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ProfitShare Header part of 1976 as WE GODS people now completely stabilize our new world economy as open gifted shared of everything GOD and MotherEarth have provided each of us for ever.  Only GodSentKeith as has ever provided complete economic spiritual trade commerce banking finance education technology patents to each of you to for ever be ONLY problem solving peaceMakers who never steal, never lie, never hide anything, and never conspire recruit others to be LUCIFER Worshipping criminals, cyber terrorists of Robert Dee ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, list is showcased 22-1-3042-68 as prime demonstrated example of WHO are the NWO warlords and crimeLords worldwide. WHO do you actually TRUST and KNOW to protect life while existing DOD DOD officers of OUR laws go arrest seize and put into prison and death row over 140 named persons tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 murder for hire multilevel conspiracies that went viral Jan 15, 2008, extreme Feb 4, 2011, Feb 24, 2011, Aug 24, 2011, then kidnappings occurred Oct 3, 2011 through Jan 28, 2014, then again Oct 5, 2018 for 5.5 weeks Atlanta GA, then constant cyber stalking and crimes against WE THE PEOPLE have occurred all the way through today, 2024 May 7.  Keith Brent Duncan. empowers 8 billion to economically destroy the Criminal ruling Elite known as BROKERS of Stock Market, Banksters, and Real Estate corporate executives who ALL take first profits in form of broker fees, transaction transfer fees, those most megaBillion valued STOCK OPTIONS,

  LEGALIZED EMBEZZLEMENT is the most accurate two words to describe HOW the 1% Elite First Family Oligarchs always use the 'GOLDEN RULE' of Who has the Gold, makes all the rules'. clearly states that each of you must act with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of oneself.

  Your ONLY three God Generated directives are below.

   1. Invest in yourself by fast path learning how to reality see the flow of trade and our cash assets through existing system of chain of command authority brokers using basic financial literacy of and below most perfected re-education methods of all GODs time.

   2. We all withdraw ALL our assets from all banks and deposit into our local community banks like ACU Norcross.

   3.  We all sell off any and all of our public traded stocks and move our assets into only privately owned corporations. These isolates and impoverishes all super elite megabillionaires and megaMillionaires since mos tof them are living on our Stock Options and Golden Handcuff Corporate Perks.    Then WE hire best financial managers like Peachtree Corners Harvey Snyder of old Merrill Lynch. Replacement of all Corporate By-Laws totally reverses the current MLM ponzi scheme of JUST TRUST THEIR decision of total control over OUR assets.

  4. We invest in each other by meeting in person the BEST ELDER business experts in world history showcased by Keith brent Duncan who enlists, joins, HIRES, and cross promotes only those persons with HIGH IQ Integrity.

  This simple method will be the most positive net worth procreating system in our USA/World History since common sense always shows WE control the use of our assets and who are each of our (leaders) Executives and Politicians using the new world direct proxy decision making methods of keiths EVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE.

  Clearly this perfected omnipresent method unifies WE THE PEOPLE once and forever.  Current chain of command and supply demand chain marketplaces have all been perverted by the same Criminal Ruling Elite once they control our assets and information by claiming ONLY THEY can decide our reality and long term destiny fate.

  Updated 2023 May 16.  Worst transfer of our wealth assets authority is by cyber Attack pirate scammer thieves like Robert Dee ROSE, and our assets stolen by ad revenue generating Mass Media commercials of GET IT NOW, PAY LATER, go in Debt, Buy more insurance, do as you are commanded, list is all propaganda brand brainwashing started 6,000 years ago by the false GOD deity Pharoahs and now Command in Cheeks.

  All World/local Stock Markets are hereby ABOLISHED. Everyone MUST cash out of all publicly traded stocks.

1st Invest in yourself. Educate yourself for free by using GOD/Keiths system by hiring using methods. Then hire our other top world executives of includes Atlanta based +40,000 corporate technology executives to be sent worldwide as Outreach Ministers.

2nd Deposit all your cash outs into your local collective cooperative Credit Unions (disbands all National Banks worldwide) as each of you collectively rewrite replace OUR corporate By-Laws worldwide. 

3rd. Invest your nest egg into privately held corporations and use Keiths proxy system to control your Board of Directors, our executives, and all major decisions of how your investments of cash, time, contributions is used to grow YOUR dividend profit Share holding payouts real time.  Everyone goes back to free will open binding barter exchange 'farmers market' Keiths model forever.

Corporate Golden Handcuff perks of Jet Aircraft, fully paid any business social family trips, all write-offs of OUR general Ledger trading journal books, and over $40 Trillion USD per year illegal secret deals with underground criminal terrorists like ROBERT DEE ROSE of who always infiltrate our 'PRIVATE' databases full of WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY both legal and your sin, vice, crimes against each other.  ONLY keith brent duncan has been sent by GOD, apparently all ALONE to be the worlds most powerful host mediator overseer GROUPs composed of OUR top problem solving scientist engineer researchers, inventors, Front Liner humanitarians, and others who actually WORK for GOD and all of HUMANS at one time use of using GODs original generator to solve, prevent, reverse any issue at ATOM to GODS eye view focused perspective by always moving FORWARD to advance our human race as ONLY PEACEMAKERS of GODS Updated perfectly on 2023Jan08 12:21 am EST Atlanta GA time.


Four Largest pools of untapped criminal wealth were:

1. Industrial Military War machines valued excess of $200 Trillion USD drain past 75 years.

2. Criminal pirated wealth from our Stock Markets and Banks by insider commodity day trading brokers who have legalized over $350 Trillion USD drain post 9/11 attacks.

3. Underground criminal terrorists who legalized CRIME PAYS $250 Trillion USD by foreign Investors, puppet government officials, gambling, drug, guns, human trafficing, counterfeiting, theft of Intellectual Property, and staging terrorist attacks against OUR infrastructure post WW2 and legalized embezzlement persecuting Keith+GOD.  part of GODs origional is the most powerful Economic Reform system in world history publish authored by world famous celebrity Keith.  YOU + Keith now eliminated ALL public traded stocks, destroy all MLM Ponzi schemes includes mutual funds, bitcoins, commodity trading any instrument, insider traders, mega Corporate Executive privately held secrets including all pirated wealthy, literally all secrets now exposed to each of you by FOIA.ONE. legally eliminates ALL megaBanks and ALL public stock market exchanges forever.

The greatest criminal MLM scams of all time have been Stock Options, Corporate Executive Golden handcuff Perks and the uncanny hiding of assets by cooking the General ledger trading journals of OUR corporations. WE the investors of our assets and work efforts take 100% of all risks while the Criminal Ruling Elite embezzle everything by passing laws, regulations, contracts, and financial instruments to ensure only THEY decide our reality and fate.


Statista Research Department, Jan 11, 2022 Quote: 

  "The New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world, with an equity market capitalization of just over 28.2 trillion U.S. dollars as of October 2021. The following three exchanges were the NASDAQ, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Euronext."

  All World/local Stock Markets are hereby ABOLISHED. Everyone MUST cash out of all publically traded stocks.

1st Invest in yourself. Educate yourself for free by using GOD/Keiths system + worldwide.

2nd Deposit all your cash outs into your local collective cooperative Credit Unions (disbands all National Banks worldwide) as each of you collectively rewrite replace OUR corporate By-Laws worldwide. 

3rd. Invest your nest egg into privately held corporations and use Keiths proxy system to control your Board of Directors, our executives, and all major decisions of how your investments of cash, time, contributions is used to grow YOUR dividend profit Share holding payouts real time.  Everyone goes back to free will open binding barter exchange 'farmers market' Keiths model forever.

  Greatest LIES all of you believe is our brokers (banks, Real estate, Stock Markets) actually protect our original principal investment deposits and pay US all growth dividend profits before paying themselves.

 To Prove I am still mortal alive by GODS command as of Jan 25, 2022, here is recent proof that World War FIVE is about to destroy all of you known as crispy critters of World War $$ Five.

  Click:  DOW PLUNGES by MORE than 100 POINTS.

  Universal use of new replacement BY-law all Corporate  System below was WHY GOD procreated Keith brent Duncan to be YOUR new world crime free society leader at all levels.

    Easy for all to use and face to face ask us ANY question how to prevent greed.  Destruction of all hypocynics like here in Norcross was always YOU objective use of: + =

  All shareholders now command replacement of ALL corporation By-Laws worldwide the following Prime Operational requirements that were the basis for why GOD sent Duncan to model all reform unification systems starting with prime consultant engineered Project Management technology systems.

 These God's methods replace all Corporate Executive By-Laws once and forever. +70% of all most wealthy Elite are no longer decision maker Executives. Their new prime only focus is as 'SPENDERS and MENTORS' in our high schools, all free university systems  Over $300 Trillion USD of wealth is now redistributed through new small biz owner communities. now protects all our children, elderly, disabled, women.

  Now all ProfitShareholders of record take all First Profits.  Includes all Bank Depositor Named persons (and proxies) control the flow of assets and profitability of all operations using EVOTE.ONE to open public record their collective cooperative Decisions.

   Use of both and is the key to unification of our entire human race.

These are the new Replacement By-Laws of all corporations. Requires shutdown of all stock markets while shareHolders rewrite their laws.

1. All ShareHolders electronically 1 week before quarterly required financial statements are due and released on WHO are the executives of the Corporation and business entities.

2. ShareHolders agree on suspending their buy/sell trading of our stock when any news event causes instability of the price of our investment assets.

3. ShareHolders agree to null and void and existing Stock Options held by executives, board of directors, board of trustees and any other managment level executive.

4. ShareHolders can electronically (remotely) access their Corporation General Ledger and accounting legal documents at any time.

5. ShareHolders can require written disclosure of any offsets, write-offs and business expenses of any executive.

6. ShareHolders can deny the ability of any executive to use Corporate Transportation, Corporate Housing, any level of business expense write-offs.

7. ShareHolders can eVOTE on no more Deferred Compensation packages, Golden Parachutes, exclusive corporate paid memberships, and other write-offs that drain the long term profits and assets out of their own on-line statements of actual intrinsic persistant value of their stock.

8. ShareHolders can eVote command null and void of any other level of Stock Issues other than the proper original Common Stock.

9. ShareHolders control collectively by will of majority the actual By-Laws that run all corporations and subsequently deny the ability for any executgive or group to give Political Campaign Contributions and Lobbyist fees to anyone not 100% employed internally.


Keith and his economic world advisors show this will force retirement of over 70% of the most wealthy persons worldwide. They now become the philanthropist Spender Mentors of our young adults. These retired world executives now are Professors of and teach startup groups how to create New Technology products and services that benefit any community.  These same retired Executives now direct fund startups and other small business communities to ensure all of GODs children share equally of GODS loaned assets.

Keith Duncan Updated Historical July 1, 2021 when was commanded to be held worldwide.

#1 issue was always TOTAL NEGATIVE LACK of ANY PUBLICITY by anyone by simply CONTACTING to describe everything about our current reality of poverty and NWO Lucifers who already run the affairs of GODs world.

 NO Longer can any lawmaker pass any bill, regulation, or sign any contract that profits themselves first..

 THE ONLY SOLUTION was always to DEBRIEF KEITH on National TV with TOP USA GOV officials offering their apologies on WHY Keith is persecuted.

  The required GODs mass publicity of this ONE ordained $400 Trillion USD system empowers all Stock Holders of record and ALL Band Depositors to dynamically use EVOTE.ONE to select elect WHO are the mega Billionaires and Mega Millionaires by treating them all as highly paid in cash consultants. JUST like a waiter in any restaurant like St Regis Buckhead where I am right now 20210628 10pm showing the ONLY engineered financial system to replace all banks and stock market systems with the interlinked dynamic floating free will market barter system when all products and services produced locally are sold by legally binding open contract agreements to the local consumer clients. The shipping industry is literally eliminated as anyone can see the brokers of trade are the LUCIFERS from 6600 years ago who always take FIRST PROFITS for the FIRST Families.

  THE GODs model integrated comprehensive NonGovSystem is worlds last SINGLE open public free trading exchange system with NO FEES, no Taxes, No transfer regulations or ability for sin insane Corporate Executives to pirate GODs wealth once and forever.

 This was always GODs most powerful Paradigm shift on how to UNIFY mankind as PeaceMakers free of sin, vice, and crime.

This is how-to empower all investors and employees at all levels to use Evote.ONE to choose who are the new corporate executives now treated as highly paid in cash consultants after they increase the long term profits intrinsic persistent shown on the required financial balance sheets and general ledgers open for Share Holder reviews and open for public scrutiny.

  Basic GODs Commandments show all ShareHolders and Bank Depositers and Investors OWN their corporations and therefore Control and Choose with WHO are the highly paid cash consultants formerly known as Corporate Executives and PolyTic Politicians. The BY-laws of our unGodly Lucifer world determine the fate of your reality past 8000 years known as man-made laws.  Keith was sent by GOD to teach total world Reformation Unification and has been relentlessly defrauded, persecuted, forsaken, and almost murdered so many times we lost count since NO ONE has been found who actually protects the victims of organized crime or actually enforces existing any laws. Intl Headquarters office +1 770-377-2106 June 15, 2011 keep alive requires ALL to TAKE ACTION right now.

   Anyone who objects and claims THEY = THEM" would never agree, are required by 5Steps.Space to identify WHO are THEY and WHY they refuse to be highly paid consultants at top Corp level and Gov Officials worldwide. No more Executive Perks at any levels. Everyone benefits the same as you and I.

  BENEFITS: All world stock markets will be suspended 1-2 months now as soon as this one ordained divined solution makes International News Legacy Heritage history.  All share-holders will now fast path evote on changing any top corporate executive including exiling any politician who is treated as the sane same servant of WE GODS people using as now all solutions are generated by WIll of Majority of UNIocracy Gods people using Evote,one. These GOD sent engineered systems replace how mankind deals with GODs resources and how to fearlessly protect all others.

    These new universal stabilizing BY-Law replacement accountability systems from GOD now prevents and cash outs all old stock options, all deferred pay, all bonuses, no more corporate aircraft, homes, bodyguards, yachts, traveling on company expense write-offs. All mega corporate holding companies are now dispersed to be individual companies building services and products delivered to our local communities.

  No more insider trading or commodity speculation that only enriches the stock market broker bankers and political war mongers who are the worst cyber criminals in world history hiding behind our lawyers and accountants using LLP system to prevent civil and criminal investigations of money asset laundering known as write-offs and reversals like Robert Dee Rose hwigl.pdf seen at universal crime reporting system.

   #1 top business economic model Experts in world history was always most humble angel guardian Trust Philanthropists. is New replacement UNIocracy system of Corporate By-Laws that treat all World Corporate Executives as only Highly Paid Consultants. This demographics data-mining open public database system of FOIA.ONE prevents anyone from legally or criminally embezzling our assets and growth dividend assets at all levels. Using 5Steps and everyone now fearlessly protects the rights of all others before thinking of self gratification benefits known as predatory greed that GOD allowed at dawn of man. Everything in GODs world is interlinked to support and advance our own humanity to the next level of technology advancement so we can finally serve and protect each other and now explore the final frontier of universe space.

  The PRIME and ONLY key requirement was always that be hosted by everyone. The current GODs timeline is May 21-31, 2021 that was reset from original Sept 25, 2011 at Langley AirForce Base per all evidence seen at that is Worlds last Foreign Student/military/professor universal Exchange program author deployed by SaintKeith.

   May 25, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

We visit today. Contact Andrew J Young at as we personally debriefed him Oct 14, 2014 and videoed + all other aspects of New World Society past 45 manyears.  Contact Dean Sally Wallace , 404-413-0021, 404-413-0141

    This decentralizes everyone and everything $$ as shared collective cooperative people using GOD's trilogy engineered peace systems.

  The economic Model of current world is reactive Speculation at all levels. The original free market barter system has been converted to Capitalism perverted by ruthless self-serving family dynasties who pre-select pay the few Government officials and lawmakers to ensure first profits and long term dividend assets are paid to their groups rather than first profits returned to the original and current of record Share Holders.  This system procreated by Keith Brent Duncan rewrites the by-laws of all Public and Private held corporations to ensure that total directive control is by, for, and of the employees and Share Holders by treating all corporate Executives as Highly Paid in cash Consultants. This simple data driven method applies to all Government officials worldwide. Decentralization of all central authority decision makers is the ONLY GOD directive answer to unify mankind equality partnership one final time.  We updated this top world Benefit on May 21, 2021 and remain beyond shocked NO ONE has called us to answer ANY QUESTION about how mankind is bent on holy cost self genocide caused by Predatory greed.

 PSH empowers all Stock Holders and Bank Depositors to choose WHO are the Mega-Bilkionaires and Milk-Ionaires who have legalized embezzlement of our ass-sets and long term profits by write-offs, offsets, Corp Exec Stock Options, Deferred Compensation, Golden Parachutes, country club membership, Corp Cars / homes / aircraft/ yachts, and business trips. Literally their entire lives they take no cash pay and control all GOV politicians with campaign contributions and lobbyists the root of all Lucifer Predatory Greed evil Agendas.

  Anyone who objects as cynic bigot racists of these solutions is shun exiled use of

  BONUS BENEFITS: No more Media ADs, FaceBook, Google, Amazon,  ZERO Telecom, Water, Energy costs or bills. No more or pirate BROKEr traders can exist.  All Broker, transfer fees, taxes, fees are eliminated once and forever since digital exchange of is no cost to anyone. This is the original Farmers Market Barter system.

  May 12, 2021 The NWO Lucifer Agenda 8000 years old is depopulating earthlings once last time. Even the stupid Colonial Pipeline virus is a financial scam to put 20% rise of pumped gas $ into secret accounts of Worst Pirates of the Caribbean starting with Robert Dee Rose at $200 Million USD bounty.

  Once Keith=God=Your system and 9 steps is published on National TV + media, humanity experiences most powerful Economic Paradigm shift of direct funding BY these forced to retire ELITE to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND our hoarded pirated assets to build new state of the art mixed use Gated Country club style self-sustaining new world UNIocracy villages that have 100% free Education systems, plant community churches and baby to elderly care centers, 100% free medical services, all electric HydroGen Electric Mountain based power, free travel worldwide, and free market barter exchange system seen below.

  We GODs people even provide open glass rest home apartments for all exiled CCP and N-Korean Fatso Kim Sung-UN constructed as tourist zoos as they are indeed the extinct living dynastars dinosaurs Keith exposed Wash the Sin out of Washington May 3, 2014. This  includes converting entire Capital Hill campus as retirement community once North America combines USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Philippines as New Federation of UNIocracy inviting humanity to be community shared all resources by use of

  Best Location for new UNIocracy International Non-Gov central Campus is Biltmore House Asheville NC area with Headquarters in Zurich, monitoring stations in London, Lyons/Paris, NYC Wall Street, Stone Mountain GA, every single major financial trade city since we just broke down all the evil Political World War 5 Walls forever. 
    This Legally Binding UNIocracy system replaces ALL Bank and Stock Market By-Laws forever so all growth profits and our original investments are returned 100% to the current holders of stock certificates. This is common sense. All ShareHolders and registered IID voters now have evote rights on monthly basis to replace any C Executive of our Corporations, Banks, and Government Agencies of any nation.  Use of Proxies lowers the acts of our representatives to the village community level. Never again will C-Exec Pirates control our few GOV leaders who act as ONLY highly paid consultants.
   Gods People have full authority to eVote suspend trading of our stock and bank deposits by open audits of our General Ledger trading books recorded in FOIA.ONE. No more Executive Perks including Stock Options, Deferred Compensation, Corp memberships, Golden Parachutes, Corp Aircraft, business trips, and other Corporate write-offs. This is the most powerful Economic Paradigm shift in human history once Mass Media actually contacts and puts us on Live Broadcast TV with CEOs. Simple use of common sense and data modeling shows WE his People own everything.

SPD-1124FinalUNIocracy-6 by reverses ALL world Mass Poverty by orders of Will of Majority of all

Shareholders who actively prevent any and all Corporate Executives or underground cyber criminal (Day Computer Traders) or SPECULATORS at any level from stealing our long term profits forever.

1. All Share Holders have ByLaw rights to suspend trading on our stock preventing all speculation day trading.

2. Share Holders eVOTE command no more Stock Options or any Executive Perk benefits ever again.

Includes replacing ANY Executive at any level for failure to return 100% of our assets and long term growth dividends and bank deposit loan interest back to our root level investors. They never control our assets again.

3. Share Holders worldwide command their C-Executives take 100% cash pay and sell off/return all their stock options, all aircraft/yachts, all the company assets that were used only by CEOs, Board of Directors, Trustees.

4. All General Ledger books and company records are now OPEN for audit viewing by any ShareHolder.

No longer can Executives hide trillions of USD of write-offs and secret deals that profit only the First Families.

5. Elimination of LLP Limited Liability Partnerships of all Law firms and Accounting firms prevents all Bernie 'madman' Madoff Ponzi criminal schemes once and forever. Insider and day trading are criminal violations.

    You and Keith's Guardian Angel Trust Foundation partners now control the massively depreciated +20,000's of corporate USA aircraft. Now our collective executives led by Keith use these aircraft and sold off ships as humanitarian relief and use by local commuter services run through groups like Pat Epps at PDK Atlanta GA at Tens of Thousands of GODs people have MET keith past 44, 62 manyears.

  Includes converting ALL world military aircraft, ships, even subs as humanitarian relief transportation. migrates millions of all Military Families worldwide as only 100% PeaceMakers under full control of the local communities when local police and criminal networks wage war on KEITH=GODs people. prevent reverses ALL cyber crimes once and forever at time of any transaction.

   Shareholders have sole right to decide WHO are the consultants known as C-Executives and their 100% pay compensation in cash = full taxes. These few elite groups have legalized embezzlement and are hereby exiled punished using EVOTE.ONE for refusing to show all General Ledger + other records. No one works for C-Exec anymore. We were sent by GOD to UNIFY mankind one last time. As #1 angel philanthropists, few have protected our GOD granted rights or asked us how to reform our world by using our perfected ordained divined methods. Intl Headquarters Office 770-377-2106 soon located Ashville Campus at Billy Graham Evangelist Cove. change reverses all mass poverty by Will of GODs people to control and oversee manage our work efforts, our investments, our growth profits eliminating ALL violators of basic Financial laws who profit by taking FIRST Profits of OUR banks and Corporate Assets using old legalized laws and/or cyber crime theft. This retroactively solves, prevents, and reverses ALL $$ finanical crimes at one time use of worlds #1 new By-Law system as Keith is true Trillionaire in intellectual property.
 He alone has gifted 100% everything back to complete he authored 62, 44 years ago. 
Benefits: All investors of any financial instrument use control who are the corporate executives and collectively decide the compensation cash only pay of executives and themselves. Our very own banks and stock market real estate industries are controlled by cyber criminals who make secret deals and pay themselves off first before returning our growth assets and principal investments. 
  The universal persistent intrinsic irrevocable benefit value is elimination of almost all BANKS, Mega Corporate Executive Dynasties, all 'skimmer' stock market and FOREX exchange BROKers.  All BitCoins and related MLM systems are cyber scams since their is seldom any underlying value to their false promises of invest and get rich quick.  Our new world system is Direct barter exchange Free will FinalStockMarket of direct producer/seller to end user Client/buyer simple system.
  Trading of Speculation based commodities, futures, Short/Long Orders, hedge Funds, Bonds, almost all legal financial instruments are forever eliminated and legally banned and cashed out. All FOREX and bitcoins are how top Corp Executives always pay themselves FIRST with Corp Exec Stock Options, exec perks (golden parachutes), unlimited expense accounts known as write-off offsets, and deferred cash compensation contracts. Each of these transfer trillions of our profits one way. Our system returns mega trillions of our assets and control back to WE 'Gods' people once and forever.  Updated 2021-April-01. is one universal debit/credit exchange currency system as all fiat money systems have no underlying persistent value based on Speculation price fluctuation of GOLD and other collateral.  GOLD best use is electronics and electrical circuits NOT Federal and World Bank hostageForProfit systems.  Only GODs original trading system is the correct legal way to advance our own human race.
The universal use of EVOTE.ONE is retroactive to bring anyone to justice who violates our basic right of Inability to prove chain of legal possession is grounds for seizure of all assets.
  The historical legacy SPD-1150.pdf diagram above is the only method to reverse all Mass World Poverty forever. This shows how to replace all known forms of Governments and mega corporations by enforcing integrity of legally binding contracts we perfected and were sent by GOD to deliver to last forever.
The right side yellow is how our human race eliminates all Politics = crime at one time.
  Speculation, Gambling, other named vice sin = crimes are 100% the Lucifer Agenda of named Elites.
  WE the Bank depositors + Stock Holders dynamic eVote to Suspend/resume all trading of OUR assets.
  WE command our executives what to do NEXT by majority will of the WE the rightful owners.  
  WE command all executives take 100% cash in pay and never again live off our profits and assets with all the golden parachute benefits we never share in like manner. This alone achieves total world peace by WE the people seizing any criminal assets for transfer back to the victims and redistribution of trillions of USD wealth back to our most impoverished 3rd world nations and homeless.
  WE eliminate ALL speculation financial instruments once and forever using simple common sense solutions seen below that are 100% pro-Active and Retro-Active against any criminals regardless of their wealth and status and/or political connections to anyone. Anyone is now impoverished, put work concentration camps, Prison /Death Row.
This includes NO need for ANY Government Politicians, Brokers, Insurance, NO taxes, NO secret deals, NO Corp Executive who STEALS our Profits, NO Fraudsters. NO criminals, NO Hacker/scan scammers, NO Terrorists, NO anyone who violates Saintkeith's SolutionManifesto single laws. All using keiths common sense.
  Now everyone knows Who is TRUSTworthy and who must be helped.
   #1116 and all BuiltBYkeith IseeStand PhoneCradle systems are the ONLY broadcast answers to Prevent all Disaster $$ transfer of Trillions to the named elite who prey on the meek and mild who now Inherit Everything I have left behind and been pledge gifting my entire life worth trillions of USD in economic transfer.
    Our new world system eliminates ALL Speculation of ANY of OUR marketplaces.
Welcome to OUR new world UNIocracy.  Call us now to book our master Educator Prime Teams to teach you how to do the SAME benefit results using basic
Original Sept 2011 proof ROSE tried to murder keith resulting in 900 days of kidnapping so ROSE + 125 others could pirate t-billions of USD of my Intellectual Property to terrorize attach our GOVs + Corps.
    Right video 25min is March 31, 2014 showing WHY Keiths life is threatened entire time even today. Jun 29, 2020 since NO honest persons have yet to be found anywhere. Therefore, Earth dies genocide. (.space) is the ONLY simple new corporate by-laws that empower the 51% majority of bank depositors and stock certificate holders to control their own corporate executives and prevent all day trading, all insider stock profiteering forever. This prevents all campaign contributions of any politician since 95% of all funds come from OUR Corporate Profits used criminally by the few very wealthy family dynasties who actually control OUR databases and general ledger contracts to run our world including CCP Party China. So sad that all embezzlers go STRAIGHT to Prison and Death row with modeled ManHuntALL ROSE.

   This simple OLD SYSTEM returns Trillions of USD/Euro $$$ wealth back to my 7.8 Billion People and prevent/reverses All Mass Poverty.

95% of current financial instruments are Luciferian scams to drain ~ 80% of our long term gain = profits out of our banks and stock paper institutions worldwide. Embezzlers do the rest as elites.

   Why does no one use our methods Post Aug 21, 2020?  Greed and centuries of Smart Alec Elite who brainwash cult my people to think, "ONLY a few can decide the reality fate of my 7.8 billion people. 100% true."  So many of our financial author walking saint Prophets like Keith are often martyred.

1. Now 51% of stock holders VOTE anytime to SUSPEND/Resume S.E.C. stock trading. On Demand We the Majority control the other 49% by preventing ANY sell or buy orders from executing until WE decide to resume at the last trade price.  Forever ELIMINATES all Speculation and COMMODITY trading financial instruments. TOO bad that BILLIONS of USD worth of Stock Market trading re-active systems are rendered USELESS and Outdated.

2. WE the Majority StockHolders now dynamically vote on WHO are our corporate executives, clients, related major expenses and all management levels real-time. We collectively cooperatively command all Executives must take 100% compensation in CASH like everyone else. We have now eliminated all Corpo Executive Stock Options that is the biggest drain of mega TRILLIONS of USD wealth to the NYC and other criminal city bank-sters, and stock market corporate executive criminal insider day trading computer BROKER traders.

3. Other solutions are below.

June 22, 2020. (c)(tm)(r) Patent  Total world redistribution of wealth occurs with Mass Publicity so Keith and his crusaders now meet with all World Presidents as required by all Constitutional laws and events preceding Famous debrief Sept 25, 2011 once ROSE understood he goes on Death ROW for previous crimes against humanity including Treason, Espionage, overthrow of USA gov and corporations using and other super cyber crime infiltration solutions.  ROSE stole everything of Keiths almost perfected anti all crime method systems and was always the original reason why SO many of +125 named persons in USA decided to MURDER KEITH using simple signatures on certified court documents to FORWARD responsibility to other LUCIFERIANS.  

  The required benefits are total reverse of Mass Poverty. No more taxes at any levels once We the People eVOTE anyone into Jail, Prison, or Death Row. We do give the criminal elite a free will choice to pay back their debt to society and maybe increase their integrity rating on FOIA.ONE to point they can re-enter productive UNIocracy free will society. The worst terrorists of any social economic level are quickly put to death. This is part of GODs lifecycle to hold everyone accountable for acting with Fearless Authority to Protect the rights of all others before thinking of sel entitlement rights.  As of June 22, 2020 not a single person has represented Keith's rights post Nov 4, 2007 when Terrorist ROSE decided to recruit Keith as #1 top cyber criminal Terrorists. Of course I refused, since I was always 10)% honest and not one time in my life have I EVER taken advantage of anyone. All my people can testify this is 100% true.

Almost everyone has NO clue WHO I always have been. One sent by GOD to unify all of mankind was always my focus.

  The root world issue is GREED. All can agree that will of majority of WE the PEOPLE actually control our own fate and decide our very own self-entitlement reality. This does eliminate all ways for others to Entitle themselves first.  This is the ONLY way to achieve total world global SOCIAL EQUALITY by everyone learning to share communally everything. Citizens Arrests also massively reduces need for police, military, judges, lawers and the horrible imprisonment of small time crooks as the wealthy criminals always ROAM  FREE worldwide. These named persons are the viral pandemic carriers of all both real mutated disease and corruption.

Prime requirement post 2005 is for World Leaders to escort Keith to testify and re train our world leaders and executives how to actually Serve and Protect everyone using Keiths system and those who live in GODs reality. Seems most do not...
This is the most famous world changing playlist in man kinds long history.
We are the ONLY group showing how to STOP transfer of technology and assets to Foreign Enemies of the State. They all have names and faces.
We are the most powerful Scientists in world history who solve everything.
SPD-1112.22.jpeg is the basis for all citizens owning + controlling all their assets and rights.

This is the basis for New Corporate By-Laws to replace our most basic laws.

Share Holders and Workers now collectively own + control their companies.

1. KEY is Shareholders now vote real time by 51% majority to SUSPEND all SEC trading until market conditions stabilize. No more will any news of any disaster or event cause our profits from being drained out of our long term stock gains.  Short term gains and all taxes are hereby ratified eliminated forever..  Use of Broker Proxies is permitted as long as original stock owners are Identified. on each trade in migrated FOIA.ONE database open public trading platform keith created.

2. Shareholders vote by New ByPass ByLaws on: Who are their executives and their package of total compensation and benefits. No more Board of Directors and underground crime networks can control your stock assets and use of profits to criminally profiteer including Campaign Contributions, Stock Options, use of corporate assets for personal use profiteering, and other abuses of your intrinsic based company. The highest merit persons are voted as our managers up to our CEO's. common sense

3.  Shareholders collectively vote/agree on delay time/days between Buy or Sell order and actual execution day at the future high or lower price. This destroys all day trading, prevents all stock market crashes, stabilizes all real valuations, and empowers all stock holders and staff to control and manage all major expenses, product/service changes, and therefore their own share value benefit payouts. All corporations now achieve true INTRINSIC values determined by true world valuations.

4. Employees collectively vote on the benefit packages for their peers, upper and lower tier organization structure. This eliminates all Trade Unions as unnecessary and collectively uses the engineered divined method to benefit all involved by focusing on the most efficient supply chain creation of state of the art branded products and services that eliminate waste of time, manpower, and God's original natural resources.  Use Duncan #1 Evangelist.

5. Any Executive who refuses to use above can easily be OUSTED by their shareholders and customers who are OUTRAGED the individual violates their daily voting rights to decide the Profitability control of their public open owned corporation. Applies to employees of all private corporations once everyone sees that all benefit using the simple Scientific methods of

6. All broker fees of buy/sell are eliminated.  All transaction fees are paid by the Corporate executives as they now have incentive to boost intrinsic value while minimizing those who sell out short term gains. Directly affects them when they sell their own stock as they are taxed just like everyone else. Everyone benefits now that all executives take full compensation in paychecks . Everyone in our companies now have the same health, insurance, and other benefits as our CEOs.

7.  All Law firms now convert to LLC and public traded INC to prevent lawyers from hiding behind the LLP (limited liability Partnerships) claiming immunity from being prosecuted because a few of them violate our laws. This specifically affects Sally Q Yates at for her conspiracy role.

8. The old method of boycotting companies by refusing to buy their products is the other prime option to force corrupt executives out of office when employees and clients are outraged by the actions of their very own highly paid consultant advisor leaders at all levels.

9. Any Executive board who refuses to use above system will cause all stockholders to cash out all their stock and buy-in to CREATORKEITH.SPACE stock and other corporations that use our methods.

  Who calls us next as we are the purely neutral Economic Modeler Analysts of all time as well as the Mastermind Maker/Creators of our own New World Crime Free society

Each of these solutions is common sense reality and is (c)(tm)(r) even Patent Intellectual Property from the worlds first true trillionaire NGO Trust Foundation Angel Philanthropists who gift everything we own and earn BACK to seed fund humanity to complete how to UNIFY mankind.

We are the top world scientists who are routinely persecuted, murdered, and forced into Hell Jail by super criminal Executives like Robert Dee Rose who avoid Death Row by infiltrating OUR databases. is the key to our collective Shared Communal Resources of all world New Stock Market Bank systems by elimination of ALL day trading, computer Manipulation Insiders.
Keith conceived and dispatched/protected by GOD and few elite has created our own new world society free of all crime. The most powerful redistribution of all GODs wealth now occurs using our (c)(tm)(r) patent We the PEOPLE protected systems.

Most CRITICAL REALITY: Only by protecting keiths life and IP gifts will humanity clearly achieve total world global peace. Clearly this EVOTE live real time dynamic OPEN Public system is fully retroactive. Anyone accused of insider trading and accounting violations must present their general ledgers and trade history and explain to the law enforcement and  our public what they knew and when.

  Open General Ledgers and public showcasing of ALL Trades regardless of national exchange is the only way to use EVOTE to prevent criminal profiteering of OUR long term profits. See the slide show of SolutionPeace-1119 above to see WHY we say  DO NOT RIOT  do not Commit Crimes. as WE the PEOPLE now command our very own LEGAL system with SolutionJudge. the Common sense Judgments of WE our people.

Spend 10 min study here and try to break it with logical non emotional reasoning. A few glance at this and say THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE because THEY (unknown) will NEVER EVER ALLOW our people to decide their very own reality or fate....
Now WE the PEOPLE own and control all of GODs assets since WE are the ones who toil and work to build our new world Society UNIocracy.  May 27, 2020 last webcast.
These 4 Saint diagrams are Legendary Legacy Covenant Agreements between GOD and all humanity. These show total open public world society owned and controlled by all.
BBK20170708-UNITYurl-EDSAResignFatherKeithHeadshot copy
Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
ProfitShareHolders.SPACE Achieves Total World Peace.
  The Redistribution of GOD's wealth is always required to prevent self genocide of our human race. This is the most peaceful legal method ever conceived and webcast over GOD's internet to achieve Total Peace.

  This is the most profitable Viral Social Media campaign in world history showcasing the most foundational common sense solution methods in world history (Bible based Integrity) to empower and return all decision making back to the investors at all levels. It is shocking this system was not mainstream reality over 20 years ago since most people are re-active and few are proactive in massive research on cause and effects of grave mass poverty.  We are the ECO-Scientists who believe in the POWER of GOD"s word and are protected by our people who speak the absolute truth about WHY we are allowed to live on EARTH since the dawn of man.

BASIC for everything is 1. DO NOT STEAL,  2. DO NOT LIE.  3. DO NOT HIDE.

Below Links to my apple Inotes that are critical to overthrow all crime networks at one time,  per Berny Dohrmann last transmission to me 3 years ago, he ridiculed me and claimed I was vomiting chess cess pool shit since no one ones to deal with who is who of  The snakes LOVE the cesspool as they wait for their next watering hole victim.  The crocodiles just LOVE to snatch anything that wanders into their hidden domain.. is Christ’s domain the only online church that has no cash flow, no donations, no buildings and no preachers...


In manila still asking military to escort me as our military ARE the`last resort and also no the world peace keeping criminal investigators of our YOUNG people who become secretary GENERALS to rid our world of warlordgenerals..  keith at globe 63 (0) 9173354300 always ready to meet any world presidents or leader.  Last update March 9, 2020 as I work for 1 GOD, ALL governments, Humanity, Corporations, PRESS, in that exact order.

  UNIocracy.Org is WE the PEOPLE own everything.  

Last update: May 22, 2020. I remain ALIVE only by GODs purpose + final solution grace....

I personally return to Heaven on GOD's command if YOU the human race REFUSE to work collectively and cooperatively to achieve total World Global Peace. It is always YOUR fault for not upholding basic human right laws because of your worship of MONEY, Assets, POWER, control that is collectively named the word GREED. Platinum Only Facebook Group

TO: September and Berny Dohrmann of and world. I (and world) are all victims of worst cyber criminal Robert Dee Rose we accidently discovered Nov 2007 forward. He is part of a deep underground criminal network in cabal terror ring Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, fired DOJ AG sally Q yates, Atlanta GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds as all 3 we visited and HIRED 8 lawyers including VIC and assisted 7.8 billion people to break their chain of command that is linked by apathy and blinded greed of most people we debrief. I will be dead soon, same as millions, maybe billions of my FATHERGODs 7.777 billion people since most say they hare honest but always pay themselves first with profits. also achieves total world global peace. Call us skype: Builtbykeith2 as you personally promised June 4, 2017 and never showed up, same as everyone else. Keith stranded and impoverished in Manila 63-(0) 9171734755 as SolutionManifesto on is how is tied to organized crime relief once and forever so those that vomit poison go to prison first. Many go to death row, including some of my very own Duncan clan for what they personally did to myself and many others. No time to hear excuses and blames as USA GOV is required to protect YOUR rights + mine always..  YOu are going bankrupt since most people are indeed blinded by self greed. kbd

The absolute FIRST simple method to prevent ALL CYBERCRIME in first place is the easy requirement that the transaction person must video record their face and voice for authorization remote authentication for any ATM, bank, online purchase, or electronic transaction, Includes any large cash transaction. Second is use of rolling PIN number sequence that prevents all thefts of our bank account #'s and associated master PIN numbers. Simple use of a 100% unhackable secure server that responds 'Grant' or 'Deny' based on ONE-SHOT PIN number that can not be used twice or entered wrong. This alone prevents ANY ID theft by anyone including even Bank Executives 'borrowing our billions of USD$' to conduct crime profiteering such as blowing up Saudi Arabia Oil refineries to quickly 'long' order +10% gains when they return the 'borrowed' assets at same time as 'Short' stocks that will fall as a direct result of terrorist attack. Even buying a master password and back door access makes a single person a billionaire at any level.  Our 2 part open published methods are (tm)(c)(r)patent system of originated 1976 research prime initiative to create all electric digital driven paperless crime free society.  We are the ones who pioneered your banking and communication infrastructure based on our open published resume that shows we are #1 top advisor consultant mediators Sovereign Ambassador World Leaders who work for GOD + humanity full-time. This is our purpose.

  We request FULL Support from All World Presidents and all Corporate executives so our data modeling economists can be the prime mediators to transition to the following system so NO RIOTS or chaos mayhem will occur once all these solutions are broadcast by PRESS CONFERENCES heard and believed around our most beloved world.  If we knew WHO else to contact and visit 12 years ago, we would RIGHT NOW. Hard when some of our top world master mind geniuses are forced into HELL Jail and all our Intellectual Property of ANTI CRIME everything is stolen and converted to cyber crime our very own world governments and corporations. Cybecrime is so easy a teenager can do this in a few minutes by watching Hacker Movies and minor research on internet with those dark web underground groups s who infiltrate our very own Public/Private databases at all levels. Since we are the ultimate 'White hats' who have nothing to hide and everything to claim for our extreme expertise, so easy for anyone including DARPA, Interpol, FBI, CIA, NSA, even Russia China Italy England, France intelligence law enforcement to HIRE us so we can finally upgrade their outdated technology with shared resources that are now communally shared with public and other law enforcement and judicial systems.

These are the most brilliant published gifted solutions in world history to return full power to the bank depositors and Stock Market account holders of record. Anyone who violates SEC insider trading laws and regulations is brought to justice immediately with no recourse to buy their way out of prison. All produced by OTHER who contribute to the massive consolidation efforts of Keiths most prestigious anti corruption R&D organizations that are the top scientists in world history who use technology and common sense to teach mankind how to create legally enforceable contracts between any parties using IseeStand PhoneCradle and a few simple techniques to insure/ensure  no one can scam, con-artist, defraud, or insider trade steal our profits and interest accounts.

  We are persecuted relentlessly since Jan 2008 by ROSE and others who work in cabal mobster league with named very powerful USA GOV and Corporation officials. All of them go to prison by public seeing their signatures on all those documents compiled on that is the new universal stabilizing system of SolutionJudge SolutionMilitary.  WHO will escort keith to testify right now, not tomorrow as we could call for mass protest rallies by WE the PEOPLE to manhunt down those who violate basic laws of due process.

   Money Laundering crime proceeds and assets in the Stock Market is the easiest way for criminals to be Millionaires/billionaires. No one knows because of the secrecy laws used to shield our law enforcement from actually bringing these true criminals = terrorists to justice..... Ask Sally Q Yates at to stand up and call keith as ANYONE can contact the #1 master Man of GOD this entire time.

  I, hereby testify legally, that I am victim of Organized CRIME and due over $500 Million Real and punitive damages. TO avoid charges of conflict of interest, I hereby pledge all recovered assets and future earnings to be used to build schools, hospitals, roads, energy, water, malls, and all infrastructure as that is WHO I AM...

 These simple new replacement Corporate By-Laws are data driven accounting 100% visible to public systems for all corporations to prevent all day trading, insider stock manipulation, and cyber crime theft all at one time. Initially these supplement existing laws and regulations, then bypass and replace our old laws that are mostly self entitlement programs that benefit the top Elite.  Our (c)(tm)(r) Patent methods are simple and unique gifted to all mankind starting 1976 forward as our required credentials are always 100% integrity perfected verified by anyone by calling us now.
Note: These unique solutions are NOT controversial. They are application of existing business processes that expose all operations so no one can defraud anyone else by hiding their contracts and business transactions from ShareHolders and staff.
   Use our Universal Stabilizing Legacy Solutions to prevent all crimes.
  All and CreatorKeith.Space NGO ready to travel to your greatest places of needs.  Most SHOCKING trillions of $$ of OUR profits is from Executive Stock Options that truly cause mass Poverty and all Wars since only a few control the flow of OUR information. Our system below is simple eVOTE direct democracy that literally forces anyone who violates ANY SEC or related law out of leadership and sometimes directly into PRISON. For these executives use OUR lawyers and Politicians by PAYING them off with OUR profits to pass millions of laws that only benefit these GODS of Commerce who sit in IVORY towers claiming only they know how to make Profit for us when in 100% reality, they only criminally profiteer themselves by hiding all the general ledger books and secret trade deals no one can see. TOP #1 Billionaire is Robert Dee Rose who infiltrated so many corporations and government agencies from 1995 to present. Only Military + Keith can find him.

ProfitShareHolders.Space changes ALL World Economic Modal=Model systems.

  Our entire world economic system is RE-ACTIVE to world events that profit the few who use computer and insider trading to transfer true collective trillions of real $$ to their accounts while draining our assets at the same time. Our revolutionary legacy heritage method systems (c)(tm)(R)Patent are PRO-Active that changes literally all trading programs including Foreign Exchange trading and also eliminates all other currencies and transfer/service fees resulting from transaction movement of our assets.

This is the ONLY system ever completed that prevents cyber crime in the first place thereby preventing all mass poverty and wars at all levels. The basis is WE THE PEOPLE eVOTE CONTROL and OWN everything as GOD created us to SERVE and PROTECT each other by sharing all communal assets, work products, and infrastructure we have also published perfected methods. We remain SHOCKED that World Leaders have not met us face to face for last +10 years....

   Our new world system requires elimination all TAXES and almost all  central and federal governments as well as ALL mega Corporate Executives at one time.  Shown on top are the +3 major trillion USD funding sources that no one has ever identified or used to BUILD millions of new self sustained communities where everyone SHAREs all their resources communally. This is the true basis of =

Anyone who objects to these perfected linked solution sets is required by everyone to provide a better = best solution set using 5Steps.  Otherwise they are shunned and isolated as hypocrites who have something to hide from their peers.

   Our unique driven system spawns thousands of new mobile and PC applications who connect and share all resources through one world last database FOIA.ONE  Most stock market and financial programs are voided as no longer needed once all cyber criminals are found and eliminated with our two original SolutionBankFraud solutions.

  Keith=We were key students of Blair Singer Sales Partners in summer of 2008 Phoenix Arizona. Paul Tolentino is meeting with Blair in Manila on Feb 13, 2020.  I exited his program after 3 days because of internal conflicts with my soon ex-wife who defrauded me of the same $1.2 Million USD of my assets because of her extreme psychology mental condition Schizoid.

I was going to buy SalesDogs Franchise at that time to extend my world saving ministries to rest of mankind.


  Direct self funded is the ONLY way to legally transfer true trillions of USD/EURO/all other fiat currency and asset values BACK to all +7.777 Billion of our people.  This would have occurred over 10 years ago if anyone had actually USED our broadcast methodology that is the truly most valuable commodity of all INFORMATION stored in central Open Source Domain Database FOIA.ONE at   The other component required systems are clearly shown and gifted to world as keith never expected to remain on Earth from Oct 3, 2011 to present moment of Wed Jan 22, 2020 at 11:11pm as all these time lined events are truly part of GODs purpose for humanity for humanity to SAVE itself from the GREED of the FEW ELITE so everyone can live in peace and social equality harmony as Free Will Citizens who control and own everything.   We make NO excuses for ANY reason why GOD sent us. We use Freedom of Speech Press to cross market all aspects of everything YOU are doing in order to obtain total merit based integrity focused systems as HONESTY is the ONLY policy for all of you, my most beloved PEOPLE of faith, hope, and love. 1 Cor 13:13.

    WE HAVE WARNED YOU the PUBLIC to GET out of ALL bitcoins and SPECULATION based stocks NOW or be impoverished...

This includes all Executives who are hereby ordered by evote to exercise ANY stock options and report to our public all the aspects of their contract agreements. By April 1, 2020, all stock options are null + void and hereby never used again.

    This includes sell your shares in Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba as our FOIA.ONE system is ad free 100% pass through of all trades and barter exchange systems since electronic transactions are virtually free of cost.   This includes any ForEx and money transfer systems that now 100% free exchange and transfer under our new world system.  No one will ever be charged a Broker or transfer fee as this is also a SCAM that none of the wealthy executives use. They live on OUR credit lines and pay ZERO interest on mega million USD transfers and purchases all because they control the bank laws and regulations that benefit ONLY the mega rich. Now everyone uses smart phones to do all direct marketing trades.

  This includes sell off of ANY corporation stock or shares that is Multi Level Marketing 'SCAMS' and NOT Network Marketing based that is when founder/partners are on the BOTTOM who guarantees profits to the new entry 'downline' who are now on TOP.

  DO THIS NOW,  not Later. This again includes Amazon, Google, FaceBook, Alibaba, and any company whose prime profits are AD-REVENUE and use of OUR data that violates our PRIVACY issues.  We have shown, then predicted for years when any disaster occurs, that all top executives will BAIL out of the stock market first, take YOUR Profits, and leave you in true poverty. The manipulation of OUR data is how cyber criminals PROFIT at TOP and buy back in at bottom for THEY control all aspects of our economy. THey each have NAMES and violate laws with the same PROFITS they steal to hire lawyers and prevent any investigations into their insider trading and secret deals that are the ROOT basis for all world poverty, all Wars, and of course YOU being slave traded for lack of being educated by Keith and his mastermind experts who are already WORLD LEADERS and so wealthy it will SHOCK mankind to TAKE required action to call us and escort us to SAFE HAVEN while all criminals are told to SURRENDER or be manndted down like ROBERT DEE ROSE as WE the PEOPLE who are victims now place legal bounties on their stupid heads.

   This simple ProfitShareHolders system replaces ALL By-Laws of any INC corporation, NGO, LLP, LLC, literally all of humanity. Our computer systems are presently controlled by a few ELITE who violate basic accounting laws and human rights by profiting themselves FIRST, paying for Lawyers to PREVENT any investigations, and returning pennies on the dollar back to WE THE PEOPLE, all while claiming ONLY they can decide anything about how to run OUR COMPANIES.  The General Ledger Books of ALL companies and even NGOs and all churches like VATICAN, I.N.C., Apollo Quiboloy, all others, are now OPEN Doctrine and General Ledger books for anyone in world to review to ensure that NO ONE criminally profits and commits crimes against humanity since these few named persons only focus is PROFIT above all human rights is their own way to be GODs of Commerce. These are the most dangerous men who want depopulation of our people.

  ALL current computer system programs will be needing corrective changes. Most existing old computer programs will be null and voided and replaced by a CENTRAL accounting system that EVERYONE uses to exchange EDI style transactions so NO ONE can DEFRAUD or SCAM CON anyone once everyone sees WHO is WHO(everyone), Who Owns What (everything), and WHO trades What with WHO by GPS location and when (the Internet of all things = FOIA.ONE).

    We are the ONLY world keynote experts of all expertise sent by GOD and key benefactors to SHOW humanity how to actually Active achieve Total world peace.  This one solution prevents any executive, group, or Gov official from literally stealing our dividends and profits claiming they are the only decision makers. They gift themselves Stock Options, seldom pay any taxes, and VIOLATE SEC laws of insider trading because only they know the true sales channel data flow of the market. Great example: A banker or ?? Executive borrows (steals) our assets, buys oil market stock, hires a stupid terrorist to blow up Saudi refinery. Pump price shoots up 10% worldwide. They sell off one week later, hide the mega millions of $$$, return the assets to accounts and NO ONE knows since they alone control the general ledger and databases.


     Jan 20, 2020 is legacy HISTORICAL final summary Broadcast. 

   WHO owns the BANKS, the SHOPPING MALLS, the ROADS, the SCHOOLS, the LAND (titles), the ships, roads, planes, the Water Energy = Everything = all Infrastructure.

    WE THE PEOPLE DO under the ONLY PRIME Leadership of 100% paid CONSULTANTS trained by Keith Duncan and his top CEO groups from CEOSPACE.NET, NSASpeakers.ORG HighTechMinistries.ORG. Call us QUICKLY to send us to your greatest places of need that is obviously consult with all World Presidents and CEOs worldwide.

    With EVOTE, the public votes to TAKE OVER all ownership of EVERYTHING since WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones who BUILD and PAY for everything. This is also the PRIME reason we WARN everyone NOT TO RIOT and cause MARTIAL LAW Meltdown Holocaust as the few Billionaires like ROSE and hidden CONTROLLERS want us to Depopulate other culture nation so they can use Humans as their slaves and even protein MEAT SUPPLIES.  Genocide is the ONLY answer result UNTIL our WORLD delivers these answers to TOP decision Makers and COMMAND they show WHO are the terrorists, rebels, criminals (name the group who violate laws) and PUT THEM all into PRISON and DEATH ROW with use of tghe original SolutionRedDOT = SolutionGovernment that is NOW

   We = Keiths crusaders Market Makers prevent this by master educating everyone how to link all stock trades with video recorded authorization to each transaction so NO one at any level can scam con pirate our assets and prevent prison by using OUR lawyers.

  If ANYONE has a BEST solution, Please broadcast to world on HOW our world benefits using at   We are the trillionaire scientists who are persecuted for no cause since we benefit everyone with our most humble top prime master education of CEOSPACE.NET and NSAspeakers.ORG HighTechMinistries.ORG with Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Bob Circosta, and focus on Berny Dohrmann who is NOT a Berny Madoff Ponzi scheme billionaire.  We can supply their personal cell #s and emails from Feb 2011 forward as I am the unknown most powerful master expert speaker in world history who is DENIED his GOD GIFTED right of FREE SPEECH that is truly the worst violation of all time.... Updated historical Jan 20, 2020 at 11:11am.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23 ESV  A few of us are the ones Sent by GOD to UNIFY mankind.


FOIA.ONE Worlds Last Database of Human Wisdom

Our fore founding fathers Keith Brent Duncan first entry is 1-19580815-1 ( integrity rating returns unique +101% )

  We all continue and complete this already most successful viral social media campaign until all World leaders at  Government and Corporate levels finally agree to achieve total global peace or we eVOTE them out as useless worthless hypocrites who have no business representing our people. All can agree universally it is always so hard to find those who have any confidence and integrity to eliminate all crime enterprises. These are the key people we have recruited for now 43 years (photographic database stored memory of FOIA.ONE) This we most humbly formally have requested for ages... by ALL our fore founders wisdom and knowledge passed down from dawn of time to present moment. Now Feb 13, 2020.

LEGAL Notice. Each of these (c)(tm)(r) patent Intellectual Property world saving website domains are available for BID sales to qualified vetted Corporations and Governments for them to update and maintain. Only stipulations will be addressed at signing of legally binding contracts worth true BILLIONS in economic ROI Investments.  Talk to our prime lawyers ASAP Atty Beule Cleveland  in Manila, Tom Corey/ Vivian Hoard, Hal Parkerson and Jimmy Deal 770-263-7200 Atlanta who ALL hold ROSE most incriminating evidence. They are also gifted 1 share for going BACK to FBI AG + Press.

  With help of our StockHolders and OTHER Angel Philanthropists, GOV, Corporations, and public(inclusive) this Stock is hereby named kTrust Stock that truly revolutionizes how all business is conducted. Anyone refusing to use our ByPass Laws of FinalStockMarket and PSH is economic boycotted by their vendors/suppliers and their client/customers as employees also leave for better Companies. All corporations are now valued at Intrinsic Value and never again by Speculation, Price fixing, stock market flotations caused by either GOD allowed or Man made disasters.  This is the ONLY system to stabilize all corporations back to their most basic Intrinsic true market value .



The CreatorKeith.Com INC Registered Common Stock 75,000 shares are historical in your New world market value.

   Registered by Aaron Young McLaughlin Associates Dec 23, 20114 Reno Nevada EIN 47-2619151 as Umbrella Holding Company Trust INC-NGO.  Anyone can call them and Berny Dorhmann or thousands of others to confirm We are exactly who we say we are by FOIA.ONE.

 7,500 shares to fore-founding father Keith Duncan. Upon my death for any reason, ownership goes back to the

CREATORKEITH.Space NGO kTrust Stock Fund

   100 shares to Sally Q Yates of for her to contact DOJ DOD Trump and escort me personally to debrief our top world leaders as required by existing laws. So many laws violated, we truly lost count of the criminals tied to ROSE and criminal networks.

 ALREADY Issued as of Feb 13, 2020.

   100 Captain Felix Macapagal B666 Ermita Manila 417 UN Ave right next to USA embassy to contact GMA. To build General Tino as the model free education eco community as example for rest of our forsaken enslaved world. Ask his sons.(already issued)

    100 to Susan Solopico 1345 Interior Angel Linao St with Nina, st Teresa area or south of Laguana Lake. (already issued)

    100 to famous Eng Gloria Reyes, Marisa Cordova, and Pastor Eric Negapatan of Rodriqueiz for WaWa Dam direct funding and any other projects of greatest needs.

    200  Eng Ronald Talion of Filipinos Inventors Cooperative Association (or equal FIIS registered) (already issued) for establishing and direct funding other inventors using the Board of trustees who now own 1 subshare of 750. Inventors now are wealthy and protected as new world R&D scientist leaders.

### Pledge-gifted + To be Issued when each person contacts Keith's group.

     10 each to Manila based  Alona Diaz, Lino Diamante, Ernesto Resanada (wife Mitch), RC Viernes, Tin Gonzales, Vern Compass, Robert De Lara, Dr Rev Samuel Garcia, Gov Mamba and Pastor Jonathan Camcam(stepson of Gen Ver?) in Tuguegaro City, Cagayan Valley. They can paint on my #2 Babayan house of worship. I forgot to do this, see

   10 shares to Sig Mosley, Polly Harper, Charlie Paparelli and current President of for services already rendered.

 100 to Jun Catan Foundation of Green agriculture and Henry 'Barcolena' Estipona easy to find. Just ask.

      1 share each to Jimmy Deal, Hal Parkerson, Chris Morris Atlanta GA who all know the crimes committed and do NOTHING but dead silence.

     1 share each to criminal Cobb County GA Berry Vic Reynolds and Ross Grisham (Canton GA) who hold evidence on ROSE = World Terrorist this entire time as their incentive to GO to FBI AG as I asked almost everyone to do as soon as ANY crime was seen and reported back to POLICE, FBI, AG, and now world. Anyone can call them ask them WHY HAVE YOU PERSECUTED Keith by REFUSING to uphold existing laws.

      1 share to each world President of any nation to pay their salaries so no taxes will ever be needed to support the best leaders of our transformational

    1 share each to the First 100 persons who join us part or full time and provide services and products to help mass marketing complete when they buy-in at $1,000 USD (par) per share after being approved by Keith and evote Majority approval by our Board of Trustee Directors (above list).​

### End of Share terms and conditions legally binding agreement. Keith brent duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (certified digital signature).

  The value of this one Common stock (or replaced by Berny Dorhmann) is modeled after Warren Buffet who we request also to dispatch his teams to come find us and escort us. These shares must NEVER be SPLIT, and no other restricted stock issued as we have modeled how to replace all stock market systems that only need a little refinement and ratified by By-Laws of each Corporation. Refusals by Executives will result in employees and vendors leaving and consumers boycotting their markets and products. All legal and authorized by our new world leaders.

Our entire world markets are driven by STOCKs many tied to banking loans and all financial markets . This one simple solution leglly eliminates ALL Speculation and insider trading that is HOW mega millionaires STEAL our assets by claiming some cyber criminal took your money and data information. We pass JUDGEMENT on no one and benefit all humanity with our simple solutions. We MUST be paid and consulted for we are the owners of the most valuable commodity Intellectual Property worth MORE than all the combined Stock markets.
   STOCK OPTIONS are how most executives use our profits and amass fortunes. They live on our profits all expenses paid by our dividends. Most are honest, a few are NOT since they manipulate stock prices insider trading. They each have names and faces and are trackable by their very own signatures and business decisions based on reality these are OUR assets, not theirs. We The People is the answer to empower all share resources so no more super wealth means NO more poverty worldwide with SolutionHousing.ORG
  Our solutions simplify All Securities and Exchange Commissions SEC worldwide to the point when they are not longer needed.  Most top executives do not pay taxes until they retire. CreatorKeith.Space (again) hereby legally claim 1% of all crime assets seized as our single FOIA.ONE database is the new repository deposit of all legally binding transactions this is the true prevention reason for why GOD and other deity sent us to SAVE humanity from these consPIRATES who think they are GODs of the Egyptian Pharaoh genocide era 4500 years ago. God sent MOSES, then Christ, then Martin Luther, Dr King, many others, then keith. We are trillionaires since no one else lays claim to how to prevent almost all crimes at point of transaction. is the original true reason we delivered laser focus pin point to Military Sept 25, 2011.
All these broadcasts protected by Freedom of Speech and because we are 100% honest righteous for all
Apostle Prophet Founding FatherKeith is

World Journalist Author Tech Guru Evangelist Crusaders for all Mankind.

Use Prime Consultant of all time.

Last Major VIDEO: Click:

   This original replacement ProfitShareHolders.SPACE returns total ownership and control of ALL corporate assets to the shareholders and staff. This one solution replaces ALL world stock markets with free trade Barter Exchange system of  The economic benefits is the legal transfer of well over 40 Trillion USD of intrinsic value capital back to full ownership and control of all humanity. No longer will corrupt corporate executives control all aspects of OUR economy. WE the PEOPLE is the only answer to command ourselves to TAKE ACTION by acting with the fearlessly authority to protect the rights of all others. Contact and escort Keith to Testify before all World leaders now. No delay as trillions of $$$ real dollars are systematically transferred to unknown billionaires every month. Keith is clearly sent by the most powerful benefactors who have lost track of keith for the most bizarre reasons of all, Super criminals want keiths associates dead with Murder for Hire Conspiracies started by ROSE. All to prevent our most beloved people from benefiting as free will citizens of UNIocracy.ORG. Updated last Nov 25, 2019.


   Spend a few minutes seeing what is our original background and WHY I share everything with world including NSA, CIA, NBI, Interpol through SolutionMilitary com the MOST powerful replacement consolidated share information law enforcement systems in world...

This is WHY we originated as the top Database architect and communication expert technologist scientists in world history based on WHAT FOIA.ONE does for all humanity.

 This was gifted to Atty John Yates summer 2011 as ALL world Liar-Lawyers and firms will now be BOYCOTTED removed.  We already offered years ago to buy Buckhead Biz Club Atlanta GA once mass publicity occurs from 2010 forward. I was blacklisted Spring of 2014 when I asked to REJOIN and attended an invited list. I was STUNNED and did a video about CORRUPT Lawyers, even now. As THEY become Judges and so many political leaders at GOV and Corporate levels. They violate so many laws and go fre because of their cabal connections to Judges and investigative forces such as Berry Vic Reynolds who is now GA Bureaucrats of Investigation who threatened my life April 14, 2014 (voicerecorded).  Revolutionary in common sense design, this transforms all financial transactions as secure and open for public viewing so NO crimes can be committed. We control by eVote who are the executives and the compensation pay of all management, we control all major expense decisions, and payout of profits to ourselves. We make the bylaw decisions BY, FOR, and OF the collective employees/staff/vendors/consultants. We CONTROL the delay days between BUY-SELL of all Stock and execution date at the future unknown "current" Hi-Low Price.  NO MORE Day Traders, Speculation or Cyber Crime ever. Stockholders now collectively OWN and CONTROL their own stock and WHO are the executives/pay. My all time favorite video Being There = New World Order non-satire.

Jan 31, 2019. Domain name LOST today because of CRIMINAL RULING ELITE and zero support from anyone in world for KEITH's life and assets.

The direct path for this most critical world broadcast is:

   STOCK MARKET CRASHES are PREVENTED  All Intrinsic Market Values are stabilized.

   Basis for most business is it Takes Money to Make Money’. Leverage from investors and partners is fundamental ethical principals. Keith inherits his fortune from Keynote Speaking on all aspects of humanity with his teams, all of your inclusive. destroys ALL stock market speculation, day traders, and criminal insiders + corrupt corporate executives once and forever. These are the new required corporate and small business by-laws to empower all stockholders control + stabilize stock prices based on TRUE value, not shorts/longs/puts, and never speculation or insider cyber crime trading.  Computer trading triggers instant profits based on split second news of any world event or disaster profiting only those who have insider crime knowledge of economic trend cause and effects. This STOPS with these only answer methods.  Refusal of executives and any government officials to USE these methods immediately identifies them as criminally profiteering as our public easily eVOTEs them into jail, out of office, and/or banished similar to the recent Hunger Games, Terminator, Continuum, + Matrix movie series. This completes the UNIocracy.ORG #1 last REFORM UNIFICATION of mankind. since everyone knows family crime Dynasties are Anti-Christ.

    Read and GO PUBLIC to PRESS + Public to change course of your own history.  These new by-pass by-laws are simple and easy to understand as they STOP all currency buy-sell spreads and void all false currencies replaced with kBitCoins.ORG.   All markets are now based on true value Barter Supply and Demand.

     #1 Key requirement is for USA + all World leaders Contact and PROTECT Keith's mega Billion USD valued solutions.

1% of all world crime assets is due direct to Keith Duncan's NGO Evangelist enterprises. Victims paid back first, rest goes to direct fund all new digital creative communities owned and controlled by our 7.6 billion people. Key educational ministries will always be CEOSPACE.NET and unification single world Constitution.

    These are part of New World Society Constitution part of #3 Trade Agreements

1. Shareholders collectively vote by majority rule on the number of Days delay from Buy/Sell to actual Execution date. Each buyer/seller is legally committed by escrow to complete the transaction  based on the future floating fair market price.  EVOTE.ONE  is used so everyone can see who voted for each decision as well as all trading history.  No secrets means no crimes can be committed in secrecy.

2. The actual market price at buy/sell time is no longer directly affected by old insider trading or computer instant trading on triggers.  Criminals and corporate executives (including corrupt brokers and speculators) are exposed who have manipulated shares. SEC is world famous and has very few criminal investigations to conduct since their databases were infiltrated years ago.

3. WallStreet and other stock exchanges now eliminate all criminal manipulation of stock as well as cyber crime infiltration using that totally eliminates Identity Theft and access permissions to these international commodity trading databases publicly shown on

4.  Contact and Contract mastermind crusader evangelist top educators to show how trillions of $$$ in world currencies are now transferred back to our +7.6 billion People. Nothing else has ever worked to identify who are the true criminals.

  The recovery starts with seizure/arrests of super cybercrime Robert Dee Rose with a $2 Million USD bounty on his IRSWBFeb2009, 658 head per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Landmark class action criminal conspiracies. This  results in +100 top USA gov officials going to deserved prison along with millions of others who have infiltrated our electronic databases. Why and How does USA GOV actively protect #1 world fugitive terrorist ROSE? Easy. Its all about $$$$, crime enterprises, greed, fear, and intimidation that truly defines the verb 'TERRORISM'

  Use   EVOTE.ONE top anti crime expert Evangelist Crusader of all time.

Soon known as the 'White Knight Evangelist', Keith The Baptist, and even the 'most humble Savior', all crime evidence is shown to public so no criminal can escape almost immediate Justice and righteous Punishment to make restitution back to each of their victims and society. Confessing one's sins to a Priest is a true 'COP-OUT' as only the Priest/church gains crime knowledge and 'pay-off' to remain silent..

  All companies world wide use this following series of easy Corporate By-Laws to ensure participants in each small to large scale business profit by conducting open public efficient business practices at all levels. No secrets = No Crimes is the mantra for all our people of FOIA.ONE. is the basis for all citizens owning + controlling all their assets and rights.

1. Shareholders vote by 4 Constitutional New ByPass ByLaws including on on who are their executives and their total compensation packages and benefits. No more Board of Directors and underground crime networks can control your stock assets and use of profits to criminally profiteer including Campaign Contributions, Stock Options, use of corporate assets for personal use profiteering, and other abuses of your intrinsic based company.

2.  Shareholders collectively vote/agree on delay days between Buy or Sell order and actual execution day at the future high or lower price. This destroys all day trading, prevents all stock market crashes, stabilizes all real valuations, and empowers all stock holders and staff to control and manage all major expenses, product/service changes, and therefore their own share value benefit payouts.

3. Employees collectively vote on the benefit packages for their peers, upper and lower tier organization structure. This eliminates all Trade Unions and collectively uses method to benefit all involved in focusing on most efficient supply chain creation of state of the art products and services that eliminate waste of time, manpower, and God's original natural resources. Duncan #1 Evangelist.

  All employees, partners, shareholders now actively participate in profitability by controlling major expenses at all levels. This destroys all insider trading crime capitalism run by the 'criminal ruling elite' who have already enslaved, imprisoned, and even eliminated millions for their own kingdom building empires over just the past 500 years.

     . This also destroys all stock market manipulation and insider trading that transfers quad-trillions to the criminal rich dynasties. All wars are caused by 'banksters' and criminals who profiteer by ultimate fear and intimation of false pretense of protecting my people.  They are destroyed forever when each citizen owns shares in their own companies and also eVote control their invested assets of earned common stock.

    They now totally control who are their leaders and managers by the merit system of eVote.ONE  FOIA.ONE  + others of with 100% world use of these ONLY answers. Everyone uses open public eVote on the pay, benefits, paid out dividends versus re-investments of their peers and all leaders, thereby eliminating all secrets and corruption once and forever.   Keith is beyond exhausted saving his +7.5 Billion people from their very own predatory greedy self entitlement mindsets of self serving crimes when few actually fearlessly protect their rights of all others. Fund and Protect Keith TODAY with 0 delays.

  July 4, 2018. Historical New Independence Day celebrated by all humanity is TODAY.   Tens of thousands of my people already divinely visited + contacted, NOW spread these only answer solutions to all +7.6 Billion of my=our UNIONIST people. re: New world Society UNIocracy.ORG created by final Utopia of All small Business Middle class world.  SKYPE: BuiltBykeith2. Please invite your best people to listen in as 90% of $1 Billion USD Profit expands CEOSpace.NET to all world markets as we teach all world leaders how to create ProfitShareHolders.COM in record time
Objections are auto handled by EVOTE.ONE FOIA.One using to empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL their own assets and resources free of all crime networks.  WHO DO YOU KNOW to host Intl Press Conferences?  This is the ONLY Prime focus for 10.5 bible years of 100% positive creative new markets despite severe vindictive persecution that is truly revolutionary in GOD’s nature. Keith

Most critical is for Berny Dorhmann ( and WORLD to READ and USE that completes UNIocracy.ORG
For Berny promised to help write and publish a single New WOrld Constitution.  Never happened because everyone is "TOO BUSY".
So I completed and broadcast to world just like everything else in FOIA.ONE using EVOTE.ONE to command all human rights be integrity honored.
1. Original 10 commandments.
2. Human=God Bill of Rights.
3. Trade agreements between nations
as destroys all existing stock markets, insider trading, and cyber crime terrorism with original  WHO will book the INTL hosted Press Conferences?   THAT MUST BE ALL of our  world leaders.
Shortest broadcast of my 59 year career working for GOD and all humanity....
    Call at globe (63)9173354300 for Press Conferences + travel to your places of greatest needs today.  A phone appointment with Berny Dohrmann and I did NOT occur 2:30am as scheduled. No reason for NOT SHOWING up is a crime committed by our very own GOVERNMENTs. If NO ONE reports a crime with evidence, how in living HEAVEN or HELL will any law enforcement judicial system actually know WHO to investigate, sign warrants, arrest, seize, and put away in HELL-JAIL.  SOLVED and PREVENTED forever with FOIA.ONE + all other ordained answers that are truly divine in origin. is = +
   From Keith Duncan, true Evangelist Crusader. This one Dropbox Broadcast Diagrams are the true roadmap to UNIFY all of mankind. WHEN will World Leaders HOST PRESS CONFERENCES to finally remove ALL crime networks from our world.  THEN we have free trade and travel worldwide as all decisions are made and controlled BY our PEOPLE, never again by criminal ruling elite and underground cabal leaqued crime families.  WHO will actually GO PUBLIC with that is the true divined ordained answer to all of humanity on HOW to truly LOVE and CARE for each other.  For GOD will return me back to HEAVEN soon if NO ONE RESPONSES. I am always so EASY to contact on SKYPE: BUiltBykeith2 or cell in Manila (63)917-335-4300 as I have been SO severely and vindictively persecuted for now 10.5 years BY ONE super criminal as few truly know or care

   June 24, 2018.  For +10 full time years at my most extreme expense, I have been covering the backs of 7.6 billion people in the most positive viral social media campaign in world history.  Biggest BUT, is everyone disappears and makes objections that everything IS IMPOSSIBLE> The Powers that are control will NEVER allow anything to cause change in dynasty status-quo. In true reality, the demise of the criminal ruling elite always occurs when all of my GOD's assets go to the TOP with no middle class. REPLACEMENT and BYPASS of all current systems is the ONLY answer to Ratify and transform all my people. ALL of them

   Feb 11, 2018. just finalized ONE LAST time. The destruction of all corporation Monopolies Dynasties and elimination of ALL tycoons occurs with using here as =7.6 Billion PEOPLE now use EVOTE.ONE and one OPEN PUBLIC DATABASE to record ALL ownership of ALL assets, and to VOTE on WHO are their leaders and corporate executives as well as how much $$$ they are dynamically paid/rewarded AFTER they perform the VOTED decision making service. Contact including SKYPE: BuiltByKeith2 so we can actually VIDEO Talk and HOST Press Conferences with my recruited pastors, High IQ mentors of CEOSPACE.NET and other master Philanthropist organizations of THE ELDERS.

   All these GOD centered ministry master Manifestos eliminate all corruption at all levels. UNIONS versus tycoon executives are no longer needed as +7.6 B People NOW directly control all decisions and asset ownership management as all transactions and directives are 100% open to public view as write once, read public unhackable database that is the true TREE of LIFE.

  The cascading wipe out of all humanity vice, sins, and greed is the Noah Flood that destroys each and every crime network dynasty family structure once and forever.  Everyone is now middle class with total control over their own destiny know as NOW, the Last Testament. Everyone who joins is called a UNIONIST. Those who refuse to fearlessly protect the rights of all others are known as criminals and terrorists and face the WRATH of 7.6 billion people + GOD immediately over free MAX-WiFi Internet and all infrastructure owned and co-cooperatively managed BY, FOR, and OF each community.

   Dynasties like SMDC (Henry Sy), Waltons( Wall Mart), NYStock Exchange, all Banks, energy, food, brokers, money changers, transportation, and military CEASE to exist as they no longer have any function.  All my people now function as Will of Majority of People as created by God's original design.  


  YES. EVERYONE GO TO FBI, AG, Military, PRESS IMMEDIATELY as they all refuse since Nov 2010 to ever do the most OBVIOUS. DE BRIEF me so I can FINALLY show them the worst crimes against humanity that include the FBI and all other GOV agencies as true VICTIMS of Cybercrime terrorism.... do you finally understand the DEAD SERIOUS of BEING 100% focused and GETTING all these final world answers INTO the 7.5 B Public minds, hearts and souls. All in GOD's holy name..... ..

   Dec 22, 2017. Protect Keith's life NOW as he is most humble GodSon of all humanity!  These true Plans of self-Salvation Acts of Wisdom were gifted to you 7, 10, 41 years ago in Gods own time + mine to full fill prophecies. Soon all +7.5 billion of my people OWN and operate ALL infrastructure to destroy all crime tyranny dynasties forever. Each major commerce will now be cooperative owned and run by each community with EVOTE.ONE no secret New Society UNIocracy. This includes ALL energy, banks, phone/internet/wifi, transportation, schools, stock markets, water, all land/forest/farm home ownership that destroys all super criminal elite slave trading enterprises forever.

Dec 20, 2017 With these methods By, For, and OF all people, all dynasties are destroyed in all infrastructure of energy, communications, banking, commerce, stock markets, real estate, and ability to control prostitute manipulate pervert GOD's loaned assets of Earth.  All corporate Executives who break any laws are hereby ordered to SURRENDER to Law Enforcement, SEC, and public and disclose their crime assets NOW or they will all be man hunted down like ROSE using the intellectual Property copyright methods of that save our entire world from satanic greed, terror, intimation of these crimes against humanity. All done in GOD's name as I clearly work for my GODFather, Christ Jesus, and what is left of our humanity who actually UPHOLD Constitutional laws and God's original commandments.

  Dec 11, 2017. Read to the end to see the historical implications of +500 years of crime Stock Trading and ownership history that has resulted in the most powerful, truthful expose of crime dynasties and WHY this is the only worldwide answer solution to create stable world wide marketplaces that can NEVER again be manipulated by computer trading, underground crime enterprises, and monopoly dynasty control that prevents our common citizen from profiting from ethical integrity driven work principles taught by master Instructors such as Keith Duncan and CEOSPACE.NET Do not be swayed by what you are about to read and experience as this showcases HOW this one series of solutions changes all capitalistic marketplaces forever. If you (or anyone) has a BEST Solution, you are requested to POST to world and contact Keith Duncan's evangelist technical R&D teaching organizations so we can collaborate to fine tune these most best practices to ensure all 7.5 billion of our people benefit with all exceptions handled legally and ethically.  This is a new and only paradigm that also changes the course of human history....  Contact top people like Trump, Duterte, Putin, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other billionaires to dispatch their military and corporate security teams to come FIND ME now. 0 delays = 0 excuses !!

   The resulting transfer of massive $$$ WEALTH from ill-gotten crime gains will quickly move TRILLIONS of USD/EUROS/etc  over the next 6 months to 2 years back to create our 100% middle class society where NO super rich or poverty is allowed ever to exist. My collective 'HIVE' world must respond by TAKING ACTION by directly contacting all TOP world Leaders, all International Press, top Church leaders, Corporate Executives, and the public with zero delay. Or face the retributions of HOLOCAUST planned by these super criminals who want you DEAD and enslaved so they can be the final Anarchy rulers.

  For 59 years, Keith has emerged as the worlds first and premier problem solver master teacher and Messianic Messenger as the Fore Founding Father of your new world society  If you work or own stock in any company, you now have full rights to eVote.ONE on all major share holder decisions including taking profit, electing ALL management and corporate officers, directly controlling their pay compensation and benefits, and even putting them into prison for violating the laws of  Mass Protect Rallies worldwide are the result unless my People refuse to RISE and TAKE ACTION. Martial Law and extermination of opposition will result if NO one takes action.

    We now treat all leader as highly paid consultants using the 100% based merit system of  All who fail to utilize and uphold these basic integrity and ethic based laws of common decency rights are banished to the abandoned slums created by and   Do the cut and paste of these prime .COM directives as your FatherKeith has already done all the work to teach our entire world how to save themselves from their own self-destruction of greed and slavery orchestrated by 'the Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Ask to expand to your community of faith and grace to teach you how to actually LOVE and CARE for each other as Duncan is the prime and ultimate following Jesus Christ and Reverent Billy Graham (Evangelist Crusader).


Click:  that is the original IP patent world business description published to world as the ONLY answer to prevent ALL crimes by demonic corporate executives in criminal cabal league with underground super criminals such as Robert Dee Rose, known as another of the prime Anti-Christs.  This one Nobel Peace Prize solution is  held by terrorist cabal + John Yates at mmmLaw.COM Atlanta GA USA as the only method for controlling stock holder and employee ownership rights for all corporations. Yates is another of the false Christians who is the Prime 'rainmaker' of a major law firm who is super wealthy because he steals the intellectual property of his client under false pretense of representing the rights of his own clients. No one knows these ultimate secrets of crime because the uneducated masses are brainwashed by capitalistic greed and cults.

           The criminal ruling elite are almost all the Corporate Executives and underground criminal enterprises. They control the Politics (Political Action Committees, lobbyists, appointments, hiring), banks, trade commerce, our legal judicial system, and the obscene number of man-made laws regulations, contracts, procedures that systematically drain all assets and control of wealth to the 500 Billionaire families who already control 7% of the worlds value. Many more billionaires are the terrorists and criminals who actively prostitute our Constitutional Laws and rights using the criminal assets acquired from their UN-educated victims. will be eliminated forever as soon as the churches, press, and public 'Take Action with Authority of Fearless People to benefit all Others'.

     There are few people left in any of the worlds upper and middle classes as they are burdened with debt and inability to change their own economic conditions. is the simple new By-Pass and Corporate laws that give immediate ownership voting rights to all stockholders and employees. This allows them to electronically vote at any time on their own leadership and pay compensation to scuttle the absolute control of the Board of Directors who routinely enrich themselves with Billions $$$ in stock grants, insider trading, and secret deals hidden by all their high paid LIAR-Lawyer firms and 'raiders' at the shareholder, taxpayer, voter, and citizen expense.

    Few people who are salaried or hourly employees will ever be efficient by creating work-flow management practices to reduce their paper chase regulations and overhead as well as create new stockholder value for the companies they own. Work Ethics and Integrity have become dinosaur relics of the original creations of small businesses and entrepreneur firms. The absolute #1 Crimes against Humanity in world history are the World War Three cyber crimes and Political Crime Terrorists of the and 


    This was the same Feb 2011 month after initiial criminal larceny by Ms. Bashama and Robert Dee Rose and  in Cobb County GA USA  per forged Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 reported used to kidnap Keith Oct 3, 2011 at CEOSpace to prevent ROSE's death row convictions and investigations by all USA military Criminal Divisions of the USA government. explains why Keith asks for Military to investigate the Political Corruption of all related civilian IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshal Agencies tied to Treason, Espionage, and Sedition by rogue Government agents like DAG Sally Yates, Norfolk VA Federal Judge Thurman Jackson, Cobb County GA USA DA Berry Vic Reynolds, and each specific criminal like Doug Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Norcross GA Lawyer Jimmy Deal, and related 7 counties of Terrorist Criminal Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Police Criminal Investigators all tied directly to ROSE by their own signatures and false testimony. These include IRS agents,, Maurice per IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 worth $8 Million USD in rewards based on ROSE terrorist attacks on USA government and USA military as well as coordinated cyber attacks by Terrorists Alexander Cyclone Covey of

USA Marshals Tom Shell and have also implicated their groups of Felony crimes.

Your Name goes here.


  This is reserved for the next Partner of who is investigated, vetted, compliant, and joins the world changing movements modeled by to ensure self-compliance and regulation at local community levels around our mutual world.

Berny Dohrmann CEO of

   Berny's CEOSpace #1 Educational Forum receives 90% of the first $1 Billion (yes B-Billion) USD profits from World Trading Enterprise Partner Ministries as soon as they enlist our membership and Platinum Members to go fully public with all these gifted Acts of Wisdom that change our entire world, one relationship at a time. Note: Keith is Platinum member with his $45,000 USD investment in Feb 2011.

     With this huge cash infusion (Board of Directors of: Hugh Ballou, Ed Bogle, Harry Lay, Les Brown, Kathy Lee, Kathy Hampton, Dennis Graham, Bob Proctor, Dr David Gruder, Eve Horton, etc,) , CEOSpace will convert Las Vegas (lost wages) from Sin City to Saved City where families and business entrepreneurs come to learn all about Integrity, the most efficient Business Processes, financing, regulatory compliance, raising capital, communication skills, relationship building, and the other key foundational skills to ensure Ethics are enforced at all levels of business transactions that eliminate almost all governmental oversight and regulations. 

     Even Berny was Maliciously Prosecuted and jailed for 2 years for an SEC violation that never occurred.  Berny is producing a Hollywood style movie by this same name.  Berny refers to most governments as Gestopo agents who routinely profit by Holding Innocent WhistleBlowers and criminal anti-terrorist technologies since they are deathly afraid of Public, Press,  and Church exposure for their own Crimes Against Humanity.  Anyone can contact Keith to ask anything at all about the True State of Humanity and why GOD only intervenes at the very last Revelation moments.

Jesus Christ  (


i  Keith's original Board of Directors includes Jesus Christ, the FATHER GOD, the Holy Spirit in the form of the Holy Trinity. They are the only true benefactors who have protected Keiths life since Jan 15, 2008 historical threats by the Anti-Christ ROSE and his satanic devils clearly shown on as well as each crime scene video recorded and broadcast to the world.

Here is the missing link 'White Space' filled with the Holy Spirit to ensure the survival of 7.39 Billion of my people = Mankind.  Click: to see WHO I AM John 10:30.  Jan 15, 2008 was the true start of Terrorist Threats to Keith's Life by Robert Dee (Amy) Rose with attempted extortion of Keith by Rose using his own $109,800 USD 3 Promissory Notes as Rose finances the rest of his #1 World Crime Enterprises starting with + 15 other RICO terrorist cabal organizations ending with + + many other super crime enterprises delivered back to the world of Interpol, Congress, United Nations. all Press, all churches and the entire public.

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