top of page mirror OneBank.Foundation is worlds single open public free banking financial investment system procreated by mastermind experts led by Keith Brent Duncan. PLEASE PROTECT our lives TODAY ! was GODs simple way to remove all authority from all BROKERS of Bankster, RE, Stock Marker our world.  We now move transfer ALL our cash from ALL banks to ONE New World Banking OUR system

WE GODs People now personally destroy the cyber criminal terrorists who steal over $40 Trillion USD from our asset accounts each year using OUR internet technology like super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE at seed fund.

Click: BELOW is THE true ONE new world only currency of single Credits and Debits to replace transition all other forms of currency exchange methods as all BITCOINS are a financial technology SCAM methods from 6000 year ago of JUST TRUST THEM. No one can answer the most probing question of; 'WHO IS THEM???"  by name.  is as the perfected ordained divined completed replacement Banking SYSTEM bylaws of OUR only Credit UNIONS worldwide. WE the decide all contents of OUR Banking By-Laws including the performance based compensation of our Banking Executive as ONLY paid in cash after delivering profits on our investments. if they make a bad loan resulting in lawsuits, foreclosures, bankruptcies, THEY are individually held financial responsible to cover the loss of OUR assets. NO MORE secret write offs and self serving By-Laws that only the Board of Directors decide HOW to invest and spend our assets.  THIS is revolutionary complete economic replacement methods of GOD to ensure OUR investments are fully protected and all profits go back to WE the depositor investors. NO more cyber attack thefts use of Keiths that eliminates ALL bank fraud departments as well as all other database infiltration prevention software and hardware most complex and false promises of protecting OUR nest egg wealth of GOD and KEITH.

  WE GODS PEOPLE now abolish Money, FIAT, Currency, BitCoins, Stock Options, ALL public traded stock worldwide. Common sense always shows their is few if any real intrinsic persistent consistent value behind any piece of paper that are most false promises of OH, 'THEY are protecting our work effort proceeds'.  Go take your cash to any bank, ask the teller to convert your dollars into equal value of gold at today's ?? speculative valuation and see how they respond. They do NOT have any gold intioer bank vaults. Recent valuation of Fort Knox Gold reserves I saw as about 93 Billion USD.  Below is the perfected transitiined total exchange system of of only barter exchange credit and debit system of what is the value of the products and services exchanged between Seller and buyer with maybe just a few agents of change in the middle of the 'Gree Sales Funnle ' model as described in full scale perfected detail at


 Each of you must NOW take immediate ACTION to demand OUR general ledger and trading journal record books be opened up for forensic accountability examination to see the history of WHO has been embezzling our assets. #1 crime against humanity was always WHO controls the flow and ownership of information. Once Keiths revolutionary complete economic system are YOUR new world crime free reality, our assets true intrinsic persistent value will never change UP or DOWN for next 1,000 years since each of YOU always had the moral fortitutde to deal with any person who violates our rights to be free will Sovereign Citizens use of EVOTE.ONE Total perfected decentralization of all wealth, assets, natural resources, and chain of authority command is the ONLY GODs method solution set of theMetaPhysics.ORG we personally paid out over $500,000 USD before we were brutally kidnapped and persecute threatened Oct 3, 2011 over the ordered commands of existing DOJ Court official Judges to pay us BACK our very own earned inherited fortune valued over $40 Billion USD of intellectual property, copyrighted HOW-TO do anything right the first time, and our lifetime collected estate. 

  WHO do you know to command we go BACK on any national news media press conferences to showcase all solutions at one time to liberate each of you once and forever.   Updated 2023 Jan 3, 11:11 pm EST GODs timeline.

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kBitCoins anchor is worlds free banking system to eliminate any person who steals our assets at any level. Most crimes against our humanity are infiltration of OUR databases, then Stock Options, MLM Ponzi Schemes of JUST TRUST US with our assets, then secret deals and corporate executive (coPirate) write-offs including Campaign contributions and paying off Lobbyists to pass laws and government regulations that ensure NO super criminal ruling elite can ever be held accountable for destroying our free will system sent by GOD.

  Update Procreated above on 2022Dec19 by procreating CEO founder Keith brent Duncan.

Contact us directly today.  Includes as we never have any secrets to hide from you.

We just published showcased as worlds last ONLY bank cashless free exchange system of since slaying cyber criminals was always our #1 first priority started back in summer 2005 of terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE at

   WHO DO YOU KNOW to command we now go on ANY NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA press conferences so we can finally EXPOSE all criminals and terrorists at the very top of OUR new world crime free UNIFIED society ??? is CASHLESS society from 40 years ago. #1184 BuiltbyKeith 770-377-2106 Gods frontliner eliminates all Currency Exchanges, FOREX, Mad Money scammers, all BitCoins, any system using PONZI scam Multi Level Marketing and all cyber transactions at one time.

  Using cellphones, God's world uses Free Market Barter Exchange system of kCredits and kDebits since currency fiats are always paper based scams that claim they have any intrinsic persistent backing or any stability at all. Criminal Banksters are the worst terrorists who pirate GODs we the people.

     Then: #1184 BuiltByKeith .com FreeTrains. us keithAirService com evote . DEBRIEF #1 frontliner sent by GOD at +1 770-377-2106 before WW FIVE completely destroys GODs humanity final time. So easy to see that Predatory GREED of named ruthless Corporate Executives known as BANKsters and underground criminals LOVE your money and control over EVERYTHING you do, say, and spend. SO SO easy to steal any database information just buy the low level database password and BACK door, and BAM BAM BAM, your assets are gone forever like ROBERT DEE ROSE of does in his drug induced sex orgy sleep down at and Isle of Mann. STAGE mass major world Protests RIGHT NOW to command restore GODs wealth once and forever is indeed ETERNITY.

 Updated Nov 20, 2021 at Eclipse De Luna, Miami Circle, Atlanta GA. bartender is cute Marcia

Update May 3, 2021 last proof of WHO I am

Use of solves ALL world issues with common sense and use of GROUP sharing of Wisdom as everyone benefits by protecting the rights of each other = We remain the top forefounders of YOUR-our new world society since we OWN nothing and request help of EVERYONE to support our final day efforts as of Nov 13, 2019. We REST seldom, too many other solutions to solve base issues of humanity already published and distributed to mankind since we were created to deliver this system 1-19580815-1 (integrity 101%) is worlds free banking system to eliminate any person who steals our assets at anu levels. Most crimes against humanity are infiltration of OUR databases, then Stock Options, MLM Ponzi Schemes of JUST TRUST US with our assets, then secret deals and corporate executive (coPirate) write-offs including Campaign contributions and paying off Lobbists to pass laws and government regulations that ensure NO super criminal ruliing elite can ever be held accountable for destroying our free will system sent by GOD.

  Update Procreated above on 2022Dec19 by procreating CEO founder Keith brent Duncan.

Contact us directly today.  Includes as we never have any secrets to hide from you.

The greatest criminal MLM scams of all time have been Stock Options, Corporate Executive Golden handcuff Perks and the uncanny hiding of assets by cooking the General ledger trading journals of OUR corporations. WE the investors of our assets and work efforts take 100% of all risks while the Criminal Ruling Elite embezzle everything by passing laws, regulations, contracts, and financial instruments to ensure only THEY decide our reality and fate. is CASHLESS society from 40 years ago. #1184 BuiltbyKeith 770-377-2106 Gods frontliner eliminates all Currency Exchanges, BitCoins, scam Multi Level Marketing and all cyber transactions at one time.

  Using cellphones, God's world uses Free Market Barter Exchange system of kCredits and kDebits since currency fiats are always paper based scams that claim they have any intrinsic persistent backing or any stability at all. Criminal Banksters are the worst terrorists who pirate GODs wealth. is the simple only solution to prevent ALL STOCK MARKET changes caused by Insider Trading, Bank Fraud, Disasters caused by Man or GOD allowed.  Historical legacy for the ability of 7.777 billion to order the transfer of crime wealth back to our communities to build and support free Schools, medical care all levels, roads, water, energy, community centers, even huge mega malls the locals OWN and control.

   kBitCoins (c)(tm) is the Global Currency Reset required to eliminate all bank fraud and control of OUR assets and information truly controlled by the DEEP state who all have names and evidence.  CLICK: Alex Collier:  Clearly all monetary system is cyber crime fraud ed every second. We solved that +30 years ago. BitCoins are most fraud schemes because their is NO intrinsic value behind most offers. Includes ad driven TV, radio, newspaper, campaign contribution/lobbyist funds, Facebook, Google, databases, search engines that make trillions of $$$ profits to those who own and control our very own 'Private' information. 

  WE have legally warned YOU the PUBLIC to sell OUT of all bitcoin and speculation market stocks now. Your best investment has always been yourself.  Otherwise you will remain being impoverished and slave traded until everyone uses power of the single new By-Law System of the New world economic system free of brokerage fees, exchange fees, taxes, and all other YOU ARE BROKER scam fees.

  This system alone creates Free Will Citizens with Total Global Peace. Call us and HIRE us BidOnKeith

Eliminates all Foreign Exchange Markets as well as any Day Trading Computer Program algorigthm as we have just changed the fundamental investment strategy to LONG TERM investments when profits are no longer TAXED short or long term capital gains. OUR profits are now 100% our assets as use of CreatorKeith.Space method is the Free market exchange barter system when no one can defraud anyone again.  

  Bankruptcies and Bank Closures will also be almost avoided once our executive consulting teams teach humanity how to raise capital and ensure that investors always get best ROI Return on Investments.  No more Speculation will occur once World Leaders use these methods we have left behind.

Entire Real estate industry now uses our SolutionHousing methods to migrate billions of persons to higher elevations using and as the all free water and energy to power all our new small business owned factories, mining, and commerce trade.


Face Fiat True REALITY !!!  Most BitCoins will be eliminated as they have NO value other than speculation to BYpass banks and stock markets. NO value despite their claims of increase value when MORE people buy in at lowest and mid levels. The original Pyramid schemes of Pharaohs. Blockchain DOES have value, just not for currency false exchange. Most bitcoins are scams, when founders make their profits, they leave the nation and everyone BROKE.. We have USE for their marketing technology that is NOT called bitcoins but kBitcoins. Free market exchange of ONE world currency. No one can SCAM anyone with our unique brand (c)(tm) technology.

We are the original scientists led by Trillionaire most humble Keith Duncan, who engineer deployed the bullet proof Banking systems of IBM DataTrade and other Stock Market portfolio managment systems at SunGard Trust in 1989 to 1994.

We remain the ONLY (m)(c) Patent group who has two single simple SolutionBankFraud systems to PREVENT all cyber crime at point of transnational interchange by using VIDEO linked authorization authentication  methods from 1976 forward called differential compare. 

CALL us to buy our systems and property rights so we can travel our entire world as YOUR top world consultant advisors. This would have occurred fall of 2011 except for 1 super criminal.

  kBitCoins.ORG is the single new world currency based on BLOCK-CHAIN technology to ensure all transactions are open viewable by public.  

The benefits are most obvious, massive reduction in all banks now we have a single free floating currency that has intrinsic value based only on what is being traded. No banker or exhange group can BROKER our assets and take first profits. Now we all use simple term of how kCredits = kDebits on how 2 parties agree to trade based on their value evaluation, not value of a false broker. All world currencies are quickly converted and eliminated including all BitCoins that are always a false speculation MLM conspiracy fraud schemes. This alone creates all digital banking and destroys the Foreign Exchange crime stock market trading computer dynasties. This eliminates all cyber crime and money transfer charges. Interest saving rates now are .5 (1/2 point of one percent) lower than the loan rate at any banking institution worldwide. Typical loan out rates will be ~5% while deposits earn ~4.5% as the cooperative stock share holders will NEVER be cyber crimed again as everyone knows WHO owns WHAT and all banking records are open for public and accounting reviews. All use of common sense in our new world free society.

### May 15, 2021 World Rebroadcast final GODS summary benefits. is ONE new world single Currency of kDebits and kCredits with NO other currency worldwide. NO more BANKS or Stock Markets once WE GODS people have ONE universal free exchange standard. The value is the intrinsic value of Supply and Demand change of what a person group is willing to exchange value for value including Hours of Work or barter exchange of other valuable commodities including recycling all those possessions in storage and barns worldwide.

   Every single BITCOIN is a LUCIFER Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme as NO value under what used to be called Intrinsic Value of a COMMON STOCK SHare. is ONE new world currency of kDebit kCredits as NO fiat currency or FOREX foreign Exchange, or speculation, Day Trader Flippers, Insider Corporate Executive Criminal Embezzlement or any other SPECULATION contract can be used to steal GODS PEOPLEs assets ever again. is the most powerful $400 TRILLION USD migration of REAL dollars back to greatest places of needs of, FREE Medical CARE for 7,.8 billion, literally FREE all Terrawatts of FREE electricity worldwide use of, JoyDrive.US, focus on hydro POWERed hydrogen 100% green eco mining of all our massive mountains worldwide owned and controlled BY our decentralized communities of 

    Destruction of top CORPORATE EXECUTIVE world PONZI NWO new world order ONE government was ALWAYS WHY our fatherGOD is madder than HELL why No one on Earth exception is Duncan teaches HOW to put millions of ruthless criminal terrorists on DEATH ROW and hard term concentration Camp PRISONS to free our villages of these most ruthless mass extinction genocide lunatic sex pervert serial murderers who actually RUN the BANKS, Gambling, SEX trafficing, most massive cyber money laundrying PONZI schemes in world history.

NOTICE the words all these BITCOIN and other scammers use. They all CLAIM, just USE their system, BUY in for a trial run and you will be a mega millionaire right behind their trade history.  REALLY...  BIGGEST LIE of all, for the top bitcoin owners just SELL off or declare Bankrupcy or OH Cyber Attacked, and BOOM BOOM BOOM, everything you did disappears into offshore bank accounts and those mega aircraft, offshore retreat BUNKERS, mega Yachts like JEFF BEZOS and so many others. 

    TRULY world is bent on SELF Extension EXTINCTION in next few weeks/months.


CONTACT and reverse CROWDFUND hire by JOINING and Intl Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 is soon based in Zurich, London, Asheville NC Prime Headquarters at Billy Graham Cove retreat area + Biltmore Hotel area, then NYC Wall Street.  Maybe we take over TRUMP hotel as prime office since Keith is indeed worlds last = FIRST Trillionaire who no one actually CALLs and BOOKS on INTL TV broadcasts of  Keith Duncan


  Even going back to GOLD backed valued currency is a world SCAM as current $1500/USTroy OZ is abut to go back to intrinsic real value (~$500usd) based on supply versus demand for prime use of electronics, NOT false cash reserves. this also caused by trillion USD valued TurnOffLights.SPACE and (tm)(c) Patent filed 2012 that also direct funds one new world that controls all internet domain names as well as register publishes all intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, and legally binding contracts. All open source domains created by keith.

   Ask us HOW and we fly to your greatest places of needs with CEOSPACE.NET and is another SCAM just like all other bitcoins. REPLACED and PREVENTED with these. Forward to all you know and you will get PAID with mass publicity and famous CreatorKeith.COM Reno Nevada INC registered common stock worth upwards of trillions of real USD cash, Intellectual Property rights, and world travel.
radings ELIMINATED by 5steps use of KbitCoins, ProfitShareHolders, and FinalStockMarket that legally REPLACES all current stock markets, eliminates ALL speculation, Futures, Insider Trading, and also STOPS and prevents ALL cyber crime forever with = SolutionBankFraud.COM that PREVENTS all CYBER crimes at time of any transaction.  All driven by ONE single 5 step constitutional BypASS laws of EVOTE.ONE stored and forward thru ONE intl unhackable database FOIA.ONE World Crusaders in Manila broadcasting daily to COMMAND our WORLD LEADERS host a SINGLE world CONCLAVE to actually UNIFY and REFORM all world governments and Corporations at ONE TIME.  OTHERWISE WW4 will start and   B-BOOM MMM  all mankind is self-destroyed by pure satanic greed.  All legal gifted to humanity by the CRUSADER teams using as the worlds LAST final SOLUTION.....forever...

  The 'HOW' is described in simple detail below for our world to now share all resources and LOVE and CARE for each other.  Nothing left to Add or Delete as no reason to destroy any scripture and commandments GOD has sent to you through myself and all other Apostles who work full time for GOD. The reason for my presence is always you...

All banks now convert to Cooperative owned banks controlled BY their shareholders and depositors. No more SWISS or other Criminal Hidden accounts spotlighting worth billions USD in Bahamas anyone can seize.

WARNING: almost all bitcoins is speculation risk as you can loose everything for no real value is behind fake currency.

Almost ALL systems are MLM and make money only for those on top of criminal pyramid just like most governments.

 We now use BLOCK CHAIN simple methods with World changing Solution5sTeps as everyone BENEFITS that drives your new world society.

#1 New World Society Commandment is that ALL business transactions are recorded in FOIA.ONE to ensure that no fraud, ID Theft or cyber crime can occur using basic one-shot computer compared rolling self Identification system method.

   Elimination of all foreign currencies stabilizes all free trade and travel so no one can manipulate false values of any localized currency. Each transaction worldwide is registered on database so no one can defraud another, can't steal assets, and will be held 100% accountable for fulfilling all legally binding transactions.  With One World Currency and 100% Barter Exchange System, no taxation, broker profiteering, foreign currency exchange buy/sell spread profiteering, and other crimes can occur in the first place. Most government regulation agencies collapse as 100% obsolete.

   NO secrets means NO CRIMES can be committed and go UNPUNISHED at almost 0 cost to the victims, and almost no COST to our taxpayer citizens who actually UPHOLD Constitutional Laws. Quote: When Money Talks, most criminals WALK. Once Corrupt, always Corrupt.

     The #1 deterrent to any crime is the immediate OCTV (Open Circuit TV) and bio-metrics combined with the criminal's own evidence shown to PUBLIC. All transaction will now be BlockChain locked with photo and video of the person/group initiating the point of buy/sell transactions shown in FOIA.ONE.

  Our people now legally SEIZE these specific crime enterprise networked terrorists and claim the rewards placed on the criminals head by collective collaboration of all victims and concerned social peace citizens. This is the last center stone logical common sense component that UNIFIES all mankind.

   Everyone worldwide now uses #1 master educator Consulting services and products to build our new world free of all crime. now becomes the world standard for educating humanity on how to conduct 100% open honest integrity driven business transactions.

   All religious groups, civil and NGO groups, as well as the honest 'hackers' now monitor this ONE FOIA.ONE universal standard database to ensure no infiltration or perversion by any criminal can occur.  This is the use of Artificial Intelligence 'skynet' that is controlled, owned, and managed by all +7.6 billion collective people. We now are all middle class small business owners that eliminates all the super rich and therefore all Poverty forever.

     Ask EVERYONE to send top left PDF file on and to all Top Leaders (Gov, Military, Press, Churches, Civic Groups, and PUBLIC). This is the most powerful Press release for World Leaders to debrief each other on all the HOW's to UNIFY mankind. My full time ministries are COMPLETED years ago. These are the final answers fo mankind to destroy all crime enterprises to restore GOD's paradise back to our people where WE OWN and CONTROL our infrastructure, land, buildings, and our very own destiny of our new world society free of corruption, crime, vice, and ability for corrupt leaders at any level to determine WHO we serve. Obviously that has always been GOD...

       Your new world society is run by BlockChain and kBitCoins.ORG universal single currency.  Since all stock markets are replaced by the free trade and travel barter exchange system of, all private banks and broker stock houses also collapse as totally unneeded. For the debts incurred by our people are paid off in full by the search and seizure of trillions of $$$$ assets stolen by criminal terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose.  Anyone unable to produce records of legally earned income and assets forfeits these billions of $$$ assets back to their victims and the balance used for and SolutionHousing.ORG. All my-our people eVOTE to collectively and legally create 100% open public decisions on all aspects of how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. For GOD's resources  (everything we see and enjoy) are being systematically and criminally stolen by the Criminal Ruling Elite who are most of our Corporate Executives, Government Politicians, and underground super crime enterprises.

This is your Perfected New World Society  UNIocracy

Free of All Crime with self balancing checks and balances in God's name.

No more taxes, crime, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, Judges or corrupt Executives, false religion Leaders, secrets, terrorists, wars, etc... No more Passport-Visas needed with single open public database owned by +7.6 Billion of my UNIONIST people who live in new Open Public Society. This is the ONE universal SolutionManifesto Constitution Charter that unifies + EMPOWERS all mankind forever.

    NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again! 

kBitCoins.Org  eVote.ONE creates Utopia free of crime.

     This UNIocracy ONLY system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed by our PEOPLE demanding Justice be Served.  Since dawn of man, everyone hates all Politics with rage->passion as criminals always pervert their slaves by control of resources, taxes, and indentured servants. By ordained design, anyone who REFUSES to obey, then use these commandments will be put in hell-jail by EVOTE.ONE of our communities of 100% righteous integrity persons who inherit voted % of these reclaimed crime assets.  No one is IMMUNE from the will of the majority of their very own people. The balance of seized assets are direct funding to SolutionHousing.ORG  SolutionSafeWater.ORG and building universal worship training education centers to forever destroy all crime family dynasty satanic prostituted networks.  Everyone knows who are the real criminals. Now by collective voting, we seize their assets, banish criminals to the abandoned slums they helped create, and even put them on Death Row for their crimes against humanity.  Contact and direct deliver these New World Society Method Solutions to all Top Gov officials, National News Media, top church leaders, and VIRAL social network media to end all political military bankster wars.

      Press Conferences by World Leaders + Media are ONLY fast path Solution to UNIFY mankind to deploy each answer solution.

Last Update March 4, 2018. +10 years after Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 Judgment was due, now worth over $8 Million USD tied to IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 held by all USA Government agents criminally tied to ROSE by their very own signatures.

   kBitCoins.ORG is the single new world currency based on BLOCK-CHAIN base technology to ensure all transactions are open viewable by public. Each transactions is public recorded in Any and all  secret transactions are instantly identified by the victims as crimes.  Victims collectively identify the crime networks and publicly eVOTE these terrorists and criminals straight into Hell Jail, on Death Row, or banished to the OCTV monitored slums and work farm factories that are abandoned by each group who uses these ONLY world saving answer solutions.

  Clearly, keith brent duncan is victimized by each person who REFUSES to GO PUBLIC and uphold existing Constitutional Laws of base civil and civic rights to FACE each accuser, redress grievous, gregarious, and  hedonistic crimes committed by USA Government rogue agents, and to demand immediate real and punitive damages for crimes committed against their fellow mankind.

5-URLident Universal SINGLE DATABASEBBK20180215-UNITYurl-NewWorldMasterPlan-Database
4-WorldSchoolFund- Free Education For all
8-Return10Million OFW BBK20180222-MaryRights-screenShot-MasterPrime
BBK20170708-UNITYurl-EDSAResignFatherKeithHeadshot copy
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