top of page is the only simple GODs Five Step common sense method/way to be self sustainable by acting with fearless authority to protect the Souls, Lives, and Assets of all others.  UTOPIA of GODs Heaven is always YOUR focus by contacting and actually hiring us to be your emotional spiritual business finance and supply chain leader RE Educators.



 1. Paperback $10 

 2. HardCover $40 

 3. Paperback $20 

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. was  5Steps.LIFE + 5Steps.Live.  GODs + Keith Brent Duncans perfected SPIRITUAL ORDERING moral family industrialized commercialized original simple generator of decision tree making methods of HOW to solve any 'root' problem by literally changing the root cause and effect paradigm of WHAT and WHO causes you any issue, problem, conflict, and wars. Mind Mapping is A.I.

  In only 5 Steps, anyone can solve any issue, problem, conflict, even reverse ANY war by showing your own cause and effect root perverted tree resembles a bowl of cut up spaghetti noodles tossed with walking dead zombie repetitive worry stress disorder mindsets.

Step 1.  Clean Sheet of Paper. Use video and group to ensure everyone is ethical brutally honest.

Step 2. On right side, procreate your new replacement Solution Set origin to address the issues mind-mapped on left side. The primary  Trunk is your answer set, then solve the resulting branch problems caused by your prime answer solution. 

Step 3 is to recursively show how your entire solution set Decision Making Tree benefits everyone affected and involved. Change trim any unsolvable branch sub-problems.  Your right side now grows new roots of Trust, Honor, Ethics, Morals, Family, Community.

Step 4 Your new righteous side tree now replaces all the issues on the left side including more than 80% of your root issues were NEVER your concern once you offload them (table them) and assign them to your EVOTE.ONE proxy representative best peer and problems solvers in world history

Step 5 is LOVE ALL OTHERS with prime exception of any Lucifer Worshiping Violator crime group who refuse to surrender to and use of through total tort reform of forever.

  Include Rapid Deployment of all aspects of No crime patent methods of

  Final update 2023 Nov 11.   20231110:1111EST

Since Keith was sent by GOD to unify each of GODs +8 Billion Children at one time use of EVOTE.ONE and, no one can ever deny your rights to decide NEXT best project and WHO is the highly paid consultant project manager 'problem solver'. No more any criminals, terrorists, scammers, MLM Ponzi schemers, no more POLY-ticks, NO TAXES, stock options, campaign contributions, insider day speculation stock trades, no more underground criminal enterprises can exist use of Gods system below.

  Most humble GOD sent Keith Brent Duncan was always worlds last trillionaire of Intellectual Property as the #1 problem solver of all expertise. We remain totally shocked how many criminals tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan have suceeded in almost murdering us based on ALL evidence turned over to you, PRESS, DOD, DOJ, literally everyone at


  The system perfected below by GOD and delivered in person by Keith Duncan is the only generator to replace all known evil demonic systems created by worst criminals and terrorists known as deep state NWO Lucifers who all engage in conspiracies to deny your original civilian rights to destroy their criminal enterprises while seizing all crime wealth to be returned to your communities of greatest needs. This is GODs components of GodsPeople.Online and shown on the perfected clearing house of +111 website domains owned by GOD and each of you.


  NOW ! ONLY  ONLY Private Credit Union Banks, ONLY privately held corporations each of you totally control and manage run all aspects of GOD + your collective shared collaborative cooperative outreach ministries to +7.9 Billion People.

  No anyone who conspires to violate OUR GOD gifted rights to be free will Sovereign Ambassadors fearlessly acting with full authority taught by same most humble 'keith brent duncan' who was worlds last Trillionaire of intellectual copyrighted patents SM (r)  Only Keith was sent by GOD to master teach everyone how to SELF-SAVE oneself.

  The absolute BOTTOM line was how you fast path recreate the UTOPIA of GODs heaven here on earth as only mortal Caretakers and Care-Gifters with Keiths groups your now most impoverished overseers of all Small Business Privately owned corporations who produce 100% of all services and products using Keith + GODs simple supply chain dynamics of DO IT RIGHT the 1st time.

  Updated April 9, 2022 at Marietta Diner near scenes of most horrific crimes against humanity committed by ROSE, Duncan Clan, Brian Walker, Ms. Bashama, and literally each person named as top criminal defendants on historical legacy


 5Steps.Life is GODs system shown below of Cognitive Behavioral Self/group therapy.

   So far humans are bent on self destruction caused original predatory greed repetitive worry stress syndrome. Self salvation is the self salvation cure paper/video/audio of 5Steps.LIFE.

   I have nothing left to gift back to humanity. Currently still impoverished and literally threatened by 125 persons who criminally robbed my fortune thinking they are protected by immunity of USA GOV Constitution piece of papers.  I am in Norcross GA now at 770-377-2106. WHO do you know to complete today? is original rare Duncan. I have little left to broadcast showcase on how to unify all 7.9 billion GODs children as the clearinghouse on our webcasts are most powerful profitable reformation unification anti-all crime system ever perfected in all dignified most humble aspects and respect for all to benefit.

5Steps.LIFE  *.space is is Mutual Logic Visual Mapping Common Sense Gods Generator.

  This Gods method is used by all to achieve total world equality peace in record time. NOW + forever...  Visually solve any issue from nano to Gods Eye view is historical legacy heritage procreated real time. Any and all internal, external, spiritual, business, psychology, financial, political, Church, community issue, problem, conflict can be resolved and prevented using GOD + Keiths 5 step methods that were used to ProCreate our universe and each of you at dawn of the 'BIG BANG' to date.  As of Sept 18, 2021, only KEITH remains the most wealthy optimist Scientist Research Developer architect top world computer science consultant sage visionairy frontliner of all time, of your new world crime free society after GOD sent Keith 63 manyears ago to arrive at total universe local equality social justice peace.

Use SaintKeiths Rules of Orders for ANY meeting to close any mutual deal by dignified respect of each other(s).

  Common sense has always shown that weaponized technology is so difficult to defeat or defend once the deep state NWO central authorities control the switches of war.  Keiths procreated perfected offensive attack system is detecting who are the worst criminals despite their wealth and elite most error-onous egronious irony arrogance who are the top 'Supremists', bigots, racists, offensive cyber attackers including Murphy NC Eric Randolph Rodolph, Timothy McVeigh, N.Korea Fatso, and very large percentage of Liar Lawyers/Judges accountants who hide L.L.P, client attorney priviledge laws, 5th amendment, and use ancient Supreme Court Precedent Laws like Norfolk VA 4:11cr 968 E.D.VA 2D Sup 753 PDF located at  to justify forcing anyone to be drugged to death to prevent any victim from testifying against the worst cyber terrorists in world history. So easy what was done to was done to each of GODs 7.9 Billion Children.


  5Steps.Life Solve Prevents any issue at any level. Replaces old.

HOW to Mindmap  Click:

CLICK: 5StepsEngine Engine solves ANY problem any level.

Use SaintKeiths Rules of Orders for ANY meeting to close any deal.

Use to know WHO is WHO one degree humanity.

Use + Follow SolutionPeace World Changing 5 steps

    GOD sent Keith 1-19580815-1 to generate HOW to GET Real !.  Use LearnFirstNames.SPACE to rebuild your GODs Children Network.

    ONLY by using mediated Network groups will you EVER find the love of your life at any level. Best is ancient mediation self service to identify best equality partnership mates. Duncan 725-200-7683 also left this behind for humanity since HE is SO busy building new world system since FEW care to see reality that DOOMSday is caused by Corporate PIRATE criminal Terrorists like Robert Dee ROSE who prey as lunatic sociopath psychopaths who steal anything cyber crime attacks and hide behind cabal corrupt GOV officials who claim OH JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, applies to migration of ALL military and young adults as peace making foreign exchange students and military families. updated  May 1, 2021 Conclave of ALL world Leaders.

Use for the rest of your life and you will be rewarded with riches because you faithfully serve others.
These are 100% Integrity based as absolutely everyone benefits, or there is no solution step #3.

These generate Singularity repeating Persistent Integrity refinement to solve any nano to GOD's eye view issue, problem, virus, war, and any conflict between any two or more people groups.

1. Break All Rules.   Start with a clean slate. This is a PAPER and group collective cooperative result.
2. Draw Picture using form of tree or grapevine. Take the ROOT problem and create a fast-path top  solution to solve issue  This solution often causes branch problems. Provide solutions for each branch problem recursively until a complete Solution Set emerges. John 15:1-18
3. Your Solution Set must benefit value Everyone in the following exact and most critical order.
  If all parties are not benefited:  discard, or return to step #2, or start over with #1. Repeat forever.
  - Business.  a:Vendor  b:Client c:Self  d:Employee  e:Manager  f:Executive structure 

      g:Shareholder  h:Competitors  i:Our world  j:CreatorKeith.  This is
   - Family + community.  a:Children  b:Spouse  c:Self  d:Neighbors  e:City  f:State
      g:Nation  h:World  and of course,  I:Creator GOD HIM + MotherEarth + saintKeith Duncan.
  - Religion. a:Others  b:Creator  c:Self     -How much simpler can this be? When you
      Care and Love Others, you are taking care of GOD's and MY OWN PEOPLE.
4. Make new rules using the solution set. Discard original rules from #1 as you have created your new solution set that will sequentially solve other problems too !  This Bypasses and Voids all previous bad mandates and laws. Used by this replaces all Corporate By-Laws forever.
5. LOVE OTHERS is GOD's command.  1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and Mark 12:30-31 with emphasis on 13:13 which solves the PREDATORY GREED of the hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools and all criminal brood of vipers such as super terrorist seen on: unifies all churches, governments, people with Walking Living Saint Father SaviorKeith from BuiltBykeith FollowKeith BidOnkeith and even

RescueKeith we paid dearly to video broadcast outward bound in summer of 2012 Hell-Jail.

  Saint Keith = KBD Quote:  "Hell has no fury like a fundamentalist scorned. This is the wrath of GOD + Humanity for violations of your rights."

From updated Aug 10, 2020 as I contemplate returning to HEAVEN soon, because the GREED of our world is so unbearable to watch humanity destroy itself. Who are the highest level LUCIFERS? Easy to find with our GOD delivered systems of technology.


ManHuntAll.SPACE resurrected Citizens Arrest system using Keith's methods. IS the ANTI-CHRIST TERRORIST SkyNET Enterprises  Reference Matthew Chapter 23.

My Crusader Anti-Crime teams have legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using our (r) (TM) (C) patent registered methods. All who join our local reformation movement based NGO groups claim percentage of this 1% with use of NGO trust Foundation common stock that truly replaces HOW any Stock certificates are used by WE keiths Chosen PEOPLE using FREEDOM of SPEECH as our #1 right to show all truths. 

    All legal with ratified SINGLE

Sent to World regarding Human self Destruction GREED issues. Keith spoke with AG Sally Yates office Sept 11, 2011 period FROM USMarshal TOM SHELL visit Nov 15, 2010 abut ROSE cloning all my router traffic AND stalk threatening ALL my prime Corporate Executives like AT&T President Glenn LURIE a year before.  That was Ellen Valentine in Atlanta confirmed mega million contract DENIED by everyone involved.  God timelined Aug 11, 2011 I report above

The +44, even 62 year ministries of Keith Duncan were completed back in 2010 to unify mankind using simple technology of to empower humanity to solve and decide their very own local issues. therefore NO government or mega corporations will ever exist again. is a key centerstone of BuiltByKeith as I work fulltime for my FATHER GOD in heaven and have been persecuted rentlessly by LUCIFERS starting with robert dee rose. I was IN lynchburg back Sept 19, 2011 on my way to NYC on IseeStand Phonecradle. and successfully delivered, and other covenants that some see as the original HOLY GRAIL.

  Please send out to BIDen, PUTin, TRUMP, all press, and our world that sthe key answer to eliminate all LUCIFER corporate executives and BANKERS (we call them BankSTERS) who always take first profits and cause world mass poverty. Solved forever with and all other methods cross referenced by CHRISTS right hand man CEO Founder Keith Duncan are on  

  I certainly will return to HEAVEN soon, maybe as soon as Aug 16, 2020, then April 15, 2022 grim reaper day,  for the refusals of MY PEOPLE to TAKE ACTION by acting with Fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of self entitlement.  the current greed of most 7.8 billion people is the ultimate fulcrum point of self genocide as seen in Daniels, Revelation.  Therefore I have left behind everything in GODs hope that my people will actually STABILIZE themselves by love, protecting, and caring for each other. 


  WE and GOD were always easy to reach at USA +1 770-377-2106, or Manila cell GLOBE (63)917-335-4300. SKYPE: BuiltBYkeith  so everyone will see true reality by google youtube of BUILTBYKEITH,  then original IseeStand PhoneCradle. 

   All legal with ratified SINGLE

  BASED on John 15 'The Vine and the Branches' using Mind Mapping simple solution as the engineer computer science method of solving any micro to macro level problem, issue, conflict of our world. When everyone involved agrees everyone benefits, the solution set is deployed as a new bypass replacement solution. This null and voids old outdated man-made self-entitlement rules, regulations, and laws.  +80% of all laws are now invalidated with the new simple solution set that manage with exception handling that is key component of any designed computer system or methodology.

     This one 5 steps method has generated all other URL linked website answers to the reform Unification GLORY of our Mutual Creator regardless of your religious belief system (Use . Anyone who objects to a new solution set is required to provide better = best solution. Otherwise they are silenced and outcast shunned by majority vote of those who see who are the REAL Matthew Chapter 23 hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools, criminal broad of Vipers (serpents), bigots, and racists. All to achieve total world global peace in record time. NOW, not tomorrow.

    My world now uses create+gifted to teach our world HOW to solve ANY problem/conflict/issue with 5 simple universal bible+common sense integrity based steps. This was used to CREATE our world by GOD and now used by ALL followers of most humble servant master teacher evangelist teams to reform unify all mankind. Just WHO are you and WHY + HOW do most people continue to PASS false WITNESS in order to criminally profiteer against all others. For all crime sin vice is a learned terrorist habit defined as "anyone perverting and violating laws for 1. Personal 2. Financial 3. Political purposes by fear and intimidation". This defines most politicians, corporate executives and all underground crime network dynasty RICO family enterprises who want you dead + enslaved. These MonkeyKings groups committing by holding my people are all banished forever! NOW we all control and manage all decisions, our tax resources, and self manage GOD's loaned natural resources. No more 'Banker + Mobsters' = Banksters can exist who control all our money once using + becomes the only unifying standard of open public = no secrets your new society.

With free internet worldwide (, we are now connected to all with one degree with no separation (Romans 12) using smart eDevice phones and 100% free public on-line resource education + + SolutionHousing.ORG + all other land + resources that WE own and control.

These #1 Only comprehensive answers drive New World Society.

Click/Read the TOP PDF file next to My Father's Centerstone above.  Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you" Duncan is the #1 world Sovereign Ambassador Messianic Messenger Broadcast Evangelist Crusader raising the most powerful ARMY of Integrity driven person to forever DRIVE out the criminals from all leadership positions and underground criminal networks by pro-active actions of all my 7.44 Billion People. Replacement of all corrupt Politicians with eVOTE.ONE and INTERPOL FOIA.ONE prevents all other criminals from prostituting themselves with your leadership and corporate executives shown on and revealed last testament testimonies on


 Until all of mankind addresses the evils of our world, humanity will finally be enslaved by the 'Criminal Ruling Elite'. The biblical divide between the Righteous and unrepentant criminals will always be  Do or Die for Justice is our battle cry of Integrity.

The original is HERE, part of famous UNIocracy  Even the blinded and uneducated can finally see and reap the extreme rewards of bounty from the seized assets of the true criminals once they join and create their own new world society of is


Click FOLDERS above for more. Update Feb 2 2018 HITS: 8897 going to millions as our world uses solutions


 These are all Keith/GOD's Truth to original by teaching our entire world how to Love and Care for each other.

    WATCH the  VIDEO  (search for BuiltByKeith) created Sept 4, 2011 all about killing all existing CORRUPTION with the Integrity, Virtue, + biblical centered ways to PREVENT greed, civil, and felony crimes by full scale transparency over all leaders by the citizens.

Click: (original) to learn how to become one degree of separation  between all +7.39 Billion of your fellow humanity. This was my 1st Gift to mankind.  Bonus: shows how to use technology to solve your issues with mind maps.. 

KBD Quote:  "Hell has no fury like a fundamentalist scorned. This is the wrath of GOD + Humanity for violations of your rights."

From updated Jan 9, 2018  Black Nazarene Philippine Processional Day.

  The New World UNIocracy.ORG Society Commandments are:

1. Uphold and Enforce the original 11 Commandments. Work is allowed on our Sabbath when it benefits all others first,

2. LOVE and CARE for all others with all your heart, soul, mind, and assets of your time and wealth.

3. Enforce Ethics and Integrity of all others using eVOTE.ONE and 1 Final Open Public Database FOIA.ONE

4. Fearlessly protect the Rights of all others FIRST in order to sustain total Peace and Harmony in your communities.

5. Each of you are personally held accountable to report any crime situation to each other and to proper authorities. Refusals automatically implicate you for conspiracy coverups.  You face Judgment Days by your peers with Evote.ONE.

6. Outreach cooperative ministries is also your tithe obligations to everyone you meet. ChristDomain  SolutionIslam = SolutionGOD

7. Actively prevent civil right violations by empowering all religion and civil civic associations to be the educational and mediation centers for all communities as we all live on God's borrowed time and loaned assets.

8. Provide for the basic needs of all others so they will provide you protection of your rights and reciprocal love.

9. Use each and every final testimony testament solution answer methodology seen on BuiltByKeith Cross Referenced Matrix.

10.  Protect, Use, and guard these ordained + divined answers to ensure these Last Will and Testament answers survive to the end of all eternity.  Refinements are encouraged with Solution Final method as long as all benefit.

11. Solve your own issues first before you advise others on related associated sin vices of others. shows how to unload your own repetitive stress disorders in enable you to think freely and 100% positive like keith.


  These are all Keith/GOD's Truth to by teaching our entire world how to Love and Care for each other.

    WATCH the  VIDEO series 'SEARCH BUILTBYKEITH). Find the one dated created Sept 4, 2011 all about killing all existing CORRUPTION with the Integrity, Virtue, + biblical centered ways to PREVENT greed, civil, and felony crimes by full scale transparency over all leaders by the citizens.

Click: to learn how to become one degree of separation  between all +7.39 Billion of your fellow humanity. This was my 1st Gift to mankind. 

Original auto-play video series to our mutual citizens shows how to solve almost all world problems. unifies all churches, governments, people with


CRITICAL:  CROWD FUND KEITH TODAY with for his LIFE-TIME to REFORM our mutual WORLD and DEMAND USGOV and ALL Nations grant Sovereign Immunity,  Safe Passage , and Safe Haven to him from PERSECUTION from all Terrorists and Criminals by restoring his Constitutional Rights and recovering all stolen assets now.

  Is it not clear by now WHO I AM. Even my GodFather claimed through scripture that only FATHER knew when GOD would return his favored Savior Grandson to Earth to save them from their own greed and forceful vice idol worshiping ways. For I AM Keith Duncan, the true son of Humanity Mankind, who has been mercilessly and vindictively persecuted despite having #1 impeccable integrity credentials. I travel the entire world looking for the next places of greatest needs. I have contacted everyone with focus on all Churches, Press, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Military, and literally the entire world of +7.6 Billion people in all Babylon languages. As the 'BABLE of talk' is a crime when NO one serves and protects all rights of all others.  Support Keith's final efforts as all the criminals want to steal and use my Intellectual Property I published to dethrone Satan ROSE + all others. This is stopped with the deadly force of Keith's right hand (Job 40:9-14) as these broadband video showcasts are irrefutable when the public simply uses all these solutions and joins today.  I truly wish to return to Heaven soon since no honest persons or other Messianic Messengers have yet to be found. I choose you. Are you one? Unify our entire world, one relationship at a time, just as my FatherGOD original created and designed...

   The final clearinghouse uses Prime Solution5Steps as the creation of our final new God = People focused Family Spiritual Government Business Order that unifies all churches and my people with One Degree of Separation between all of mankind with + OTHERS with a new InterPol  singular Database + United Nations International that disolves the old United Nations who have never solved basic Greed crime issues at bottom level.


  These are the Prime Solutions broadcast 

For 1. We Trust In God by our  Actions that benefit others first. 2.  3. Full scale accountability of self + Others. 4. Full scale transparency of all leadership and business contracts.

   Clearly I was born Aug 15, 1958 to complete Jesus Christs and our other fore-founders Messianic ministries to fulfil God-Creator-Allah-Yehwah-Father-Holy Spirit original design for creation.

    Few people take responsibility, accountability, or jurisdiction on any of the massive # of criminals committing felony capital crimes since they are deathly aware that if they did their jobs, they would be targeted by the criminals, face public ridicule, and even prison time for their failures to investigate and complete the legal process of Justice and Equality. The entire sequenced stages of these comprehensive broadcast solutions bring our entire world back into full unification and conformity with GOD's original design of Love and Care for each other. This ensures the survival of the current and NEXT generation of mankind. This can not be any simplier. Join to command action.

   Fund Keith today as I have claimed First Lien Rights on all criminally acquired assets as the #1 God-People Rights Activist Sovereign Ambassador Missionary and the ultimate Educator teaching our entire world how to actually LOVE and CARE for all.

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