SP-1098-29.jpeg teaches humanity how to fast path detoxify yourselves of the original predatory greed agenda driven by corrupt human right violators at all levels. Known as vice, sin, and crime that causes Mass Poverty, Wars, homelessness, drug abuse, violence and other detrimental downstream cascading effects occurring since the dawn of GODs procreated humans. all Human Maladies are cureable and solve prevented, reversed  as shown by your very own actions and behaviors using EVOTE.ONE

Detoxification of your soul, mind, and body was always easy use of learning to deal with the root causes of your repetitive stress worry syndrom once you blame lame excuse hide from your own self serving instant gratification WANTS as observed by Duncan past 63.333 years after being proconceived Christmas year 1957.

1. 100% free medical, vision, dental checkup once a year is now mandatory for each of my 7.9 billion children.

2. Everyone uses eVOTE.ONE to decide next best project that benefits yourself and your immediate community.

3. Everyone commands our leaders be treated as only highly paid in cash consultant engineer project managers.

4. Everyone meets on Sundays for and uses to peacefully and dignified focus on NEXT best project devoid of any lame blame excuses of the dinasour PolyTICKS known as politicians.

5. Dissolve of all political parties worldwide as everyone must be independent free will Mastermind Subject matt3r experts who act with fearless authority to protect the lives, assets, property, and civil rights of all others.

6. Total Elimination of ANY Corporate Executive who refuses to increase the value benefits of OUR products, services, and work effort of WE GODs people. Absolutely basic economic system of free will barter farmers market exchange system eliinates all the BROKERS who always make we the people BROKER each time any asset is passed up/down the supply chain.


  Con Gradulations to each of you for discoverying that Criminal Cyber Terrorists build War Machines using YOUR ass-sets by claiming ATTACK OFFENSIVELY FIRST, then build DEFENSE systems to prevent Enemy from attacking us as a deterrent. Most of these madmen use Poison Gas, drugs, offerings of prostitute sex, food, literally anything to entice our people be killed by military action directed by the worst BANKseters in world history.  No end of this madness until destruction of life as GOD procreated each of us to be PeaceMakers, not WarLords of deception that goes back to criminal addiction enhanced propagated by all the DRUG and SEX abuse human trafficing slavery.  Each time someone makes a killing in the stock or bank market trades, everyone else suffers to extreme of being GASSED or Force Drug Medicated to DEATH while the most cruelest medical doctors like

   Dr. Jill Volin of UNC-CH criminally profiteer claiming they can FIX a persons mental condition by DRUGGING them to death. Terrorist JILL VOLIN at +1 704-433-2324 Broughton Mental hell and was at Butner Mental Hell Jail Raleigh NC year 2012-2013 before she was fired for being criminally insane incompetent.

   She also will be FORCE MEDICATE experimented on like she did to Keith Duncan spring 2012- Jan 28, 2014 Butner Medical Hell Jail, then put to DEATH as HER False Testimony exceeds the crimes against humanity conducted by these 10 Worst Criminal doctors:

  Most POWERFUL profitable GODs methodology is PREVENTION that reverses the root cause and resuliting effects.

All Pandemics and Crime Enterprists are based on the Spider Web model including ring hubs as the issue spreads outward consuming all victims in its multiple mutated pathways.

To PREVENT Reverse Spread of any pandemic disease and/or Crime enterprises, here is GODs original technology methodology.

1. First carrier of any new disease (or crime method) travels remotely by stealing, lieing it's theft identify, then hiding from detection while recruit converting next layer ring of victims to continue the spread outward until all consummarble material or energy is depleted.  First traveler of any new disease obviously infects those in close proximity. Once they are diagnosed with a new viral disease, the following data mined driven solutions prevent the pandemic spread in less than 6 weeks based on statistical data modeling perfected some 40 years ago by Keith.

2. With advent of GODs technology pioneered by Keiths elder #1 top computer science engineering groups, the first report of the issue must be shared with public through FOIA.ONE.   All Phone Companies, CheckPoint officials, even Open Circuit TV autoface recognizes each person. All cell phones are constantly recorded of our GPS locations triangulated by wifi routers and cell towers WE GODs people paid to construct and maintain.

3. Simple SQL matching of medical records and GPS locations, our system notifies large percentage of possible infected citizens to self isolate and be tested locally to prevent mutated effects.

4. Worst WMD are genetically modified DNA weapons of mass distruction including original SIN of LUCIFER agenda heresay. He said, She Said all used to persecute and murder the most intelligent scientists who work for GOD and each of you.

Updated real GODs time on Dec 12, 2021 by Keith Brent Duncan. 1-19580815-1 (integrity Rank +100 % ) entire life.

WHO DO YOU know is the most powerful profitable question to ask WHO will contact and protect Keiths life today.

I just got required call back from Congressman in Washington DC at office Outcalled 202-226-9928  I missed the congressmans gatekeeper name as I am restricted area previously known as Supreme Court Precedent Ruling law being used since July 2013 to force medicate ANY victim of organized criminals like Robert DEE ROSE and JUDGE Raymond Jackson + Berry VICTOR REYNOLDS who all conspired to murder Keith Brent Duncan back in 2011 to prevent YOU MY PEOPLE from holding them all accountable for their crimes against humanity including treason and sedition.

Keith returns to heaven soon, unable to find a SINGLE PERSON who actually CARES, LOVES, PROTECTS all others. is the worst Supreme Court Precedent (NON-LAW) ever sign passed by Terrorist Federal Judge Raymond Jackson on July 23, 2011 that empowers ANYONE to force YOU or anyone into any mental hospital jail like Butner NC, NYCC, Broughton Hospital to be force medicate with killer drugs to murder you or your family members with no recourse but to WAIT for a single PROPHET or ?? WHO ?? to rescue them from the depravity of the insane incompetent criminally sociopaths like Dr. Jill VOLIN and anyone inside OUR new World ORDER psychopath chain of criminal commands.

Screenshot 2021-08-13 08.55.43.png

Our Story

Core value benefits were always why GOD sent KEITH brent DUNCAN to master education teach world reformation at all levels to equalize humanity as all small business owners who deal with all local issues. Decentralization is always GODs methods visual one stabilizing universal system cost $300,000 USD and two years of research development complete supply chain valued over $5 to $10 million USD profits per month as of spring of 2012.  Notice the dates when ROSE and Ms. Bashama were most active robbing Keiths homes.  Aug 25, 2011 was 2 days after ROSE attempted to have Keith Duncan forced back in HELL JAIL on claims of nothing ever submitted to court or anyone else. ALL crimes of heresay to destroy worlds last open public data driven methodology Keith had already gifted to 7.9 billion of GODs children. remains the most powerful reversal of Supreme Court Precedent Law 968 F. Supp. 2d 753 (E.D. Va. July 22, 2013) of USGOV versus Keith Brent Duncan soon named Versus CyberCriminals Worldwide Defendants class action miscarriage of Justice lawsuit value excess $500 MILLION USD to stabilize entire world mortal souls using direct eDemocracy store and forward FOIA.ONE  All copyrighted, patented, trademarked and protected by WILL of GODs people use of same systems.

    Publication number: 20100214469
    Abstract: In various embodiments, systems components, and methods for viewing documents or objects using a webcam are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a support device is disclosed. The support device includes a stem configured to support an image sensor, a lower projection independently disposed upon a lower end of the stem and configured for coupling to a substantially flat surface, and an upper projection independently disposed upon an upper end of the stem and configured for receipt of an image sensor. In at least one embodiment a system includes the support device an image sensor for capturing images and video, the image sensor repositionably attachable to the support device. In at least one embodiment a method for viewing, capturing, and displaying documents and objects with an image sensor is disclosed.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 20, 2009
    Publication date: August 26, 2010
    Inventor: Keith Brent Duncan 

    Publication number: 20100321561
    Abstract: An image sensor support device comprising a foot assembly releasably coupled with respect to a base and an image sensor mount rotatably coupled with respect to the foot assembly. The image sensor mount is rotatably secured to an elongated stem assembly and the stem assembly is rotatably secured to the foot assembly.
    Type: Application
    Filed: August 26, 2010
    Publication date: December 23, 2010
    Inventors: Keith Brent DUNCAN, Robert Van VARVICK

    Publication number: 20110205425
    Abstract: An image sensor support device comprising a foot assembly releasably coupled with respect to a base and an image sensor mount rotatably coupled with respect to the foot assembly. The image sensor mount is rotatably secured to an elongated stem assembly and the stem assembly is rotatably secured to the foot assembly.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 18, 2011
    Publication date: August 25, 2011
    Inventors: Keith Brent DUNCAN, Robert Van Varvick, Phi Kwan, Lan Jia Wen

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