top of page is Gods crime free Utopia as most prime fundamental healthy food chain requirements to advance our human race as sharing gifting mortals.  Current Monopoly controlled FOOD supply chain creates sick addicts who crave more of the processed additives of fatty, salted, addictive mostly fried foods, even massive intake of RICE and highly addictive meats and sweets.  WHO DO YOU actually TRUST and KNOW to protect life today and actually BOOK us to re educate 8.1 billion WE GODS people how to actually stabilize OUR economy as ONE commUNITY forever use of 1976 and +180 other perfected GODs complete replacement methods? Most are patents and intellectual property of value exceeds $40 BILLION USD held by you once everyone JOINS and participates most actively in our training education town hall forums of is GOD + Keiths most perfected supply chain method of providing unlimited food, water, air, resources to WE GODS PEOPLE worldwide forever. 
Since dawn of man and 6660 years ago when Egyptian Pharaoh LUCIFER False Gods, those we call Criminal Ruling Elite, have always demanded only they be worshiped while THEY hoard and control our most basic NEEDs of best nutrient, clear clean, unlimited energy of and only cold water 100% supply of turbine generated our electricity of 
As of 2024 Feb 11, not a single soul has protected my life by seeing WHO ordered I be kidnapped 6 times over 900 days while ROBERT DEE ROSE and named others already struck criminal civil conspiracy secret deals with Police, Judges, FBI, AG, USMarshals, even IRS rogue agents to attack the ONE person Duncan who always was the greatest world leader in current reality of that currently is YOUR #1 issue of THEM depopulating We Gods Children for ever.

  Keiths new world Agriculture complete production, manufacturing, distribution system is GOD ordained defined so NO one can ever manipulate pervert GODs natural resources ever again.  Biblically ODD that I went to NCSU Raleigh NC Aug 15 1976 graduated Dec 16 1981 at North Carolina Agricultural College and Mechanical Arts was founded year March 7, 1887. Under considerable pressure and not without controversy, the General Assembly passed the act which authorized the establishment the University of NC system.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact us RIGHT NOW and ask Keith and yourself ANY question under GODs Domain. We already have perfected all SOLUTIONS using and to peacefully host mediate any dispute, conflict, problem and all warLORDS to stand DOWN and be replaced by those of us who actually SERVE and PROTECT you and each other.
  It's late again where I am self exiled on Eastern USA Piedmont area where I was procreated back Christmas 1957 and born 1-19580815-1 High Point NC USA at 10:41 pm.
  All other ways and means perfected answers I have already personally gifted to each of YOU so YOU command demand all criminals and terrorists be immediately seized and isolated so THEY will never harm you and our current generations of mortal souls.
ALL of CHURCH spiritual leaders are required to USE my funds, technology and re -education methodology to finally create no Crime Utopia and actually everyone now host mediates using

CLICK: to attend World Saving Final Conclave when world Global Peace is finally achieved. Look how many TRILLIONS of USD transfered to NWO criminal ruling ELITE. All world must do, is isolate themselves at community level for just 3 weeks. Any pandemic STOPS all on its own.
universal use of GODs #3. Destroys all criminals use of #2.
  All World Presidents + top CEOS are required to attend to prevent Genocide and Crimes against Humanity once and forever. Contact teams today

Jan 20, 2020 World Peace Summit

#1 top world Priority is World Peace summit seen on left.  In meantime and afterwards, the #1 Consultant Mediator in world is Keith Duncans multiple groups of master R&D scientists. Call our teams to send us to your greatest places of needs. We warrant by contract return of 120% of your contract if client is not 100% thrilled with millions of USD in new profit streams using our most unique and simple mediation services and skills we have perfected after 46 years of creating perfected computer systems and the new world systems of + Everyone benefits once + forever.

Call us 770-377-2106 and finish GODs perfected no crime utopia
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