moscow, Hong Kong, NYC and even N. Korea because of that prevents ALL wars forever.
  We have already demonstrated simple methods to eliminate all criminals forever as well as return full control access to GODs loaned earthbound resources. We are mortal Caretakers of everything and hereby declare PROTECT each other.
   All World Presidents are hereby COMMANDED to use our mediation to destroy the criminal terrorists forever.
    If Keith disappears one final time for any reason, complete everything I have left behind on URL linked sites. We remain impoverished and DENIED all YOUR rights to seek quick swift CONVICTIONS of all tied to ROSE. Applied to +7.8 billion people, New Constitutional = right to quickly receive restitution paybacks
 Three simple standard universal sections of ONE new world constitution achieves total equality world peace.  First is Direct Decision system 8 steps. Second is original 11 Commandment covenant. Third is Human GOD Bill of Rights to ensure everyones rights are protected by 7.825 billion investigators who share everything and WHO is WHO.
  All forms of governments and corporations was always WHY we HIS=THE PEOPLE even allowed Government officials to SERVE and PROTECT WE = Keith = GODS world people. All corporate Executives who embezzle are now exiled using that eliminates well over 95% of banks, and almost ALL stock Markets as totally UNNEEDED once all use kBitCoins FinalStockMarket + other to hold everyone accountable with NO secrets showing NO ONE can HIDE from the EVOTE.ONE majority rule of WE Keiths People. Updated Sept 13, 2020.
  It was always easy to eliminate all Violator Criminal Lucifer Terrorists all at one time using GODs new world covenant 100% criminal Investigators of provides free food, education, Hi Speed kInet, so young generation runs our Open New World. puts millions of criminals in HELL PRISON and Death row by action of WE his people EVOTE.ONE store and forward worlds last open public database shared wisdom knowledge FOIA.ONE conceived 1976.
ACTION by YOU=WE Keiths people is teaching all mankind how to SOLVE all their own basic issues at all levels. Videos and R&D top forensic data modeling dissertations located here are indisputable and clearly show the LUCIFER Agendas we all now DESTROY by ACTION by mediating directly with the OLD World Presidents and Corporate Executives as everyone benefits by using Keiths services and old gifted products of total VISION, Wisdom, and GOD's level of IQ state of the art knowledge base.  The Lucifer Agenda system is so complex we have broken it down systematically by the systems shown at Cross Ref.  Only by ACTION of WE his people with Press Conferences will unification occur.
   Contact All Presidents + military toe scort us today to TESTIFY on WHO is GOD + WHO are YOU + Who is keith.
ONLY by extreme ACTION of 7.8 Billion Keiths People will UNIFICATION be commanded to HAPPEN once and forever. Call and escort us now to testify.
   We are the most powerful total expertise mastermind Engineer Scientist Guardian Angels in world history who pioneered all aspects of data communications  banking, stock market, communications infrastructure that ties humanity together one degree of separation. We were clearly dispatched by GOD 1-19580815-1 to teach all how to UNIFY forever.
   The greatest Lucifer WALLs of deception are named Criminals who embezzle my FatherGods resources on claims this benefits my people. SolutionSafeWater.ORG return full communications ownership and almost FREE energy forever. NO ONE can ever deny our rights once EVOTE.ONE and other solutions become our new world Universal Stabilizing Systems. Sept 13, 2020.
UNIocracy is How to DeCentralize Everything and Everyone Forever. This is the most powerful GOD messenger delivered legacy system to restore and empower humanity to ACT with Fearless Authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of self entitlement benefits. Last update July 11, 2020 8pm Gods timeline. Contact Crusader Saint to send him to NEXT greatest place of need. We have already commanded arrests of all felony violators Sept 2011 forward. So far, not a 'DAMN Biblical Soul' has asked us who we have always been. Our legacy history is so impeccably honest in GODs sight and a few of our original FollowKeith people, Keith is dismayed and eve disillusioned by the total GREED of his people who refuse to use our systems enforced ethics Required by GOD + all who see exactly WHO keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 (+ 100% integrity) always was, + is, + is to come.
Most critical is stock eVoters all use worldwide.
1st requirement from Sept 25, 2011 is for Military to escort us to safe Haven to debrief them + turn over terrorist evidence.
2. Press Conferences live TV with Trump + DOD + DOJ.
3. Deployment of all the answers we have broadcast.
4. Return of all crime assets back to victims + mankind.
5. Complete the systems we have been ordered to gift.
     contains the PRIME Webcasts from GOD delivered by SaintKeith Duncan.
Aug 19, 2020. Humanity is self-genocide focused as few understand WHO controls our GOD gifted assets. Cyber Terrorists roam freely since past centuries they control flow of all information.  We Keith's people now use our old EVOTE.ONE system to eliminate ANYONE who violates our laws in record time. This is the basis for all the reasons GOD sent Keith to teach 7.8 billion people how to SHARE communally GODs resources.
July 31, 2020. Anyone can emergency return Keith as #1 international hero of all from fall 2011. How can this be? simple. I am forefounder of New World that teaches world at all levels how to BENEFIT each other. When do we meet our adoring crowds at the NEXT greatest places of needs live streamed Forums Press Conferences always required.  WHEN was always the #1 requirement on KEITHs and GODS timeline.  Keith is clearly the unknown Tech Savior of all time.  No one in world history has ever mediated all issues in person + remotely his entire life.
  Resurrected on Aug 7, 2020 for use Aug 15, 2020 World Presidential final Peace Accord. All to UNIFY mankind.  Everyone in My FatherGods world is engineer linked to all other aspects of time, space, and material. The Holy Spirit of GOD lives in each of YOU led by Saint Keith as we search for OTHER prophets last 40 years..
   Only by ACTION of WE Keith's People will the LUCIFERS finally be eliminated forever.
   Each of these* world webcasts are designed to interlink Humanity once and forever. -keith is worlds last International Merchant of Free barter Exchange trading. -same.  Expired July 2020. Link is  keith duncan.
Many MORE just past 7 GODs timelined years after being dumped on street Jan 28, 2014 when all keiths assets havd ben criminally stolen and denied ALL rights to testify witness WHO KEITH always was, SON of mankind.
 UNIOCRACY  is the ONLY form of NON-GOVERNMENT that empowers all my +7.8 Billion people to be free will citizens. Elimination of ALL law violators is easy with CITIZENS arrest and use of all of GODs gifted resource methodology I have personally webcast and left behind for use by EVERYONE. otherwise ALL of you die a most horrible death now.
Everything is near perfected CROSS Referenced on
  Everyone INSIDE USA GOV + others are Required by LAW to contact us today.
July 11, 2020 7 days AFTER last required World President Peace Accord Summit for lack of ANY mass publicity last 15 years on WHAT keith was sent by GOD to complete. HOW to UNIFY our human race by eliminating all violators once and forever using 100% direct democracy using shared cell phones and any eDevice interlinked with (r)(c)(tm) Patent TurnOffLights.SPACE that empowers each of you to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate... 1124-SolutionPeace-UNIocracy ### We The PEOPLE own and control EVERYTHING with UNIocracy sent by GOD thru to overthrow all violators at one time, most in NYC and Lucifer Crime centers major cities where we NOW go by USA SolutionMilitary Escort as required Sept 25, 2011 new SolutionManifesto Constitutional SINGULAR law of eVote FOIA.  A single World President Final Summit saves mankind with EVOTE .ONE BuiltbyKeith. is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once solutionMilitary FOIA,one becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. SolutionPeace is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics.
We just sent direct message to USA Embassy similar to what keith personally delivered to WORLD leaders +10 years ago.
    Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once solutionMilitary FOIA,one becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. SolutionPeace is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics.
    July 10, 2020 Keith clearly sent BY God to mediate World Equality Peace. No one else offers to share everything of GODs knowledge and wisdom. We have been persecuted by theFinalTerrorist ROBERT Dee ROSE and hundreds of named others who use Lucifer Agenda to claim they violate no basic GODs commandments of NEVER STEAL, Never lie, Never Hide, and never recruit others to do 1,2,3 same. We have announced formation of UNIocracy as your new world society free of crime by WE the PEOPLE on everything. Includes retro-active convicting anyone of crimes since the power of KEITH's SWORD is not to speak gently but with the POWER of common sense logic and GODs word covenants of new resurrected system to enforces ethics and honesty at all levels.
     Anyone can be auto-face real time identified and put on Death Row, in Prison, in concentration camps by remote Citizens Arrest and conviction by their victims and any one who has vested interest in preventing and reversing all of man kinds worst sins, vices, and crimes. This is use of Open Public Circuit TV eDevices, FOIA.ONE database and empowering WE the PEOPLE to deal with all their own local issues. therefore No government, taxes, mega corp executives are ever needed again. This is part of Free Will Market Barter Exchange system that creates kTrade.SPACE and IntlMerchants