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UNIFY our entire world with

### For Immediate World Press Release and re-Broadcast to the world.

Keith calls for MASS PROTEST Rallies around our world to ORDER be deployed to REMOVE absolutely ALL Political Criminals and to stop all criminal enterprises dead cold. ##### Read as FAR and as FAST as you can, then TAKE ACTION. This is all that has ever been asked, required, requested, commanded, and/or ordered. This is comprehensive.

Click to see and believe the most POWERFUL TESTIMONY of all time.


### Today is Friday, June 3, 2016 as I remain the most powerful reformation evangelist in world history. Why waste words I have stated for now well over 7 biblical years. Sky Darmos Email: sent Keith Duncan 150 pages of Quantum Gravity.pdf file on May 31, 2016. This protected by ISBN and Copyright law as it is available for purchase on Amazon per US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Phone (202)488-0460 is where I visited and broadcast back in May 2014 as I went to Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C. per all the definitive truths I have revealed to all of mankind. Here is today’s broadcast. These are also the most truthful and astonishing facts of your world reality I have observed and used to create all these world saving solutions. They are now comprehensively complete and fine turned to perfection. defines some of Zion. this was the name of the hill upon which JerUSAlem was built.

### June 1, 2016 major world rebroadcast from Total Unification of our entire world is the end conformity ultimate Acts of Wisdom of Keith Duncan and the mega millions of those who see to believe and ACT with fearless authority so they are in total control and management of their own governments and corporations. These are the real life reality chronicles of anti-crime resident expert Keith Duncan. Contact him and his growing network of evangelist crusaders and non political partners through . Crowd find him and his new wife Marites for and world saving-changing ministries. Rally thousands and then Millions of our church and persons of integrity to form and join mass protest rallies worldwide who order our officials to protect all of our rights and remove all crime from inside their own agencies.


Clearly is the antichrist shown to our world. Everyone find him and turn him over to FBI and even USA military who have never had any choice but to put Rose and his conspiracy terrorists on Death Row along with his criminal wife Amy Rose born 1969. Robert Dee Rose DOB is April 1, 1971 as the most elusive super criminal terrorist in Atlanta Georgia USA,, even international history. I even warned and taught Atlanta USA Marshal Tom Shell to find ROSE’s daughter as that was a sure method to find ROSE since Robert cares about NO-ONE except his one daughter Gabriel. Fresh flash last breaking news. Anarchy and slave trading enterprises ARE most of our current government and corporate enterprises. The slaves are those who work hourly on tasks to generate raw cash billions for the owners and leaders who commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis. Because they control the flow and secrecy of all your information, they remain undiscoverable since they destroy all links pointing at their criminal agreements and contracts to steal taxes and assets of everyone. None of this is speculation or theory. It is your world of enslavement. Keith is alive and still waiting for USA military, USA gov, any other government to interview and protect all his rights, recover all his stolen assets, and take out over 100 USA gov officials and criminals into hell jail so they can personally experience the extreme trauma they routinely cause to all their victims since they profit in terms of MILLIONS for their criminal enterprises. Few understand that governments grow in huge size by their own corruption. Each government is funded by only taxpayers and seizure of assets by corrupt officials. This totally stopped and reversed with gifted to Interpol many times by direct delivery. No response means they never received it or they do not want to be internationally embarrassed for not stopping the crime waves of corrupt politicians and prostituted officials in cabal league with underground black market criminal enterprises. I report to all of humanity these real life realities. The best of is that one world government is run by and for all citizens. This means very very little government is needed at all. Everyone takes care of all their own issues and supports all of humanity. This is known as the hive principal. Many falsely believe that a single world order government is inherently evil. The deciding factor will always be who makes the decisions that benefit the majority of mankind. Any leaders who commit crimes to profiteer must be shunned and isolated by all citizens. This is the basis for the Interpol normalized referential integrity singular database for citizens to record and track their own actions and decisions for all to see, believe, and Act with Wisdom. Actually, this fully supports all cultures. Integrity at international level is always first requirement of peace and tranquility. Since no corrupt government ever wants to be undermined and discovered, they do everything to destroy evidence and control the media news with propaganda like Hitler and so many other dictator truant tyrants including Stalin, Mussolini, and other evil kingdom builders including the Egyptian Patriarch Kings. The current laws of man are full of loopholes of crime contracts by the criminal ruling elite who are lawmaker breakers. Use of ensures mankind removes all criminals and restores contract ethics and full scale accountability. My genius friend Sky responds with: Hitler was actually fighting the corrupt elite of jewish bankers. What we learn now about hitler in school is partly brainwashing. The more true picture is that by opposing evil forces he himself was a cause of evil. The situation of the world at that time was similar like in America today. Jewish have now caused 911 and all wars the US was fighting. #### response to Sky and our world is " The percentage of Jewish is about point, .2 percent. That is 14 million of 7.42 billion. In 1933, the percentage was about 2 percent. During ww2, two of every three Jews were killed. Hitler amassed billions in art, gold, land, buildings, trade commerce on pretense Germans were the only master race. Everyone else were subhuman like blacks and slaves in poverty work camps and war machine factories. Anyone who opposed Hitler disappeared and their assets seized by the military and dispersed to the criminal ruling elite party leadership and other criminals. Jewish bankers and business owners were known to be exact and professional in their business dealings. Yes, some were corrupt like the rest of humanity. So how can Jews cause all the problems of our current world? Who are actually the criminal ruling elite. These are easy to see answers. Just look at who controls the banks, commerce, trade, food, transportation, communications, military, and government officials..... Their own criminal wealth which they can not reveal the source, identifies who are the most sinister cyber criminals and terrorists. Help with mass publicity and I will take you to Washington DC to actually see and meet the most corrupt officials in world history. They will have no choice but to resign in total disgrace for their own crimes against humanity. End quote. “ #### Sky responded with: What Germany did before WW2 is the same what Russia does now. Putting jewish out of politics and stock market. Killings of jewish did not happen till massive bombing of Germany started. The gas used was probably originally for sterilizing cloths, because there was some epidemic going on. Probably to the end of the war, they started using the gas to kill jewish. But that did not happen according to certain orders. Documents for such orders have not been found. There were plans to bomb Germany even BEFORE Germany went into Poland were thousands of Germans were killed BEFORE Hitler went in. He was asked if he had a chance to prevent the war. He said, if he didn't went into Poland at that time, the bombing of Germany would have started earlier. He even had made numerous proposals for disarming himself if the enemies do the same. These proposals started long before the war. All went unanswered. The war happened because Hitler took down the Rotschild bank system. Gaddafi was great. He made his country great. He refused US Dollar and implemented a gold currency. That is why he and his people got murdered by the US. Especially Hilary Clinton and Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger is the one jewish who is behind most wars. Of course we can not try to solve the problem in the same way Hitler aimed to. It can only be solved by changing the system in a way that prevents anyone to do the things Jewish did. Sending them to Madagaskar was his plan. Of course thats a stupid plan. The right thing to do is to change the system so that nobody can have power over others. There is something very wrong about our monetary system. The banks are able to take whole countries down. John F. Kennedy was killed by the government because he aimed to take down the FED. #### Keith responded with: Anyone can and does justify their actions, including all hardened criminals and terrorists who are embedded inside most governments. Many high level officials are strong string puppets who are bought with criminal cash and told exactly what to do to remain in power and be extremely rich. The President Bush family owns many of the private hell jail services and prisons. So of course, their corporations want as many citizens in hell jail so they can drain the assets of inmates, families, and taxpayers one way. When governments collapse, martial law is imposed by the criminals to enslave and destroy any opposition. This is what Hitler did. He was a master at pure deception.. Murder of Jews included any one who opposed him. He hated Blacks just as much. Dead men can never testify anything. It also gives time for criminals to destroy all trails of evidence left behind. Left behind is exactly what has occurred to the one man of living grace and faith, Duncan. Evidence shows Robert Dee Rose DOB April 1 1971, murders anyone who has his evidence and that he infiltrated USA government at least 10 years ago. This includes Cobb County Georgia Judge Fabier in sept 2011, Gwinnett County Ga Brian Walker who worked with Rose to steal and sell off all my worldly possessions from Jan 2012 to death on Dec 13, 2013. This is treason, espionage, and extreme crime at all levels. I was almost murdered, assassinated many times because I represent all of humanity and our one creator regardless of what name you wish to label him. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Bobby Kennedy were taking down the Italian mafia and underground crime networks embedded inside almost all big city and state governments. Federal officials and even military were also corrupt at individual levels. All based in criminal profiteering. These all prevented by all the methods I have broadcast and personally delivered to all of mankind. I have no secrets, another true rarity. ##### #### Today is Thursday, June 2, 2016 as world governments and corporations continue to collapse. Has the rapture occurred and no one noticed? Here are the contents of the latest is the sequential irrefutable and irrevocable answers to solving the most pressing needs for ensuring 100% honest Lawyers, Judges, and Judicial systems in the USA and our world. This is the total TORT Legal and Financial reform that changes the course of human history forever. Not only is our entire Judicial system extremely corrupt because of extortion, cybercrime, blackmail, and payoffs, it is rapidly allowing the top level criminals known collectively as the 'Criminal Ruling Elite' to stage terrorist coups over specific county, state, federal and even international law enforcement and judicial agencies. With the use of video and off-shelf technology, contract discussions and signatures as well as real-time court depositions and courtroom cases are streamed to the public so that no criminal can easily escape the scrutiny of the taxpayers who are funding our legal and financial systems. How many of you have efficient and integrity experiences with lawyers and Judges? Can you honestly show that our law and court system identifies and punishes the truly guilty criminals. Invasion of privacy is exactly what all criminals claim to prevent the full scale disclosure of their criminal felony acts against their victims who can seldom afford the legal fees and years of court room delays the criminals use to force their victims into poverty and even order their kidnapping on false charges. This is exactly what has occurred to Keith Duncan since fall of 2008 regarding Terrorist ROSE who has extorted well over +100 USA Government officials to prevent his own by MILITARY and Interpol agencies around our world, since the USA FBI-IRS-AG and other government agencies have been infiltrated by ROSE's cyber criminal attack resources identified and reported to everyone for +8 years now. The absolute worse crime by any Government official is the DENIAL of Constitutional Rights of an accused person to face their accusers, present any and all evidence at first opportunity, and minimize the threats to their lives by organized criminals who are in prostituted paper chase conspiracies with sworn officers of the court. There is never a greater crime against humanity that any government agent profiteering from connections with criminals that are easy to see with world changing that immediately identifies everyone as referential integrity based or a criminal as reported by their previous victims for all to see. Everyone knows that once a judicial-legal official has accepted a campaign contribution, kick-back, bribe, or any form of reward or threat, they are forever the pawn puppet of criminals to commit additional corrupt crimes. Absolute NO PERSON has the right to pass Judgment on anyone else including elected, appointed, and promoted Judges who refuse to uphold Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech, Impartial hearings, and immediate restitution when the public and jury command criminals be immediately punished to deter crime. Comprehensive details on preventing almost all cybercrime are on and combinations that eliminate Profit, Motive, and Opportunity. Read the Community Electronic Watch Solutions found on so everyone can freely travel the world without fear of terrorists and criminals roaming their streets, homes, and communities for all everyone has ever needed is the single memorized Intl ID of gifted to Interpol and public. This kills the 666 Mark of the Beast since cell phones and electronic devices are already used by criminals and government terrorists to track your assets and locations. Now, the public tracks all criminals with and the other gifted technology on World Trading Ministry Enterprises INC to hold absolutely everyone accountable for being honest. Using and Habitat For Humanity coupled with the worlds largest transfer of criminal wealth back to the communities under sage vision supervision of all churches, affordable safe housing for all +7.42 Billion of my people becomes reality. For concrete and even mud fired brick construction prevent natural disasters like fire, typhoons, earthquakes, bio-financial wars from decimating mankind by greed. and with managed by Interpol prevents almost all crimes in the first place when citizens use gifted solutions to manage and control their own self-regulated and governed communities of honest integrity focused citizens. God-Creator-Holy Spirit has provided all the borrowed natural resources to ensure adequate safe homes where criminals are shunned by face recognition and their own criminal evidence that is in full public view. The answers have always been 1. Common Sense 2. Biblical principals of enforceable integrity - virtue. 3. Use of off shelf last frontier technology and renewed simplified Constitutional laws and mandates that ensure everyone actually takes care of children, women, families, communities, business, and other world saving issues. This are comprehensively published to our mutual world by the one Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Messianic Messenger who works for GOD and all of humanity. It is always easy to see WHO YOU ARE and WHO Keith represents his entire life. Join below to change your own world as time has always been the essence of GOD and Humanity relationship re-management. #### Today is Tuesday, May 31, 2016 These are the most powerful reformation testimonies of and Marites Friginal Duncan in world history. No exaggerations or political ‘grand-standing’ has ever been implied. Everything I have done and documented to the nth degree is 100% justified as the only logical decision tree pathway to total unification of our entire world. May 30, 2016 Memorial Day was celebrated in USA just yesterday. After all the felony and capital crimes committed against the True ManSon of GOD/Humanity, is there anyone more highly qualified to lead our entire world into complete Unification and confirmed conformity than myself, Keith Brent Duncan? For I have been denied each and every one of my Constitutional, Civil, legal, financial rights to obtain justice and redress massive grievances against the most corrupt and evil individuals in world history. Each time I have filed extensive legal and criminal charges against Robert Dee Rose and his consortium of conspirator terrorist associates, Rose has paid off my own lawyers, each Judge, prosecutor, criminal investigator, and even the Public Defenders who are indeed ‘PUKE PRETENDERS’. Each person has self-indicted themselves by their own certified signatures and false witness testimony in the finally failed attempts to murder Keith Duncan BY the same USA government officials who I have cross training, educating, and motivating to actually uphold Constitutional and man made laws. So many fore-founders like Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Moses, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and the long list of those who stood for ethics, virtue, accountability, honesty, trustworthiness, and other attributes of INTEGRITY were severely and vindictively persecuted because they represented God’s most sovereign ownership and ambassador rights. This entire time, I have enlisted absolutely everyone in our world to UNIFY into one degree of separation using the technology and systems of full scale integrity and accountability to REMOVE all criminals from society. The truth of uses video to demonstrate to the world the current absolute state of anarchy and tyranny that exists in almost all governments and corporations to enslave our 7.42 billion of my people. The one way absolute drain of assets and rights from all classes of people to the Criminal Ruling Elite is easy to track, understand, and monitor. Except that these most evil persons control the flow, storage, and content of the same electronically based data that is prostituted and perverted by criminals to enslave everyone else. The true near term reality is complete enslavement of our world by those who control the infrastructures of our world. This includes water, food, land, banking, legal, transportation, medicine, business transactions, and all aspects of commerce, trade, and the pursuit of in dependent living at all community levels. There is no minor, middle, or highest level of law enforcement, government, corporation, religious denominations, Military, and public that I have NOT directly contacted and enlisted to bring about complete world unification under a single world government that is 100% completely and comprehensively managed and controlled by the Majority Will of all People. When citizens finally recognize what I have gifted, they will indeed excursive their own God Granted Free Will Choice to enslave the criminals who want them DEAD and slaves on the factory lines and farm fields. All of these current realities have been foretold since the beginning of mankind and recorded by our fore-founders as soon as recording mechanisms have been invented, created, mass produced, and deployed. Another brief review of only the most substantial highlights of the Felony crimes committed by ROSE and so many others. Jan 14, 2008 Rose threatens Keith’s life over repayment of $108,900 USD promissory notes due March 2008 since Keith refuses to join ROSE’s established cybercrime enterprises. Multiple lawyers are paid to file formal charges of Pierce the Corporation Veil and to recover all my own cash, with interest, and for all legal expenses. Summer 2008 - In hire Vivian Hoard, IRS tax criminal lawyer to contact the IRS who I turn over CD-ROMS and all of ROSE’s business files showing massive tax evasion, criminal conversion of assets, and multiple crimes against the USA government and his own clients. This results in IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, case 658, 659, 671, 672 that is worth $8 Million USD in immediate rewards once sees ANY of the massive crimes ROSE has been committing since at least year 1991 timeframe with Time Saver Services Inc. Fall 2009 -Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 under Judge McCellan finally goes to two day trail after years of depositions and attempts by ROSE to force me into poverty. Oct 2010 -After 364 days of delay, Judge grants Judgment for $109,800 plus interest, plus recovery of ONLY $1,500 of my $8,000 partnership legal costs. I Paid last lawyer Jimmy Deal, Norcross GA (770)263-7200 well over $100,000 USD as he was also paid off by ROSE to suppress all evidence, never file appeals, and to deny all my rights. Nov 2010 -I continue to legally track my own assets under criminal use by ROSE including video recording his shut-down INC shell-shelf criminal enterprises transferred to many other new corporate cybercrime companies like and I legally video record his two children who are endangered by ROSE in Nov 2010 and hold their personal testimony that their dad (Rose), is a criminal. Immediately, I file Title Liens on Rose’s assets to break the Corporate veil that was criminally denied by the Judge. Fulton County Internal Revenue Judge REFUSES to rule on any of the obvious evidence at my cost of another $20,000 USD to recover first of $32,000 USD in Service vehicles and other corporate assets controlled ONLY by ROSE. Nov 2010 to Feb 4, 2011. Ms. Bashama enters into contract agreements with Keith to help her with with loans of total $32,000 and commitment to share leased home at her cost of $9,000 for next 12 months. Feb 4, 2011 Larceny robbery by U-Haul truck cleans out Keith’s home resulting in citizens arrest of Ms. Bashama and Wendell Ralph Carraway per Marietta P.D. Report 1.11.2506.99 two 911 calls. This is prevented BY the same Marietta P.D. officers Wishon and 6 others who actively are engaged with ROSE and Ms. Bashama to destroy all evidence and set up Keith for series of government kidnappings on Feb 21, 2011, then Oct 3, 2011 then Dec 13, 2011 per world famous 4:11cr112 tied to Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 and 11.1.7683.99 criminally issued restraining orders. Each action was designed by ROSE so he could rob my intellectual assets, destroy my lifetime cash reserves, and pay USA government to MURDER me in HELL-JAIL over the period Oct 3, 2011 through Jan 28, 2014 as shown by each SEALED COURT ORDER and Testimony. Yes, Everything was SEALED, DESTROYED, and Forged using the single word IMCOMPETENT from Jan 2012 to present to force FBI-AG- even world to PREVENT their own HELL-JAIL and assignments to slave work camps that will occur when YOU MY PEOPLE, RISE UP and ORDER your governments to protect Keiths LIFE, recover every penny of my stolen assets, PAY Keith Restitution that grows at over $500,000,000.00 USD for real and punitive damages. It has always been EASY to see the true Gifted ACTs of WISDOM I have generated and deployed my entire life. Anyone DENYING any of my rights (and yours), is clearing VIOLATING LAWS I have physically showing this entire time. ### ### Today is Sunday, May 29, 2016. The last broadcast was Thursday May 26, 2016 below. Marites and Keith Duncan are now married officially including a prenuptial agreement to protect our assets from any litigation from a very long list of USA based criminals. We are now back at Victory Tuguegarao Philippines church with Pastor Ross Resuello who is now the Cagayan Valley new Board Member. This is the very small group of elected officials who work directly with the providence Governor Mamba to direct civil services. Jonathan CamCam is also my new dear friend who is Pastor of Victory church in Makati/Manila at Fort Bonoficio with head pastor Joey Bonoficio. Note: I do not have wi-fi service today as I am again near ZERO on personal funds after loosing $1.2 Million to criminals starting back on Jan 15, 2007 to Robert Dee Rose. Details have always been shown to the world on WHY I was at military and WHY USA government actively prevents any and all investigations and resulting convictions for a really long list of felony capital crimes being actively committed by their own people “The Criminal Ruling Elite’. Today:’s service is week two of Big and Small series featuring Saul and King David. 2 Samuel 11:-4 The Rise and Fall describes the ascension of David from a lowly sheep shepherd to be King of Israel. He was anointed by the prophet Samuel. 2 Samuel 8:14 “Then he put garrisons in Edom; throughout all Edom he put garrisons, and all the Edomites became David’s servants. And the Lord gave victory to David wherever he went.” Pastor Ross speaks about one being humble and waiting for God to act on our behalf. KEITH: This is a bit of a misnomer, since God always has taught us to solve our own issues, problems, and conflicts and NOT wait for intervention of GOD that has usually occurred at the very last moment when humanity is on brink of self-genocide. 2 Samuel 11:1 “In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle, David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel. And they ravaged the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained at Jerusalem. Keith visited King David’s GATE at JerUSAlem on April 1 through 5, 2015. Keith has besieged Washington D.C. with the most powerful testimony testament on WHY no honest persons have been found in all of USA to actually uphold any and all Constitutional Laws. Pastor Ross speaks about accepting the call of God and our own fulfillment of our own destiny. For we are each unique with free will choice. David abandoned his responsibility to go to battle with his troops. 2 Samuel 11:2 “It happened, late one afternoon, when David arose from his couch and was walking on the roof of the king’s house, that he saw from the roof a woman bathing; and the woman was very beautiful.” He looked at something he should not be seeing. Keith: David was King, so he could look at anything he wanted for he controlled the entire kingdom. Where he erred was an ethics violation of wanting another man’s wife. “ Immorality and lust was part of David’s issue as it is with all of humanity. Pastor Ross continues to speak about being aware of our thought patterns for these decide our actions. In the case of Lot and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis, perversions where the normal way of life. Ross speaks about the use of Internet for good versus evil. Keith: This is also the last frontier of communications between all of humanity for the benefit or downfall of mankind. Cybercrime is forever prevented by that ties into Interpol authentication and authorization of all voting records as well as any contracts between parties to prevent almost all fraud and crimes. 2 Timothy 2:22 “so flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart”. 2 Samuel 12:1a “And the Lord sent Nathan to David.” David repented and changed his ways. Wins and Losses are the title of this week’s sermon. David was restored and forgiven by the Lord. Annual Sportsfeast June 10-11 8 am Mamba gym TMEC Tug Movement of Evangelical churches. Monday, 7:30 am May 30, 2016 Brigada Eskwela Meeting at Lighthouse church Luna Road. about school preparation. Mr. Robert Magalan about offering time, Mark 12:41-42 “Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into… … Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 41 They all gave out of their wealth, but she, out of her poverty, put in everything - all she had to live on”. Did the widow go home and die of starvation? Robert states “ God will provide all our needs.” Keith: This is also a misnomer, as God does not rain down with manna since the times of Moses in the desert of 40 years. During the time of Elijah and Christ, so much more has occurred in the history of mankind leading to this day of total reformation. From my prospective, I have had literally ZERO income since fateful Nov 4, 2007 with exception of $50,000 USD I earned through as prime consultant at AT&T. Keith Hartford personally owes me $15,000 USD for breach of contract when they criminally dismissed me from teaching AT&T how to save MILLIONS on their voice response system in the same time period May 2010 through Oct 2010 when I was ROBBED by ROSE on Aug 10, 2010 per Gwinnett County GA police Report as they almost got away with all my computers that held ROSE’s criminal crime spree history. So ROSE ordered my kidnapping on exactly Sept 26, 2010 9 am EST as I waited for USA Military to escort me BACK on base and TO Washington D.C. for them to take out all political criminals. the rest is the history of YOUR human race as the service closes now. ### end of Sunday, on the eve of USA Memorial Day, 2016. One week before Mass Rally on Washington D.C. on June 6, 2016 at foot of Abraham Lincoln where I rallied for all of USA and WORLD back on National Prayer Day week in May 2015 calling for MILLIONS to march on Washington D.C. to WASH the SIN out of Washington. that is video #25 series on, simply search for “BuiltBykeith #25” inside YouTube. #### I skipped Friday and Saturday, yet I broadcast everyday on and videos # 358 through #361 on under BuiltByKeith. ### Today is Thursday, May 26, 2016. The last broadcast was Saturday, May 21, 2016 the even of our world wedding reception on Sunday. May 7, 2016. ### World Press Release and Final Court of Appeals. Keith Duncan Why has not a ‘bloodied’ soul ever simply contacted Keith Duncan about any of these divine and ordained solutions that save mankind from self-genocide holocaust…? Why our world will be demanding….. with your help…. Friday, Oct 4, 1957 was the Russian launch of Sputnik into outer space. Welcome to that is the foundational chapter of total world reformation starting with that removes ALL political criminals and self-entitling high powered officials and corporate executives by the WILL of the MAJORITY of our 7.42 Billion People. The faster these world saving and ONLY solutions are used from clearinghouse, the sooner all true criminals are shunned by all of society using Interpol as well as off-shelf technology to prevent almost all crimes in the first place. Please ask EVERYONE to JOIN and to send these PRIME website revelations to all National news Media broadcasters, governments, public, and even as many religious and political activist groups as possible. I remain in Philippines at cell (63)-0917-335-4300 that ANY military, government, public, and press can easily call for interviews and press conferences to change our mutual world. I also use that few people have seen and used to teach organizations how to actually solve their own root major problems. Keith Duncan VIDEO on Pig Killing Aug 15, 2015 ### World Re-Broadcast to all. May 26, 2016. From Aug 15, 2015 Feast of the Assumption and Keith's birthday in SouthEast Asia. Robert Dee Rose remains the most dangerous Cybercrime Terrorist in Atlanta Georgia USA, even international world history. His extensive crime spree history has always been easy for world to see and for Military, IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshals, public and even churches to order his arrest and convictions to Death Row for Treason, Espionage, Sedition, infiltrating city, county, state, federal, and even Military databases and agencies. This includes infiltrating corporations and businesses using with conspirator Terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey. FBI James Comey, AG Loretta Lynch, and all others have never had any option but to debrief Keith Duncan, arrest each person involved, and deploy all the world saving solutions seen on these divine and ordained websites, youtube, and directly delivered for years to all law enforcement, public, churches, and press. For Keith Duncan has created our new single standard ONE world government of using and Interpol along with all other solutions that comprehensively teach our world how to solve all their own internal crimes, sins, and issues about relationships. Keith has already FILED each and every criminal evidence report, demanded JUSTICE be served, and has been cruelly denied each and every one of his rights by ROSE and the Criminal Ruling Elite. DAG Sally Yates in Washington D.C. is directly involved in attempted murder of Keith with 4:11cr112 that was never any violation of any law based on any and all irrefutable evidence of WHY Keith was at Langley Air Force Base on Sept 25, 2011 JOIN and ORDER-COMMAND our governments remove all Political Criminals, underground magot magnet criminals like ROSE, and all other criminals from society. Ask Keith how. is the only to ensure Humanity's legacy survival from the Criminal Ruling Elite. Join to command all governments remove all criminals from society. These World Changing SOLUTIONS are uses Domain of Internet to teach GOD's Truth of how to Prevent Corruption and crimes in first place. Now on his way to Asia,, the Vatican, and Europe to complete his God centered ministries with consulting entity of and to put and back on all international markets. Broadcast to everyone to use and create their own new World Order ERA3 using as their primary model. Details on and viewable on along with many other websites. Search Internet for BuiltByKeith to help KEITH change the world one RelationSHIP at a time, just like Keith's GOD-FATHER CHRIST JESUS. For the CRIMINALS are REAL and live by manipulating our own DATA and behavior to steal our assets. The has always been to LOVE and CARE for EACH OTHER to remove Profit, Motive, and Opportunity to take advantage of anyone. It has always been this simple. Contact Keith Duncan 678 759-9066, DEMAND USGOV take down and each criminal lawyer, Judge, Prosecutor, District Attorneys and even Federal Employees who all KNEW Keith was Kidnapped 4 times and NOT-ONE SINGLE person has every represented KEITH's legal rights to JUST recover any of his STOLEN $1.2 Million USD assets, including HIS OWN pre-PAID lawyers shown on is THE PRIME comprehensive that identifies and removes corrupt people from leadership at all levels of society. Who contacts KEITH now and GRANTS him SOVEREIGN Ambassador Immunity so KEITH can complete HIS GOD-Centered Ministries NOW. Published on May 12, 2016


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