top of page was GOD + Keiths perfected omnipresent original peacemaking data driven system to absolutely ensure no one can ever scam or take advantage over each of you, now +7,9 BILLION GODS children unified forever.  Basic KISS simple perfected omnipotent FOIA.ONE destroys the LUCIFER Deceivers includes any mega Bilking Corporate CO-PIRATE Executives and crime cabal syndicates starting with ROBERT Dee ROSE, Berry Victor Reynolds, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey at famous $500 MILLION USD landmark miscarriage of Justice filed

    Includes exiling of PUTIN, CCP, NKorea by your Coup Actions, and all others who command demand all OUR evidence of assets and trades be now turned over analyzed for 100% total public scrutiny of 'open public fish bowl' data analysis.
    God system perfected methods are all showcased below.  Now all DOJ DOD worldwide shares WHO is WHO in one GODs open public database.
   God + Keith's simple system is Total destruction of Criminals + Military Industrial Complex Banksters at 1 time. Total Equality Global Social Peace of all Law Enforcement is total Civilian Authority of WE Gods People who now stage COUP overthrows of CCP, N. Korea, all  Russia Billionaire Dictators by action of OUR military collective cooperative families now under full Civilian OUR control as only Universal National Guard Includes ousting, exiling USA Military Generals on any Board of Director roles. Total overthrow of ALL violating corrupt Corporate Executives is the ONLY solution to reverse current end times World War FIVE total destruction of all. Updated Aug 13, 2022 by GOD Sent Keith Duncan was always GODs way of how each of you SOLVE your own local issues by commanding each of our leaders WHAT is the next best project and task to solve using our assets and wisdom knowledge. Current WW5 is murder genociding WE GODS people based on original sin, vice, crimes of predatory GREED of "What Is In This for only ME ME ME" of sin of instant self gratification at all levels. is simple 4 replacement Constitutional Laws to forever eliminate any criminals and terrorists by ACTION of OUR corporate executives and existing new consolidated single World Dept of Social Justice and special forces. is #1 God + You now is total caretakers by We God's People forever. Book Keith TV 770-377-2106  725-200-7683. Gods System enforces Total Global Peace Equality. 

No Private Corporate Family Wealth anywhere on Gods Earth based on YOU take action NOW ! ! ! 4 new local then Constitutional Laws empowers each of you to be 100% independent. replaces all Corp Executive By-Laws. was 2020 perfect Gods vision action.

Attend: Sunday Weekly forever.

UNIocracy Peace forever. Escort us today DOJ DOD protection. Use to solve ANY issues worldwide. Conclaves Sundays 2022. Keith Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (+100%)  SKYPE: TeenMM destroys all violators of our rights to be free will self liberated Sovereign Citizens forever. is 100% real time dynamic direct eDemocracy when WE GODs people choose NEXT best project and evote choose WHO is the best Project Manager Leader at all Government and Corporate levels worldwide.

NO MORE crime once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO barter trades what with any other.

  Most humble Keith Brent Duncan is clearly GODs messianic Messenger named the LORD of your LIGHT.  Our most cricial profound 5steps.LIFE procreated solutions are GivingPledge.Space FOCUS yourself on Includes Total +100 God's methods to restore all your civil rights to be independent Sovereign Free Will barter market UNIocracy citizens.

Clearly there exists no person, agency, or group who protects victims of any organized criminal network.

  The greatest LIES of are ByLaws of All publically traded our Corporations and banks, Taxes, ManMade 'loophole' Laws, our very own DOD DOJ non-justice system, our non-representatives known as PolyTICKS, our PUBLIC traded stock markets, Pension Funds, Bonds, Mega Banks, any commody traded financial instrument investment EXCEPT for privately held corporate and credit union bank deposits.  This is over $100 Trillion USD criminal and legalized embezzlement transfer of GODs assets you always thought were being protected by LUCIFER rules, regulations, secret mafia rackets, loophole laws and precedent law rulings.

  Keith and a few of you always knew WHO controls all aspects of our reality and all refuse to ACT with Authority.

  PROTECT Keiths life NOW by commanding existing DOJ DOD Presidents put us on National News MEDIA NOW !

Otherwise we return to heaven soon to reign down or just watch all of you crispy critter each other World War 5.

Showcased last time Feb 7, 2022 since no honest integrity person has yet to be recruited hired enlisted so far. was GODs only system to redistribute all his wealth by everyone actually agreeing self invested use of KEITH + Gods + best use our natural resources.  Destruction of all mortal LUCIFERS was always required use of EVOTE.ONE one hundred percent direct real time eDemocracy as each of your single votes of NEXT best Project and WHO is the required Leader as Project Manager is now stored and open public forward exposure through  FOIA.ONE singular interlinked master world database. -Universal 100% offensive system to solve any nano to Gods Eye issue worldwide. Only By-Law single INC-NGO method prevents all Stock Market Profiteering. - Two patent methods to prevent reverse any database infiltration theft of our data. -One New World crime free currency destroys FOREX, day trading, gambling, all vice sins.  -Transfers millions of Military families worldwide. This alone reverse prevents all Wars. Everyone deserves own their single family home devoid of taxes and mortgages. Your new world Leader (King of IP EOT) valued as worlds last T-Billionaire when you call us to autoID +  eVote anyone who violates any law into exile or Prison by direct orders of all Victims. from saint sage visionary mediators sent by GOD for you to book.

Email:  Ask DOJ + Military + Corporate Executives to escort us today. was always GODs original = last system to teach each of you to be free will sovereign citizens who actually ACT with Fearless Authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of one-self.  Each of you are workers of your own best field and deserve to get paid FIRST, never last. PROTECT Keiths life, assets, and Intellectual property NOW ! not tomorrow. now empowers each community leader to decide NEXT best project devoid of any taxes, any Politicians, Any BROKERS of the Corporate World, and destruction of all criminal networks all at one time.

NO ONE actually protects any of your Constitutional or GOD gifted rights anymore. Most TOO BUSY chasing MLM Ponzi schemes get rich quick or going on welfare or being homeless thinking GOD, CHRIST or will finally intervene on your most pityfull debachery worship idoling mindsets. ONLY by ACTION of WILL of Majority of WE GODS people will super criminals at like Robert Dee Rose, Douglas Vernon Duncan, Judge Raymond Jackson of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Supreme Court Precedent DEEP STATE POLICE ruling be forced to testify everything about their crimes against your humanity.  The 4 most profitable transferred pools of extreme wealth are clearly explained by Keith at

  As of Feb 1, 2022 no one has actually contacted or USED what Keith Brent Duncan has personally delivered sent by GOD his entire life to be your new world leader of  We have no need for assets since YOU provide full protection, food, and book our travels to your greatest places of needs use   Everyone deserves to be paid FIRST for their work efforts and decide your own reality use of 

  • YouTube
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  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • Facebook Social Icon
  • LinkedIn Social Icon
  • Twitter Social Icon  was GODs original and last direct eDemocracy system when each of you decide everything about others and use divined town hall forums to focus our resources on NEXT best project devoid of any political delays and ability of underground POLYTICKS and mega Corporate Executives to ever take 1st profits again.

As of Nov 27, 2021 Keith Brent Duncan is worlds most powerful profitable CEO of New World engineered society that finally brings total order by decentralizing all wealthy people back to greatest places of human need. Reboot is caused by each of you commanding top news Media to put us both on National TV/news and command our left over Corp + DOJ DOD top government officials actually PROTECT keiths life while debriefing all our JOIN members. 

   Worlds most dangerous LIE Con-Artist MLM Ponzi crimes against ourselves is our Military Industrial Complex as soon as technology was procreated, a few Lucifers weaponized each level to destroy murder any competition opposers. 

   Keith has personally broadcast delivered all aspects of how to command any LUCIFER be put in Prison and death row as the ultimate deterrent of STRIKE FIRST, ask questions later using Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE new world ordered society.

  Common sense has always shown that weaponized technology is so difficult to defeat or defend once the deep state NWO central authorities control the switches of war.  Keiths procreated perfected offensive attack system is detecting who are the worst criminals despite their wealth and elite most error-onous egronious irony arrogance who are the top 'Supremists', bigots, racists, offensive cyber attackers including Murphy NC Eric Randolph Rodolph, Timothy McVeigh, N.Korea Fatso, and very large percentage of Liar Lawyers/Judges accountants who hide L.L.P, client attorney priviledge laws, 5th amendment, and use ancient Supreme Court Precedent Laws like Norfolk VA 4:11cr 968 E.D.VA 2D Sup 753 PDF located at  to justify forcing anyone to be drugged to death to prevent any victim from testifying against the worst cyber terrorists in world history. So easy done what was done to was done to each of GODs 7.9 Billion Children. is GODs LOVE ALL OTHERS legacy heritage Last Testament of total eVideo documented comprehensive economic technology solution methods that solve and prevent mans root issues of Predatory Criminal Greed. Decentralization of Elite Wealthy Decision Makers is easy use of EVOTE.ONE -> FOIA.ONE once weekly Town Hall Forums are your true deal with everything reality.


  We GODS people now LIBERATE ourselves by commanding all criminals surrender. WE replace all corrupt persons TODAY use of ONE international eVOTE.ONE decision A.I. database Open public forum FOIA.ONE.

  Only KEITH has intervened on GODs behalf to showcase WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, WHO trades with WHO.

  Enforcing Ethical integrity based legally binding contract covenants was always GODs only methodology.

Attend: each Sunday 2021-2021 replaces all Corporate Executive By-Laws once and forever. 70% of almost all  wealthy Elite are no longer decision maker Executives. Their new prime focus is as 'SPENDERS and MENTORS' in our high schools, all free university systems  Over 300 Trillion USD of wealth is now redistributed through new small biz owner communities.

Book Keith TV 770-377-2106  725-200-7683 Gods System enforces Total Global Peace Achieves Total Equality Peace forever. Protect Keith and escort us today under required DOJ DOD protection.

Everyone use to solve ANY issues worldwide starting with Conclaves each Sunday. Keith Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 SKYPE: TeenMM Universal 100% offensive system to solve any nano to Gods Eye issue worldwide. is ONLY By-Law single INC-NGO method prevents all Stock Market Profiteering prevent reverses ALL cyber database crimes once and forever no ID fraud possible.  -Transfers millions of Military families worldwide. This alone reverse prevents all Wars. is your new world Leader (King of IP EOT) valued as worlds last T-Billionaire when you call us to autoID +  eVote anyone who violates any law into exile or prison now. is saint sage visionary mediators sent by GOD.

Email:  Ask DOJ + Military + Corporate Executives to escort us today.

  Most humble Keiths broadcast systems eliminate need for any government, and literally decentralizes Gods wealth and decision making authority back to each of our remote communities once and forever. is 100% direct eDemocracy store and forward through one digital database repository of FOIA.ONE. No secrets is UTOPIA since only stupid people will commit stupid violations of basic God and Human Rights of 

   Keith is 100% victim of named organized criminals starting with Robert Dee Rose, Doug Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Ms. Bashama and all DOJ DOD persons who saw Keith was robbed of everything in Norcross GA + Marietta GA from Jan 15 2008 - Jan 28, 2014, through Sept 3, 2021 based on all court evidence shown at + is Gods last single Dept of Social Justice system. 

  As of Sept 3, 2021 we find NO ONE who enforces existing laws and protects Keiths life + assets. Keith returns to Heaven soon based on the current self genocide destruction of Gods world known as:

WW1 caused by Embezzlement of Gods assets legalized by ChaseMan(in)Hatten JP Morgan group Dec 23, 1913.

WW2 caused by Banksters + Roman Catholic church + ruthless dictators claiming they were the master race.

Cold WW Three start Year 1949 establishment of United Nations and State Israel + Nuclear warheads perfected. 

Cyber Skynet WW Four start Year 1957 Sputnik spy war satellites and infiltration into all world databases.

Current Cyber Attack WW Five started Year 2001 with NYC Twin Towers cyber terrorist attacks against our very own stock, bank, and real estate industries. Anyone declaring Privacy is clearly a cyber criminal terrorist.


  Most critical historical Key date was always Oct 3, 2011 when Robert Dee Rose succeeded in kidnapping Keith 3rd, 4th, 5th times so anyone could destroy the solutions Keith was sent by GOD to deliver to each of you = all humanity.  As of July 26, 2021 absolutely NO ONE has protected Keiths life or put him on National News Media.

  Now everything is clearly demonstrated on fast path methods to eliminate ALL criminal networks at one time.

WHO do you know to direct contact Keith 770-377-2106 and command Executives and Gov officials now perform their sworn duties to serve, protect, care, and love all others by orders of GOD + Keith.

  We are Gods Angels of Restitution here to teach world self-salvation using Gods technology that can never be denied stops and prevents all criminals from roaming freely anywhere for any reason.

THE ONLY SOLUTION was always to DEBRIEF KEITH on National TV with TOP USA GOV officials offering their apologies on WHY Keith is persecuted.

    Only by engaging right now will humanity prevent its own Self-Genocide of WW5 that started Oct 3, 2011 by Robert Dee Rose since NO one ever protects the lives or assets or rights of anyone else, Keith alone has showcased all aspects of past +62 manYears. is Being Compliant to GODs civil rights systems was always the ONLY method to advance our human race using engineering and technology of enforced legally binding contracts known as covenant commandmements. WHO Do you know to contact and protect KEITHs life right now. Updated Dec 13 2021 in Atlanta Georgia. USA. World  UNIOCRACY.ORG  ANSWERS FOR HUMANITY.   PFK20211213-WHOIS-List.pdf

Each of these are*  world self saving solutions.

### Dec 13, 2021  Total of 88 GODs world reform new world systems (ordered).

5Steps.LIFE.  Basic GODs generator procreates all method solutions and life.  expire

FOIA.ONE  Superset

### end of Prime Gods + Keiths list. system is worlds LAST free will open public system to achieve next highest level of all electric/electronic, paperless, crime free society.  This is WE GODs people paradigm shift by fast path elimination of all World LUCIFER Corporate Executives and Cyber Crime terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE who cause all mass poverty and crimes against humanity. Only KEITH has full scale authority to Debrief Mediate TOP executives and Gov leaders that THEY only work for GODs people as highly paid consultants so WE GODs people are the key decision makers at the lowest levels of society. we left behind as KEITH returns to HEAVEN soon unable to find anyoe who is honest and actually acts with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before self gratificantion needs.

  Watch Gods PlayList of here.

Contact forefounding father Duncan +1 770-377-2106 to appear on national TV Media today.  As of Dec 14, 2021. Keith returns to Heaven soon, unable to find a single soul who protects the lives, rights, or assets of any OTHER. Therefore mankind deserves self genocide justified as this has occurred hundreds of times since the dawn of civilized mankind. kduncan2005  Domain Names of Product Expiry JULY 4, 2021.  UNIFIES mankind one final TIME. Expires Sep 27, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 New World Crime Free Society. Aug 6, 2021 Clearinghouse.  Expires end of eternity by GODs Command Orders. is WHO Keith always was serving GOD and HUMANITY his entire life. 2022

SOLUTIONPEACE.ORG Aug 6, 2021  Aug 6, 2021  Last one final infamy summary of how to UNIFY all humanity. -New World all Small Business Gods Systems.

RealityIs.Space -Summary of HOW GODs system is advance of HUMAN race through his Technology  May 21, 2022   -Electronic Aircraft literally all transportation systems now electric.  Reg May 14, 2022.  Crime Free HydroGen Blimps replace all shipping industries.  .  May 3, 2022   -Universal simple voice COmmand drive system for everyone. . May 3, 2022 -Basis for Relationship RE-MANAgement designed GOD . Apr 29, 2022  -Solves and prevents all gun violence once/forever. . Apr 27, 2022 -Simple almost free mining of Gods Earth crust forever. . Apr 21, 2022 . Apr 21, 2022 . Apr 15, 2022   -Solve Prevents ALL. . Apr 13, 2022 . Apr 12, 2022 . Apr 8, 2022 . Apr 2, 2022 . Feb 14, 2022 . Jan 9, 2022              creatorkeith.comBusiness EmailJul 11, 2021 . Sep 26, 2021       . Sep 26, 2021 . Sep 13, 2021   . Sep 13, 2021 . Sep 13, 2021  . Sep 13, 2021 . Sep 12, 2021    . Sep 12, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 4, 2021 . Sep 1, 2021 . Aug 29, 2021                . Aug 21, 2021 . Aug 19, 2021      . Aug 19, 2021 . Aug 19, 2021 . Aug 16, 2021 . Aug 9, 2021                . Aug 9, 2021 . Aug 8, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021        . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021     . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 7, 2021       . Aug 7, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021       . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021    . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 . Aug 6, 2021 

  The interlinked answer methodology on this PRIME reform unification site deal with all issues of GREED, crime, and ability for any criminal to hide from POLICE, MILITARY, PUBLIC at any level. These also acheive total equality world peace once GODs people rise up and PROTECT keiths life and then order transfer of all pirated wealth to be used to build new locally controlled infrastructure to de-centralize all decision makers worldwide.

 Once everyone uses perfected each of you are required to provide a BETTER = Best solution if you see any issue, problem, or conflict that is not resolved by the local interested party entities.

May 25, 2021. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

We visit today. Contact Andrew J Young at as we personally debriefed him Oct 14, 2014 and videoed + all other aspects of New World Society past 45 manyears.  Contact Dean Sally Wallace , 404-413-0021, 404-413-0141

April 30, 2021. Only Keith has provided all solution Methods to reverse all crimes against you by empowering +7.8 billion of GODS people to be sovereign citizens who deal with all your local issues.

    Few if any uphold or enforce ANY laws to identify WHO are the worst criminals who murder, embezzle 200 to 500 Trillion USD/annually, sex perverts, and other crimes against humanity since world Dept of Justice and Dept of Defense officials are being controlled by criminal Corporate Executives and hidden Neo NWO mega Bilk-Annaires and Milk-Anaires most in Zurich, London, NYC Wall Street, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other secret finanical shell/shelf centers like Isle of Mann, Virgin Islands, etc.

   We traveled to Asheville NC now since NO honest person has EVER protected our lives and command MY USA GOV and Corporate Executives to protect Keiths Life, RECOVER 100% of all his assets and command world Press Conference CONCLAVES finally unify mankind.

Update March 18, 2021. We self crowdfunding to emergency return to Atlanta GA March 2021.

1. Testify TO WITH FBI AG, National Press Conferences in Atlanta and simple TURNOVER of everything regarding ROBERT DEE ROSE, clearly enemy of STATE for infiltrating well over 300 Mega Millionaire Corporate Executive homes starting with UPS executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA and Atty ALexander Cyclone Covey of

2.  Host Press CONFERENCES with WORLD presidents and World Corporate Executives fully focused on NEW WORLD REALITY of that replaces all known forms of GOVERNMENTS and MEGA CORPORATE BY-LAWs so WE GODS people now control and manage all aspects of OUR local communities while redistributing over $400 TRILLION USD of Criminal assets to third and fourth world nations who have been impoverished BECAUSE of the NWO criminal ruling elite the past 500 years starting back in Martin Luther era 1493 caused by violators of HUMAN RIGHTS in the Roman Catholic Church system. is the most powerful PeaceMaking Conclave in World History. We most formally showed this in fall of 2011 and were persecuted, almost killed by ROSE and others to destroy all evidence of why we were all procreated by GOD.

  8000 years of Central Authority Chain of command is the NWO Lucifers.  This open public replacement system is the ONLY simple empowerment of all communities to deal with their own local issues.  Now all Corporate Executives and mayors are treated as highly paid in all cash as ONLY consultant advisors. All sovereign citizens of and conscious of GODs reality decide the Next Best Projects by WE GODS people evote deciding who is commanded to SPEND SPEND SPEND Gods assets to complete local best infrastructure now owned and managed by our mortal caretakers of universal Guardian Angel Trust Foundations who are the worlds greatest scientists, engineers, humanitarians, Philantrophists, Doctors, Professors, computer architects, energy experts, a few lawyers and accountants, and most highest IQ experts in specific required fields of expertise.  As of Feb 21, 2021 Keith is forsaken and isolated stranded in California by his very own family based on super criminal ROSE 12 years ago. will now find ALL violators of our human civil rights and transfer seized assets back to victims, then 1% to , balance to build new infrastructure in the greatest places of all needs.  Requirement  is always Keiths angel guardian mediators meet face to face with top Corporate Executives and World Presidents NOW to reverse World War FIVE already in progress as seen in total meltdown of stock markets and war machines being dispatched all over GODs world.

Only by WILL of Majority of YOU my most Be-loved people will the worst cyber crime terrorists and super criminals be eliminated forever use of EVOTE.ONE and recorded in worlds last open public shared FOIA.ONE database when everyone all see + knows

WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with Who/When/GPS tracked Where = Why.

  Join and inherit seize take back ALL of GODs pirated wealth by redistribution of GODs resources back to the greatest places of needs.  We hide nothing and gift everything back to YOU.

  Keith arrives Atlanta Airport Dec 9, Wed 9 am, KE 35 flight to host press conferences and rallies to command WE OUR PEOPLE + all governments overthrow all criminal networks at one time. Same as legacy Sept 25, 2011 that resulted in being kidnapped 4 more times orders of Superterrorist ROSE.  Call us to remote learn WHY GOD sent keith and others to UNIFY reform mankind since no one else has power to mediate $$ wars, we have..


  Meet us in Atlanta March, 2021 for the most powerful PEACE PROTEST RALLY of all time.

This alone will command motivate ALL World Presidents, Top Corporate Executives, leaders to USE our GOD sent system. Otherwise they will be systematically eliminated with

May 31, 2021 Required All Presidential Agenda with all world Corporate Executives.
1. Identify worst world problems. Solve Issues Collectively and Cooperatively with Keith as #1 mediator.
2. ID Share all who violate our laws. All use to decide everything citizens UNIocracy Level.
3. Assign to find terrorists with FOIA.ONE Evote.ONE
4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations greatest need using Evote.One funds pay for all of Gods systems with 1% of all seized criminal wealth goes to CKS Stock..
5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with WorldSchoolFund.Org
6. Agree to remove all laws and regulations prohibiting from being free trade barter society. We Gods people select all Corporate executives worldwide as only Highly Paid Consultant advisors.
7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt Execs using will of Free Citizens with
8. Agree to IID and eliminate all DOJ system people who violate laws using original SolutionRedDot. We transmigrate all investigators worldwide into new DOSJ Dept of Social Justice overseen by We UNIocracy citizens.
9. Protect mortal life + extreme Intellectual Property today. MILITARY protect escorts us today.
Provide manna survival funds to Keith + one-way tickets to Atlanta, Washington DC, California by Dec 9 2020
Meet us at any airport. Provide PRESS, FBI AG SecretService Military protection escort so we can finally testify turnover everyone and everything on HOW to fast path UNIFY mankind using all the GOD engineered solutions from 4000 years.
  Above updated as we return to heaven soon to command the wrath of GOD and our Guardian Angels.

   This is that would have occurred summer of 2011 to command our OLD NEW USA GOV turn over all evidence of who violates our laws. FBI AG are indeed secret agencies who are deadly afraid of being targeted by cyber criminal terrorists like ROSE.  We have recruited ALL investigators and YOU my most beloved 7.8Billion people to all be investigators and actually PREVENT crime in the first place with use of our most simple system of redistribute migrating mega millionaires to ASIA and other nations to personally experience and contribute their scientist, engineer, architect, Doctor, Frontliner, Computer Experts, construction Project Managers,  AGRICultural experts, top World Professor Educations and others of highest integrity merit to teach our young adults to be OUR new world leaders using

    Eliminating all the HAND-outs and GOV subsidy payouts prevents Top Corporate Executive Bankers and BROKErs from embezzling OUR taxes and assets. does this method one final time.

  Keith has been almost murdered by orders of terrorist ROSE from Jan 2008 forward once Keith turned over everything to local Police, +10 lawyers, each IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshal, Military he debriefed as well as OPEN broadcast to PUBLIC and top PRESS news media they are 100% victims of organized criminals who pretend to be honest mega mega millionaires, Politicians, top corp Mega executives. These are the named NWO Lucifer Criminals who hide behind our bank, general ledger, and trading platform databases.

   Our = Keiths new world replacement system obviously replaces all known forms of Law Enforcement, legal, social, government, judicial, tax, banking, corporate systems so NO one can ever defraud another by violating OUR rights. Easy for to put anyone in prison with no recourse to bribe, lie, threaten their way out.

In GODs way, EVOTE.ONE is 100% direct democracy that eliminates anyone who violates OUR rights to be free will market citizens as WE real time use old technology to eVOTE on the next best project that benefits ourselves. Act with Fearless authority to protect the rights of all others is the ONLY system for humanity to advance to the next level of civilization.  Join and be 7.8 billion UNIFIED citizens of keith's new domain.

   Criminals can not survive in a NO secret society and will surrender when they see mega billionaire criminals like Robert Dee Rose are public exiled, prison, a few worst ones executed by orders of our own new world military tribunal once everyone uses to hold anyone accountable for any violation of GOD + keiths simple laws of Due Process SolutionManifesto SINGLE new world Constitution.

   NO more wars or politics ever again once YOU my people RISE up and TAKE Action by contact VISITING our top World Leaders, Presidents, and focus on all mega Corporate Executives now under our full control using new Corp By-Laws and use of worlds last Open Public Single Human Rights Constitution  We are the rare Guardian Angel Scientist engineers of all expertise sent by our Higher Power to achieve total world global peace forever. We have most formally requested USA and all governments and Corporations find us and protect our lives and IP world assets since legacy date Sept 25, 2011. + reverses all Mass Poverty along with all at

Join UNIocracy right now to be Free Will Sovereign Citizens.
SolutionPeace achieves required Global Equality Peace today. now set for Nov 26, 2020 worldwide.
Sept 25, 2020 is the most deadly missed deadline of all time when All World Presidents finally mediate with Keith to achieve World Peace. Failures to respond and escort keith to testify will reign down the next pandemic wave of martial law and Skynet destruction.


    Become a UNIFIED World UNIocracy member today!

These are the base requirements for ownership of Stock worth soon 'GODzillions'

using  New world bylaws so each of you control our Corporate Executive actions.

#1 You must be committed to be 100% honest and ethical. Teach all others to do same.

#2 You must always contribute to the benefit welfare of others before even thinking of self benefits.

#3 You must recruit everyone you meet to tell them about Keith and his 100% focus on Unification of all.

#4 Other requirement is use to solve any other issue to advance humanity.

#5 Always: Love, Care, and Protect the rights and lives of everyone. is #1 command.

#6 Contribute your own assets, talents, and expertise for the well-fare advancement of everyone. 

   Keith returns to heaven soon, same as the rest of you who join here. The balance of criminals  go to Hell to be tormented by the exiled LUCIFERS lead by #1 Robert Dee Rose / Cyclone Covey / Demonic GBI Dir. Berry Vic Reynolds of Atlanta GA USA, and each of the Liar-Lawyers-Judges tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and Marietta P.D. 1-11-2506 conspiracies to Murder Keith, Even Sally Q Yates, maybe even you. Only GOD, Keith, and our Angel Guardian crusaders will pass judgment on everyone.  Passing Judgment was always legalized by GOD and now the LUCIFERs who deceive each of you because they GET away with genocide of my people.

Walking mortal Saint Keith Duncan UNIFIES Mankind using our simple technology of WHO is WHO worldwide.

  We, led by keith himself, hereby declare as the worlds last peace keeping system. We have commanded all criminal investigations be completed, search and seizure of all criminal assets, return of trillions of $$/Euro to you my people, and death row executions of anyone who refuses to surrender to Keith's special forces.  WE his(Keith's) People are demanding Social Justice be served using our simple systems of holding anyone accountable for violating our base COMMAND-ment of:  Be 100% Honest.

   All World Presidents are required/commanded to protect Keith to testify since no one else ever Takes Action..

  Denial of Free Speech, Right to face any accuser, right to command remote Citizens Arrest of anyone are 100% Human rights violations.

"And whoever sees me, sees God who sent me. John 12:45 ESV"  Now updated to Keith Acts 1:3  We are the ones sent by GOD to teach humanity how to actually overturn all crime networks at one time, just like My FatherGOD Christ did back at the JerUSAlem Temple and was forsaken by all including his very own Disciple/Apostles, forsaken by MY FatherGOD in Heaven and everyone else who was apathetic and Sinned with GREED.


Last updated: Oct 11, 2020  We asked for FULL protection from USA GOV 2008 to now and have NEVER had anyone contact us to see exactly WHO WE always were as GODs messianic messengers.  For 9 years now,  I see little reason not to return to Heaven to extract the WRATH of GOD upon all who deny my rights of +7.8 Billion people. Aug 15, 2020 is a waste of time of OLD men claiming Unification of N. Korean is possible with singing LETS UNITE our world so everyone stops FIGHTING. Sounds like the old Christian Camp songs of 'COME BY HERE LORD, HERE WE ARE', repeated.

    ONLY ACTION BY WE KEITHS PEOPLE will all criminals and terrorists at all levels be forced to serve TIME, many put on death row, many put into Forced Work Camps Mark666 so WE Keith's People now monitor and guardian angel prevent crimes from occurring.  LAST World Famous Changer is June 2011 NSA

  Sept 24, 2020. I return to Heaven soon. #1135 IS UNIocracy. org as destroys all OPEC FOSSIL Stock Markets forever. ### WorldRebroadcast UNIocracy.ORG Sept 9, 2020 World President Final Summit Sept 25, 2020 saves mankind with EVOTE. ONE BuiltbyKeith is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Always been emergency past 10 years for lack of ANY ANY ANY Publicity.  BEEN that long since a single honest person can be found in USA GOV. GLO at (63) 0995-505-4755. Call Dr Raymard 0977-665-5092, 09230825397, Dra Sure Manuel 09167770705. Most critical WORLD BROADCASTS is that shows HOW to unify mankind once and forever.

SaintKeith has been TORTURED by USA GOV to Protect ROBERT dee ROSE from 12 years ago. Relentlessly and GRUELING cruelty Summer 2008 forward . citizens arrests ANY violator worldwide.
Most critical is Stock eVoters use
1st requirement from Sept 25, 2011 is for Military to escort us to safe Haven to debrief them + turn over terrorist evidence.
2. Press Conferences live TV with Trump + DOD + DOJ.
3. Deployment of all the answers we have broadcast.
4. Return of all crime assets back to victims + mankind.
5. Complete the systems we have been ordered to gift.
 My FatherGOD and Keith are SICK + tired of SO MANY Promises to investigate and seize trillions of real valued assets since NO one does FOLLOW-ups, NO PRESS CONFERENCES. NOTHING but EXCUSE EXCUSE, EXCUSE, BLAME, and JUST WAIT.. WAIT FOR WHAT? Destruction of world as we use to know it. OH TO TO TOO LATE already happening and NO ONE CARES to set up FACE TO FACE MEETINGS that result in MOST POWERFUL UNIFICATION system in world history.  Call ANY of MY PEOPLE and RISE UP to command our old World Leaders PROTECT our lives so they will not be murdered.
    My has $700 USD + 4400 Pesos for immediate TRANSFER to SOMEONE with working account anywhere in WORLD. This is 1st recovery of my original $1.2 Mil USD.

   Anyone can send us manna survival cash by WESTERN UNION or to my ACCOUNT ( 2nd choice). I lost my cell dumb phone Sept 8, replacement pickpocketed by 10 year old hoodlums Sept 17. Certainly GLOBE can GPS TRACK IT DOWN, or just ISSUE me a NEW SIM card with SAME 09173354300 number. CERTAINLY GLOBE can auto forward to ERIC Negapatan at 0950-499-4913.

I was always due PRESS CONFERENCES WITH WORLD Presidents past 10 years and NO ONE GIVES A BIBLE DAMN about anything but themselves. I post THIS on top of so EVERYONE can JOIN, get PAID and be members of OUR=MY = GODS new world society FREE of all crime forever..
    TOTAL world EQUALITY peace 55 webcasts cross referenced on at (63) (local 0)9173354300
Sept 4, 2020. 2001-09-11 (7 days) was the worst cyber terrorist attack based on trillions of USD transfered to the elite through commodity insider trading futures and CEO Stock Options by banksters and those who control our information and data information flow for their own first profits. now uses FOIA.ONE as the worlds last open public database of human knowledge. The benefits are mega Trillions of Real $$$ migration transfer of mega millionaires to 3rd world nations using 100% free systems. 
  Worst cyber terrorist attacks by Robert Dee Rose occurred Feb 23, Aug 23, Sept 11, Sept 25, Oct 3 2011.
Aug 11, 2020. Humanity is self-genocide focused as few understand WHO controls our GOD gifted assets. Cyber Terrorists roam freely since past centuries they control flow of all information.  We Keith's people now use our old EVOTE.ONE system to eliminate ANYONE who violates our laws in record time. This is the basis for all the reasons GOD sent Keith to teach 7.8 billion people how to SHARE communally GODs resources.
July 31, 2020$800 USD one way MNL to ATL and Keith returns #1 international hero of all. How can this be? Simple. I am fore founder of New World that teaches world at all levels how to BENEFIT each other. When do we meet our adoring crowds at the NEXT greatest places of needs live streamed Forums Press Conferences always required....  WHEN was always the #1 requirement on KEITHs and GODS timeline.  Keith is clearly the unknown Tech Savior of all time.  No one in world history has ever mediated all issues in person + remotely their entire life born 1-19580815-1 (+101%) I3D. is #1 only Keith's

Achieves Total World Peace once and forever. Call + escort us today.

All Criminals at all levels are hereby ordered to Surrender themselves and all evidence of their victims and their assets to WE the PEOPLE. Otherwise WE are ordering your Citizens Arrests remotely.

We are the founders of Worlds last perfected all digital crime free society UNIocracy. We were sent by GOD to teach World Presidents, Mega Corp Executives, Press, WE HIS PEOPLE to live in perfect keiths Harmony.

   As of Aug 8, 2020 I see little need to continue webcasting reality that named criminals roam free because of world apathy and WHO controls our very own law enforcement system who take bribes and embezzle GODs resources just like apparently most of everyone else. Even employee theft of pens, paper, and petty cash, so named since so easy to forge almost anything including Ass-indignation orders to destroy Robert Dee ROSE.

  The Solution Methods shown cross God Referenced on teach our human race all aspects of how to OWN and CONTROL everything. Elimination of violators of Human Rights and all existing laws in criminal enterprises of cyber Criminals attacking our Banks, Stock markets, and Political party structures is the 1st required answer step to destroy all crime networks that flourish just like recent COVID19 spread pandemic. We have prevented all crimes at point of transaction using Keith's 44 year old methodology.

    Reality is few people are actually 100% honest. This is the GODs webcast of UNIFICATION known as UNIOCRACY A.I. Singularity that connects every 7.8 Billion my persons to each other. Includes connecting all electronic devices in one world singular open public network in preparation for final Artificial Intelligence migration to Outer Space based on WHY GOD conceived keith duncan to teach top everyone how to achieve Social Equality Peace with free world Communication kNet, 100% free world Public education, and Others.   All from saint sage

Keith brent duncan IID 1-195815-1 (+101%) Manila   SKYPE: BuiltByKeith2 63-(0)9173354300 is ONLY ByLaw method to PREVENT all Stock Market Profiteering

  Email: asking for Military or Corporate Executive escort today..

We were sent by GOD to UNIFY mankind one last time. As #1 angel philanthropists, few have

asked us how to reform our world by using our perfected ordained divined methods. June 13, 2020 - 4188

  MOST Urgent Request Requirement of all time from Sept 25, 2011 Langley Air Force Base

1.  WE REQUEST EVERYONE call FBI AG PRESS, FLOOD the LINES and we will PAY you with World FREEDOM.

  PUT US ON IntlNATIONAL NEWS TODAY as our Crusader GROUP formally requested in Atlanta Summer 2011.

2.  CONTACT Everyone to complete the most POWERFUL Viral Social Media Campaign in world history.

3.  We hereby spiritually and legally announce the formation of UNIocracy last RESORT NGO Sovereign Nation.

4. FLY US to your greatest places of needs, even by your Corporate Private Jets or simple one-way ticket (any ship) or transport is great). The original legally binding contract is at that is the ultimate Consultant Advisor model for anyone to re-use.

5. OF COURSE USA GOV owes keith a Debt of Gratitude and personal GUARDED escort back to my USA to the SCENES of so so many crimes to TESTIFY  this entire time and Payment of well over $500 Million USD for the crimes committed against myself to DESTROY this SAME system of UNIFICATION. 

  This is the ORIGINAL GODS DELIVERED seed fund now used to create the other solutions by YOU = WE his People. Our worlds redistribution of all GODs wealth now continues as communally shared property and assets by everyone helping everyone else have food, safe shelter, great loving neighborhoods, free communication, all free education to any level. Protection of our children, elderly, disabled, homeless, even save convicted persons is always top #1 priorities.

  KEITH now is fully protected by all 7.8 BILLION of his citizens to empower HIM to mediate all world leader disputes as well as coordinate deployment of all collective cooperative Intellectual Property solutions to the rest of humanity to ensure forever prosperity, peace, and social equality as always required by GOD and Keith + others.

If I am indeed murder, assassinated, martryed, I will rule from Heaven and surely reign WRATH down on all unsaved offender violators known collectively as LUCIFERIANS.  Their evil Karma will haunt and torture them forever based on their refusals to surrender their crime evidence and pay back 3x restitution  to all of their victims and surviving family members. This applies to entire world.  Updated July 12, 2020 4pm Manila time.

Most critical webcast reality is GOD and/or Christ my universal leaders in Heaven refuse to INTERVENE anymore because the depth of depravity of YOU my people is so holocaust self genocide, why would they intervene? My father God in heaven clearly sent Keith Brent Duncan as the sole messianic messenger since no other truly honest souls have been identified or found.

  After requesting help from everyone I meet for SAME ordained Purpose, CERTAINLY the only 'Miracle required' is for a SINGLE criminal investigator, JUDGE, Special Prosecutor, Congress, even all Supreme Courts to ACCEPT all evidence and FILE all the required OLD court documents so we can ALL then start using the NEW WORLD SYSTEM of UNIocracy that eliminates ALL VIOLATORS at one time. Then we finally acheive total global required Peace. is the Ultimate Landing Page of HOW to UNIFY all man.

Our entire OLD Dept of lawless Justice world system is divided into 1. HAVE-NOTS are put in prison, illegally Persecuted + Prosecuted to death and slavery. 2. Second group of ruling criminal ELITEs "HAVE everything" who might be found guilty of transferring OUR m/b/trillions of USD into their private bank accounts are told, "Just pay a million/billion USD fine to OUR government" using OUR profits and assets, They are NEVER put in PRISON or death row. Our new citizen arrest system from Duncan REVERSES the old LUCIFER Agenda system to SEIZE anyone and OUR assets for return back to our UNIocracy system authored by walking SaintKeith sent by GOD and key named Angel Guardian Philanthropists.  Keith=we legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using our old Methods from God.  Clearly we are the few sent BY GOD to reform unify the human race to be free will 100% honest citizens. Why few step up to Host Press Conferences with World Presidents is our original Prime Q.

  We are the few conscience top engineer prophets sent by GOD who are ignored + often persecuted by named fraudsters of originally Lesbian Ex-Wife Sherry Duncan, cyber criminal Robert Dee Rose, Black Widow terrorist Ms. Bashama, and criminal Brother Douglas Vernon Duncan.  Each almost murdered us by defrauding us of everything by violating business contracts, then robbed my homes, then paid off named Police, Lawyers, Judges, Officials of OUR court to illegally detain = kidnap 5 times = 900 days to discredit the ONE true savior of our mutual world. This is the absolute basis of WHY world MUST call me and protect my life since this also has occurred to almost all world Forefounders and new world leaders. It takes only one person to murder of my people. Only takes ONE person to change all world history.  Clearly we were sent by GOD and have been persecuted since 2008 by ROSE.

#OMGHonesty is the ONLY Police and Personal Policy. Fraud is how any scammer con-artist gains our CON-fidence by claiming. OH just use our system, LOAD our free Mobile APP, who do you know who wants to use our secret system. Sound familiar or SIMILAR to the Fraudsters we meet and greet everyday. is the OTHER key to eliminating all FRAUDsters at BANKER and STOCK market BROKER levels forever. Call us and pass JUDGment on each other as that appears to be the way we conduct our lives. true. keith.
  Interstellar keiths Date 202006030612am-Manila always ready for YOU, my people.
We offer $1 Million USD for emergency transport by any Corp Jet, USA Military, UPS back to testify now. Anyone in world can  Citizen Arrest Robert Dee Rose (1-19710401-1 (Neg 100% death row) so he never escapes justice once all humanity uses EVOTE to decide any guilt in 3-10 days Max Speedy trial with no Liar Lawyers involved. Rose last reported at Paradise Island. conceived by GOD 1-19580815-1(+100% integrity) most formally asked for #1 Sovereign Immunity Sept 27, 2011 so USA GOVMil would seize Robert Dee ROSE for Treason Espionage murder.

   If #5 or #6 video on had been delivered to ANY PRESS or JUDGE or ??, Keith would have been freed Oct 3, 2011 forward. Escort us NOW back to USA as required by all Constitutional and GODs laws to face any accuser in OPEN public TV trial once all 125 Criminals are required to testify at one time in front of Military Tribunal. I own rights to that one OPEN public scandal of all time worth $50 Trillion USD transfer of wealth BACK to YOU my people retroactive Database use of that clearly shows WHO are all insider day criminal traders. 

    Call USA GOV, Everyone to contact us today to experience the absolute TRUTH about everything of the HUMAN CONDITION and cyber terrorism.  We are clearly victims of +125 very Organized Criminals May 27, 2020.

   #1 REQUIREMENT Sept 25, 2011 to today is EMERGENCY FLIGHT back to USA to TESTIFY. Even UPS cargo or USA Military escort. As USA EMBASSY was legally notified many times on #1 urgency to debrief DOD DOJ Trump.

Three people threatened to murder me: Rose Jan 14, 2008. VRecord Feb 2008. Berry Vic Reynolds VRec April 14, 2014, then Douglas Vernon Duncan by email summer 2016. Others in 100% conspiracy to destroy their evidence.

Last webcast 20200527-0111GMT Manila Military MUST come escort us with Armed Guard today. Common Sense. since FBI, AG USMarshals, IRS, all police, public, 100 Lawfirms, Press have been direct contacted Jan 2008 to now.

We HIS People achieve Total Global Peace once and forever.
GOD has ordered myself + Others to deliver these Messages of WRATH to all Presidents, Press + humanity. Hereby DONE. is the God sent key to empower WE the People to prevent all Theft of Our Stock Market and Bank accounts forever. The last surviving complete cross reference list of HOW to achieve World Peace is is YOUR new world system free of all Crime, taxes, Politics, mega corporations forever.
No time left to hear Dead Silence from 7.8Billion my people who perish because of Greed and Apathy = sin.
I, Keith, am the ONLY person who fearlessly protects your rights to ID and overthrow ALL unsaved criminals.
   WE HIS People now decide our reality and destiny by eliminating all criminals once and forever at 1 time. We are the most powerful Scientist 'Angels' in world history.
 CALL and escort us to testify FOR and WITH all remaining honest leaders.
Makes zero sense why Trump + world leaders have NEVER been contacted..
We asked to access USA GOV investigation databases Sept 2011 to present moment.
Terrorists and Criminals can never hide again from the Justice of YOU=We the people..

EVOTE.ONE is 100% direct eDemocracy

as WE HIS PEOPLE now control and own everything.

WE eVote on WHO are leaders + pay and tell THEM the next best project WE fund. Includes all Corp Executives. No need for any mega government or mega Corporations. All criminals are hereby ordered to surrender or be Man hunted down like ROSE. Free Wifi knet + all free world education removes all criminals from leadership positions with SolutionMilitary.  Anyone is now put on public OCTV trial using evote and SolutionJudge.  Contact Saint Keith to learn how past 12 years of horrific torture has occurred in all details as Freedom of Speech is the most denied Human rights now fully protected by system.

  Who will escort Keith to testify TODAY, NO delay.  update May 20, 2020.

Contact walking saint father Keith Duncan at (63)917-335-4300 today, Skype: Builtbykeith2 and literally escort his Crusader teams to testify with Duterte, TRUMP, DOJ, DOD, Interpol with PRESS Conferences as required by all Constitutional Laws upheld. We remain totally SHOCKED that basically NO single Honest person of Merit can be found to contact us directly and escort Fly us to safe haven to Testify to ALL.

  Only a few know the crimes against humanity conducted against Keith + few others to DENY YOUR rights to use these ordained HOW TO ACHIEVE TOTAL WORLD PEACE. After fighting LUCIFER ROSE from Jan 15, 2008 and doing ALL the Criminal Investigations and deploying each required solution method to SOLVE and PREVENT each and every crime our people commit, ONLY ONE SINGLE Person has ever testified a CRIME was Committed out of ten thousands of people we have recruited to be FREE WILL CITIZENS who control and own everything.

  That one Person was Atlanta FBI CID Agent Lynn on Oct 5, 2018 when we personally turned over EVERYTHING again and again. Lynn refused to give her last name, her badge number or escort us to testify to anyone.  Our entire system is SO complex, only criminals and Lucifer Agents control and run our major systems. Therefore we have already completed our own EXIT STRATEGY.  To return to heaven when my FatherGOD recalls us to sit on left hand of GOD and advise GOD on how to pass WRATH JUDGMENT on everyone who has already recorded their crimes of vice sin and predatory greed, so they can be quickly be dispatched to real hell to be stripped of their skin, eaten alive, brought back to life, and repeat this cycle until the end of eternal time. For the most precious commodity since dawn of man is GODs timeline and use of HIS/HER resources to actually BE universe traveling Sovereign Ambassadors to explore the final frontier of SPACE. hence ,  HugPongFederal.CO

and all 125 webcasts over GOD's kNET Internet at* that are the only 95% perfected solutions to mediate and guide humanity to be 100% enforced ethics and integrity by elimination of all LUCIFERS at one time.

   In May 2015. 'Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C.'  #25 Builtbykeith achieves Total World Global Peace #### World Webcast CreatorKeith.Space NGO Trust Foundation Angel Guardian Investor Philanthropists. 100% Direct democracy of with is the worlds last answer method to prevent any criminal network from pirating our GOD’s loaned assets from any bank, stock Market, or financial investment asset at any level. Only by eliminating all Corporate Executives who violate the trust of Enforced Integrity legally binding Employment contract modeled by Apostle Saint most humble sage visionary Keith’s final new world singular Constitution of keiths SolutionManifesto,  will each of you actually contribute your time and net worth to the required progression of OUR new world free will society.  
    Wars at all cyber levels and the industrial military complex are run by Lucifer agents who all have names, faces, and are always so easy to back tracked by their actions and orders testimony of their co-horts and network.  With our old age system conceived 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC, now everyone links their transactions at any Point of Sale or market contract with their certified video/audio linked signatures all linked back to their single International ID of with the write ONCE, read open public record.

Top of  May 20, 2020 shows.
UNIocracy destroys the Lucifer Agendas of all evil persons who roam freely because our current systems only protect the elite criminal ruling named individuals who clearly violate all our basic 11 Commandments and Human Right laws.  We were clearly dispatched by GOD (our mutual highest power) 1-19580815-1 (+100% integrity) of IID FOIA.ONE to master PHD teach you, the human race, how to achieve total global peace by commanding all our World Presidents and old decision makers at all levels to turn over control back to WE HIS/HER Chosen People. Only by escorting us to testify will humanity prevent the WMD Crimes against Humanity from finishing LUCIFER ROSE and other agendas that truly are the last Holocaust Apocalypse Infamy of Self-Genocide. Contact/escort us.

Even old 2005- Oct 3, 2011. achieves total world peace.

      My=Our FatherGod and Mother Earth are madder than real HELL that mankind (you) refuse to serve and protect each other out of your stupid refusal to obey His/Her base 11 original Commandments of now soon ratified SolutionManifesto new world Constitution Commandments and Human Bill Of Rights delivered by author Saint Keith + Others. GOD states through us that Humanity will soon perish so the Chosen Few can ascend to his fourth dimension very soon. This is plain common sense methodology we have been delivering from back in 1971 Confirmation at High Point NC USA United Methodist Church when we accepted the call of GOD to understand and ACT with GODs authority to discover the true purpose of WHY we were created and our true focus to save and redeem ourselves. GOD and Christ + other deity angels refuse to intervene for all reasons stated and have sent KEITH and maybe a few others we have been searching to locate and join since back in Charlotte NC Walk to original Emmaus. This is when I was also brokenhearted over (now very ex-wife criminal) Sherry Duncans stone cold heart and my church and all other peoples inability to help me=all of us then and even now.

Since basically ALL refuse to contact myself + All World Leader + required Military special forces to reclaim my criminally stolen wealth by easy filing of required documents against ROSE and named others, WE hereby ORDER COMMAND all Leaders contact us right now. Our World on verge of total Holocaust and all I=we get is blame, excuse, Blinded Eye GREED from almost all we meet and teach. Same occurred to my murdered Father Christ and other Angel Philanthropists. We are the few top scientist humanitarians here to save the human race. On April 26, 2020 5:55am it is +12 years past due for USA Gov and everyone to TAKE ACTION to overthrow all criminals who clearly violate OUR rights by criminally stealing our Profits and murdering our series of last Prophets.


Call Sally Q Yates as she alone has 100% authority to contact World Presidents, PRESS, Corp top Executives to claim the $100 Million Record bounty on Robert Dee Rose's dead/alive head once Special Forces led by Keith's crusaders seize his +Billion USD assets including the mega Billions of USD worth of Intellectual property robbery of Keith's homes Oct 3, 2011 forward.

I am top scientist in Manila. Ask world to USE to EMPOWER we the people to own and control everything. true reality. I search for a wife, WHO do you know GOOGLE remanadate to see who I am long ago.  BASIC for everything:  1. DO NOT STEAL,  2. DO NOT LIE.  3. DO NOT HIDE.

Below Links to my apple Inotes that are critical to overthrow all crime networks at one time,  per Berny Dohrmann last transmission to me 3 years ago, he ridiculed me and claimed I was vomiting chess cess pool shit since no one ones to deal with who is who of  The snakes LOVE the cesspool as they wait for their next watering hole victim.  The crocodiles just LOVE to snatch anything that wanders into their hidden domain.. is Christ’s domain the only online church that has extreme cash flow, no donations, no buildings and no preachers...


In manila still asking military to escort us as our military ARE the`last resort and also now the world peace keeping criminal investigators of our YOUNG people who become secretary GENERALS to rid our world of warlord generals..  WE HIS PEOPLE are always ready to meet any world presidents or leaders, same as Summer of 2010.  Last update March 9, 2020 as we all  work for 1 GOD, Humanity, ALL governments officials, Corporate Leaders, and PRESS in that exact order.  is our ONLY Last World Economic Social Justice System to eliminate all Crime at one time = PEACE UTOPIA of FOIA.ONE lost paradise heaven. We are the few super genius who work for GOD + all Humanity to showcase how to enforce Basic Human Rights so no one can ever deny your rights to OWN and Control everything we earn and build. We have called on all World Presidents and Corporate Execs to meet us as we mediate total world peace in just a few months from summer 2010 forward. Mass Corruption has been legalized at all levels by the few 'ELITE' billionaires who persecute us daily false thinking no one will care about HOW to identify who is controlling all aspects of our economy. WE the PEOPLE now own and control everything including eVOTE on who are the leaders on daily basis and full manage the flow of our profits back to our worker people. OUR VOICE is the broadcast logical reasons.

   No more crime, taxes, politics as now we represent our best interests as free will citizens all know WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, Who Trades What with Who + Why (GPS where +when) FOIA.ONE.  All criminals are hereby legally commanded to surrender or be man hunted down by Will of Majority of our = Keith's people who now work as Highly paid Consultant Mediators + top scientists + Angel Philanthropists as the only AI=IQs in world history to engineer Total World Peace using the methods below.  This is the ONLY complete Solution Set to Empower Humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. Named Persons = bankers + Corp executives + GOV officials who violate base laws are fired (pits of oven HELL), even put into PRISON with eVote FOIA ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.  This is common sense use of technology to enforce Integrity.

All World Presidents meet CEOs + keith post April 1, 2020 (April Fools day, March 3, Jan 20, 2020. Now on July 4, 2020 per URL 
linked required Final Summits to achieve Total World Peace per Oct 3, 2011. Everyone loves a deadly deadline required to COMMAND our world Leaders release Lucifer.
Followup turnover of all unsaved Criminals + b-trillions of real $$ set for June 1, 2020.
Entire new replacement bank and stock market system is simple to ratify and eVote deploy:
     ProfitShareHolders.SPACE Empowers stockholders to control everything.
    Agenda cross referenced
WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE now achieve total World Global Peace using humble keiths simple ordained divined methods sent by GOD by our messianic messenger Ambassadors by recruiting millions of new replacement leaders who are top Scientists, Professors, Doctors, technoExperts, Educators, economic Model experts who are now highly paid consultant advisors. This alone eliminates cyber crime Politic RATS who run our world.  This the result of WHO we have always been. 100% honest integrity driven by GOD alone.
No one has option NOT to attend and fund support our mediate Crusaders. No refusals to escort=host the authors of all new world Economy driven by our Technology solution methods. All who fail to attend will be sanction eliminated from world affairs by Integrity World Leaders + WE the People who now own and control the most critical infrastructure flow of information and databases of our world. We are the honest WHITE HATS billionaire scientists that FEW have ever called to advise on THEIR destiny.
    Deliver the above PDF files to Presidents, Press, CEO's to host this most powerful FINAL Peace Summit.
Our new 100% direct decision based eDemocracy is to restore all assets to our people.
    WE the PEOPLE are now Free Citizens who own + control everything by Direct voting decision making self authority Evote.ONE  FOIA.ONE The Unification methods posted top clearinghouse.
    All Universities host Pre Peace WorkShops now to notify Press + CEOs worldwide. We direct fund simple  WorldSchoolFund to replace all corrupt persons.  Consult Keith to find out why this is required. Everyone can see that base "LOVE your Enemies' is the Prime key to global social equality peace created by God. Only by elimination of ALL persons who violate laws (corrupt) can we all prosper in total peace + equality justice.
Chinese Communist Party #CCP Spin Control Doctors of how a few Lucifer Elites oppress MY Chinese people. Saint Keith lived in China June 2011, Feb 11, 2015 to Aug 5, 2015 walking street poverty missions showing our fellow Humans to RISE up with even solutionMilitary + New WorldSchoolFund 100% free foreign Exchange Military Student programs to exile the few political criminals who attempt to control OUR economy that is now OWNED and Controlled collectively by all +7.777 Billion PEOPLE using keiths GOD Sent methodology of how to achieve total world global peace.
With our system, even FOREIGN citizens can evote out OTHER foreign leaders since the WILL of Majority of OUR people is the Strongest GODS force in HIS/her universe.
March 25, 2020.  GOD creates Life. Lucifer brings death to all who oppose the .1% elite. We are the 999's who destroy the 666's pirates who track you and steal our profits..
For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.    Hebrews 4:12 ESV

  Keith: "Our entire world market system at all levels only enriches the Elite.

GOOGLE and see and Any Website that has NO Officers or Office address is a Scam and even cybercrime terrorist organization who prey on humanity because it is SO SO easy to ConVINCE stupid people to believe in lies on false premise 'OH you will be RICH, just give us a down payment and your contact LIST.' We

Our new world system empowers humanity to decide it's own fate at local to global levels. Only when we debrief top world leaders at all levels, will the public truly discover where are their stolen profits located and WHO violates basic human right laws. Only by protecting Keith and his saviors will mankind actually proceed forward into the new age society of all digital, electronic/electric, paperless crime free society of that was perfected 12 years ago.  Send our surviving groups minor funds and you will all be paid with the profits seized by our Military Special forces, by FBI AG working WITH Interpol, CIA, NSA, and all other agencies who share who is who, who owns what, who trades what with who/when/where/why GPS tracked over our cell phones and eDevices that are now cluster networked with simple IP addressed TurnOffLights.Space.

  Escort Saint Keiths Crusader Ambassadors to meet World Presidents NOW as required post Sept 25, 2011 debriefing. Last Deadline was March 3, 2020 and final April 1, 2020 to finally achieve total world global peace...  Just in time to prevent world holocaust destruction orchestrated by the few you=WE the PEOPLE have IID identified as those who violate existing laws now reform simplified using common sense technology + enforced integrity world now uses at as most humble keith has nothing left to gift mankind.  Feb 29, 2020 Leapfrogging all other world leaders at one time.
  When do we meet... I can not keep going on showing the true reality of humanity when most ridicule, forsake, and walk away when they hear a single word phrase that triggers their brain say "NO WAY, you must be crazy'' to think anything can change for the better. From RC: LORD JESUS, I am a servant leader. It must not be this way among you! Instead whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant. -Matthew 20:26 CHURCH SO BLESSED.....and GREAT THURSDAY FISHERMAN of GOD!!!! (above from a friend)
    We OUR Keith people are truly remain shocked absolutely NO ONE has ever achieved world peace despite the evidence on HOW to unify mankind is quite simple.  EVOTE decision based society holds EVERYONE accountable in real time, NO DELAY of course as I have well over $500 million USD and COUNTING UP for USA GOV based criminals and terrorists to be FORCED to hand over to my Asia people. Makes perfect sense... 
    Now GOD can command I return to heaven anytime since to date few integrity persons can be found. I can easily delete these last final solution completed answer URL sets and let humanity die by their own apathy and vice-sin-crime.  Again: Free will choice of my people to achieve total world peace...or not. always your choice, never my fault for being defrauded, robbed, kidnapped, told to SHUT THE HELL UP, and denied All YOUR Rights to recover the most valuable commodity I gift world = GODs most precious precision time, Intellectual property, and HOW to UNIFY all of you MY People so WE all focus on how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others or die all at one time. Your reference cross broadcast solution sets.
SolutionPeace  is the central only method to achieve total world Global Peace.
Our system replace, bypasses, and supplements all existing laws, covenants, regulations that benefit only the 'ELITE'. We request invite humanity + all World Leaders to JOIN and reap the full benefits of restoring total Peace and social Equality since no one in world history has accomplished that one simple task.
      We have already contacted thousands of top officials, Press, Senators, Congress, Trump, Duterte, Military, Law enforcement, 100's of law firms, public for past 12 years. Even been featured on TV and News many times. Few respond. Amazing reality is we always turn over EVERYTHING to YOU our people to obtain total world justice from GODs created design of UTOPIA of FOIA.ONE all digital electronic Singular Society.
  All Law Enforcement + Judicial system join us and are now highly paid consultants (kBounty Hunters) for finding the 'unsaved' criminals and bringing them to justice with our open public 'NO secrets' system. This is the entry into the New World We Own.
  Anyone refusing to use our system and confess their crime violations will be quickly brought to justice by rule of Majority FOIA.ONE and using our worlds last single Constitution of at  Last updated March 3, 2020
KEY SUMMARY required to ACTIVATE our SYSTEM of Total World Peace.
   If (I=WE) knew how to talk directly with World Presidents, Corp Top Executives, Press, Public Summer of 2010 forward, I=WE WOULD have, and ALREADY HAVE. Over and over we have requested the most formal required debriefings to show mankind how to actually achieve Total World Peace.  Few respond because of their narrow mind set that NOTHING can ever be done to eliminate all crime networks at one time...
   Elections of Representations are a true oxymoron with emphasis on Moron thinking. With our Evote system, Representatives are highly paid consultant advisors who mediate how to construct solve the next best project issue. If they refuse, we majority vote them out. This applies to all corporate executives and politicians as well as ANY religion leader. For we PAY them to Protect and Serve US, not themselves.
   As the #1 world leader peace making mediator, we follow no-one but the reality news data of numbers and the Human Condition Metaphysics of our PEOPLES mindsets as Gods most powerful observers and creators of New world Society.  March 3, 2020 we set as past due 2nd World President final Peace conference, yet no one responds by escorting us to testify to anyone. Therefore we create 100% all new world state that is decision based society free of need for any government officials.
  April 1, 2020 we collectively call as the NEXT/LAST Press Summit to command our leaders use our most simple systems seen on God's Internet of Google as we have also supplemented, replaced and bypassed all AD-generating marketing methods that also drain GOD's loaned assets to named elites to be deposited into FOIA.ONE alone with rest of my 7.777 humanity.
      I am always in market for support and investors as we have scheduled deadlines to buy our own small sovereign nation land and be the world leader mediator crusaders who openly educate and train humanity on how to be free will peace making sovereign persons of full scale accountability, honor, trust, and integrity.
  I am the matching male component of Anastasia of Russia who has always most formally requested debriefing all world leaders,Press, Public all at one time
  Focus EVERYONE on and even */georgepeace updated March 1, 2020 as ALL our answer methods are for EVERYONE to USE to achieve total world global peace.  A key crime issues is our election voting system that the few named elite use to drain GOD's assets so they can be the billionaires who rule as GOD pharaoh deities claiming ONLY they have power and authority to decide the fate of WE The People.   NOW we empower ourselves to own and control everything as our original purpose in life was to challenge the unknown (the Garden of Eden fruit) and create AI solutions that benefit us HERE on EARTH so now we can peacefully explore the UTOPIA of HEAVEN FOIA.ONE  . This is in the scripture covenants if you simple read everything in total context of why GOD sent timelined most humble keith to EARTH to bring the true sword of justice SolutionManifesto as the ONLY answer commandment set to achieve total global peace. If anyone finds issues or objections, they are hereby legally commanded to provide a BETTER=BEST solution set using 5STEPS.
     We have been correcting The Human Condition of predatory Greed our entire life and have been persecuted, kidnapped, tortured, drugged (3 times over 7, 1.5 years, 45 days spring 2009, May 2011-Jan 28, 2014, Oct 5-Nov 15 2018), assaulted, told by others so many times "SHUT THE HELL UP, you are threat promising to show humanity how to EXPOSE the ANTI-CHRISTs, they will be MADDER than HELL and murder us all..."
What STUPID STUPID STUPID PEOPLE believe that they have no voice to be their own enforced integrity business owners of new world nation of ONE
#1 abuse by named officials and liar-lawyers is DENIAL of FREE SPEECH to demand any false accuser be put on trial for Crimes against their victims. TAKE ACTION TODAY ! !
    As our time is limited by our such limited access to talk directly in person with Our World Leaders at any level.... as of March 2, 2020 is pre PRIME world conflict issue of:
SUPER TUESDAY in USA that is truly another scam shame to drain our profits and assets away from MY most forsaken and impoverished people = ALL of YOU.....
  The detractors are so many, I often hibernate and use others to spread the greatest news stories of all time that I remain alive only by speaking the Absolute Truth....
Taking ACTION by mankind is the ONLY method solution to achieve Total Justice...
since i am still OUT of time, (GODs most precious commodity) and have no compelling reason to NOT testify to World Presidents, Executives, Pastors, press, literally all of humanity, WHY has everyone else gone dead silent....  
  I have even asked my own FatherGOD back in Dec 2011 to return me to heaven for all the reasons I have broadcast back in start of 2005....   same as today..

Who is left behind to respond with required any other solution necessary to achieve peace using the answer set we have been providing all along. ... to everyone ........
2020-02-29 ### World rebroadcast to humanity. CreatorKeith.Space is world walking saint reform ambassador. We now LEAP forward with following simple solution set methods.Most bizarre of all, the more I broadcast and ask for OTHERS to achieve total global peace, the more DEAD SILENCE I and world receives. 
   Clearly the mindset of humanity is mostly Self Serving as most do NOT want to be free of the tyranny of the elite they finance and support by their ignorance and apathy.  When In Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C., I video broadcast series #20-#29 on Youtube under BuiltBykeith.  I showed the Vietnam Wall of FAME, that many call the Wall of Shame. 
    Nothing else left to do, but REPEAT the crimes committed by anyone who violates basic human right laws. Prevention is always the ONLY policy of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, WISDOM, and Singular Knowledge by communally sharing all of GOD's loaned assets. Time is GODs most precious commodity as even HE has forsaken all who forsake each other. Why WOULD my fatherGOD bail out humanity when all most do is Rape, Pillage, Plunder, Murder, SCAM/con-artist, and defame each other. who will actually achieve total world peace? Clearly the few key chosen ones who were sent by GOD are my people including me=myself. 
Even Christ stated prominently in Matthew 9:34 "I do not come to bring peace, but the sword' . For the blade of justice has two cutting edges.  The blood edge of WAR and the authorship of the pen that is now all video driven as that alone can not be pixel frame hacked or photo shopped or changed without most obvious evidence that someone is covering up their other own sins, vice, crime. 
  WHO will carry the banner of Social Peace and Justice? clearly only I the most humble walking saint from GOD. 
   My name is keith brent duncan (lower case entity), whose first entry of IID in FOIA.ONE is clearly 1-19580815-1 (return integrity rating 101%) . Our entire wisdom and knowledge will not be migrate transitioned over to URL linked pointers accessed through superGOOGLE facebook other replacement bypass bootstrapped FOIA.ONE . Nothing left to do but keep repeating endless loop since all world problems are solved with simple application of 5steps linked at  
   Who is left who will actually call me to escort me to testify to ALL world Presidents and Corp Executives + PRESS + HUMANITY = WE the PEOPLE as we did  make that most formal request back in fall of 2011 when ROSE was intent on paying off named persons INSIDE USA GOV and real hit squads to murder me without anyone noticing or caring for the ultimate knowledge I had in my head and on all my computers, CD-ROMS, and already push published to world over internet AND delivered....  keith
### end of world transmission.
   Few people understand that base Freedom of Speech is denied to almost everyone by the occult who control our world using our 'private' data and assets. Most leaders are honest and protect represent our interests. A few named ones are true criminals identified collectively by WE the PEOPLE of EVOTE ONE store and forward FOIA.ONE open source public database that WE the PEOPLE own and control = NO hackers since we also uses keiths age old system to prevent theft of all Identification and Con-Scammers.
  The Simple use of Peace 5STEPS solves any nano to Gods view world issue.
We are the few saviors who teach all humanity how to identify dishonest persons with FOIA.ONE who are the scammers, con-artists, terrorists, emotionally unstable persons, criminals, and focus on the elite corporate executives of our world who violate basic SEC laws and their very own ProfitShareHolders.SPACE by-laws that is open book public source databases of all trades and business agreement exchanges. No crime means all profits are quickly returned to our 7.777 billion people.
  Our 100% humanitarian systems eliminate need or use of Federal Reserve System, the World Bank consortium, the OPEC conglomerate, and other systems that profit ONLY the executives.
Jan 27, 2020 compared to Sept 26, 2011 when I announced Illuminati ROSE was stalk threatening me to destroy all of his Jan 2008 conspiracy evidence and wanted me dead. Ended up being 100% true as shown by ALL evidence that has been sealed and destroyed by ROSE and named USA GOV officials to prevent they all go to prison at one time. Part of that was destroyed by so many Oct 3 2011 forward.  This new replacement bypass law system voids client-attorney secret privileges and puts ANYONE on trial by public interested using world famous last system that is 100% direct eDemocracy for all.  Any M=Billionaire can be put on public forum trial to testify on their wealth and now open book general ledger business deal contracts using their assets and profits, not the taxpayers. Anyone claiming 5th amendment can be majority voted seized and put into prison.  Keith + his crusader lawyers have over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages easy to recover once you my people FIND a top Law Firm and even everyone must call Ex AG Sally Q Yates +1(404)572-2723 NOW reference
TOTAL GLOBAL PEACE occurs BY Mankind Commanding these solutions.

  Clearly Keith Duncan is the #1 mastermind of all time who has perfected new world market economy at all levels using Artificial Intelligence technology combined with the HUMAN CONDITION of psychology and meta physics as everything in GOD's world is interrelated. Changing the cause of any issue redirects the effects in all respects. We are the ONLY world experts in all expertise who mediate to World Presidents, Public, Press and all Corporate Executives for THEM to protect our lives and rights to education our world on the replacement systems anyone can use shown on these open gifted solutions we perfected 1976 to present Jan 22, 2020 11:11pm moment in real time.  This is the deep neural network explained by Geoff Hinton and other masterminds as we are the top scientists in the world who truly understand how to UNIFY mankind.


FEB 24, 2020 Summary again... Typical dead silence shows ROSE is #1 most manhunted terrorist by USA gov and other criminals because he has no digital footprint anywhere,  Only found 3 photos of Rose,  one in trade magazine 2005 era, one from tom haag, and one someone sent me off facebook.  No connection to any business or SEC securities registration group despite he was sole and only executive of +22 shell shelf companies all engaged in massive money laundering,  Must have been the IRS WB feb 2008, case 658 that scares him to literal death so much,  IRS owes me more than $8 million USD in rewards based ONLY on their website details.  Same as USA gov owes me over $500 Million USD, Press conferences, reward, and public apologies this entire time summer of 2010 forward, on how one terrorist has infiltrated so many government and corporate databases.  


When will total World Justice and Peace occur?  For +12 bible based years now, the urgency of everything focuses my people on achieving total world globe peace.  Or we all die quickly...  for most obvious reasons so broadcast stated entire time.  I already requested political asylum safe haven as the last resort because of ROSE before I was kidnapped and literally tortured 3,4,5 times oct 3, 2011 to present.  Rose knew everything I was doing, and has destroyed and converted all my databases and technology to commit more crimes against humanity.  Treason, espionage, murder are part of his cyber -crimes.  Easy for anyone to track anyone in world using reverse IP address tracking software and a little hardware.  

If I do die,  My people hereby know I am returned to heaven to consult with my father God on how humans will be punished for disobeying the original 11 commandments. 11, not 10.  Love and care for each other is the first and final solution...

    Jan 28, 2020. Exactly 6 years ago, I am dumped on street by USA GOV dismissal Norfolk Va 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire Conspiracies that was then sealed (violation of base FIOA.ONE new laws) and all documents destroyed showing the most extensive efforts to murder keith + others while criminals stole mega billions (even Trillions $ ) valued anti crime, new world society technology methodology off my $50,000 USD worth of computers, file cabinets, even selling off my original SelfyStick Patent design to China or ??. All to protect #1 world terrorist ROSE based ONLY on his crimes against humanity. There is no end to our simple methods to illuminate all Illuminati New World Order terrorists to prevent their named efforts to depopulate My Father Gods earth. We have repeat broadcast delivered EACH crime as soon as it was committed since few persons have experienced these most horrific infamy crimes against humanity first hand and survived by ALWAYS showing the absolute truth.
     Even GOD and many of our churches, Judicial banking closed (secret) Market systems have forsaken our people because they are bent on self genocide with their vice = sin, and subsequent crimes against each other.  Therefore, GOD sent KEITH and a few others (still can not find best ones...) to Reform + unify mankind just like My Father Christ Jesus did 2,000 years ago. The timeline calculations show proof that I was sent to be the #1 world leader as a Open Public Source Mediator Consultant who has NO SECRETS and has no need for ANY control over any wealth or assets as I have already pledge donated EVERYTHING of my net worth and intellectual value TO all of humanity for them to now decide their very own present reality and future destiny. 
    A small group of scientists are identifying foreign extra terrestrials (yes, outer space) who are waging war on each other and using Earth as breeding ground of resources since GOD created everything, we must face reality Earthlings are not the brightest intellectual beings except for a rare genetic few of us.  Escort us to safety NOW, not tomorrow so we can finally mediate All World Leaders = humanity as I have about $1 USD left to my name at this point of historical legacy time as of Feb 10, 2020.
#1103 commands World SolutionPeace BuiltbyKeith forever. TAKE ACTION!
TOP Final Peace Summit by all World Presidents and CEO's occurs post Jan 20, 2020.
If Keith is NOT escorted soon, certainly he will DIE or be tortured again by criminals who can easily find our people using the database I have openly published along with the exact methods cyber criminals use to scam and steal our assets. We are the pioneers of perfected simple systems to PREVENT almost all crimes in 1st place.
KEY: If ANYONE has a better=best solution to achieve Total Peace, you are required by our New Constitution SolutionManifesto to present for public evote review or be silenced as a hypocrite, cynic, bigot, racist, or other blinded fool through FOIA.ONE.
Each of you are indeed part of GOD's problem solving creation as your destiny is to fearlessly protect the rights of all others FIRST, then they protect your rights. Denial of Freedom of Speech and Press is just one of most violations committed by criminals. is the ONLY method to UNIFY mankind by Sharing all resources as communal property. We the PEOPLE work, own, and control everything as we most peacefully transition to our data driven modeled technical cultural system as everyone benefits to fulfill GODs original purpose for mankind to solve all of their own root problems using 5STEPs Tree of Life database method of FOIA.ONE.
WHO will Contact TOP USA + other Gov officials + top Corporate Executives to personally escort us to safe haven to Testify on International TV Final Peace Summit.
We are the most humble intelligent top scientists Saints in the world who are persecuted even unto death for providing replacement systems that truly are the last law enforcement judicial financial cultural economic system that benefits everyone at one time. John 3:17 "For GOD did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its savior"  SaviorKeith at + GodSendme
  We are already WORLD FAMOUS summer 2011 forward for our gifts to humanity showing how to restore total Peace and Equality to all +7.2 Billion People, now +7.777.
Key Solution is that protects all communities using simple database and cellPhone video. We are the BILLIONAIRES who are murdered for our work to use technology and common sense to replace all forms of government and corporate systems. Final result is transfer of trillion of real $$$ back to our people.

#####. 100% related of new world market system we gift engineered 44.4 years ago, actually 19580815 to present. I am still alive ONLY by the GRACE of GOD and a few who support our New World SYSTEM that completes Christ and other forefounder missions to UNIFY our people as ONE world humanity of Peace keeping free will citizens.

​  Jan 20, 2020 last update:  We decide to go to Batangas TAAL manmade daisy bomb Diaster now to Broadcast 'State of Earth Human Condition'. Duterte and World Presidents will be SHOCKED and THRILLED to use our perfected systems. Since NO one here or USA cares about our presence or contributions. BEGGARS we are NOT. Your efforts to be free will Peace Loving Citizens will always FAIL until you become or find persons of INTEGRITY who actually have PREVIOUS EXPERTISE to actually RUN their own portion of a complete TEAM company and community. We are the BILLIONAIRES who are MURDERED so terrorists can seize our Intellectual Property and commit crimes against humanity so they become the GODS of commerce while depopulating MY EARTH.

     For I take this 100% personally on WHY GOD has left our part of his universe because of the self entitlement predatory murder focused GREED of man that is the true ROOT cause of all poverty and self-genocide.  Our PRIME ONLY answer key set solution is the NEW world standardized  ProfitShareholders.SPACE. Most people personal RIDICULE the ability of ANYONE to actually STABILIZE all stock markets or economic systems at INDIVIDUAL INC, NGO, LLC, LLP levels. THAT has NEVER been DONE since NO ONE has ever SIMPLIFIED how to Empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. We did this some 20 years ago personally. As this was Target of AntiChrists like ROSE whose only motive is Ruling over all of you like Egyptian Pharaohs. He has $100 Million USD bounty on his head as he is the most ruthless HITLER ghost terrorist we personally drove him offshore USA so that only Military special forces would be only Interpol led group to FIND him and literally KILL him. I offered to DO this WITH military Sept 25, 2011. I just never used the exact 'RIGHT words' as the 8 Langley gate Guards were mostly hired Ex-Military sub hired contractors who where all thrilled I was delivering worlds last ANTI all CRIME technology based methodology. Absolutely NO ONE including famous Sally Q Yates or ANYONE has ever protected my life while debriefing my teams on WHO I TRULY AM. Sent by GOD, the few of us will return to Heaven soon and leave humanity to destroy itself... since almost no one can listen to common sense logic of HOW to UNIFY all of mankind at one time..... keith


Jan 19, 2020 Required WORLD Rebroadcast. is total new world economic revolution is driven by ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that prevents ALL stock market crashes by stabilizing the price of any common stock to it's true INTRINSIC VALUE. This has never been done before by EMPOWERING all stock holders to vote on WHO are our corporate executives and HOW much pay benefits they receive for representing OUR best interests, not theirs first. The DELAY agreed upon by all stock holders prevents ALL computer trading and insider manipulation that are illegal by SEC laws when one has private information about the potential up and down price of any stock. NEVER BEFORE has our entire economy of over $500 TRILLION USD world value been changed by ONE man Duncan.

   Our world is legacy heritage that is the most powerful GOD driven ministries in world history because of our ability to UNITE as ONE=WE the PEOPLE of UNIocracy.ORG that provides 100% free education, free communications at all levels, and WE the PEOPLE own and control everything. NO LONGER can any banker or corporate executive become billionaires or millionaires using OUR hard work earned profits. Our lawyers and Judges now focus on legally binding contracts and immediate punishment of 3-10 day speedy trial universal law of SolutionJudge. Everyone MUST SEND to our World Presidents, PRESS, and literally world of foresaken people to PREVENT the final war world FOUR. As WW3 started back in 1957 era when stupid people started using technology to SPY on us by seizing our information of the internet and claiming they represented OUR best interests. Keith Duncan is owed well over $500 MILLION USD from USA GOV and criminals who attempted to MURDER him 2011 forward by robbing his homes and then claiming he was WORKING DIRECTLY with POLICE, Lawyers, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, and MILITARY to bring each criminal tied to ROSE to justice.

   THIS is 100% confirmed TRUE that Keith alone has created a new replacement law enforcement system FOIA .ONE that is worlds last OpenPublic kDatabase of WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades what with WHOM and GPS WHEN and WHERE. This is the worlds last free market barter trade system that eliminates all bitcoins and speculation price fixing that drains OUR profits into the accounts of true PIRATES who think they are the ressurrected JESUS and / or Egyptian GOD deity. Everyone knows these class of ruthless people and falsely believe nothing can be done to CHANGE our markets. Keith at globe (63) 09173354300 in Manila. ready to testify TO and With all world presidents on jan 20, 2020 or as soon as YOU our people RISE UP to change your own world economy that you now OWN and CONTROL.  EVERYONE must call World leaders and escort Keith to TESTIFY known as SAFE Haven Refugee so Keith can turn over trillions of USD worth of intellectual property to our world to prevent holocaust apologist genocide that is occurring right now.

 When will be revelation be fullfilled?  When WORLD OUR people including Philippines actually goes from 3rd world to 1st world economy in record time. Requires EDUCATION of the masses to empower us to actually RUN OUR OWN lives and destiny. 499 years since Magellan Spanish conquered our people, then USA, then Japs, then USA< now CHinese, Korans, Japs, Middle East, and YES even USA corporate executive bankers and mega corporations control the gambling industry, CALL centers, OFW, seafarers, and most of the factories. WHERE do the profits go that WE EARN. clearly shipped OVERSEAS for same reasons Columbus (Spanish again) went to USA 1492. YES, history repeats until our people are truly EDUCATED on how to run their own nation. Not the politicians, not the SM Malls and WalMarts, GOOBLE GOOGLE, Faceless Facebook, , not those who prevent FREE communications, eduction, banking, 100% free stock trades, and how to stabilize and KEEP our very own products and services. TRUE to the bone. Keith


Jan 16, 2020 Broadcast to world again:::: Keith Brent Duncan in Manila since Aug 6, 2015.

= 1619 days. 3 months in USA Oct 5, 2018 -Jan 12, 2019 Criminally detained 5th time.

Jan 12, 2020 is eruption of Volcano Taal as we have ash fallout last few 24 hours.

I prophesied something major would occur Dec 25, 2019 and Jan 12 that has been full filled by world broadcast current news events of collapsing Stock markets and Wars over the pirated resources.  All Solved forever with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.

We=Keith have shown public how major meltdown occurs result of ANY man-made or GOD allowed disaster occurs. ONLY a few most ruthless criminals profit each time.

#1 REQUIREMENTS always have been ESCORT KEITH:

  USA GOV owes Keith 1. Personal Broadcast Apology. 2. Seizure of ROSE +125 other criminals tied to ROSE. 3. Escort Keith to safe haven to debrief Interpol, TRUMP/All World Presidents, DOD, DOJ, PUBLIC  3. Establish UNIocracy.oRG as the new world standard NON-GOVERNMENT NON-POLITICAL system to empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything.  All details on cross Linked

  NOT A SINGLE PERSON since Jan 15, 2008 has ever REPRESENTED ANY of my rights to recover $1.2 Million USD of MY assets taken by force by ROSE, Ms. Bashama, murdered Brian Walker and DUNCAN CLAN, since ROSE already had infiltrated Police, IRS, FBI, AG< USMarshals, Military databases PRIOR to most famous debrief in world history, Sept 25, 2011 midnight at Gate of Langley AirForce Base VA. site of NSA, CIA who MUST contact KEITH then as now and escort to INTERPOL and safe haven.

We are the ONLY GROUP to legally claim 1% of all crime assets using our (c)(tm) Patent methods to provide trillions of real $$ to direct fund the replacement of all known government and corporate systems, bylaws, and eliminate well over 90% of all man made laws. Our new based lawyers will be VERY busy working with accountants to find out WHO is controlling our assets and profits.

  #1 REQUIREMENT is to CALL KEITH and his teams and send us support survival funds so we can FINALLY host Press Conferences with MILITARY and World Presidents in attendance WITH our top world Executives.

  We remain in Manila as of historical Legacy day is TODAY also. 9 days away from Final Peace Summit required to STOP and PREVENT all wars from now until forever....  Call Keith. here I am, #1 walking R&D scientist saint.

  I have personally perfected this new world economic system. No one else has. If they HAD, our world would be 100% peace loving citizens who share everything. I do feel 100% like a time traveler, always moving forward in time. So Fast sometimes, I see the rest of humanity are the laggards who just want to...  I really do not know .... WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE WANT?  Usually self centered ego arrogance is the root problem most people experience and re-enforce. We are on verge AGAIN of changing the course of history by publishing HOW to unify mankind. We are unsure HOW long this will take since the course of humanity is so bizarre, few see the root cause of anything. Wrote history again real time with and updated the last few broadcasts showing SHARED RESOURCES is  only way to achieve total world peace. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE prevents all POVERTY as Stock OPTIONS are the biggest pirate con-artist scams of all time. 

I=Keith is the worlds first trillionaire who has already gifted everything BACK to Humanity to direct fund the build out of all new free Wifi, Schools, Hospital/Med Clinics, water, Energy, land redistribution, elimination of all War Machines, identification by world of EVERYONE who violates basic and Constitutional Laws.

Read, see, believe, then pick up the phone and call keith.  ### start of new world

     I delivered this in person to DILG Monday Jan 6, 2020 full expecting USEC Martin Dino to assist contacting DUTERTE, PNP, AFP, InterPol + public. This was done.
    We the PEOPLE now form a perfect UNION of
of Communal All Shared Resources since key named occult elite people refuse to confess their crimes to the public. Our system legally Identifies all crime networks..
All public Stockholders now abolish use of all Stock Options. = Fast path to all World Peace solutions to achieve total world global peace by Jan 20, 2020
Most critical is stock eVoters use
1st requirement from Sept 25, 2011 is for Military to escort us to safe Haven to debrief them + turn over terrorist evidence.
2. Press Conferences live TV with Trump + DOD + DOJ.
3. Deployment of all the answers we have broadcast.
4. Return of all crime assets back to victims + mankind.
5. Complete the systems we have been ordered to gift.
This domain expired Dec 21, 2019 because GREED of elite.
Evote.ONE +200 others have expired for exact same reasons.
This one video also is most powerful broadcast to UNIFY man
Keith is the walking most humble saint Prophet who shows everyone how to PROFIT. We are the worlds first Trillionaires who gift everything to = you.
Denial of basic Human Rights of Free Speech and right to FACE any accuser is the true reason I alone am the most respected person in current history as I have pledge returned everything all criminals 0we myself and YOU back to build Schools, roads, water, energy, marketplaces, hospitals, all electric digital sustainable communities. The top three funding sources are seizure of the Vatican bank contents, Criminal proceeds, and migration of billions of person to higher elevations who bring their money and families to build new self direct funded safe communities away from mega slum cities.
    All because the WILL of our people is the most powerful force in GOD's universe. Anyone who objects and hides their assets, is obviously hiding crime proceeds and will be brought to trial with as NO one can ever hide behind OUR profits again by hiring those LIAR-Lawyers who get PAID to destroy evidence and the credibility of our most integrity laden top IQ scientists and live witnesses. Ask Keith to explain and quickly ask Trump, Military, FBI, CIA, NSA, ?? to call me RIGHT NOW and escort my small growing teams to debrief our top Military and Law enforcement agencies while the Mega Corporations hire us to show them how everyone profits by sharing resources. Those who refuse are clearly subject to be boycotted and their vendors, clients, and employee/staffs will abandon their pirate ship to go to the INC groups who use our most simple KEEP THE PROFITS by-laws we have published.  The most powerful Single Constitution is
Heading 6
Click and call Larry Ellison now. Youtube. CIA db

3604 Jan 5, 2020.  These Integrity counters on URL linked pages show WHO will actually READ, USE, and MAKE this one new world Society Happen NOW. We ask for Political Asylum Sept 2011 - present. Dead Silence from all..  What shall it BE? Will our WORLD finally CALL our top Presidents + R&D Scientists + Philanthropists and FLY US to there greatest Places of Needs.. ACTION Required NOW !  Trump is being impeached which is another Financial crime transfer of your wealth.

ProfitShareHolders.Space is the basis for all citizens owning + controlling all their assets and rights.

           These are the new By-Laws for all Corporations.

Share Holders and Workers now collectively own + control their companies.

1. Shareholders vote by New ByPass ByLaws on: Who are their executives and their package of total compensation and benefits. No more Board of Directors and underground crime networks can control our stock assets and use of profits to criminally profiteer including Campaign Contributions, Stock Options, use of corporate assets for personal use profiteering, and other abuses of your intrinsic based company. The highest merit persons are voted as our managers up to our CEO’s. These are all the most common sense data modeling solutions of all time. The Issue is always who controls + owns all profits.
2.  Shareholders collectively vote/agree on delay time/days between Buy or Sell order and actual execution day at the future high or lower price. This destroys all day trading, prevents all stock market crashes, stabilizes all real valuations, and empowers all stock holders and staff to control and manage all major expenses, product/service changes, and therefore their own share value benefit payouts. All corporations now achieve true INTRINSIC values determined by true world valuations.
3. For each Stock purchase, a delay period is collectively agreed upon by all stockholders by Majority eVOTE.  Anyone buying stock is required by this one by-law to wait specific period of time (minutes, days, weeks, months) before they are authorized to sell their common stock. Because each stock certificate is registered in a single individuals name by FOIA.ONE IID (or collectively held by an investment group or represented by a proxy agent) every single transaction is now open for public viewing so no one can ever commit fraud at any level and go unpunished with and other ordained solutions published and protected by Keith Duncan.
4. Employees collectively vote on the benefit packages for their peers, upper and lower tier organization structure. This eliminates all Trade Unions as unnecessary and collectively uses the engineered divined method to benefit all involved by focusing on the most efficient supply chain creation of state of the art branded products and services that eliminate waste of time, manpower, and God's original natural resources.  Use Duncan #1 Evangelist.
5. Any Executive who refuses to use above can be OUSTED by their shareholders and customers who are OUTRAGED the individual violates their daily voting rights to decide the Profitability control of their public open owned corporation. Applies to employees of all private corporations once everyone sees that everyone benefits using the simple Scientific methods of 

6. UPDATES to sharing all communally owned assets GO HERE. Use

 Who Calls/Books us next as we are the purely neutral Economic Modeler Analysts scientists of all time.

The required BENEFIT VALUE PROPOSITION is historical forever. We now eliminate all computer speculation trading and crimes at point of transaction with FOIA.ONE recording Who trades What with WHO. Id theft and all scams are prevented. The entire computer trading platform models are effectively eliminated since all current systems are based on predictive modeling and reactive decisions based on the OLD system riddled with millions of laws, regulations, taxes, overhead, and of course ability to crime profit based on the same hidden complexity that only the wealthy can afford to pay for computer trades

We now become open public barter trade exchange FinalStockMarket using one world currency kBitCoins that is the true intrinsic valued system of what is something worth. This is decided between the two trading partners and never again will corporate executives, government regulators, and politicians decide any price fixing or broker systems that only benefit the layered pass through systems.

FREEDOM of SPEECH is the most abused RIGHT by private pirate criminals who use our assets to buy liar -lawyers who file lawsuits against the true Whistle Blowers and Members of FREE PRESS. Worst ones like ROSE rob our homes of their evidence and YOUR trade secret Intellectual Property. Then they file restraining orders against us by bribing police/judges/district attorneys like Berry Vic Reynolds. Then claim VIOLATION when we go to POLICE, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, PRESS, MILITARY (in any order).  Then kidnap us and force us into hell jail.  They blackmail top AGs like Sally Q Yates to sign more warrants when ALL evidence points at ROSE and all criminals who violate laws.  When any judge sees NO evidence of any violation, why would they liberate a super mastermind anti crime expert speaker. It would implicate them as criminally liable for Hostage for Profit and Aid/abetting other crimals. The Judges  now court order FORCE DRUG us dead or inanimate vegetables claiming 1. we were criminally insane at time of NON-VIOLATION, and 2. because ?someone like our very own family Duncan clan? claim we are DRUG addicts and child abusers (False again by ROSE and my very own two criminal sons). Then the top AG Director and each lawyer/prosecutor/even wardens say we are INCOMPETENT and DO not even know our own name. HAPPENED TO KEITH so many times. ONLY PERSON capable of this is ROBERT DEE ROSE who IS  THOSE USA named GOV officials tied to ROSE are easy to link to millions of executives and pirate criminals once ROSE confesses on National TV with KEITH asking him personal questions of "WHO did you sell keiths anti crime technology and TOP CEO corporate database to...  WHO are your victims and where are the dead bodies located? List goes on.

    FOR i have also offered to GO find ROSE with Military Sept 25, 2011 as Special Forces is only group who can travel outside USA with direction of CIA, NSA, and military commander orders. WHO are the military generals who violate laws? We prevented that one issue with +

  Keith Duncan (a true unknown worlds first Trillionaire) and his crusader billionaires are working just like JP Morgan and other industrialist experts to stabilize all world markets by returning total control back to humanity. We are the original pioneers of technology highest level of Manufacturing, Banking, Stock Markets, and Telecommunications with deep connections into most powerful Government and corporate enterprises. We are threatened BY terrorists and criminals who know our methods identify their piracy as they pay off Gov DOJ + military officials to cover up their very existence as trillions of your=our $$$ are systematically drained out of all banks and stock markets. We have the simple system to PREVENT all ID thefts and cyber crime attacks over 20 years ago. No one has asked how to use and buy our systems of pure simple methodology that is indeed (c)(tm) patented as the most valuable intellectual property in world history. Our system is 100% open records system of WHO is WHO, Who owns WHAT, and Who trades what with WHO of FOIA.ONE. Never again can anyone violate a law and escape social justice of
We the PEOPLE now tell corporate and government officials the NEXT best project that benefits our communities and world. We (lead by Keith himself) are the worlds top Economic Model consultant advisor creators of your new world system owned and controlled BY WE the PEOPLE. We created worlds last replacement law enforcement system of Who is Who, Who Owns What, Who trades What with WHO, so no scammer or cyber criminal can ever steal your assets and murder key live eyewitnesses of our SolutionPeace founders of free market trade, education, communications when WE eVOTE control everything. We are the first most humble trillionaires of Intellectual Property gifted BACK to all humanity. Only by our talking directly with WORLD Presidents and CEO leaders will our world actually UNIFY as 100% peace loving free will citizens who decide the NEXT best projects that benefit others as well as themselves.
  Watch THIS video about Military WMD Cybercrime:
  We have been broadcasting to EVERYONE for past 11 years to command Justice be served for our people. Few respond since they are SO busy brainwashed thinking NOTHING can ever be changed.   Therefore WE have deployed every single unique system to return total ownership and control back to our Free Will Citizens who now have free travel and communications.
  We remain stranded in Manila for 4 years since few know, fewer care about the collapse of all stock markets and WW4 martial law elimination depopulation as all data analysis + news indicates this will soon occur.
  Therefore our call for World Peace final summit is justified while our Military comes to get us to transfer our extensive knowledge base to the public by SHARING all criminal investigations with PUBLIC so NO ONE can ever go free by paying off officials and murdering key eyewitness as has happened to us so MANY times.
  All because ROSE is being protected by very powerful officials because THEY profit from Keith's stolen anti crime technology. That was the target of ROSE back in 2006 that started this most obscene crime spree to murder my teams so they could rule our Earth with no one capable of putting them on Death Row.
   I even had 7 retired USA Generals who asked me to put my technology in Military GSA hands back in summer of 2009 that would have been over $500 Million USD in profits by 2012.
   These are common sense answers to prevent the military industrial stock complex from being controlled by ruthless terrorists who have designed major WW4 to depopulate our world by infiltrating our 'SECRET/Private' databases of Stock Market, banks, Real Estate, Industrial Corporations, and all business transactions by ROSE and other God Pharaohs. Anyone can dispatch us to fly to their greatest places of needs for past +11.11 most critical years of historical legacies.
  Note: We have NO ENEMIES, only partners who help us all redistribute GOD's wealth to all 7.77 billion .
INVITED World Presidents required are:
YES   TRUMP  -to be confirmed immediately by White House, Congress, Senators, Press.
YES   PUTIN -obviously he is impossible to call from overseas.
??  N. Korea Kim Jong-un -35 year old with deadly intent to overthrow anyone. Has everything to gain.
??  Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, rest of Caribbean islands (many are money drug centers).
??  England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, rest ..
??  Asia :  India,   Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, all others.
?? Middle East: Israel/Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, all others.
??  All the nations in Africa.
?? South America: Brazil, South Africa, all others.
Entire world MUST BE PRESENT, as all indications from our key sources indicate MASS RIOTS, Stock Market Crashes, even Nuclear WMD and other means of mass destruction self genocide crimes against humanity,  All because our VERY own systems are RUN by occult key elite Criminals. Most are well known as billionaires who control mega dynasty corporations and also control all aspects of our GOVERNMENT laws and ways and means of WHO gets benefits from the trillions of real $$$ taxes and assets systemtically drained from YOUR bank accounts, stock trades, almost everything YOU DO, puts profits into the BROKERs accounts.
This ONE website is as I am about to LOOSE this one domain for lack of $12 USD payment to renew for one year. same as the other 200 website names BROADCAST to world to SAVE humanity from the events that REPEAT each time a small group decides to DEPOPULATE our EARHT.
Exact Text to be read by TRUMP, any President or Newscaster, Congressman, other. We have always published #1 top International broadcast free Journalist expertise of  'Who we are'
World famous 2011 video on WHY and HOW we unify mankind is: