top of page was the original GODs simple design plan of ONLY small privately held business owners who decide everything about next best product and services. These eliminates ALL public traded stocks, ALL financial instruments, ALL fiat Currencies, ALL bitcoins forever once WE THE PEOPLE transfer all our cash out of al all mega Banks BACK to OUR locally owned we control Associated Credit Unions like Norcross GA where I bank.  WE THE PEOPLE now sell off ALL our public traded stocks including Pension funds, 401Ks, literally everyone and put our assets into ONLY privately held corporations worldwide as specified at

The greatest criminal MLM scams of all time have been Stock Options, Corporate Executive Golden handcuff Perks and the uncanny hiding of assets by cooking the General ledger trading journals of OUR corporations. WE the investors of our assets and work efforts take 100% of all risks while the Criminal Ruling Elite embezzle everything by passing laws, regulations, contracts, and financial instruments to ensure only THEY decide our reality and fate.


They (the top elite super wealthy) have always taken first profits under THEIR corporate By-Laws run by ONLY OUR Board of Directors.  With KEITH + GODS new world no inflation or tax system, all advisement consent derives from WE THE PEOPLE who have invested our assets, capital, collateral and time using GODs 100% direct real time decision making proxy voting system also perfected by the ONE person sent by GOD to unify all 8 billion people at one time. WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keiths life and command recovery of all his STOLEN assets while host mediating required conclaves of town hall forums. ONLY these perfected simple systems MUST be announced on any news media station to finally procreate the worlds most peacemaking system deployment in world history.  Updated 2022Jan02 by most humble founder of Keith brent duncan. 

   THIS same GODs system was prime target of DUNCANClan and Robert Dee ROSE terrorist cabal groups way back in summer of 2010 when Keith personally procreated what he knew and did year 1976.

Click:  New World By-Law Summary detailed below.

We are the #1 top economic analyst R&D scientists in the world working for / with Angel Billionaires like Warren Buffet of celebrity fame.. We have collectively produced simple by-pass replacement methodology and common sense practices into reality to create our worlds last Free market barter exchange cooperatively owned system that is 100% capitalism when everyone benefits using Therefore no more super rich family dynasties who prey on others since by Keiths law they no longer control any multiple markets. We are now all free sovereign citizens. Join us today as Time = GOD's precious asset 

The direct replacement of ALL World Stock Market Laws

FREE WILL 100% Barter Exchange kTrader and kMerchant Exchange.

  All of OUR assets and purchase investments always flow supply demand chain to the top Ruling Elite Brokers we have politely called Criminal Ruling Elite.  All about one way ad generating revenue profits that never return 100% back to WE GODS people as benefits.

Even Karl Marx stated 'NO PRIVATE WEALTH' when he meant to state 'NO private Family Dynasty Corporate wealth from WE the people'. returns 100% total control of our investment assets BACK under our direct management proxy based full scale accountable of WHO is using our funds for what direct purpose. Use of EVOTE.ONE totally protects OUR investments, collateral, and direct advisor role since WE THE PEOPLE always had the moral and financial obligation to see OUR general ledger trading account books as well as WE DECIDE who is each of ANY of our Corporate and Government leaders real time.

  Updated 2022Jan02 by the #1 expert of all expertise most humble Keith Brent Duncan, CEO fore-founding father of $40 BILLION USD valued that was always GODS simple total economic replacement systems of WE THE PEOPLE. Destruction of any violator of OUR basic human rights and ANYONE who steals our assets on any false secret hidden premise was always the FOCUS of our mega-Bilkionaires of

  No other SYSTEM has ever replaced the millions of laws and regulations made by the 'CRIMINAL RULING ELITE' past 6000 years of MLM ponzi scheme false promises of 'JUST TRUST US' with everything, includes the WARLORDS who hide behind existing Constitutional laws such as 'RIGHT TO REDRESS GRIEVANCES against Government' when GOD and your reality always knew this was the statement that ANYONE must be held fully accountable for stealing our assets under any premise. Current all laws will now be abolished, null and voided and replaced by now controlled by WE THE PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE is total destruction sell off of ALL public traded stock certificates and related any financial instruments including BitCoins.  WE GODS people always were empowered to direct our assets and savings to next best Project and to direct invest in only privately held corporations.  Our existing BROKER marketeers will be happy to no longer manipulate our assets otherwise they are impoverished by WILL OF WE GODS people just like the other mega millionaires and BilkAnaires who refuse to be commanded by our communities using direct real time voting decisions of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and


 This updated Aug 13, 2022 as not a single SOUL has ever completely perfectly published GODs simple KISS system Only exception from dawn of man has been most humble Keith Brent Duncan of Atlanta GA USA who works direct with GOD. was GODs simple method Keiths published showcased method to destroy the LUCIFERS who run our banks and stock market trade industries. PULL all your bank deposits OUT of all publicly traded banks and deposit into your local Credit Union,  SELL OFF all your publicly traded stocks, bitcoins, even cash out your pension funds and any commodity traded financial instrument. Deposit your cash-out into local privately owned corporations using CEOSPACE.NET vetting and methods to ensure your deposit investments and growth dividends are fully protected since you have a right to see all the LEDGER books and you use as the prime simple proxy system to decide the next best project, product and services forever.

  Since the wealthy ELITE always profit first on any news events because THEY control all JUDGES and LAW-Makers use of our Campaign contributions, and almost NONE of THEM have any care about your most impoverished conditions always caused by the same THEM, we have no empathy for any billionaire or mega millionaire who refuse to gift 75% of their family recorded net worth to greatest places of needs. BOYCOTTING and mass protest rallies are always GODs methods to overthrow any family dynasties known as oligarchs including the Queen of ENGLAND banksters and R.C. Bank of ROME including open disclosure of any and all safety deposit boxes and warehouse with focus on Zurich Switzerland and Isle of Mann according to ROBERT DEE ROSE super criminal terrorist most recently rediscovered evidence from Tom Haag.

  Simple Keith + GODs data driven engineered scientist system eliminates ALL world PUBLIC traded STOCK once and forever.  WE GODs people are always empowered to cash out and leave all Corporate Executives holding EMPTY negative valued Stock Options and Benefits since THEY always pay themselves first with Stock Options, Deferred Compensation, Corporate Fully paid PERKS, corporate aircraft of all based upon WE GODS people work efforts.  BoyCotting, COUP uprisings, mass protest rallies are always the best GODs solutions to overthrow all criminals, terrorists, corrupt anyone since dawn of civilized man.

  Now ALL public traded stocks are held by PRIVATE investors like you. WE use to assign proxies to vote on our behalf on the NEXT best Project, the NEXT product Rollout, the NEXT service procreated using OUR invested resources. WE control the decision of OUR companies and BANKS once and forever.  NO MORE news of any type or level can EVER affect the price of OUR assets ever again.   This is the basic ancient CLAN TRIBAL method of free market barter exchange when all Sellers and Buyers see the entire supply chan general ledgers on OPEN PUBLIC databases of FOIA.ONE GOD ordained divined design. 

   Over 70% of the wealthiest elite will be eVOTE.ONE retired once and forever. They now are worlds biggest Spenders, Spenders, and mentors who direct fund and use our assets and their $400 TRILLION USD to rebuild new mountain based communities known as grid based cluster networked that also destroys all mega Corporate Holding Corporations once and forever.

   WE GODS people always are the workers of all fields and only need LEADERS to collectively cooperatively manage the NEXT Best project and produce highest quality products and services now sold locally using Farmers Market Barter Exchange System.

   Now we, 7,.9 BILLION crime free people use GODs technology to advance our own human race without any Criminal Ruling Elite or common street crook thug threatening our families, our schools, our churches, and even ability of anyone to blow up and destroy the basic infrastructure WE the PEOPLE build consisting of roads, free medical hospitals, energy, water, fire/police/med services, and of course restoring GODs world back to mega jungle conditions use of with full focus

  on JUSTICE of 4 new replacement Constitutional Laws of EVOTE.ONE that stabilize humanity once and forever = eternity.

  All world Stock Markets will be closed for 1 to 2 months once make International News History as HOW our voting rights now control and manage all OUR top and middle level executives and Bankers. The word BANKSter is combination of GODs words MobSter and BANKER as the Italian Greece Silicia ROME most ruthless family dynasties have been controlling GODs assets and database information flows as soon as GODs technology was used to advance our human race.

  SELL OFF all stocks and bitcoins and Real Estate and Investment Funds that are commodity speculation based on FALSE PROMISES of future GROWTH,. ONLY invest in yourself and those who you truly trust with legally binding Video based contacts everyone signs to agree how to CLOSE each deal. 

   Everyone JOIN and education Trust Foundations and proceed to command be refined to final perfection by YOUR direct participation of


  Withdraw ALL your funds from BANKS who refuse to use  Example: Deposit $1 million USD into any bank (insurance by FDIC limited $100,00). Your assets are loaned out 5 to 9%, you get 0 to 1.5% interest including CDs and other false promises.  FIAT Currency is only PAPER promises that has ZERO value once a BANK or GOVERNMENT reserve system collapses because GODs people see WHO are the worst LUCIFER deceivers. finally deals with WHO are the decision Makers once and forever.  This has ALWAYS been YOU = GOD and prophet Keiths most humble integrity focused people.


Now that is GOD + KEITH + Your new world single stabilizing economic system, over 95% of all banks and 95% of all stock market trading house markets will be obsoluted once we all return to the tribal system of Free market Barter exchange legally binding and enforced contracts of every trade using VIDEO to authorize, authenticate, validate, and close each deal as enforced integrity transactions is the ONLY simple GODs method to ensure all parties involved benefit.   July 1, 2021. is worlds last open public kDebit kCredit all electronic financial system that replaces all known forms of fiat currencies. 


  All BitCoin markets are now invalidated as MLM scams since there was never underlying intrinsic persistent value to be exchanged at a stabilized level of what is the value of anything, That answer is simple what is anyone willing to pay for the supply.

  I personally just hate the most stupid 9/10 percentage pricing like 999.95 ON SALE schemes. Just round everything to a common dollar amount. Now that Keith has personally eliminated ALL taxes, most commissions, all import/export tariffs and other LUCIFER greed broker schemes such as FOREX Foreign Exchange watch the spread greed scream schemes, everyone can do fast path math of the open public general ledger trading books since so many accountants are 100% guiltyof entering offsets, write-offs, reverse adjustments like Amy and Robert DEE ROSE did that was the instant indicator of massive Mega Millions of Money crime laundrying.

since most of our currency exchange markets are scams since transfer fees, corporate executive write-offs, thefts of trillions of USD/Euros out of our BANKS and Stock Market holder accounts are the basis of why most evil criminal LUCIFERS have decided easy way to propaganda depopulate GODS earth with ruthless false promises never kept.

  Eliminates all the BROKERS who always take FIRST PROFITS known as legalized embezzlement who all make our 7.8 billion PEOPLE slave traded by controlling our ASSETS and long/short term PROFITS and investments by Paying Themselves FIRST while claiming WRITE-OFFs, OFFSETS, and other criminal hiding by total mis-manage of OUR GOD loaned Resources. 

    This system occurs with this one perfected answer Solution to stabilize all stock owner values and markets to be Persistent Intrinsic value. This is common sense 100% integrity referenced universal stabilizing systems of (tm)(r)(c) Patent Intellectual property we have gifted to all of humanity in order to obtain Global World Peace of as communal shared all property and assets that are loaned by GOD based on his timeline tables of WHO is WHO, Who owns What, and all aspects of total world reform. The most devastating mass poverty is caused by named Elites who take first profits of our bank deposit investments and stock market long term gain profits by day trading, insider criminal profiteering, and use of broker fees and Corporate Executive Stock Options that are now eliminated by use of simple new Bypass By-Laws all BuiltBykeith Duncan, worlds first and last top Trillionaire Scientist crusaders. We gift 100% back to all humanity. Same as always since GOD sent us to reform unify all of mankind.

  Updated May 3, 2021. is savior of world economy. retires 80% of all corporate Executives worldwide use of EVOTE.ONE as SHARE HOLDERS control WHO are the executives and WE pay them 100% cash fully taxable. NO MORE Stock Options, Executive Perks, and WE control the Law Makers who pass OUR laws to build  Contact #1 paradigm shifter AUTHOR INVENTOR FRONT LINER CEO Forefounding father Duncan at Intl Headquarters 770-377-2106 with and PUT us on National TV with mass publicity of HOW to redistribution over $500 TRILLION USD of real wealth with focus on 100% open free foreign exchange student and military program to EXILE all foreign DICTATORS and even local GOV officials and C-Executives who REFUSE to surrender OUR general ledger financial books for open public accounting audits.  Keith Duncan at  BEST to contact book us 24x7.

    Never again can any stock market crash or be crime manipulated by insider and cyber crime automated trading caused by man or God generated holocaust disasters. No more Preferred Stock or crimes committed to destabilize the true value of a company because of now controlling and managing their executives, their pay, their profits, and benefits of all employees and executives. is the only Block Chain single world currency that eliminates all Foreign Exchange buy-sell criminal spreads. This eliminates all day trading and 'short sell manipulation' and eliminates ALL private Banks run by crime profiteering brokers and executives. No more taxes or capital gains as red paper tape regulation conspiracies now are eliminated forever. NO more slave trading traffic tariffs import/export profiteering based on insider Political perversion of OUR original created products and services that are now delivered direct business to local consumer with almost no brokers or price fixers like OPEC. All Energy wars prevented with TurnOffLights.Space  SolutionSafeWater.ORG   Most critical is WORLD leaders FIND and Protect Keith's Teams RIGHT NOW.

Everything on is an Act of GOD + Keith's Congress to 100% equality Unify 7.8 Billion.

All Criminals are hereby ordered to surrender today and all evidence of their victims and our stolen assets back to WE the PEOPLE. Otherwise WE are ordering your Citizens Arrests remotely use BuiltByKeith method.


  NO MORE Stock Trading Platforms will exist since entire world now is Producer to Consumer All Digital Legally Binding Transactions of Free World Barter Exchange System. This would have occurred decades ago if anyone had used the original pioneered technology systems derived compiled by Keith Duncan and his R&D state of art teams.

  The final solution is humanity uses FOIA.ONE to store and forward all data information to create Utopia of Singularity when everyone knows everything about anyone and all groups. No more criminals can prosper by hiding their crimes.

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Mountain Lake
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  FinalStockMarket (.com) .space 

This would have occurred +11 years ago if cyber criminal ROSE and others had not been robbing our Intellectual property, infiltration of  our homes and computers, and paying off all our lawyers, so many judges, police, district attorneys, and those who we visited to overthrow all crime networks at all levels. DOJ is always 100% accountable with to seize and arrest all criminals.

The direct replacement of ALL World Stock Markets occurs with this one perfected answer Solution to stabilize all stock owner values and markets. Never again can any stock market crash or be crime manipulated by insider and cyber crime automated trading caused by man or God generated holocaust disasters. No more Preferred Stock or crimes committed to destabilize the true value of a company because of now controlling and managing their executives, their pay, their profits, and benefits of all employees and executives. is the only Block Chain single world currency that eliminates all Foreign Exchange buy-sell criminal spreads. This eliminates all day trading and 'short sell manipulation' and eliminates ALL private Banks run by crime profiteering brokers and executives. No more taxes or capital gains as red paper tape regulation conspiracies now are eliminated forever. NO more slave trading traffic tariffs import/export profiteering based on insider Political perversion of OUR original created products and services that are now delivered direct business to local consumer with almost no brokers or price fixers like OPEC. All Energy wars prevented with SolutionSafeWater.ORG   Most critical is WORLD leaders FIND and Protect Keith's Teams RIGHT NOW.

   NO MORE Stock Trading Platforms will exist since entire world now is Producer to Consumer All Digital Legally Binding Transactions of Free World Barter Exchange System. This would have occurred decades ago if anyone had used the original pioneered technology systems derived compiled by Keith Duncan and his R&D state of art teams. Therefore 1% of all crime assets seized with the following go to NGO Trust Foundation to direct fund the REST of these reform unify free world solutions..... Sept 10 2019 very last updated required by GOD and you our most beloved people.

   Netflix has Explained series named 'Cryptocurrency'.  FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE are block chain with this one becoming worlds last open free market and trade currency.  NO more control by governments or banksters.  Direct market barter exchange is the true world new free trade + travel market answer. All engineered by keith brent duncan AKA as your New World UNIocracy.ORG society fore founding father as all 7.6 billion of my people benefit by

  By ultimate default, this also purges our world of all cyber crime terrorist attacks, corrupt executives, insider crime trading, day traders, foreign currency exchanges, money transfer skimming, stock market speculators, any disaster triggered sell off and buy that clearly criminally PROFITEERS the most massive transfer of GOD's wealth to the Criminal Ruling Elite. 

     ALL World STOCK MARKETS will migrate/transition to FOIA.ONE then SHUT DOWN as no longer needed since WE now own all of GOD's loaned assets. Most Banks will be obsoleted as our mutual world converts quickly to ONE International Currency kBitCoins.ORG that is valued by the actual supply and demand economics modeling my team has mastered and proven as 100% the only viable way to create all free trade, travel, and 100% open commerce exchange.  All secret bank accounts and all asset ownership are now revealed to world on WHO owns all assets with = FOIA.ORG only open public database. Anyone who can not PROVE legal ownership and that they have already paid full taxes retroactively, are now seized and put into HELL-JAIL while their criminal assets are used to directly fund and SolutionHousing.ORG to build all new citizen owned infrastructure worldwide.

    #1 Key requirement is for USA + all World leaders Contact and PROTECT Keith's mega Billion USD valued solutions.

1% of all world crime assets is due direct to Keith Duncan's NGO Evangelist enterprises. Victims paid back first, rest goes to direct fund all new digital creative communities owned and controlled by our 7.6 billion people. Key educational ministries will always be CEOSPACE.NET and unification single world Constitution.

     Mega Trillions of assets (who owns each are now openly visible to our entire world. No hidden crime assets since all underground crimes are easy to detect by public by any money laundering or inability to show income sources that historically purchase criminal ruling elite estates.  NO MORE STOCK MARKET CRASHES and crime profiteering on man made or GOD related natural disasters since criminals always manipulate our own data by rogue agent infiltration that no one previously has been capable of seizing and convicting them. The new BARTER Only system is the only economic Supply and Demand method to eliminate all Stock crime manipulation + taxation forever.  This completes the design of your new world society economy as of Jan 6, 2018. is the last Open Public Database of all legally binding transnational transaction history so that NO crime will ever be committed and escape JUSTICE by Will of Popular Demand of EVOTE.ONE integrity driven new world citizens.

     I, keith brent duncan, Fore Founding Father of your New World Society UNIocracy, with all who JOIN and USE, known collectively as UNIONists, have already legally claimed 1% of all crime assets to direct seed fund the first worlds most wealthy 'reverse wealth' Philanthropist funded construction of this new World society managed and RUN by all of humanity.

    Anyone can JOIN us as Evangelist Crusaders with INC-NGO issued 75,000 shares of common stock registered in Reno Nevada Dec 24, 2014 McLaughlin Associates Andrew Young of world Famous Berny Dohrman CEOSPACE.NET

   Use SolutionHousing.ORG to own all your own assets and infrastructure. Multiple Teams have been hired and recruited for years to DEMAND National News Media and Governments use these only answers.

Based on EVOTE.ONE, all stock holders of now own voting rights for any company they work for, as well as all stock holders who are listed on open public record of FOIA.ONE that was


In honor of Keith, is the worlds First = Last NGSystem Modeled Corporate By-Law Structure that ensures all shareholders take first profit. Keith is clearly the most prolific author Evangelist Crusader in WORLD history, this ONE new stock barter System is the ONLY engineering data model driven system to create = Barter Exchange Commandments

   This ONE By-Law System replaces ALL corporate By-Laws worldwide at Public traded levels. This also will be the single universal stabilizing economic system for all privately held companies of

 Any corporate Executive or Board of Directors who refuse to use this one System will be ousted by their employees, their vendors, and their client customers using same Evote.ONE referential voting system. 

The New Corp By-Law Manifesto Unification Universal Charter mandates are here. This one commandment set creates your new world economy of full scale barter transactions that are 100% not taxed + NO transaction fees.

1. All stock ownership as well as all buy sell trade history is recorded in FOIA.ONE and open to world to view who owns what stocks as vested qualified owners. No secrets = no crime ownership or money laundering. No identify theft can occur with use of solutionBankFraud 0 Identity theft = No Cyber Crime Terrorism.

2. Any stock holder has voting rights to collectively decide the # of days delay between placing a Buy and Sell order into committed escrow account and the actual execution of the trade date between sellers and buyers.

3. No broker fees are allowed.  No additional fees are allowed. All costs for transfer of ownership are disclosed as expense on each company open public financial statements also posted on URLiDent. No secrets = no crimes.

4. No taxes on any transaction. No Short term or Long Term Capital Gain or Loss taxes permitted by any government or institution.  This prevents all government, banks, trading institutions from criminally profiteering because they control the exchange of stock ownership. No one can ever hide ownership and transfers again.

5. A Proxy representative may be appointed by any stock holder. The Stock holder and the Proxy owner must always identify themselves. This prevents all underground crime networks from hiding criminally acquired assets as well as prevents all money laundering by shell / shelf companies.

6. A single new world currency named 'Dunc' aka kBitCoins.ORG, now becomes the open public 'credits' and 'debits' recorded through your Intl ID so everyone sees the value-merit of each person as well as the linkage transaction history between each entity/person. Using Block Chain and replicated differential compared databases, this becomes the last un-hackable world repository = Tree of Life. 


     This is the final and only Supply versus Demand economic model required to ensure free trade commerce can never be taxed or need of any regulations that allow any 'loop-hole' fraud, skimming, or crime profiteering.  All costs for ensuring and warrant guaranteeing quality specification standards are at expense of each person/corporation on legally binding contracts and are listed on FOIA.ONE for world to ensure full compliance and tracking from originating source to consumer has been achieved.   Based on BlockChain BitCoin trading methods, all other currencies are converted on eVOTE.ONE 'will of majority' day to this ONE new world currency similar to original EUROs.  All other currencies fade away into near zero intrinsic value. Oct 11, 2019

Any/all other stock exchange will easily transfer their stock ownership and historical buy/sell/brokerage history to the new #1 OPEN Public database with the above trading history so they can SHUT DOWN all other exchanges and be free of future liability for any crime SEC trading activity.

Each of these WORLD class, world saving methods are legally copyrighted as Intellectual Property under the existing national laws of each country.   Ownership of these one world society methods is legally claimed + protected by INC Reno Nevada or any other NGO or for-profit organization designated publicly by Keith Brent Duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15) INTL ID 1-19580815-1 (returns perfect +101 Integrity rating), Old SS 243-86-0043 as the ForeFounding World Leader Consultant Evangelist Crusader of UNIocracy.  This is clearly the ONLY world system required to ensure humanity destroys all crime networks at one time and restores GOD's Paradise of Heaven as it was originally designed for man, woman, family, children, and all creatures who reside on Earth and in our Heavenly Universe above.

  NOW we are prepared to explore the rest of GOD's universe once we have conquered the worst sinners of Crimes against Humanity and ensured by FORCED ethics and integrity to Fearlessly protect the rights of all others.

Everyone MUST contact NOW so he can FINALLY testify against EACH PERSON who defrauded, robbed, blackmailed each court officials and his own +10 lawyers, ordered the Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 and 11.1.7683.99 Georgia Restraining orders despite ALL evidence shows Robert Dee Rose and Ms. Bashama repeatedly ROBBED Keiths two homes from Aug 10, 2010 to Jan 28, 2014 as shown to world on ROSE and each conspiracy traitor are the most Wanted Persons in world history with $2 Million USD bounty on ROSE head to turn him over to FBI-AG-Military or Interpol law enforcement agencies.

For all these answers to man kinds most severe crimes and infamy maladies are all cured and prevented by these irrefutable and irrevocable commandments, by-laws, and one world Constitutional manifesto seen on all these other world broadcast network viral social media platforms.

SIGNED Digitally, keith brent duncan INTL ID 001-19580815-000001

(lower case protected entity whose only true benefactor has been GOD himself and about 10 new recruited benefactors who all will own Common Stock worth BILLIONS as soon as Mass PUBLICITY finally is accomplished. The first is Captain Felix Macapagal Barangay 666 147 UN Ave Ermita Manila who owns 750 shares of 75,000 outstanding shares. Any qualified investor can buy in to this new Universal Stock.


CLICK: FinalStockMarket anchor. Below is the replacement Stock market financial engineered design that is the only solution set to return full control of all assets back to our people.  Saves all Humanity with Integrity. Command World Leaders meet us now: Click Ktrade.Space

Book Keith:  Host anti-PROTEST Peace Rally Forums versus Criminals

Click Here to see your new World reality.  We will continue to broadcast remote and visit all top leaders while YOU call + visit our world leaders.

Keith Duncan (c) (tm) is #1 top Tech Visionary Sage World Key Note Speaker God's Rights Activists + World traveling Consult Teams for you.   As of Oct 10, 2019 (updated daily)

  Everyone: 1 Prime Meeting turnover must be with USA Embassy Ambassador Sung Kim + Duterte, CIA, NSA, Interpol Trump, DOJ, DOD Military official, Press, or others. Based only on Robert Dee Rose IID 1-19710401-1 (-99) Over +125 USA based criminals all go to Prison and some to Death Row as enemies of the state.

Concurrently we have already been debriefing Duterte, Trump, Putin, all World Leaders on how to eliminate crime with series of Peace Conferences with our most powerful R&D Scientists, economic modelers, Humanitarians. Our #1 obvious issue for everyone is literally NO ONE does ANY followup or tracking on any crime network because of the billions of $$ crime assets controlled by top Corp Executives who conspire with Gov Officials to prevent any investigation = conviction of the most wealthy terrorists in world history.  From top viewpoint, clearly a few have passed laws that have legalized corruption and conspiracies as just normal business practices.

   We find very few in any nations who are actually COMMANDERS in CHIEF so we have declared sovereign citizenship to from a new free nation to be located under auspices and protection of old United nations and Hague Netherlands Court system. Now we travel freely with these mandated answers.

    WHO will be the first group after us to make International history for taking down the worst terrorist network in USA-World history and receiving over $125 Million USD in legal authorized bounty rewards. That would be YOU, Interpol, NSA, CIA, HLS, all others at ONE TIME

"Count it all joy, my brethern, when you meet trials of various kinds. For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." James 1:2 - 3

Click: Register for If you do not have our original business card, send $100 USD by WU, Palawan, BPI account

to purchase one Common Share Stock of  CreatorKeith.SPACE  worth real Trillions of USD of Intellectual Property that grants you admission to our World Peace forums being scheduled here in Manila and around our world once the critical mass of people respond.  We set current deadline Nov 4, 2019, 11 year anniversary of when ROSE attempted to enlist keith as his #1 cyber crime terrorist black hat. I finally realized what was occurring, left Jan 15, 2008 when ROSE threatend my life when I showed his massive money laundrying HWIgl.pdf Accounts Receivables/Payables and always shows he is a true terrorist.

  Is Keith the 'Designated Survivor' of the 'House of Cards' criminals or not?  Who will answer... Yes or No.

We have been isolated and persecuted since Jan 15, 2008 by and other IIDed crooks.

  All who join us by historical Oct 12, 2019 receive one free share of Common stock + Free admission to our training Manila or your country on national televised events by helping us spread the greatest news of all WE are FREE PEOPLE. Soon our net worth is millions, B->Trillions USD intrinsic valuation as we have deposited all Intellectual Property on GODs Internet (here and Youtube) worth Trillions USD of Free education, almost free world energy and safe water, preventing all Poverty, building 1,000's of new community center/worship centers, and all other required infrastructure required for our world to OWN all of God's loaned assets. The value benefits are the 250 Trillion USD estimated net worth of all world assets now legally transferred back to all our people using just EVOTE.ONE referential integrity rating system that originated from GOD just like everything else...  All at our risk since only requirement is list register yourself in FOIA.ONE and we openly show your name and contact information on very top of FOIA.ONE. Only persons of integrity will continue and use these gifted solutions to be self reliant, wealthy, wise, known one to one separation worldwide, and protected by other God Loving Crusader Warriors.. Even criminals will be offered our bootstrap helping offers to find them jobs and start their own small business as everyone has a talent. Only unrepentant criminals will be jailed in 1-4 day period with

Anyone in world who REFUSES to surrender will indeed be man hunted down by Citizens, Police, DOJ, Military and even our church citizens.  Clearly it is a crime to withhold evidence from any ongoing investigations against ROSE or any hidden criminal / terrorist / Cybercrime scammer who are now easy to AutoFace recognize by anyone over free wifi Interlink we have offered to install worldwide.

Oct 11, 2019 this just sent to USA embassy again for them to offer debrief and Safe Haven Protection by Military.

Most honorable Ambassador Sung Kim for him to immediately call CIA, NSA, Military Criminal investigators to finally offer us safe haven so we can debrief at any level the true evidence of crimes against humanity committed by so many terrorists.

   The saddest true reality is we have never violated any law or could have violated any CANCELLED TPO 11.1.1171.99 dated July 15, 2011 Cobb County by our own lawyer berry Vic reynolds $6,000 USD legal fee we should never had to pay since our homes were robbed by ROSE, Ms. Bashama so many times as we filed police reports each time.

    We are indeed the #1 top R&D Scientists in the world (our group grows each day as we finally contact other top angel philanthropists like Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett (FinalstockMarket.SPACE and ProfitShareHolders.SPACE, bill Gates, Elon Musk (on TurnOffLights.SPACE) and other world leaders of Presidents, Congress, Senate.


We clearly asked for safe haven protection from USA Military Sept 25, 2011 as ROSE was cyber tracking us then as the NON-SIGNED non-dated arrest warrant was issued Sept 26 9 am as we waited for call back from Langley AirForce base OSI capt Christopher Weber as we were dispatched their by now senile GA-Congressman retired Buddy Dardin who also was a cobb County DA with Patrick Head and Berry Vic Reynolds.   WE continue to ask for SAFE haven and NONE but a few will offer us protection so we did contact so many local and USA congressmen Senators asking for them to hold Congressional Investigations.


The most critical requirement in world history is for all the world change/saving solutions seen on our +25, actually 75 websites and thousands of Videos, and ?? thousands of PDF white paper PDF papers be released into the new public open domain of the internet.

Focusing on FOIA.ONE as the worlds last repository of human knowledge as technology has automated the creation of almost unlimited storage space cross linked over now FREE WIFI INTERNET we own.

That is


We truly never KNOW when criminals will kill us, kidnap us, torture us, as they have tried to do to us since famous Jan 14, 2008 when ROSE threatened my life when we showed him his own massive MONEY laundering HWIgl.PDF General Ledger. Same applies to rest of humanity.   A simple terrorist attack can quickly escalate into nuclear war, shut down of communications network, stop of banking, travel, commerce, Martial Law declared, and then any rogue nation or individual terrorist can freely destroy thousands even millions of our people.......   


How simple is it to CALL US back as we just gave you 8 days since Oct 3, 2011 SolutionSpace judge event to see that we are isolated and impoverished by a huge interlinked group of underground criminals and terrorists who we accidentally discovered and subsequently have identified and of course.  We CREATED the worlds last required law enforcement replacement system, the last Stock Market system, one world currency kbitCoins, provided system for all free education for world (known as Universal Stabilizer of CreatorKeith.Space) 


Do we REALLY need to keep remote broadcasting and CALLING direct police, FBI, AG, CIA, HLS, Presidents,  and others who appear to actually UPHOLD existing laws????     FOR that is always the requirement of our very own governments to SERVE and PROTECT our people.  We are TOO BUSY creating lasting sustainable new world systems to be bothered with so many threats and even DEAD SILENCE by others.


Currently we are selling off well over 1 Trillion USD valued of Intellectual Property (c)(tm) and patents filed and published.

this is the worlds last single open public voting system EVOTE.ONE

the rights to use FOIA.ONE open public wisdom knowledge database.

TurnOffLights.SPACE  + = free energy and water for life and so many others.


We took this most precious time to ask ONE NEXT TIME:

WHEN DO WE MEET Face to Face so each of YOU will be famous and very wealthy as we also gifted you common stock that is the new role model for how markets are financed and how profits are distributed back to our workers and new highly paid consultant advisor leaders. 


COMPLEX: No, hardly.  We have used the last 11.11 years at 10 to 18 hours each day (including Holy Sabbath) to travel, learn, teach, and interact with all communities on behalf of our most Holy Mutual Creator and all of humanity that includes you.  We publish this also since it makes no sense to keep repeating the most obvious of who we most humbly are.....   ourselves....

Sept 30,2019  Simply contact us directly to purchase Buy-IN of $100 USD for share of 75,000 registered common stock that is clearly warrant guaranteed to rise in value or we buy it back at $110% of the price you paid (show the transaction) or your original buy in price we have recorded. No one will ever again take advantage of others with false promises of wealth and riches once entire world uses the 3 new world models of kbitcoins ProfitShareHolders and FinalStockMarket using simple If anyone finds a broken URL link, please tell us and help us fix it.
 Email + call our world leader Crusaders so we can finally FIX the FIXERS by eliminate all politics and crime networks once and forever. Your Fore founding Father Apostle Keith now proceeds with your help to DEBRIEF all our world leaders and gov/corp leaders with ONE Press CONFERENCE that is hosted by you, Press, or anyone else. This would have occurred prior to Sept 25, 2011 debrief when we clearly asked Langley AF Base for safe haven so we could debrief the same.


We just sent AGAIN to USA DOJ on Oct 3, 2019 for everyone else to do the same direct calls to ACTION, the only thing ever required.

We have yet to meet anyone with confidence to CONTACT our top world leaders with these answers.  WHO do YOU KNOW to do the same....
  Immediately dispatch Military, CIA and HLS in Manila to contact Keith Duncan through Ambassador Sung Kim as our group of R&D scientists are being murdered by terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose (DOB IID 1-19710401-1 (integrity rating -99 Death ROW) seen on FOIA.ONE   We are threatened and persecuted because we have already shown world how to stabilize all world markets and return empower all decision making authority by 100% direct democracy EVOTE.ONE. This was the focus of all our fore founders worldwide. To be self contained self sufficient communities that used their own resources to be free of taxes and Government officials and corporate entities whose only focus was control domination and capturing GOD"s wealth at every opportunity.
  We are in Manila near Embassy.  The crimes committed by ROSE, Ms Bashama, Duncan Clan, Murdered Brian Walker are a sample of how horrific our system has grown.  All now driven by 11 original covenant commandments with single Human Bill of Rights to ensure NO ONES rights can ever be denied.
  It will only take 6 months to maybe 2 years to migrate transition to our new world system once we get the other Angel Philanthropists to join us and Protect our freedoms collectively. For they have the wealth and have the most amazing inventions and technology to complete with all electric driven TurnOffLights that eliminates the profit motive and opportunities of ANY crime network to overthrow the state of our New world UNION when everyone honest travels freely without restrictions, taxes, tarifs and police/military. No more RIOTS or mass gatherings for that alone is perfect target for mass shootings and chemical gas attacks and BOMBS.  WHERE do we go to MEET military escort as they appear to be the LAST resort SolutionMilitary .com USA Embassy is (63)301-2504 + (632)734-7420 PCOO Martin Andanar who is just one of thousands holding key documents on anti crime and new world market solutions.

  In the meantime, contact any of our teams, use and Buy their products and services we endorse on World famous Subpage Endorsements that Prevents all poverty forever.  Who will feed our children, disabled, elderly, young adults impoverished by Criminals. We already have. Follow the URL links. as we have so many places of greatest needs to go...

Oct 1, 2019 Even today we returned to see famous Pastor Belgica Family, then Commission on Womans Rights Niva, then to J2 to speak directly with PCOO Martin Andanar 632-784-4286, then 735-3538 to connect Duterte with local Ambassador Sung Kim 632-301-2000, thru Press Attache Heather Fabrikant for TRUMP to personally dispatch Military and CIA to offer our crusaders into Safe Haven escort back to USA to testify with all Presidents, Congress/Senate, World Leaders on Intl Broadcast Live TV. This we most formally requested back in Summer of 2011 through as many sources as we could notify. ROSE and other cyber crime terrorists saw they were about to be seized in this most deadly serious sequence of crimes against humanity.

    We have always taught how to unify reform our entire world at one time with refined perfect EVOTE.ONE that  truly creates sustainable World with simplified technology now managed by Interpol, NSA, CIA, HLS, DEA, literally all law enforcement working as cooperative DOJ open public enterprises. Everyone earns bonus every time they find ROSE or any other criminal, crook, pickpocket, thief, murderer, Junkie addict and receives earned commission bounty placed by the Collective Victims and concerned Citizen.

     Few if any lawyers, judges or corrupt DA's and even AG Sally Yates are needed again once holds each individual accountable for their testimony of truth. 5th amendment is abolished so anyone can ask Who is involved in these crimes against our people. The most massive reduction in police and military caused by AutoFace Recognition OCTV with use of  Soon is ratified quickly by all Congress united in Peoples kPeace . Named kPeace to honor keiths most humble crusader Sovereign Ambassador Emissary world traveling educating mediators working with humanity to solve all problems at all levels with 5STEPS at

  The other answer solutions will soon be completed as our teams have remained hidden because of "The Powers that BE" who everyone now sees with FOIA.ONE WHO is WHO. Those who commit any crimes will soon be replaced by our current generation of young adults with free First requirement is for all Communication Enterprises provide FREE hi speed Internet or be boycotted by economic pressure from our people who need FREE communication.

      Boycotting is a famous way to enforce Justice against corrupt corporations and even governments. Some just do not pay their bills or taxes and other unfair tariffs.  Even most insurance policies are no longer needed when our wealth of GOD's world is redistributed with the help of old Government and Corporate leaders who now work for us based on our replacement systems. Even All Banks and Stock markets are now owned by their Profitstockholders, depositors, and employees with FinalStockMarket as we now use ONE kbitcoins to free market barter exchange system as everyone travels freely with no restrictions based only on their IID integrity rating that truly destroys the fabled 666 Market of the beast. This eliminates all Private Banks and crime markets.

     Our OWN wealth will be immediately returned by the seized Criminals as stipulated in many of these ordained divined scripture answers. If anyone wants to murder our crusaders, never an issue. For our world will respond with the wrath of GOD and put these terrorists on death row. Best punishment is reverse rectification (?? even crucifixion) or hard labor in the markets owned by our Free world citizens.  We now slave trade those who have committed crimes violating existing laws. We ask our world protect our Free Sovereign Ambassador Emissary teams as we travel our world by others hiring our extreme services and paying for our products and keynote forums we mastered way back Feb 2011 and other world travels.

  We are still getting many invites to forums, Evangelist gatherings, and Plane trips to the Next Greatest Places of NEEDS, our EXACT focus of BidOnkeith for now 11 years. Who will book us now to eliminate all poverty and ecology harms. Surely our world leaders will join us as they would have decades ago if they had simple listed to common sense technology methodology reasons    We sleep peacefully now. Call us ASAP.

If we could diagram it down to simpler formats, it would take too long as we have asked our other world experts for decades to complete these GOD centered missions to empower humanity to achieve total world peace.

Sept 29, 2019 We just confirmed our last mission, gave key Pastors linked to Duterte the most formal critical written request asking for SAFE HAVEN help debrief and to personally take us to Duterte as we asked as soon as we arrived Aug 6, 2015 ++, then Ambassador Kim calls us, We FLY to testify to all world leaders, and all is well. For 8 years ago, we are the mastermind R&D scientist consultant keynote speakers Evangelist groups. We were TOO busy to go public summer 2011 on our trips to NYC, Norfolk VA, Atlanta, then Lost Wages = Los Wages all to represent our people. We always have produced Gods world last ANTI crime methodology needed to UNIFY us all with SolutionGovernment, now SolutionPeace.ORG that is also why the antichrist Rsee and ?? almost had us put away forever so the political demons and even DOJ ?? (yes great labels) could rule after any terrorism attacks occurred. Who will call us soon as we are always just ONE Call AWAY.

Simply call us and register + subscribe below. We pledge promise we will NEVER split stock or offer any other stock through INC-NGO Foundation modeled after Warren Buffet who must contact us now. All other Angel Philanthropists will then dispatch their teams to do the same as we are the master modelers of education who train our world leaders (new and old) how to make profit by converting Intellectual Property into real assets with the (c)(tm) system that is perfectly legal.

 Our entire new world market exchange is driven by all digital eDevice system as no tax or regulations needed. No more massive waste of your asset profits shipping resources overseas returned by broker tariff restrictions. If any nation refuses to join the world simple boycotts them until they agree to abide by our new simple covenant Constitution that truly prevents all Human right violations. Now all nations join as ONE World Society UNIocracy since humanity all prospers as GOD has design created.

Next mass forum event is now Jan 21, Martin Luther King Jr Intl Holiday. Other events occur as soon as ANYONE calls us, books our one-way flight, and brings us to your greatest places of needs. Simply provide us meals, safe place to sleep at night and guide us to where we must minister to those in greatest needs. There are millions of us who desire to serve humanity once we join together in perfect harmony and have safe travel.

World Changing FAMOUS

Master Common stock list on FOIA.ONE

  All citizens now use one universal public database International over free-Wifi for auto-match of Face Recognition, weight, height, and video recorded transactions including travel, banking, contracts, and all legally binding agreements. NO CRIMINAL can freely travel, trade, or conduct any business or crime. All our honest citizens use wearable OCTV + + SolutionRedDot to claim 'bounty' reward on anyone identified as a criminal with eVOTE.ONE. This final new world society is controlled, managed FOR, BY, and OF all humanity with NO government, corporation, or 'secret' entity having any crime profiteering influence over your data and lives. This destroys all cyber crime terrorism forever. This finally creates the 100% merit based UNIocracy utopia of Peace and Harmony to fulfill fore-founder prophecies of stopping all violence, crimes, wars, and self-genocide.  Use to protect his teams and send them to YOUR greatest places of needs today. This starts with Conclaves with all World Leaders + filling Stadiums full of people modeled by Evangelist Billy Graham, John the Baptist, Christ, Mohammad, Moses, Abraham, Martin Luther, and all other great fore-founding authors of Unification reform.

   No more corruption, crime, civil-wars, poverty, genocide, nuclear holocausts will ever occur again.

The CreatorKeith.Com INC Registered Common Stock 75,000 shares are historical in your New world market value. Registered by Aaron Young McLaughlin Associates Dec 23, 20114 Reno Nevada EIN 47-2619151 as Umbrella Holding Company Trust INC-NGO.

  7,500 shares to fore-founding father Keith Duncan. Upon my death for any reason, ownership goes to

    750 Captain Felix Macapagal B666 Ermita Manila 147 UN Ave right next to USA embassy to contact GMA. To build General Tino as the model free education eco community as example for rest of our forsaken enslaved world. Ask his sons.(already issued)

    750 to Susan Solopico 1345 Interior Angel Linao St with Nina, st Teresa area or south of Laguana Lake. (already issued)

    750 to famous Eng Gloria Reyes and Pastor Eric Negapatan of Rodriqueiz for WaWa Dam direct funding and any other projects of greatest needs. Eng Ronald Talion to his 750 (already issued) for establishing and direct funding other inventors using the Board of trustees who now own 1 subshare of 750. Inventors now are wealthy and protected as new world R&D scientist leaders.

      10 each to Marisa Cordero, Alona Diaz, Lino Diamante, Ernesto Resanada and wife Mitch, RC Viernes, Vern Compass, Robert De Lara, Dr Rev Samuel Garcia, Gov Mamba and Pastor Jonathan Camcam(stepson of Gen Ver?) in Tugueogario City, Cagayan valley. They can paint on my #2 Babayan house of worship. I forgot to do this.

     100 to Jun Catan Foundation of Green agriculture and Henry 'Barcolena' Estipona easy to find. just ask.

      1 share to each world President of any nation to pay their salaries so no taxes will ever be needed to support the best leaders of our transformational

  First 100 persons who join us part or full time and provide services and products to help mass marketing complete receive 1 share each.

  The value of this one Common stock (or replaced by Berny Dorhmann) is modeled after Warren Buffet who we request also to dispatch his teams to come find us and escort us. It must NEVER be SPLIT, and no other restricted stock issued as we have modeled how to replace all stock market systems that only need a little refinement and ratified by By-Laws of each Corporation. Refusals by Executives will result in employees and vendors leaving and consumers boycotting their markets and products. All legal and authorized by our new world leaders.


   The Worst Cybercrime Attacks, Political Corruption, and Wars already are WW4. Your new world All Digital Society saves you from extinction once we all have NO SECRETS = NO CRIME anywhere. There are ZERO Reasons why this should have happened +40 years ago with advent of Tech IOT Singularity AI.  Here are the most critical ordained answer solutions to all of man kinds root conflicts/issues/wars and HOW to prevent almost all crimes in the first place.  Simply use of existing technology, common sense, and bible principles of enforced integrity as 1 Cor 13:13 LOVE ALL OTHERS now rules our New World Society in biggest FLIP of EVIL over BETTER THAN the BEST. YOU be the JUDGE, since this has been humanities root greed, sin, crime issue since Dawn of early man.

Since all other vice crimes have been legalized, we just authorized PASSING JUDGEMENT on others with EVOTE.ONE and this ONE OPEN PUBLIC database that creates your new world legacy heritage as we have just completed each prevention PHD methodology.

  Sept 10, 2019 Last update: Still have not got required call back from Duterte group, Greco Belica group, USA Gov/Embassy, law firms, InterPol, FBI, AG, DOJ, DOD, AFP, Military, Press or general public. WHY? Only GOD and Keith truly know. Call us....

  Aug 28, 2019 Just got personal invite to meet with Duterte family Davao or Manila. Our teams are beyond thrilled that Duterte will soon announce they have the new world system that truly rebuilds all economy systems by removal of all world crime networks using the 100% direct democracy system. even HugPongFederal.CO showcases to world the exact same easy step by step methods of

  JOIN US with minor funding support so we can finally transfer trillions of real $$$ assets back to be owned, controlled, and managed by our 7.7 billion people. is the first step coordinated with

Nothing left to add or delete reference very last Revelation 22 as 8 seals now open.  Apostle most humble crusader keith duncan Prevents all Crashes. 

This is the #1 only total replacement of ALL Stock Markets that are riddled with massive cyber crime theft of insider trading crime information and trade secrets. All criminals USE technology at all levels to steal our assets and information and escape all investigative justice because they wipe their electronic trails clean and blackmail our law enforcement and Military to never seize their ultimate crime piracy assets.

  All Trading Platforms are most peacefully OBSOLETED as day traders are prevented from computer stealing your assets based on terrorist attacks, man-made disasters, or Gods allowed disasters, and insider trading.

   All based on the most PEACEFUL transition from the OLD (mostly corrupt) system to the ONLY replacement system that bypasses those who control and manipulate our hard earned asset investments. Now typical bank deposits earn 4.5% as loans of 5% occur with ZERO fraud or cyber crime.

   This is the Single Universal Standardized New Barter Exchange system that prevents All cyber crime with Free trade market by-pass laws + open public database so NO crimes can be committed and be unpunished..  Take Action by commanding these simple common sense answers become your new standard honest integrity methods of HOW to enforce ethics and create all Small Business owner Middle class worldwide.  Mass Holocaust occurs because of Crime Networks known as Criminal Ruling Elite, Cyber crime, Political corruption, and underground crime cabal leagues who profiteer because they control and prostitute all our data information.   GO PUBLIC and personally RALLY deliver to all world leaders, religions, civic/civil groups, and Corporate Leaders. Part of final Engineered Design For New World Society

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